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  1. Welcome Sammy great to have you! If you have any questions on where to begin or how to begin please don't hesitate to ask. Have fun!
  2. Looks like my original character sheet from 2005 is gone =( Makes it difficult for me to reference back considering I don't remember a lot of my characters history. Thank you for the updated synopsis though. I suppose I should be getting with Exodus and getting involved.
  3. Is there a thread to check the current story line? Factions.....it's leaders....etc...? Trying to jump back into things but would like to get caught up.
  4. I'd love to jump back into the RP but not sure where to begin with my character. It's been such a long time I'm not entirely sure where I left and whats transpired in between. How exciting though!
  5. Awesome! I actually found my character sheet earlier today.
  6. Wow.... I woke up this morning and while I was at work I remembered this site and how many memories I had. Decided to see if it was still active. It's been over 10 years since I've logged on. I almost had a heart attack when I put my username and password in and it worked! Lol Crazy...anyway...really happy to see that some people kept it going. What a trip!
  7. Enigmatic


    A small starfighter cruised through the thick fog of space heading towards the luxorious planet of Coruscant.
  8. It was an extrordinary experience. Revan felt the planet itself enhance hsi very strength. He could feel it's unmatchable power take over the Jedi's body. It was an entity Revan craved, yet stayed away from, for a power like that can only corrupt a man. He moved over to the Jedi, who was now unconcious. Revan couldn't sense whether or not he was still alive, yet the one thing he did know was that there was no longer a Jedi lying before him. The light no longer resided within him. With one quick movement, Revan picked the Jedi up off the ground and boarded the shuttle. The pilot took off and headed to Silence V.
  9. Revan could feel a rumble within the force. Nhagathul was speaking to him. Not physically of course, but mentally, through his thoughts. He could feel Nhagathul's energy rushing through him like a raging river from hell just as he called upon it's aid. One would call it ultimate power; Others would call it metamorphisis. Revan however, didn't entirely know what it was. What he did know, was that the power was extrordinary. The Jedi before him knelt upon Nhagathul's call, helpless and now completely defensless. With Revan's senses heightened to a near phenomenon, he could not only feel the Jedi's internal battle, but experience it. Slowly, yet gradually, his soul was binding with the Jedi's, intertwining through the force. If the Jedi's alliegance to the light was to be breached, he would need aid from the planet itself. Revan used Nhagathul's energy to aid him in his conquest for domination of the Jedi's mind and soul. He was using the same tactics used against him when he was an apprentice to the darkside. He entered the Jedi's mind. He then began to slowly throw a flurry of images of Revan's past, and the pasts of ones he once knew into the Jedi's mind. He began to cram his head with gruesome images and horrific thoughts. Jedi being cruxified until death, others being torn apart; their insides being ripped from their chests. The Jedi could see a dark shadowy figure, massacring Jedi as though they were ants. Heads exploding, body parts being flung into the air like toys. Every image Revan possessed within himself was now being passed onto the Jedi. Revan could see him undergo immense pain; pain that Revan was familiar with. Revan's eyes were now turning a solid white from the immense power that that moved through him, and his dark red hair was flowing as though wind was hitting them, when really it was the force around them; A swirling dark vortex moving around them at an inhuman speed. The Jedi could now see himself within his head. However not one, but two of himself. One remained to the light, however the other half lurked in the dark. Both were battling for control of the Jedi's soul, however with the aid of Nhagathul, and Revan's powers, the dark half of himself was taking control. He could not only feel it, but see it. He then bombarded the Jedi's mind with his own words as the internal battle within continued. Hate....Hate me....Release The Hate!
