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  1. Tros stood upon the bridge of the Raven's Bane watching the motions of many move through out. His own eyes glanced out over the planet below. He held mixed emotions over the place, mainly due to being called by the Sith woman who took over after the battle of Nar Shaddaa, only to not address them or even acknowledge them. It was insulting, but not in a way that provoked anything within him, as it was something they were used to. He glanced over at Kot'dral, the only other Mandalorian still onboard the ship with him. Before departing their location of finding Mavanger, the others returned to the Revenant, the first of soon to be many Mandalorian battleships. The Crusader-class corvette was the first one produced, and was taking a back seat to Manda'lor's soon to be capital ship, a Keldabe-class Battleship being built over Qat Chrystac. He stood off to the side of the ship, almost brooding as he watched Akheron arrive and greet Mavanger. He knew the other Sith almost as well as he knew Mavanger. Trusted him to battle and fight the way Mavanger would. He was vested within the exchange, as he wanted to have something built up. To fulfil to the future, they would need to work together towards a common goal. He had hoped that the two would see eye to eye- but he had no idea of how politics worked within the Sith. He had seen too many leaders at this point to fully expect anything solid. Another change he hoped that Mavanger would bring. But for now, Manda'lor stood, brooding in the corner with Kot'dral until he was directly summoned or acknowledged by Mavanger. He would not risk anything that his new found ally was trying to accomplish.
  2. Tros pondered for a moment as faces and names flashed within his mind. The only ones that he wondered of loyalty in fighting were Delta, whom he had reports was now living on Concord Dawn an as exile. Terra and most of her followers went into hiding after Nar Shaddaa. So in many of his own regards, there wasn't much in forms of resistances against him as far as he was aware. He slowly shook his head towards Mavanger. "No. The Mandalorians that follow will follow me to the death. Those that don't follow are either in exile or hiding, or haven't found their way in support of Manda'lor the Zealous." Turning to look back towards were the rest of his party that now awaited him to join them or get beckoned to join were his faithful crew. His team that would light the way if he was unable to do so. He then turned back to Mavanger. "Upon more victories, it will act like a lightening rod, drawing more to the cause."
  3. Tros kept his own thoughts to himself at the inquire of Darth Calypso's whereabouts. He didn't know her personally, and she made zero effort to connect with the Mandalorians upon her taking the throne. While she made a huge display of power before the Sith gathered, she had not been seen since then. Or at least stayed well hidden from his own scouts and informants. For all he knew she could have been killed off by someone who was too afraid of the consequences of their actions and disappeared. The only thing he knew for certain, she had not been seen in a long while, and the Sith have fallen off the radar. As an ally, at least one had always assumed he was for the past 2 before Calypso, he would have assumed there would have been more contact to the major plan. Not just hiding away. The words utter by Mavanger next after he was silent upon the gap left in his absence took him a bit by surprise. He was flat out offered up the chance to be allies of a different sort. To be their own people, but to almost extend the kinship of vod from Mandalorian to Sith. The return favor seemed simple. Almost too simple. He wondered what sort of catch there would be to fully lock in such a strong alliance. Granted, neither side was all that strong currently. Scattered and divided on both ends. But upon merging and rebuilding, the two allies could become a deadly force upon the galaxy. If he turned down such an offer, he would be a fool, even if there was a catch to it all. "You have my word, House Solus and all Mandalorians who follow it's banner will aid you in this and be a trusted forearm to carry out this purpose. Haat, Ijaa, Haa'it." Tros knew that Mavanger may not know the exact words spoken at the end, but he knew that the warrior was smart enough to realize it was something important, and it was important for Manda'lor to seal the pact with the honorary words. Truth, honor and Vision were all things that seemed to be clearly laid out between the two.
