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  1. Wow. Lots of memories here. It's hard to believe that I joined this site over ten years ago. WHERE DID TIME GO?
  2. Maz's "Where is my boyfriend." line was so perfect. STAR WARS IS BACK, BABY
  3. I can handle being a Reptilian, but an ARAB SOCIALIST?
  4. Mine just arrived a few days ago. So far I'm digging it way more than 8.
  5. Good lookin' family, chief.
  6. Durandal!


    Been good! Still living in Boston, keeping busy. How's the ol' site been? Really glad to see some of the old guard still kicking. Archer still banned?
  7. Durandal!


    Right? This place will probably get a good shot in the arm. I'll try to keep poking my head in. Someone start dropping leaflets over the wall into other sites. JNet propaganda to help bolster our numbers.
  8. Durandal!


    Look.. I missed a Bob sighting, and I'm kicking myself for it. Someone light up the Bobsignal.
  9. Durandal!


    This board was like a home away from home when the prequels were coming out for me. Took a little digging to find the place with the new name. How weird is it that a new star wars is coming out in a few months? I'll take things I never thought would happen for five hundred, Alex. Insane. I guess I'm just poking my head in to say hello. Hard to believe it's been so long. It's a great time to be a fan.
  10. I'll take "Headlines I would have laughed at three years ago" for five hundred, Alex.
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