  10. Revan had received his orders. It was time for the rehabilitation process. It was now revealed to him what Dagon's intentions were with the Jedi. Yet Revan had no idea he was going to have to turn him, himself. Such a task was intriguing though. He would of rather simply ended his life, but Dagon seems to see past his death; His future apparently holds more then a corpse. Revan immediatly when hit with the task, experienced Deja' vu. He too was once in the same position the Jedi was. He had knelt before the past Dark Lord himself, tormented with monstrous images and nightmares constantly. His soul was bombarded with the very evil he swore to fight in his earlier days. Now, it was his turn to pass the torment unto someone else. If the Jedi was going to survive this, he would have to be strong. Revan turned around, a sadistic smile forming slowly across his face. He could see the Jedi stare blankly into his eyes. He knew what was coming, yet what he didn't know, was the magnitude of evil he faced. Dominique's apprentice stood beside him, ordered to watch the helpless Jedi. Yet, despite his current physical impairment, he still had the force, thus still making him an able adversary. Yet once Revan begins, the process cannot be stopped. No matter the magnitude, the Jedi here before them would leave a servant to the Dark Side by the time Revan was finished. He slowly approached the Jedi. He motioned Atia to step aside. He looked into the Jedi's eyes and noticed something unusual. He was blind. Revan formed a smile, because he knew the Jedi could still see him despite his blindness. "A blind Jedi...how cute..." He switched the smile with a blank look in seconds. He reached his hand out and wrapped his fingers around the Jedi's neck. He slowly picked him up off the ground, and slammed his body into the ship. He moved in closer to the Jedi's face. "It's time.." With one clean hook, he impaled his fist into the Jedi's cheek. He couldn't tell if he had done any real damage, as the Jedi was most likely immune to his hits as of currently. Revan threw him to his knees, looking down upon him one last time as a Jedi before he would turn his very soul. Nhagathul...let us begin..
  11. The shuttle soon found itself in the dark hands of Nhagathul. Immediatly, the dark energy swam through Revan's veins. He could feel the power rush through him only moments later. The pilot landed the shuttle near the Jedi, and Dominique's apprentice, Atia. Revan stepped out as soon as the ship hit the surface. He immediatly contacted Dagon through the force. This is Revan. I felt Nom on Gala, but it seems I was too late. He was already taken care of. How shall I proceed?
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    The shuttle holding Revan soon found itself hitting an endless vortex which they were sucked into.
  13. After the Jedi was handed to Dagon, his attention quickly shifted to something much more important. Revan's eyes lit up with what seemed to be excitement, or anger. His emotions were shooting off the wall. Nom Anorus.. He had haunted Revan for the longest time, and he had been waiting for the day to sieze his vengence. Now was the time. He nodded to Dagon, as well as to Dominique. "I will return with his head..." With a final departing comment, Revan called for the shuttle. It arrived moments later, and he hopped on. He ordered the pilot to set a course for Gala, where he would make his life-long dream, a reality.
  14. Revan smiled slightly as Dominique threw the Jedi to the ground merely by using the force. He could feel the Jedi suffer an internal war within himself. The planet's vibe and aura was bringing the darkside from inside of him. It was showing him his true face. His true destiny. Yet even with his rage, he was no match for either Revan or Dominique. When Dominique had finished playing with him, he walked over to his body. With one quick swoop, he picked the Jedi up by his clothing, reached back, and impaled his fist into his cheek. The bloody remains that were still in his mouth from the last time Revan hit him were now in the air, spilling onto the floor. At this point, Revan wasn't trying to put him through pain, just protecting himself, as well as the apprentice that strolled along with them. At any time, the Jedi could go through yet another transformation, and lash out. Revan then threw him against his ship, holding him there as he looked to Dominique. He smiled at her, and then looked back to the Jedi. "Ready to go?" He leaned in on the Jedi. "Now you get to meet Dagon himself...not very often does a Jedi get to meet Dagon without facing death." He picked him vigourously, and threw him onto his shoulder. It wasn't long before they reached back to the ship, where Dagon was waiting. When they arrived, Revan threw the Jedi onto the ground. "I took his weapons. He can't do much...the planet's hurting him. Something's strange about him though....the darkside is strong within him. It's trying to fight it's way out. He's definately unstable, but nonetheless helpless."
