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  1. Within the abandoned archives of the Conclave of Haruun Kal sits a small holocron fashioned in Electrum and Kyber upon a solemn table, an almost natural presence emanating from its warm and embracing presence. Within its recordings, it presents its self as a youthful Togruta, twin tonfas nestled upon her hips and the Je'daii Ranger star upon her vestige. Activating It will cause the visage to appear and speak: The Triumvirate Arcana A Study and Acknowledgment of The Force and the Sentient Aspect by Kari Koi - Je'daii Ranger Constructs of the Natural Force The Force, in its very nature, is unaligned and harmonic, neither dark nor light by Galactic Standards in its endeavor of life and existence. For Light and Dark is a concept created by sentience and morality. No. In its barest, primitive form, the Force is Life. For the fauna may kill out of necessity of survival, or in the same breath, give its life to protect that of its cub. Only through the constructs of the sentient mind has morality based good and evil as two sides of the same coin, forever separating the two and knocking the Galaxy into chaos and division, and shifting the ecosystem of the Force into an irreversible imbalance. The term balance, as well as Lights and Dark, are aspects created by the sentient mind. For without sentience, Life and the Force, cannot be defined outside the natural realm. Intertwined and connected, it is birth through death, and rebirth. A never ending cycle that holds very little purpose outside its natural order. Each being, though connected, yearns for life until death beacons it. There is no malevolence. There is no intent. It simple is, both in the Living Force and in the Cosmic Force. The Living Force, as well as the Cosmic Force, together create what we call the Unifying Force, or the Natural Force. Life passing into Death feed the well that is the Cosmic Force, each adding to the overall will of the Force for continuation of the cycle, and those beings born from the Cosmic Force rebirth the life within the Living Force create the continuation and bond the two together as the Unified Will of the Force, the Unifying Force. It is the thirst for life that bind and birth such a bond that transcends concepts such as time, space, and existence. It connects everything, from the speckles of dust that blows upon the wind to the rage of the Rancor defending and feeding its young. For the Force is Life. And in its unbridled presence, the Natural Force continues peacefully and harmonic. But sentience has added another aspect to the Force, whether intentional or not, a plague upon the Natural and Unified Force. The Darkside. A plague upon the natural and unified order, it corrupts and bring imbalance to the Force. For sentience is a will that transgresses with its own will, and with sentience, the will becomes that of the individual. Sentients are counterproductive, preferring their own against that of the natural will, coming with self awareness and an all consuming thirst. Where the fauna are in tune with nature, sentient beings have their own nature, filled with emotion and intent. And like a cancer, they spread their intent against the Force, or seek to bend the Force to their own. Since the discovery and understanding of the Force, this has always been the case. Some attune themselves to its will, but far too many seek to control it. Add in the trials of Life, and you will see and understand why so many do. For with the self awareness, emotions become more powerful than logical thought. And as the Force becomes corrupted in those who are sensitive to it, it easily corrupts those, and spreading upon the Unified Force as a whole. It is a lesson that first began with my Order, and a lesson I learnt across numerous lifetimes. Self awareness does not always warrant superiority. The Jedi and the Light What first began with my Order has split the Unified Force into four different aspects, albeit three of the four remain in a uneasy alliance. For the Jedi, the descended Order of my own, the Je'daii, continue to study and gain the enlightenment we originally sought with the Unified Force. It requires a lifetime of training and better understanding to truly reach what we found so easily. But with the Sentience aspect, a lifetime is the only true path. For on a Galactic Scale, a lifetime can seem so insignificant, but for the Sentient, it is everything. Only through devotion of this act, can its true understanding be attained. But like my Order, The Jedi have found and have faced the devastation we found for ourselves. Very few can service for the Light through their entire lives, leaving those who fall, either condemned forever or a lesson that leaves scars upon the soul. And yet, even the most devoted can easily be blinded, making such falls even more sufferable. For a sentient to truly bind themselves to the will of the Force, they have to strip themselves of their individuality, a task deemed near impossible for most. Only then, can