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  1. I hadn't even checked the date of the post, and you really had me--up to the point where Adi-wan went nuts and Taren joined in and everyone died. Which was awesome. (Btw--fire to the face for the win.) I caught the clue reference. I sensed it was a joke because it got over the top and I remember well the crazy things you had AP do in RP. (Although the sudden death would have been an awesome plot hook--however, I like Lei and her memory too much to see her go this early.) Keep up the good work!
  2. This is really great so far! sorry I haven't commented sooner, but I was trying to catch up. Again, I love the way you work the relationship between Krissi and AP. Tho the one comment about 'her face nearly split with a smile' seems... ominous. And I love the sudden appearance and disappearance of the hutt by assassins. Black Sun perchance?
  3. This is really a great story AP, and a fascinating idea. I love the way the characters have been transported from the RP world to the universe. I think you're doing a great job. I have to admit, seeing Krissi call him honey sturck me as almost odd, but not out of place. That scene was very down to earth and real in terms of being realistic as a relationship and true to the character. It's interesting to see them on the same side and at such peace (whereas in the RP they almost always have a strained relationship due to their opposing views). It was domestic and private. Like a snapshot. I loved it. You did a great job capturing Krissi and her interactions with AP. Keep it up!
  4. The transport ships continues on its way until it reaches the space above Coruscant. It slips into the atmosphere and lands on the planet surface.
  5. A passenger transport ship enters the space above Naboo and sets off. On it are a beautiful young woman and her droid, an R2 unit. There is nothing particularly special. She wears long, dusky blue pants and a cream colored tunic on top. She wears a navy blue robe with a hood, which is currently pulled back. Beneath the robe there is a satchel filled with supplies and money. Her long brown hair is pulled back into a pony tail worn high on the head with three braids coiled about it. She tries to relax as the ship begins its journey to Coruscant. Delicately--and very carefully she begins to reach out in the force, trying to go unnoticed.
  6. Buried away in the countryside of Naboo, in a place an ancient manor surrounded by a deep wood and vast meadows Krissi Kenobi lead a happy life. She had three beautiful children. A marvelous assistant and companion. Faithful servants. Excellent defenses, both natural and man made. And miles upon miles of stunning beauty. Beyond the meadows was the land of waterfalls and lakes, closing in on the resort region. But here in her cozy little niche of the world, of the galaxy, Krissi could live in peace and prosperity being what she loved most: a mother. Far from the force battles, the epic struggle of good and evil, she and her children simply were. They knew no father. There had to be one. At times little Domi would ask her mother, who would become very grave and sad. Then she would not ask her mother any more. The two darling boys did not seem to care. They had no mind for their father. As long as they had their devoted mother all was well in the world. As for Goldberry, as long as her mistress could live in peace she cared little for the affairs of the outer world. So it was for many years they lived in a serene, ideal enviroment. But you can't run from the past forever. And sooner or later, the war comes to your door.... * * * It was early evening. Krissi had just put her two sons to bed. Domi was fast asleep already and Krissi was enjoying a mug of tea under a clear, flawless sky filled by the stars. It was a beautiful night. Goldberry took her place beside her. "Domi should begin her training soon," she remarked quietly. Krissi frowned. "I know... but I am--reluctant--to--" "Begin training as it could cause a disturbance. I know," Goldberry said. "It may bring unwanted attention." Krissi took another sip. "Do you intend to hide forever mistress?" Goldberry studied her master. Krissi glanced at her, disapproving. "Perhaps." She paused. "As long as I can anyway. I prefer the inevitable later rather than sooner." She sipped her tea. Goldberry sighed. "You might find allies." Krissi frowned, "The world has changed. It's become a darker place. Even among old friends. They could not protect me. And what would I tell them? No. It is better to stay." "It you wish mistress," Goldberry sighed. They sat in silence a long while, evening drawing on and eventually deepening into night. Suddenly Krissi shivered and frowned. Goldberry sat up, concerned. "Mistress?" Krissi gazes into space for a moment, then says quietly, "He--he has called me." Goldberry tensed, frowning thoughtfully. "You do not have to respond." Krissi shook her head. "No.... He--he has sought me out. After all this time...." Her voice becomes a whisper, "I knew he would. I have suffered much by his hand, and yet I am bound to him. He could not leave me in peace forever." "Then the time has come? You will go to him?" Goldberry asked. "Yes." Krissi stood. "Prepare the ship. The children are to know I am on an errand. Keep them safe here. I will return when I can... and be in touch when it is secure to do so." "Yes mistress." Goldberry stood and bowed. "I shall make the preparations." She disappeared inside. Krissi lingered a moment longer, gazing into the endless void of the sky which lead to other worlds. Her brow furrowed, then she turned and packed a few things. She summoned her faithful R2 unit Dain. With several more commands the two got into a hover craft and set out on the long journey to the captial city. It took several days in an attempt to obscure the trail. Once there she bought transport on a ship and set off for her destination.