  4. Tros stood, putting his beskad away, as it was no longer needed. He wasn't very good at using it anyways. A good old sniper riffle would suite him a whole lot better. It was a symbol, one that he knew his vod understood, and based upon the words he received from Mavanger, he understood the importance of the symbol as well. As orders were given rather matter of fact, he placed his own buy'ce back upon his head. As a warrior himself, he felt it was his way of relaxing with the Sith before him. He lifted his hand to signal for Sutu to remain with the Zealots, who had already taken a step back and fell into a more relaxed position, but not following. Kot'dral knew his place well. "Unfortunately the state isn't as you'd expect. When that Sith woman drew everyone to Ziost... there many remained, and disappeared. The silence and lack of movement was driving me insane. It's why when I found out there was a plan to find you and bring you back... I wanted to make sure of it's success. The Sith need you." Tros turned his head ever so slightly towards the hallway that the two were walking down instead of half looking at Mavanger. "There is no plan being executed. Not outside of my own. And I must admit that mine is very selfish, as it's only seeking to restore the power of the Mandalorians to be a great warrior race that owns Mandalore again." The words spoken out loud were something he didn't think would be spoken outside of his own warrior council. Yet, the state of the galaxy almost demanded that he make such a claim out loud.
  5. The sheer display before Tros was something beautiful. Not really the Force or its resurrecting power. But the grand sheer will of the warrior before him. The Fulgurmancer weaved his power and then attempted to hold his own will against Mavanger's now restored self. His death came at no surprise to Manda'lor. As the warrior now wondered who else might challenge him, he could feel the rest of his vod tense up. A slightly head turn to acknowledge what he could feel from them, he then turned and withdrew his beskad within his only free hand that wasn't holding his buy'ce and held it up. As eyes drew upon him and the Zealot's tightened up, a smirk came to Tros' face as he now turned to lock eyes upon Mavanger. He let his full mind and emotions be open to the Sith before him. The only Sith he would now fully follow to any war and death. He then slammed the beskad into the ground point down, followed by a quick motion of him taking a knee. With pure conviction within his voice, and with full authority as Manda'lor, he spoke. "Mandalorians follow you."
  6. Tros turned and looked at the trooper who had approached. He felt like he had served with him before, or at the every least saw him frequently upon the battlefields fought with the Sith. With the hard salute, Kot'dral stood fully at the ready for whatever words the solider had for them. Upon getting the word that they had Mavanger, they group moved to the hangar as requested. Upon arrival, the group slowed down as they approached the shuttle. All seemed to hold a sense of weariness over the fact that the Sith would still be alive, on such an old ship of all things. Only Tros, Manda'lor the Zealous showed no signs of hesitancy and took off his buy'ce, tucking it under his arm as he squinted his eyes an some attempt so see more of what the shuttle could mean. He took a moment to look over at Captain Ralos, whom he did remember exactly interacting with her a few times. His eyes then darted over to the Fulgurmancer, to which he gave a sharp eye to. The gaze held no fear or worry, but more of a 'prove it' type look. At this point, Tros was risking his entire future on Mavanger's return. The Fulgurmancer would either prove him to be wise or a fool. Now was the time for it to come to light either way.
  7. Tros stood within the general mess hall of the Raven's Bane along with a few other of his trusted vod. Kot'dral, the leader of the Zealots amongst them. Sutu Skoss stood closer to Manda'lor the Zealous over any other though. His armor clad in red and silver, with his buy'ce adorned with the wolf eyes and the crest of House Solus upon his upper left chest. He leaned in and spoke in a hushed tone. "Why him?" Tros turned his head ever so slightly to look at Sutu before he turned back to looking out the viewport. The stars echoed to him, and spoke of many possibilities. As he stared, he took in a deep breath before he responded. "Mavanger is a warrior. One who has fought many battles and wars. The Sith have remained quiet for far too long. If we are to remained paired within this alliance... " He turned and looked at Kot'dral first before turning to Sutu. Outside of the man, the rest with him were the Zealot's under Kot'dral. Known for their lack of T-shape visors and beyond aggressive stances, they were the backbone of House Solus. They came with Kot'dral unless Tros ever asked them to remain behind. But since they only ever got deployed on missions critical to the House... and this was critical to the House. "... We need to place a leader on the throne who will not only help us grow as a culture, but will also be a strong ally." He now took a few steps away from the group to deeply stare out into the stars, using his own HUD to scan for the remains of the fallen warrior. "And Mavanger is that warrior. So we will be here and an aid to him in getting to the throne of the Sith."
