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Found 1 result

  1. X-Pyre Industries If you couldn't set it on fire, you weren't using X-Pyre -advertising slogan Founded by an ex-mandalorian known as Rakk Atha, X-Pyre is a weapons company that manufactures and produces an exclusive line of pyrotechnic devices. Through the discovery of Worm-Spit the company, while small, became popular with several military groups, including the Sith Empire and the Rebellion. While the company declares it is on the side of the law and believes order above everything, they have quietly smuggled many of their products to people rebelling against the Sith and those of Mandalore, and are not above selling their equipment to known criminals...for the right price. They have even been known to rent out their personal ‘debt collectors’ from time to time. The prime reason why X-Pyre is a success is the development of F-121, or nicknamed Worm-Spit after the infamous FireWorm of Eol Sha. A jelly-like substance, Worm-Spit is easy to ignite, and burns at a high temperature for long periods of time once ignited. It spreads easily, capable of turning most scenes into some form of a hellscape. Different variants are available, with some able to start metal fires, and some able to produce more choking fumes instead of open flames. The production of Worm-Spit is surprisingly simple. Most of the ingredients needed can be found in almost any space port. However, Worm-Spit requires an incredibly pressurised container coated with an unknown substance. If not properly contained, Worm-Spit will either become inert or will combust prematurely. Because of this, only those with X-Pyre products are able to safely use Worm-Spit. Below are listed some of X-Pyre's most popular items, though many more exist. Each item below is listed with what Rank is needed to be used in combat, as well as what NFU classes can use them properly. _______________________________________________________ Worm-Shielding Device (officer or specialist, rank 2): the biggest problem with worm-spit and many fire scenarios is the heat that can get out of control. This small, cuboid device projects a 1 meter domed shield that specializes in absorbing heat, making the situation inside the shield relatively cool. A side effect of this is the ability to absorb incoming blaster shots, and lightsabers. With modification, people can increase the power of the worm shields to increase the area of effect to a 5 meter dome. However, as the shield absorbs heat, it can be overpowered and become inoperable for several hours. About 10 Blaster shots can short-out the shield, and a lightsaber's beam will bounce off the shield, but disable the shield momentarily (1 round). Projectile weapons ignore the shield completely. The shield only affects things that pass through it, not things that both originate and end inside the shield. Worm-plating Mk 2 (soldier, rank 2). While the Mk 1 functions essentially the same as most forms of medium armor, the Mk 2 boasted that it had the capability of withstanding high degree temperatures and several blaster bolt shots. This would allow the user to charge into combat and fire situations without worry. One flaw however is often overlooked. While able to withstand several blaster bolt shots, the armor’s cooling system will fail, and begin to dissipate the heat around the entire suit, causing the suit to practically cook the person inside (leading to the nickname, “Boilers” and “Cookers”). Usually it would take about 5 blaster shots to cause the cooling system to fail, and after that, any more blaster bolts cause the medium armor to overheat rapidly. Dragon Power Armor (rank 3, soldier): The Pinnacle of X-Pyre industries, the Dragon power armor utilizes almost all of their unique technology. Built with reinforced phrik plating on its chest and head, but durasteel covering the rest of the body, this armor contains a grenade launcher for Burn Bombs, six Magma Worm Rifle barrels, two extra large containers for Worm-Spit, and Fire-Storm generators. The complexity of this power armor means that each piece of equipment must be tailor made for its user, meaning each suit is unique. The cost however is ridiculously high however, leading to very few sales for this monstrosity of a weapon. Burner Droids (rank 2, specialist): using the scrapped model of a prototype of a maintenance droid, X-Pyre attempted their hands with droids. The conical shaped droid is made of a specially designed plasteel alloy to help resist heat, and comes equipped with a worm-shielding device to aid others during hellfires. In addition to the tools of gripper arms, heat sensors, and fire extinguishers, each model has a programming matrix designed to calculate the fastest way to put out fires, or in some circles, create more devastating fires. ( rank 2, officer only) For an extra small fee, some models can come equipped with the programming and ability to scavenge and make Worm-spit and properly store it until a container is found. If equipped with Burn bombs, these droids are capable of launching them at foes, though this replaces the fire extinguishing tech. X-Pyre recommends a weekly memory purge, as the droids can quickly develop pyromaniac tendencies. Burn bombs (rank 1, any): Also known as fumeballs, burn bombs contain a pressurized aerosol form of Worm-Spit as well as a small amount of liquid Worm-Spit. When activated, the grenade releases a cloud of choking gas and leaks the liquids. After a minute, before the gas and liquid becomes inert, the grenade ignites itself and the gas, causing an explosion of fire in the area, as well as a small spot of long burning Worm-Spit. Surprisingly, the grenades are reusable, if dangerous to reacquire. Fire-Storm Generators (rank 2, soldier): A series of tubes, sensors, and technology implants attached to medium and heavy armor, this product is illegal on many worlds for the fact that they have been known to earn its namesake. When the user is hit by a lightsaber, blaster or projectile, the attachments launch a stream of lit Worm-spit in the direction of the shot. The fact that this stays active even after the user may have died means that the corpse can become the great source of destruction, with accounts of bodies being launched at the enemy strongholds. Through modification, the user is able to cause the armor to launch a small stream of Worm-spit in a particular direction on vocal command. Due to the pressure needed to generate a firing sequence, it takes a few minutes for the attachments to recharge (making the fire storm Generators usable only once per duel). X-Pyre is currently trying to work on the issue that the generators are unable to handle multiple shots simultaneously, but there is little hope they can overcome this problem. Magma Worm Rifle (rank 2, soldier): The second biggest product of X-Pyre, these weapons are the same size of an A280 Blaster rifle. However, instead of using plasma, these rifles are capable of launching and igniting Worm-Spit at a distance of about 100 meters. Each rifle is sold with 5 pods of Worm-Spit, with each pod able to hold about 10 ‘shots’. The rifle is able to switch between two modes of fire, including the long-distance ‘stream’ mode and the extremely short-range ‘spray’ mode. Smoker drones (rank 1, any). These handheld drones were designed to help incapacitate targets in enclosed spaces. When loaded with worm-spit, the drones will fly around a room, (approx 30 feet diameter from the user) burning the jelly-substance at a rate that produces a large amount of choking smoke and consumes oxygen. Because of this, they have earned the nickname “Oxyeaters” Within a few moments, an entire room can become deadly for those who need oxygen to breathe, making this tool exceptionally handy in sealed places like basements and space stations. When the drone detects there is no more usable oxygen in an environment, they will either return to their user and power down, or move to another area with oxygen to consume. X-Pyre is still attempting at making a version for more open areas, with very little success.
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