  7. CHARACTER SHEET Real Name: Krystal Kenobi Nickname: Krissi Age: 28 Species: Human Height: 5'7”
  8. OOC: Just because an alias is captured, doesn't mean all of them are. However, her post will remain ignored if you wish.
  9. Eve did as she was told, whimpering softly. She didn't trust this woman, and didn't like this place. She could feel her mother, and something was wrong. Her mother was in trouble. She wanted to see her again. "Mommy...." She said softly. She looked up at the woman with her. "Help her... She needs me... She's in trouble...." The little girl overlooked the fact that it was her third birthday, thinking only of her mother.
  10. Krissi looked at Jedit, now a unconscoius pile on the floor. She cast a glare at the man, taking Jedit's pluse. She gave a soft sigh when she realized he wasn't dead. She looked at the shackles. "Those aren't necessary. I will come... Leave the boy alone, he was only trying to protect me. However, if you value your life, I suggest you treat me kindly from this point on. Should you ignore my advice, you will soon wish you were never born" Krissi rose to her feet, showing she was unarmed. She looked at Jedit nervously. The gun remained pointed at her. Krissi shook her head, then grabbed the shackles, fastening them to her wrists. "I am ready, please, just leave the boy"
  11. Eve shivered softly, looking up at the Sith mistress. She closed her eyes. She could feel her mother, but she was very far away. Back in the dark place, locked behind walls of dirt and filth. She whimpered softly, snuggling into the blanket. She looked at the Sith lady. "I want Mommy!" She began to cry.
  12. A small blue streak flew across the desert, approaching the outskirts of a city. Mos Espa, a den of thieves. it probably wasn't the best place to stop, but it had to do. Krissi and Jedit stopped outside a cantina and made their way inside, to a booth in the back. Krissi looked at Jedit. "We have to find a ship and get out of her. I'm going to get Eve back"
  13. Krissi went deep into meditation. After hours of searching, Krissi finally found the location she was looking for. She had finally been able to find where the message had come from. She lost no time in acting. She raced upstairs, grabbed Jedit and found the nearest ship. It took off for an unknown location. Krissi noticed that as the ship leapt into hyperspace she felt as though there were three forces about her. Her own presence, that of her son, and now, another one. As the ship finished the leapt, it was swept from her mind.
  14. Krissi was lost in thought when the force message hit her. She leapt to her feet, looking around. Her heart beat quickened, hoping against hope to magically find her daughter before her. Where are you? Who are you? But the presence faded quickly. Krissi began to cry. "No!" She reached out, trying to sense the presence she had felt before. Please, tell me who you are... Tell me what has happened to my little girl... But there was no reply. Krissi sat back down and began to weep. She was beginning to think her daughter would be lost forever. She looked up at the sky. Oh, Beren.... What am I going to do?
  15. A small ship landed and three figures exited. They checked into a nearby hotel. The tallest commanded the two to wait in the room and furthur the search, while she went out for a walk. Krissi roamed the streets, sending a force message out to all who could hear. Fellow Jedi, I come on am important mission. I have a child, a small girl, about two in age, who has recently disappeaered.... She is a precious gift to me. If you have any information about her, please, PLEASE let me know... Find me at the Blossom hotel. My name is Krissi... Krissi returned to the hotel lobby. She felt a tremor of pain run through her. Eve was frightened. She closed her eyes and reached out to her. Now more then ever Krissi wished she could be with her child again.
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