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  1. Maybe. I've been up since the same time today. Just couldn't sleep.
  2. The story is pretty bland until you get to The Taken King, which picks up the pace, lore, and interest in the universe quite a bit. The new expansion does as well. But I mostly just do raids and multiplayer these days.
  3. A few months ago I got to see BABYMETAL in Seattle. It was an amazing show at the Sodo Showbox. Easily one of the more intimate concerts I had been to given the smaller venue but an amazing one all the same.
  4. True enough, and I am sure Activision as the publisher is pushing for a PC release as well, especially given no legacy console support (PS3/360) anymore for the franchise limiting the sales potential and install base.
  5. As everyone who follows Basketball should know, Golden State is 100% stacked this season, having some of the biggest names in the NBA on one team to make a Superteam unseen since the 90's Bulls (Jordan, Pippen, Kerr, Rodman vs Curry, Durant, Green, Thompson). With Durant they have the short game they lacked to win a Championship last season, and given their performances thus far, are poised to dominate the West Conference this year. It hurts to say it, but my Portland Trail Blazers have no chance to make it to the Finals. Perhaps a Playoff berth, we've been good at surprising people there and came close to the Finals last year. Should every other team in the West just declare Rebuilding and just save funds and trades for next season?
  6. I never thought I'd see the Red Sox win a championship. Then in 2004 they broke their curse. I never thought the Cubs, the joke of the NL for my entire young and adult life, would win a World Series. They annihilated my Dodgers with excellent plays and hitting 5 runs off the NL best pitcher. They deserved and earned to go. They pulled out the most amazing Game 7 I have ever seen, and made a tearful 108 year losing streak end. Is this the end of Baseball superstition? Or Sports in general? Sure Cleveland hasn't won in a grip, neither have a lot of teams out there, but are we finally at a time where can stop blaming a dead baseball player or a Goat and focus on the fact some teams suck?
  7. As far as timelines go this seems to be the endpoint of the X-Men Saga Fox has been creating as everything aside The Last Stand is connected to the current Timeline. Days of Future Past did not disappoint, neither did The Wolverine for the most part. Apocalypse could have been better but it was still better than Origins or The Last Stand so it's fine by me. Though Fox could just call this a one off like the Graphic Novel "Old Man Logan" was which this seems very loosely based on, given there isn't The Hulk gone completely insane and eating people.
  8. Good ol Nolan North doing the voice there. It wasn't mechanically the best game ever, but the presentation, style, and gameplay definitely had me hooked from the get go. They did an amazing job with the Deadpool game.
  9. I am sure Destiny 2 will be on PC, though I don't want it to be. Multiplayer, especially the ultra competitve Trials of Osiris weekend mode, as it is uses a P2P style connection and has consistent issues with cheating through use of IP peeking and then a DDOS. Plus then you have community complaints, and Bungie does listen to the community, about higher end Gaming Rigs having an advantage over more budget conscious gamers. Consoles keep that in check. Everyone has the same programmed power at their disposal.
  10. Charlie and I...mainly me, are totally addicted to this game. I picked it up on launch day and was a serious player from the get go. I picked it up on PS4 due to them having exclusive weapons, PvP maps, and a Strike. The game was a grind, but unlike many other MMOs I had experienced, this was fun to grind. The gunplay was magnificent; the leveling to 20 was consistent and easy. Levelling past was hard but challenged me with worthwhile tasks and once I hit 26 I went into the Vault of Glass Raid full of wonder. The puzzles, the enemies, the challenge of beating that raid was incredible. Then my PS4 stopped turning on and I had to send it to Sony, and within that month other games came out, caught my eye, and I stopped playing for a time. Fast forward to last year about three weeks before the big expansion, The Taken King, released. The core game updated to a new Light Level system that made the grind more welcoming and not nearly as convoluted on how and where to earn better gear. I played with a friend who had asked me to help him with the Year 1 Raids, and stacked up high experience bounties to go from my measly level 33 character to the new max level, 40, and higher light level for the upcoming King’s Fall raid. I pre-ordered The Taken King within moments, and since then the game has had me hooked. I got an Elite Controller for my Xbox One and ended up switching that to my main console I play, including buying Destiny and starting over from there. I conquered all the Moments of Triumph for The Taken King, accomplishing everything the game had to offer and more. Now with Year 3, Rise of Iron out, I have hit the max level, and plan to continue to delve into the fun that this game continually provides. Any other fans?
  11. RED'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Redrig Helt A.K.A: Red Homeworld: Ryloth Species: Twilek Physical Description Age: 30 Height: 6'1" Weight: 250 Lbs Hair: None Skin: Pale Red Eyes: Green Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Simple Robes under Leather Jacker with Hardened Leather Shoulders. Weapon: BlasTech DC-15S Common Inventory: Credits, ID, Canteen, Communicator Faction Information Non-Force User Alignment: Undecided Current Faction Affiliation: None Current Faction Rank: None History: Trained by: Trained who: Known Skills: Background: Redrig was born to a farming family on Ryloth, quaint but a simple life that taught him that in hard work, rewards are plentiful. While Ryloth had always been under hardship, a young Red never paid it much thought. He did as his family needed, tended to the growing fields before him, and was allowed to read when he had some time. Even with Regime changes happening too constant to keep up with, they happened without Red paying much mind to it aside the extra workload to feed hungry soldiers. He wed the girl he grew up knowing since childhood, and inherited his aging father's farm as the eldest of his generation in the family. Life went on as it always did. Soon Red's wife was expecting their first child, all the happiness Red could have expected of life had come to him. Hardship was just the days work and nothing more. The day of his child's birth, changed Red. Due to available medical services, the birth was to happen in the home, with Red's mother as a midwife. But Red's wife needed more than that, and it was realized too late. She passed during birth, and so did the child. Struck down with grief, Red did not tend to the farm. Did not look at his family. Rarely ate. His simple happy life was gone within minutes. He spoke to his family, and asked his younger sister to take over the farm. He had to leave. He had to get away from what he knew, and see if he still fit in the universe at all anymore. Taking his old but reliable courier ship, he set off into orbit, embarking on a brand new life off planet. Ship Registration Name: Golden Harvest Class: Light Freighter Model: VCX-350 Manufacturer: Length: 31m Armaments: Linked Laser Cannons, Starboard Auto-Targeting Turret Armor: Basic Shields Anti-Personnel Defenses: Gun Rack Appearance: Modifications: None
  12. The PS4 version has been patched up and works a ton better now than it did.
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