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Found 1 result

  1. House Zibeti An Ancient Noble House within the Sith Dominion, it has existed since the days of the fallen Dark Jedi and their arrival upon Korriban. Since those days, House Zibeti has pioneered the Exploration and Expansion of the Sith Empire, fully embodying the Philosophy and Order of the Sith into their work. And as the Sith Empire began to expand past Korriban and into what would be the future Sith Territories, House Zibeti would be at the forefront, mapping systems and alternate hyperspace lanes where few dared to tread with fearlessness and ambition. Because so few were willing to partake in such a task either out of fear or selfishness, House Zibeti, which was then compromised of only few fallen Dark Jedi, began to enlist the labor of the Massassi and Zuguruk castes to further their endeavor. But even then, the necessary labor force was not large enough, forcing them to turn to slave labor and the indentured servitude of newly exiled fallen Jedi to stay ahead of the other Houses with promises of powerful positions once they rose higher than the other Houses. Zibeti, translating as Star in Tsis, became a Noble House among the other Lords guided by the Sith Core of Engineers by the time of the Sith Wars, lead by Philosophers and Scholars, prompting one of the lesser Houses to attempt and succeed in assassinating the heir apparent in hopes of hindering their rise. But instead, House Zibeti, under the leadership of the secondary heir, rose to meet the challenge by training their slaves and indentured servants in the ways of the Force and as warriors, further granting more positions as Protectorates and Guardians for those who wished to free themselves from bondage and rise among them as pledged equals. And thus, the Gladiatorial Arena was added onto the lavish Mansion that, along with their lavish House Robes and Branded Skin, bore the Sith Imperial Insignia with the Shooting Star cross it's crest as its eternal symbol. And through the Gladiatorial Arena, freedom could be grasped. With such hope, and the growing of the Sith Empire as a whole, teams of Surveyors guided by Protectorates began to spread far and wide as new technology became readily available, endeavoring House Zibeti to adapt and improve their trade immensely and granting them the ability to navigate even the roughest unknown regions. Newly undiscovered hyperspace routes were uncovered, and previously undiscovered planets became ripe for the picking, allowing ever more conquests and expansions, and granting the Imperial Court an abundance of resources as their own grew in turn. Because of this, they began to catch the eyes of the Dark Lords, gaining even more fame and renown, solidifying their names in history as Masters of the Stars.
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