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Found 1 result

  1. A mysterious and mystical organization that has existed in small sects across the galaxy for millennia, the most holy worshipers of the Luminous Mists, possess a unique force skill: the ability to craft the intangible into something tangible; the ethereal force into light airy strands of silk as strong as the essence of the galaxy itself. Followers of the Luminous Mist, acolytes, are referred to as Mist Weavers. It is because of this one sole ability above all other strange and foreign applications of the force that they may possess that defines them to the outsider. Plucked from the thin air by glowing fingers that shimmer between planes, the inherently good nature of the galaxy is woven and spun into something tangible. Light, almost weightless, luminescent, the force hung taught on specially crafted looms. Each strand painstakingly drawn into reality and bound there by mystic spells until it became one with the reality it was called unto. The delicacy and time that it took to craft anything of meaningful size, combined with the years it took to hone such a craft and the relatively few masters of it left in the galaxy made any mist woven garment an item of immeasurable value. A mist woven garment was intrinsically bound to the light side of the force. Darkness was too brittle to be craftable, not to mention that the patience needed to undertake such a creation, and even the act of creating something so pure stood in stark contrast to what the users of the dark side craved; the power they possessed, the power to destroy. Mechanically, any item crafted from the Luminous Mist is an item that is bound to the light side of the force. Its aura cannot be hidden and it’s bearer shines as a beacon within the force, a bearer of light unto the shadow. To corrupt such an item would seem impossible, but if one were to do so, the item would fade into dust, aged by millennia in an instant. To do such a vile thing, a sorcerer would have to manipulate the very essence of the galaxy, plucking at the very fabric of the universe, the fabric from which the mists themselves are woven. To cast it back from where it came would require tremendous effort and the vilest of sacrifices and rituals. Gloves, shirts, pants, socks, hats, even undergarments have been woven from the mists of the force. The most commonly crafted items; however, are cloaks and blankets. Flowing protective garments that billowed and yet clung to their owner, a thin veil of protective energy made manifest that divided the world about it, protecting its wearer from a wife variety of destructive fates. Specifically, applications of the force, seemed to all but dissipate against the cloth. Energy weapons fizzled as their energy was absorbed and channeled into the infinite. Lightsabers were not deactivated, merely reflected by the protective auras of the light side of the force. Blaster bolts on the other hands simply fizzled into nonexistence having no continual power source from which to draw from. Kinetic power could move the cloth, just as the wearer could move fluidly beneath it, leaving the bearer susceptible to physical blows with significant mass behind them. So a bullet would be dulled, but a war hammer swung by an angry Whipid would undoubtedly make contact, sending the bearer careening across the room, the cloak only offering the smallest of protections against actual piercing damage. Such a garment contained and regulated the temperatures that it contained, maintaining a cool comfortable temperature within. While it did not offer oxygenation or gas exchange of any sort, it could be used to craft a bubble of air and contain it against outside pressures deep underwater or the sucking void of space. This item exists as a means to provide light side force users with armor as allowed by their class. It’s protective nature can be light, medium, or heavy in terms of damage resistance with the most resisted damage being that caused by the force, followed by energy weapons, with kinetic attacks, save for bullets, being the least protected against. The more mass, the less protection is offered.
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