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  1. Overview: While the teachings of Elements of the Force encourage finding a balance between all five elements, some people understand that they are made up of a single element over all others. People trained in the Elements of the Force, as well with a proper focus that comes from meditation, are able to call this element in their body in full. This ability is called ‘Bonding’, and can last from a few minutes to a maximum of an hour (with the exception of Ground), depending on how well trained the user is. The effects of this power varies from element to element, though there are a few consistent effects. First, the user’s physical body tends to reflect the element they are calling out. Second is that the force powers associated with the element are much easier to use while bonded. Third, force powers associated with other elements are more difficult to use, and force powers belonging to the opposite element are impossible to access while bonded. This power does not grant access to other Force powers beyond what the user already knows. Rather, it makes it easier to use the ones they already know. Before a user would be able to perform Water Kinesis while focused on water, they must learn it outside of the Elemental Bond power. That is not to say a person could develop their mastery of a certain force ability while bonded, but they would struggle to use that ability outside of being bonded. A person who learns Elemental Bond is unable to bond with more then one element. This reflects how they see themselves, and understand how one element is more present in their body then the others. Effects: Plant: The user’s body flows with life. Minor wounds like cuts and scrapes heal rapidly, and major wounds that would cause a person to bleed out quickly cauterize themselves. If practiced daily, a master of this power could regenerate an entire body limb over the course of a week at least. In addition, a person practicing this power passively can get insights into the thoughts of people nearby. Associated Powers: Force Healing, Mind Trick, Telepathy, Thought Shield, Force Illusion, Plant Surge, Fire: Emotions become a blazing furnace within the user. The skin grows hot to the touch. The more practiced the user is, the hotter the user becomes, with masters sometimes developing a flaming skin. Energy flows freely within and around the body. The user finds themself able to reduce, disperse and scatter energy blasts that strike them, turning a potential lethal shot into something less harmful. Associated Powers: Tutaminis, and Force Blinding. Ground: The user finds perfection within their body. Their body becomes slightly rippled with the area around them, as everything around the user becomes the same level. Like a chameleon, the user’s body matches the world around it. Practitioners of this learn how to balance themselves further and further, making the effects so great they are perfectly camouflaged in any environment. Unlike people who focus on other elements, masters of this technique are able to practice Elemental Bond up to a day’s length. Associated Powers: Art of the Small, Force Stealth, Force Cloak, Buried Presence, Cleanse Mind, Hibernation Trance, Phase, and Psychometry Water: When focused on Water, the user’s body is much more malleable. User’s find themselves able to absorb physical blows without much harm, and always perfectly calm in tense and dire situations. The user also tends to become much more perceptive of the world around them, able to absorb the most minute of details in an instant. Masters are able to use this to great effect, bending themselves in the right way to absorb the most devastating of hits and falls. Associated Powers: Force Sight and Listening, Battle Meditation,, Battle Precognition Metal: The user’s body becomes rigid and durable. Muscles are enhanced to a degree that, with mastery, can perform superhuman feats with ease. The skin becomes much harder to cut open, though blunt force can still affect the user. Speed is often a side effect of this technique, as well as a single-minded focus on one task. Associated Powers: Force Jump and Speed, Force Body, Force Weapon, and Telekinesis
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