  15. Revan watched as the Jedi squirmed defensless. He listened to Dominique lecture him about keeping his guard down. She was right, but Revan didn't bother replying, nor showing her any obedience. However, eventually, they would have to learn to work together, for thats what made Darkwatch so fearsome. "You wouldn't have become a Jedi if you were a blind, defensless man..." He laughed himself when the Jedi spoke of them being Sith. Revan knew Dominique would take great offense to that. He could feel her temper rising. He didn't really mind what Dominque did to the Jedi, just as long as his heart was still beating in the end. "Sith?...Heh...were not Sith. As a matter of fact, I would consider that an insult. Were nothing like those blood-craved animals who dwell on anger for strength." He knelt beside the Jedi, where Dominique had released him from her grip. "Were much...much worse..." He let out a small sadistic smile. However he remained calm. For as much as he wanted to rip the Jedi's face off, he kept his composure. As he stood up, he awaited Dagon's response to his last message.
  16. Revan acted as though he was ignoring Dominique's speech she was giving to her apprentice, yet really, he was listening clearly. He only smiled at her last comment, and from the corner of his eye, he could see Dom look at him. For now, he paid no attention to it. As he searched within the ship, there was nothing but broken controls and some supplies that held no importance to Darkwatch whatsoever. He pulled out of the ship, sending a message via comm link to Lord Dagon. "This is Revan. We found a broken down ship, with the Jedi just outside. He seems to be injured, and from the planet's dark aura, he is immobile. What would you have me do with him?" As he awaited Dagon's response, he turned to Dominique. "There was no need for me to put forth effort in a pointless defense. The Jedi can't even stand, let alone fight or..use the force." He looked to her padawan just after speaking. "However, it was an arrogant move, and should not be repeated. Dom, we need something to subdue him with, just incase Dagon wants us to bring the Jedi to him." Revan moved over to the fallen Jedi once more. He kicked his side, rolling him over to his back. Revan reached inside his clothing, retreiving both his sabers, and any other weaponary he had on his body.
  17. UPDATED Name: Revan Khanjell Nickname: Darth Revan, RK. Species: Human Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Dark Red Clothing: He wears a medium-based phrik armor set with a personal shield built within the armor. His face mask covers all but his eyes. There are two fore-arm blasters implanted on his armor. Weapons: A cortosis weaved vibroblade created with a curved handle. As from his times as a Sith Lord, he built a crimson bladed lightsaber made from the amulet his father had given him so long ago. Home Planet: Coruscant Gender: Male History: Revan was a happy child. He lived with his mother and his brother on Coruscant. His fater valiantly died in the Republic Navy in a daring rescue mission. His mother and them were left alone. However, that did not stop them. They were a happy family. Until one night, three dark figures came to their door. Their faces were concealed. They barged in, and kidnapped Revan's brother. His mother and him had put up a fight, but they were no match to the mysterious figures who he later found were Sith. After a devastating three days of contacting Corsucant Authority, and a large search had been placed, they had no luck. Even though his mother was emotionally distraught, and would love for her now only son to stay with her, she had to let go. Revan had to fulfill his destiny. So, he joined the Jedi. He was trained vigourously from the get-go. He was trained by a Jedi Master known as Nom Anorus, a very skilled Jedi and master of the form III. Whilst mastering that specific form, he was also taught Form IV by a Jedi Master known as Onderin Starlisk. He quickly rose to the rank of Jedi Knight, and became a great asset to the Jedi Order. However, his glory was soon doubted. He became...somewhat...delirious. Oblivious to what was going on. He felt...neglected, as though the Jedi didn't recognize his abilities. Moving further and further into Isolation he was soon found. On a daring solo mission, he encountered the Dark Lord Of The Sith, Kakuto Ryu and immedialy, the Dark Lord bonded with his mind. He entered his thoughts and corrupted them, and entered his dreams and made them nightmares. With that, came the power to persuade Revan to turn on the Jedi. However, Revan refused to give in. The pain had stopped for a while, giving Revan the idea that he had been vanquished by Revan's own