  8. A light breeze blew through an open window at Dralaloriya. It brought with it a scent of both plasma and fuel. The sound of blasters and other weapons being used filled the throne room as many around the city were training. Tros stood looking over a map of the galaxy with a few of his trusted advisors. Atin Skol, Kami Larkin, Sutu Skoss and Kot’dral Duvul. They were all very instrumental in getting the Mandalorians of House Solus to where they are now, the dominant House and lightning rod for all others to join in their cause. But now the group had plenty to work on and look to build and protect- a topic of which was the present reason that all were present. Kami was the main one speaking, her Huntsmen were scattered throughout the galaxy, probing and taking in information and relaying it back as often as they could. “The very fact that there is a strong Jedi presence on Falleen and Naboo right now, could mean we could come under a strong hit.” “There is no reason for any of the major factions to touch Almas. It holds no history in their last few wars, and therefore should remain a pass over.” Atin then looked at Tros directly. “The main concern should be on this new faction emerging. This… Sovereignty. A complete hybrid of the Alliance and Imperial Remnant. Sources are saying its setup would allow for much quicker responses and judgment calls. A special session is about to take place on Coruscant soon over this entire matter.” Sutu then interjected. He was go-to Pathfinder. The one whom Tros could trust with difficult tasks. “All of this talk is hypothetical. The Sovereignty hasn’t shown up in any force yet, outside of the newly called Sovereign Knights who joined the Jedi on Falleen. And the presence of Jedi is nothing new. They’ve always been around. Much like the Sith, whom you may have realized have gone quiet as well. Outside of Falleen, they’re attempting to stay hidden. Something I’m pretty sure we are able to do as well. Hell, even Black Sun has taken to more behind the scene tactics and movement.” Tros tilted his head as he looked over the map again. Much of the news and movements of others were to be expected. Him and Kot’dral held a few conversations about the Sith and the newly formed government that was arising. While he didn’t hold much stock in either being as big of players against them right now, Kot’dral did believe heavily that the Jedi and the Knights would be their bigger oppositions in quietly building up their own empire of sorts. He took a moment to glance over at Kot’dral, who held his own gaze for a moment before returning it to center. While he knew the man had a lot to say on things brought up, he had chosen to remain silent, leaving all other words for Tros to speak. “... Sutu is right. The mere presence of Jedi and these Knights don’t truly alarm danger. A squad of Mandalorians should be enough to handle them. Regardless of the nearby presence of outsiders, Avao has requested a few supplies. Our scouts have tracked down a few Kom’rk transports on Foy, along with the supplies needed at Qat Chrystac for the forging of our Keldabe-class Battleship.” Tros took a moment to look everyone in the eyes. “She is also near to completing our second Crusader-class corvette. Sutu and Kami, gather a few of your best and take the Adventure to Foy. Gather the supplies and the Kom’rk transports and bring them home. Destroy the Adventure while you’re there. We’re going to start abandoning the individual transports.” Kami and Sutu both turned and headed out upon receiving their orders. He now turned towards Atin. “I want you to take a team and travel to the Hapes Cluster. Terra traveled there, and I want clues as to what she did while she was there. Take Bloodlust and bring back clues.” Atin simply nodded his head and turned and left the room. Which then left Kot’dral only. “No Zealot deployment?” Tros turned and locked eyes with him. “No. Zealots protect and engage in House affairs only. None of these assignments I would consider House affairs. Supplies maybe, but it's not a super need. Therefore no deployment.” He then picked up his buy’ce and began to walk towards the stairs that lead outside. Kot’dral followed without any prompting. He almost immediately matched foot steps and followed exactly two steps behind him, as he somehow always did. “Two more groups of Mandalorians arrived last night. Seven in total. Claim to be of clans Lone and Spar.” “I thought Spar died out?” “I did too, but it would seem that there were some foundlings, and they have been rogue for some time. The rumor mill of Nar Shaddaa still stirs and is rallying many of those who are lost and without purpose.” Tros slowly nodded his head and then placed his buy’ce on. “Alright, let's go and meet with them then.”
