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Found 2 results

  1. Order of the Sacred Star While the result of the Jedi being absorbed into the hive resulted in the Sirris species, their knowledge of the Force did not get completely absorbed. One of the Jedi did carry a holocron with his own views on the Force, and in time, the Sirris learned to tap into the incomplete holocron. They discovered most, but not all the teachings of the Jedi on the Force. As a result, the Sirris developed a unique Force doctrine that, like their society, centered entirely on the Sirris star and its Kyber Core, as well as the concept of rebirth. The order believes that the Sirris star is the embodiment of the Force itself, and there is no higher calling then to study and learn from it. Most of their teachings reflect their origin of attaining individuality via the Light side of the Force. The Order’s Mantra Consider the guidance of the star. Her flame reforges our bodies. Her glow reforms our minds. Her core calls us to the Light. Heed her, and Sirris will guide you forever. Most Sirris species learn the tenets (See society in Sirris Hive) of the Sacred Star early on in their life, and upon maturity, are given the choice to pursue a life of study or a life of servitude. Those who choose to serve help maintain the space stations that circle Sirris star, grow food harvested in greenhouses on the stations, help mine what materials are left on the planets orbiting Sirris, or create the devices used in the Dyson Swarm. Those who pursue a life of study are sent off to Sirris station 5, and are rigorously tested and trained similar to how a Jedi apprentice is trained in the Force, with the exception that no lightsaber training occurs. Those who train to study but show no force sensitivity hold a unique position in society. Starting off as public teachers and counselors, these individuals are the only ones who can become Steludexes (see society in Sirris Hive). Those who struggle with these jobs can at any point return to a life of service. Upon completion of training, a group of Sirris apprentices will journey inside the Dyson Swarm and attempt to commune with the star. If they succeed, they typically receive a force vision and retrieve a chunk of Sirris’ core. This process always results in the Sirris burning their arms past the point of healing. Depending on the vision, the Sirris are sent to an appropriate temple for training. Like the Jedi, the Order believes that the Force should only be used for Knowledge and Defense. Unlike the Jedi, they never came to utilize the traditional Lightsaber as a weapon and instead developed unique fighting styles that revolved around their understanding of the Force. Guardian: Way of the Flame With their chunks of Kyber, the Sirris will directly implant these into their hands and forearms, as well as several small batteries. Upon muscle control, the batteries will send a momentary charge that results in an ‘explosion’ of light and energy from the Kyber, strong enough to resist a laser blast or a lightsaber strike. Each time a point of contact is about to occur, the Sirris will activate the batteries in their arms precisely when needed. These batteries cannot maintain a long charge through the Kyber without the chunks exploding permanently and killing the Sirris. However, for those Sirris and other users who have damaged their arms beyond healing, this technique has surprising effectiveness. With immense training and focus, the Sirris strike with ‘the heart of a star’ in their fists. The closest real-world comparison would be Mixed Martial Fighting, with an emphasis on Boxing and a hint of karate, given that the users almost entirely use their hands. 3 styles in the Way of Flame has emerged, including Solid Style, characterized by powerful counterstrikes empowered by crystal and raw strength to knock out opponents, Gas Style, characterized by dodging and weaving around opponents to deal precise blows in order to wear opponents down, and Plasma Style, characterized by quick strikes that are empowered by both crystal and the Force to send opponents flying. Those who pursue the Way of the Flame have the sacred duty of helping settle moments of conflict until a Steludex can arrive, as well as keeping the peace. They also carry the sacred duty of enforcing the decisions of Steludexes, whether that means keeping watch over those who have acted against the ideals of Sirris, deciding when someone ostracized has been reformed, and performing the very rare execution. Sentinel: Way of the Smoke Upon returning to Sirris Station 5, a Sirris will craft a new set of cybernetic arms from pieces of the station itself to replace their damaged ones. They will usually implement the chunk of Kyber they received into one of the arms. These Sirris are the closest students of the Jedi’s technology, and have the closest version of a lightsaber. From one of their forearms, they can generate a short blade that extends down the forearm to just past the hand. In the other cybernetic limb, the Sirris will implement tools that he sees as useful, usually something from their vision. In essence, they can store one of the devices listed in the rules for Sentinels. Some Sirris are able to disguise their arms to look like normal limbs, while others excel in showing off their cybernetic limbs, making them readily identifiable. Those who pursue the Way of the Smoke have the sacred duty of looking over the construction of the Dyson Swarm, maintenance of the Space Stations, or investigating issues of conflict for Steludexes. Those who disguise their arms to look normal are especially useful during investigations, as is their technical knowledge for those rare occasions of rebellious sabotage. Consular: Way of Ember Unlike other Ways of the Order, the Way of Ember eschews the use of arms altogether and focuses on Telekinesis instead. With focus, the Sirris ‘catches’ blaster bolts or lightsaber strikes with their fist-sized chunk of Kyber and strikes back with the superheated glowing pieces that discharge explosively when they strike. Unlike the Way of Flame, the Kyber Chunks used by Way of Ember stay empowered for several minutes. Members of the Way of Ember tend to charge their Kyber chunks defensively until striking. The more the Kyber chunk is hit, the hotter and brighter it tends to glow, and the more forceful the discharge is on the strike. These ‘orbiting stars’ are usually kept whole for most of the Sirris life, but Masters have been able to divide their Kyber into multiple pieces, controlling each one separately and simultaneously. Those who pursue the Way of Ember have the sacred duty of meditating and studying the Sirris star closely, advising those who serve where and when to pilot around the sacred star. They also spend the most time complementing the Force and its mysterious ways. As a result, these Sirris are the only ones allowed to suggest changes to the ideals that help guide the species, as well as advise Steludexes during occasions of conflict.