determination to stay with the lightside of the force. But that soon changed. He found himself on Haruun Kal, training his first ever padawan. But there, a Sith Master known as Alora found herself there, sent by the Dark Lord himself to taint Revan, capture him, and bring him forth to Kakuto. Putting up a fight, he was no match for Alora's seductive ways and soon fell into her grasp along with his padawan. Being chained up, he was brought forth to the Dark Lord himself where he immediatly began his training. Night and day, 24-7 he was bombarded with sadistic memories of Kakuto and it soon corrupted his mind. He became suicidal, and very viscious, like an animal. His body began transform physically and mentally became more of a savage everyday. Kakuto had raided his mind, and replaced his thoughts of the Jedi with the mentality of the Sith. He became the Dark Lord's puppet. He was trained vigourously. But no matter how much Kakuto implanted evil thoughts into his mind, he still remembered his former master, Nom Anorus. He had to find him. Either to kill him, or see him one last time. Searching for him through the force, he eventually detected him through his senses. Revan traveled to Mechis III, where he approached his former master. It was a dramatic moment for the two of them, and their bond shined through the blackness of Revan's heart. Revan became weak. His love and bond for his former master was too much for him to handle, and he fell to Nom Anorus's words. However, Kakuto was not going to let his hard work be in vain. He too followed Revan, and arrived on Mechis III in the nick of time. Torn between both sides of his heart, he was unable to fight for himself. And the Dark Lord and the Jedi Master fought for control of Revan. In a long, tedious and bloody duel, the Dark Lord eventually gained the upper hand and destroyed Nom Anorus, killing him on the spot, adding to the pain and darkness to Revan's already tainted soul. Taking control of Revan once more, he finished his training. For his trials, he dueled a Jedi Padawan known as Durandal. The Jedi had escaped Revan's grasp and ran. For his valor, Revan obtained Sith Lord rank. Facing brutal nightmares, Revan eventually turned himself from an emotionally disable Sith, to a determined Jedi. He once again came into the light, somewhat "Reborn" into the Jedi Order once more. However, he could not escape his true destiny. Eventually, he was over taken by the Sith inside of him and rejoined his brothers yet again. However, it wasn't long before a change of heart was set yet again. He left the Sith Orderr, and he is now affiliated with Darkwatch Securities, to where he lies his alliegance to Lord Dagon. Force User Trained by: Nom Anorus/Kakuto Ryu Padawans/Apprentices Trained: Reideran Hasl Current Affiliation: Darkwatch Securities
  18. Revan and Dominique were now in range of the ship ahead of them. It was smoking from the front, and from the looks of it, it had a pretty rough landing. There were supplies spread across the ground, and sparks erupting from within the ship. Just outside the front of the ship, there was a man, lying down, with a pool of vomit next to him. The force aura around him proved him to be a Jedi, however there was darkness within him. Still fighting to get out. Revan approached the Jedi slowly. The Sith Lord didn't bother taking out his weapon, or even put up his guard. The planet's dark aura had the Jedi subdued and in immense pain. However, despite the fact that the Planet's atsmopheric prescence was destroying the Jedi, he still managed to stay alive, and mobile. As he saw the Jedi twitch, he smiled ruthlessly. Although Revan was not one to kick his enemies while their down, he did so anyway. With a swift motion, he sent his foot upwards, connecting with the Jedi's jaw on the way up. There was a mixture of blood and saliva shooting up into the air as his body rolled over to the other side from the impact. As Revan's foot came back down, he impaled it into the Jedi's cheek, digging his face into the ground. As he kept his foot pressed against his face, he leaned downwards. "Don't move Jedi...I can end you right now. I don't know why your here...but I intend to find out." Upon releasing his foot, he reached downwards and grabbed his hair. He yanked his head back and with one swift motion, he smashed his face into the hard terrain. All it took was one hit for the Jedi to move into a haze. Although even that still couldn't put the Jedi out. He was strong. Stronger then most Jedi Revan encountered in his time. When the Jedi seemed immobile for the time being, he turned over to Dominique. "Lets check the ship...see if there is any other Jedi inside...or any supplies we can use."