  9. The Revenant pulled out of hyperspace above the planet Almas, home of the Mandalorians of House Solus; where the current throne for Mand'alor sat in Forard. Tros stood on the bridge, looking at the planet that he now called home, longing so desperately to gain traction that he felt his crew had lost since the battle of Nar Shaddaa. He stood surrounded by the Zealots, the class of warriors of Clan Ardell pledged to protect and place all honor upon their banner. They were the best of the best, more skilled than even himself. He knew this because he trained with Kot'dral, their leader. He always held an upper hand against Tros, but held back because of the riduurok the two held. If his better half ever decided to challenge him for the title, he would lose. He knew that for a fact. But the very fact that he would rather stand side by side with him and train others to be as strong, if not stronger allowed for him to always feel comfort in knowing his last day would not come at his hands. Even as he stood, he awaited comms from the surface, which began to come in. Clan Larkin, lead by Kami had reported that they were a few hours out from making planetside. Reports were that Gronn with the Pathfinders sent to seek out evidence of Terra's travels on Concord Dawn had yet to report in. Avao was currently with them, but he knew better than to question if she would be present. She took on much of Vulios' responsibility and how he presented himself. She would have her weaponsmiths ready. She had already stated that the Beskad Starfighters were in full production, along with the Keldabe-class Battleship. He also knew that she was secretly working on a new line of Westar Carbines that she hoped to have fully deployed within the near future. "Sir, the Clan leaders are all prepared with the few exceptions, should we proceed to the landing pad?" It was Kot'dral who asked him, behind his black and gold buy'ce with the singular eyeline visor that was now almost fully expected with every Zealot. Turning his head ever so slightly to look at him, he lingered upon his stance longer than what he intended or even wanted. Attempting to break to awkwardness, he turned his head back to the viewport. "Yes. Make all speed. We will address everyone soon." It didn’t take long after that for the Crusader-class corvette to begin its descent towards the planet below. It would be the first time a ship of this size landed on the massive landing pad outside of the city. It was designed to hold even bigger. A grand display of what was to come for the Mandalorians. They had a long way to go if they were to ever begin another crusade, but the signs they held now showed great promise. ************************************************************** Now on the surface, Tro’solus sat upon the throne chair in Dralaloryia. The building, which was designed to not be the tallest in Forard, was a strong fortress; a tribute to the history of every Mandlorian that came before them. It was the home that could rival Keldabe in sight of power. However, nowhere near as big, but just as formidable if an invasion was ever to strike at it. If Tros never got the chance to begin a crusade, this city would be legacy enough for him. He sat as a good majority of the Clan leaders filled the room, all of which took turns reporting on the progress of their own individual missions that had been assigned to them. As the last one finished up, Kot’dral stepped forward, who was standing next to the throne, as were a few other Zealots. It was a way of letting the room know that Mand’alor was going to speak. Letting the cue be recognized, he then stood up before the room. “Our future is building. Our time is brewing. The glory that we all seek has been laid upon a path that it would be impossible for us to deter from. Many of you have already done much to help secure our path forward. But many roads still need to be walked, many items still need to be procured in order for our future to come to daylight. For that to happen, we must all make sure that our clans are ready and on point. Pathfinders and Huntsmen must be ready to journey. Planets like Nal Hutta, Foy, Selvaris and Raxus Prime all have items to be retrieved. Our Weaponsmiths must continue to build our fleet and weapons for the upcoming battlefield. Supercommandos and Paladins must train. Zealots must protect the House and every banner under House Solus. If our crusade is to happen, we must commit to these things in the shadows. At our time, we can catch the galaxy off hand. We can prove our strength and vigor in battle against the Jedi.” Tros withdrew his beskad and held it high. “Strength is life. Honor is life. Loyalty is life. Death is life. We are Mandalorians, and we will have our great crusade when the time is right.” Upon his final word leaving his mouth, the entire room erupted in a loud chant. "STRENGTH, HONOR, LOYALTY, DEATH! STRENGTH, HONOR, LOYALTY, DEATH! STRENGTH, HONOR, LOYALTY, DEATH! STRENGTH, HONOR, LOYALTY, DEATH!" Tros continued to hold up the beskad as he looked at the room. He knew that the time would come when everyone in the galaxy would remember why Mandalorians were so feared. The remembrance would be brought by everyone in this room.