  2. Overview: While the teachings of Elements of the Force encourage finding a balance between all five elements, some people understand that they are made up of a single element over all others. People trained in the Elements of the Force, as well with a proper focus that comes from meditation, are able to call this element in their body in full. This ability is called ‘Bonding’, and can last from a few minutes to a maximum of an hour (with the exception of Ground), depending on how well trained the user is. The effects of this power varies from element to element, though there are a few consistent effects. First, the user’s physical body tends to reflect the element they are calling out. Second is that the force powers associated with the element are much easier to use while bonded. Third, force powers associated with other elements are more difficult to use, and force powers belonging to the opposite element are impossible to access while bonded. This power does not grant access to other Force powers beyond what the user already knows. Rather, it makes it easier to use the ones they already know. Before a user would be able to perform Water Kinesis while focused on water, they must learn it outside of the Elemental Bond power. That is not to say a person could develop their mastery of a certain force ability while bonded, but they would struggle to use that ability outside of being bonded. A person who learns Elemental Bond is unable to bond with more then one element. This reflects how they see themselves, and understand how one element is more present in their body then the others. Effects: Plant: The user’s body flows with life. Minor wounds like cuts and scrapes heal rapidly, and major wounds that would cause a person to bleed out quickly cauterize themselves. If practiced daily, a master of this power could regenerate an entire body limb over the course of a week at least. In addition, a person practicing this power passively can get insights into the thoughts of people nearby. Associated Powers: Force Healing, Mind Trick, Telepathy, Thought Shield, Force Illusion, Plant Surge, Fire: Emotions become a blazing furnace within the user. The skin grows hot to the touch. The more practiced the user is, the hotter the user becomes, with masters sometimes developing a flaming skin. Energy flows freely within and around the body. The user finds themself able to reduce, disperse and scatter energy blasts that strike them, turning a potential lethal shot into something less harmful. Associated Powers: Tutaminis, and Force Blinding. Ground: The user finds perfection within their body. Their body becomes slightly rippled with the area around them, as everything around the user becomes the same level. Like a chameleon, the user’s body matches the world around it. Practitioners of this learn how to balance themselves further and further, making the effects so great they are perfectly camouflaged in any environment. Unlike people who focus on other elements, masters of this technique are able to practice Elemental Bond up to a day’s length. Associated Powers: Art of the Small, Force Stealth, Force Cloak, Buried Presence, Cleanse Mind, Hibernation Trance, Phase, and Psychometry Water: When focused on Water, the user’s body is much more malleable. User’s find themselves able to absorb physical blows without much harm, and always perfectly calm in tense and dire situations. The user also tends to become much more perceptive of the world around them, able to absorb the most minute of details in an instant. Masters are able to use this to great effect, bending themselves in the right way to absorb the most devastating of hits and falls. Associated Powers: Force Sight and Listening, Battle Meditation,, Battle Precognition Metal: The user’s body becomes rigid and durable. Muscles are enhanced to a degree that, with mastery, can perform superhuman feats with ease. The skin becomes much harder to cut open, though blunt force can still affect the user. Speed is often a side effect of this technique, as well as a single-minded focus on one task. Associated Powers: Force Jump and Speed, Force Body, Force Weapon, and Telekinesis
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