the will of the Force be truly enlightened. The Fallen Jedi For most Jedi, falling isn't a question of if, but when. And when a Jedi does fall, most often then not, they cause immense pain and devastation. Some realize the truth of their individuality and walk away, self imposing exile or simply disappearing. Some, like most Grey Jedi, simply find a different means of serving wherever the Force takes them. Then there are other, those who stumble or even fall into the Darkside through moments of strong emotion or succumb to their individuality. These Jedi become known as Dark Jedi and usually seek out the Darkside and the Masters of its plague against the Unified Force, an Order forged from those who were banished by my Order and those who followed it; the Sith. The deeper the fall, the more likely they are to seek out the Sith, just as my own sister did when she sought to rebirth me. But until they have found the Sith, they are not completely lost to the Light. They lose sight of the Light, but cannot wield the Darkside either. Only within the ranks of the Sith can they truly blind themselves to the will of the Force, presenting the option to redeemed these fallen souls. And the most important aspect to remember is this: Not all who serve the Light are capable of giving up their individuality. This is the common reasoning behind falls. Whether it be emotions, repetition, or even disagreement, all hope is not lost. And this most important aspect is the path for redemption. But neither can be forced upon them, and if redemption leaves no other alternative, death or imprisonment must become it for these lost souls. If they are left to live freely, they will eventually become Sith, and with more Sith to aid the corruption of the Force, the stronger this disease will become. The Sith and the Darkness What began with my Order now ends us here, in the darkest corners of the sentience we present. Whether fallen Jedi amongst their ranks, or born into them, these Sith bring the destruction of the Unified Force. They claim to seek their individuality, but the truth is much deeper and darker than such a claim. No. What they seek is something they have yet to realize or understand. They seek destruction of Life. Blinded by the corruption of their own reliance on emotions and individuality, they poison and corrupt the Force, exerting their will upon it and everything it connects to. Life becomes corrupted. Flora and fauna become poisoned by it. And the deeper they delve into the Darkened Abyss, the deeper their corruption grows and the more it spreads. What was once natural and harmonic is now unnatural and chaotic. And the more the Darkside spreads, the more it's intent does. Wherever it is found, chaos and strife will be abundant. And it's cycle will only continue, an unstoppable will until it trangresses completely and snuffs Life from existence. For this is the truth of the Darkside. It is the opposite of the Unified Force. It seeks to kill the very host it inhabits, and in doing so, fails to see that it will destroy it's self. The path of the Sith is absolute. It is condemned the moment it is started. And once began, there is no plausible redemption, for the corruption is too great and the individuality is lost to another. Ending Notes Though I have lived three lifetimes, two as a Jedi and in my final, as a Je'daii, I have seen the rise and fall of many Jedi and Sith. My own story is one of transgression, chaos, greed, and desire. To aid in the prevention of more following those who both murdered and rebirth me with darkened hearts and ill intent, I leave behind these collected notes and thoughts within this holocron for the Jedi who follow after my departure for my own exile. Know this, Protector of Life, individuality is a construct to impose a will of our own as sentients. We are no more infallible nor superior than any fauna that we feast upon, just as they feast upon the fauna and flora that nourishes them. Learn this lesson well, or eventually become the thing you sought to stand against. For now, I seek exile and peace. To walk away from this repetition of War and Darkness in search of truer understanding. Three lifetimes of it has left my soul a weary one. I would say that you are welcomed to follow, but I can neither turn back now no more than you can follow and not spread this knowledge. Though I may return one day, the Force willing, I am unsure. For now… Farewell traveler. May the Force be with you…. The holocron's recorder stops playing, the nestled presence within fading into the nether, leaving behind the realm it lit just moments before. There's a lingering mixture of emotions such as hope, compassion, sadness,and even a hint of peace. And placed upon the table by the holocron is the Togruta's Tonfas. Whoever she was, she left behind everything she owned as an individual. Even her Je'daii Ranger's Star, still encrusted with layers of dirt and blood, all set aside as if she shed everything about her.
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