  19. Revan nodded his head, and took off his cloak, setting it in the ship. He made sure his lightsaber and vibrosword were securely strapped. "Yes Lord Dagon.." The Sith Lord continued over to Dominique. They hadn't really been aquainted, but they would soon. "Lets move.." Revan tapped into the force, locating the prescence within the city. It was dark, and very gloomy. Not many can survive here, especially a Jedi. How he lasted this long was beyond him, but he must of for a reason. After proceeding through the dark infested terrain, Revan spotted smoke coming from afar. From the distance, it looked like a ship, yet he couldn't tell. "I think it's a ship...and from the magnitude of the prescence...I think we found our Jedi..."
  20. Revan hopped out of the ship, slipping on his face mask and armor. Usually, he would wear his traditional light armor with a cloak, however this place was known to be a little...surprising. Immediatly as he stepped off, he could feel the dark energy engulf the city. The aura made him stronger, more in tuned. His senses were heightened drastically as though he was injected with an andrenaline rush. However, dark energy wasn't the only thing he sensed. He could feel an opposing prescence. One that stood out completely. It was a...Jedi. A lightside user. The Jedi stood out like orange in a green crowd. This however, was no oridinary lightsider. He had a taint to him. A dark taint. One that could be altered. Revan turned to Dagon. "Do you feel that?...a Jedi...on Nhagathul. He must be here for a reason...and I can sense a dark taint around him."
  21. Revan, along with the majority of the Darkwatch fleet shot up into orbit and shot into hyperspace.
  22. Revan and his men reached the rally point, receiving the message simultaneously from Lord Dagon. Revan was slightly dissapointed, as he was hoping that the Rebels would respond. Hopefully, if they Rebellion shows up, the Jedi will show up, and then... All he could think of was Nom. Revan could see his face, looking back at him, smiling. So, he would wait, and maybe the day for vengence is not so far away...
  23. Revan and his men began approaching the bunker with ease. Strangely enough, there were no guards standing outside, which meant heavy resistance inside. The two other regiments moved onto the other side of the bunker, awaiting Revan's command. As they approached the door, Revan spoke into his comm. "On my signal, commence breaching......ready....Now!" Revan used the force to blast through the door as it flew inwards erupting smoke. Immediatly, blaster fire shot their way, and the men poured inside. Removing their blades, screams were filling the room as they cut through the security with ease. Revan ignited his saber blocking only a few shots back before the fight was already over. "Alpha 2, are you clear?" "Yes lord Revan, room cleared." "Alright, move through the bunker. Continue looking for those codes." Revan and his men continued through the bunker, coming up on another door. Revan could sense the guards on the other side, awaiting them to blast through. "Alright, I want the heavy weaponary in the back. We breach through, and clear the communications room." As soon as he said that, the door broke open and Revan was immediatly on the defensive. He blocked two shots back into the one of the guards sending him to the ground. The soldiers behind him rushed in, cutting down the rest of them. Within minutes, there was blood all over the walls, and the men were breathing heavily. Revan moved into the room, filled with computers, and other high-tech devices. He began to search for any valuable intel, yet the codes were still missing. "Sir, I think I found what were looking for." Revan turned around, and one of the soldiers had picked up a holpad from one of the dead stragglers that tried to get away. Handing it to Revan, he opened it up. Immediatly, security codes poured onto the screen, launch sequences, and the defense codes to the heavy artillery as well as architectual blueprints to specific weapons. "This is it." Revan set up a comm with the Alpha squad. "Alpha, this is Revan. Is the bunker cleared?" "Yes sir, bunker is cleared, but we still haven't located the defense codes" "Don't worry about that, I've located them. Exit the bunker, and continue to the rally point." "Yes Lord Revan." Revan then opened up a comm signal with Lord Dagon. "Lord Dagon, this is Revan. The bunker is cleared and I have the defense codes along with security intel and blueprints for what seems to be some type of cannon."
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