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  1. Welcome Sammy great to have you! If you have any questions on where to begin or how to begin please don't hesitate to ask. Have fun!
  2. Looks like my original character sheet from 2005 is gone =( Makes it difficult for me to reference back considering I don't remember a lot of my characters history. Thank you for the updated synopsis though. I suppose I should be getting with Exodus and getting involved.
  3. Is there a thread to check the current story line? Factions.....it's leaders....etc...? Trying to jump back into things but would like to get caught up.
  4. I'd love to jump back into the RP but not sure where to begin with my character. It's been such a long time I'm not entirely sure where I left and whats transpired in between. How exciting though!
  5. Awesome! I actually found my character sheet earlier today.
  6. Wow.... I woke up this morning and while I was at work I remembered this site and how many memories I had. Decided to see if it was still active. It's been over 10 years since I've logged on. I almost had a heart attack when I put my username and password in and it worked! Lol Crazy...anyway...really happy to see that some people kept it going. What a trip!
  7. Enigmatic


    A small starfighter cruised through the thick fog of space heading towards the luxorious planet of Coruscant.
  8. It was an extrordinary experience. Revan felt the planet itself enhance hsi very strength. He could feel it's unmatchable power take over the Jedi's body. It was an entity Revan craved, yet stayed away from, for a power like that can only corrupt a man. He moved over to the Jedi, who was now unconcious. Revan couldn't sense whether or not he was still alive, yet the one thing he did know was that there was no longer a Jedi lying before him. The light no longer resided within him. With one quick movement, Revan picked the Jedi up off the ground and boarded the shuttle. The pilot took off and headed to Silence V.
  9. Revan could feel a rumble within the force. Nhagathul was speaking to him. Not physically of course, but mentally, through his thoughts. He could feel Nhagathul's energy rushing through him like a raging river from hell just as he called upon it's aid. One would call it ultimate power; Others would call it metamorphisis. Revan however, didn't entirely know what it was. What he did know, was that the power was extrordinary. The Jedi before him knelt upon Nhagathul's call, helpless and now completely defensless. With Revan's senses heightened to a near phenomenon, he could not only feel the Jedi's internal battle, but experience it. Slowly, yet gradually, his soul was binding with the Jedi's, intertwining through the force. If the Jedi's alliegance to the light was to be breached, he would need aid from the planet itself. Revan used Nhagathul's energy to aid him in his conquest for domination of the Jedi's mind and soul. He was using the same tactics used against him when he was an apprentice to the darkside. He entered the Jedi's mind. He then began to slowly throw a flurry of images of Revan's past, and the pasts of ones he once knew into the Jedi's mind. He began to cram his head with gruesome images and horrific thoughts. Jedi being cruxified until death, others being torn apart; their insides being ripped from their chests. The Jedi could see a dark shadowy figure, massacring Jedi as though they were ants. Heads exploding, body parts being flung into the air like toys. Every image Revan possessed within himself was now being passed onto the Jedi. Revan could see him undergo immense pain; pain that Revan was familiar with. Revan's eyes were now turning a solid white from the immense power that that moved through him, and his dark red hair was flowing as though wind was hitting them, when really it was the force around them; A swirling dark vortex moving around them at an inhuman speed. The Jedi could now see himself within his head. However not one, but two of himself. One remained to the light, however the other half lurked in the dark. Both were battling for control of the Jedi's soul, however with the aid of Nhagathul, and Revan's powers, the dark half of himself was taking control. He could not only feel it, but see it. He then bombarded the Jedi's mind with his own words as the internal battle within continued. Hate....Hate me....Release The Hate!
  10. Revan had received his orders. It was time for the rehabilitation process. It was now revealed to him what Dagon's intentions were with the Jedi. Yet Revan had no idea he was going to have to turn him, himself. Such a task was intriguing though. He would of rather simply ended his life, but Dagon seems to see past his death; His future apparently holds more then a corpse. Revan immediatly when hit with the task, experienced Deja' vu. He too was once in the same position the Jedi was. He had knelt before the past Dark Lord himself, tormented with monstrous images and nightmares constantly. His soul was bombarded with the very evil he swore to fight in his earlier days. Now, it was his turn to pass the torment unto someone else. If the Jedi was going to survive this, he would have to be strong. Revan turned around, a sadistic smile forming slowly across his face. He could see the Jedi stare blankly into his eyes. He knew what was coming, yet what he didn't know, was the magnitude of evil he faced. Dominique's apprentice stood beside him, ordered to watch the helpless Jedi. Yet, despite his current physical impairment, he still had the force, thus still making him an able adversary. Yet once Revan begins, the process cannot be stopped. No matter the magnitude, the Jedi here before them would leave a servant to the Dark Side by the time Revan was finished. He slowly approached the Jedi. He motioned Atia to step aside. He looked into the Jedi's eyes and noticed something unusual. He was blind. Revan formed a smile, because he knew the Jedi could still see him despite his blindness. "A blind Jedi...how cute..." He switched the smile with a blank look in seconds. He reached his hand out and wrapped his fingers around the Jedi's neck. He slowly picked him up off the ground, and slammed his body into the ship. He moved in closer to the Jedi's face. "It's time.." With one clean hook, he impaled his fist into the Jedi's cheek. He couldn't tell if he had done any real damage, as the Jedi was most likely immune to his hits as of currently. Revan threw him to his knees, looking down upon him one last time as a Jedi before he would turn his very soul. Nhagathul...let us begin..
  11. The shuttle soon found itself in the dark hands of Nhagathul. Immediatly, the dark energy swam through Revan's veins. He could feel the power rush through him only moments later. The pilot landed the shuttle near the Jedi, and Dominique's apprentice, Atia. Revan stepped out as soon as the ship hit the surface. He immediatly contacted Dagon through the force. This is Revan. I felt Nom on Gala, but it seems I was too late. He was already taken care of. How shall I proceed?
  12. Enigmatic


    The shuttle holding Revan soon found itself hitting an endless vortex which they were sucked into.
  13. After the Jedi was handed to Dagon, his attention quickly shifted to something much more important. Revan's eyes lit up with what seemed to be excitement, or anger. His emotions were shooting off the wall. Nom Anorus.. He had haunted Revan for the longest time, and he had been waiting for the day to sieze his vengence. Now was the time. He nodded to Dagon, as well as to Dominique. "I will return with his head..." With a final departing comment, Revan called for the shuttle. It arrived moments later, and he hopped on. He ordered the pilot to set a course for Gala, where he would make his life-long dream, a reality.
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