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  1. That is a good game - A staple of LAN parties for me.
  2. Ben Affleck as Batman. Matt Damon as Robin!!!
  3. I've only jumped on when I had thought about it lately. It's kind of like the Mask - you can't throw it away.
  4. Not to mention the pic of Michael Jordan perhaps for you in the Scrapbook.
  5. No kidding, They took the original Wrath of Khan and turned it inside out.
  6. I thought this movie was descent. Not the best, but there. It had the Nolan-Hans Zimmer (<-- that's the composer) feel to it. Outside of that, some of the storylines copy from Superman 2 like the second Star Trek reboot copy from Wrath of Kahn.
  7. Is there a timeout on logins now that forces a logout?
  8. seems like wampatown is becoming an addiction
  9. Say it ain't Sosa! oh wait - he 'roided I knew you all had potential!
  10. I was going to suggest fart and hope the wind catches it, but I'm not Vaderman
  11. Dear Vaderman Will OSU not suck this year? I think they will. Signed Badger Fan.
  12. 1 trillion - I won't buy one either way How much money would it take to fly JetBlue now?
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