  10. Tros stood and watched the interactions of those before him. There was much strife and discontent amongst the Sith, yet it seemed to be a unifying point as opposed to one that caused more unrest. From a distance without picking up any of the words spoken, he did watch the Sith Lady who claimed herself to be the new Dark Lord converse with Darth Mavanger, the Sith whom he gave out some of his own to help him accomplish his goal at the battle of Nar Shaddaa. In many circumstances, he would have sought to find their readings through his HUD, to analyze and see what sort of tensions or emotions could be present. But for today, he cared not about it. He was here because he felt called, and the feeling had dissipated ever since the grand display of power from the Lady Sith. On his HUD, a message came in from Kot'dral that they had made it back to the ship, missing only one, the one who seemed to have been possessed by a Sith spirit. He paused though, not responding right away as he normally would have. His mind had slightly changed. It seemed like this new Sith wanted things to web and weave from within their own ranks. Did that include him? He had pledged his banner to the prior to Dark Lords, but this one seemed to be more focused upon her own underlings. It was all understandable, seeing as the Sith did take some heavy losses at the battle. At least far more than his Mandalorians did. Minimal losses for House Solus, and the support of other Mandalorians from it. He was in a much better place than the Sith. Slowly, he turned away from the Sith and responded to Kot'dral with his own comlink within his HUD. "Warm the ship. We return to the Revenant within the hour. Then we head home to Almas. Alert the Clan Leaders. We meet to discuss the course of action everyone is to be on." He turned around to observe the Sith one last time. He knew it wasn't his last seeing them, as no doubt they would seek him out. It was only natural to ally with one who may have goals similar to yours. Even more so to ally with one that could help you achieve such goals. And he needed the Sith to do their thing in order for him to get what he wanted. And he was damn sure they needed him to do his thing in order to get what they wanted. The small group of Mandalorians were back in space and onboard the Revenant within twenty minutes, and the Crusader-class corvette was ready ten minutes after that, jumping into hyperspace and headed to its home. Almas.
  11. Tros watched the display of great power from the Sith, but never once flinched or felt like he had to intervene. While it was something he understood what the Sith were doing, as even him as a Mandalorian knew such leaders could always be challenged for the position of power. At any given moment, anyone who didn't agree with him could declare such a thing and then the two would fight and the victor would take the leadership, the title. Mand'alor. The sole ruler of the people of Mandalorians. Such was the nature of the stronger warrior style cultures. Clearly the Sith were no different from his own. But even as he watched, he came to understand that there was in fact a new Sith leader, one of whom he didn't feel like proving himself to again. Hopefully she would be able to collect the notes from others on the situation. He glanced over at Kot'dral, whom he could tell was looking for threats against him. Of all places, this was one where he truly didn't feel like he had to watch his back, oddly enough. They were all too busy with inter politics to be concerned about what the Mandalorian crew was doing. He did catch a few others that he recognized from previous encounters, some of which he would love to have a drink with a have them share their stories from the battle of Nar Shaddaa. But he doubted such a thing was commonly done amongst the Sith, and nor was it something on their priority at the moment. Opening a private link to Kot'dral, he talked directly to him. "I think it's about time we wrap up here and head back home to Almas. We have our own plans to accomplish. Talk to no one unless they approach you." Tros didn't wait for a reply before he cut the link. He would linger longer than the others to see if there was anything worth staying for, but if not, they would all return home and begin to rebuild themselves.
  12. Gronn acknowledged for a moment what the handshake meant for the man before him. The surprise also for the fact that he traveled with so many children. Never before had he seen anyone from any culture have so many children. Even for Mandalorians where adoption was a normal occurrence, never before had one taken on so many. Kyr clearly was out of place. "I wouldn't say neighbours. We're here on a scouting mission for Mand'alor. He wants to make sure that our former space is still loyal and operating well." Gronn looked at the homestead in utter shambles. "And to maintain good living conditions. He would not be happy to see so many of these homesteads looking like this." He called in the others whom he sent back to bring whatever supplies they had to help rebuild the homestead, along with food supplies that would help the family survive.
  13. Tros watched from a distance, letting the Sith take to front seat of the show that what could only be explained as a show of power and declaration as the new seat of power. He was unfazed by much of what had transpired, as it meant little to him. Some of the texts comms that came through his own HUD offered up strong discussions and points of interest for everyone present. However, Kot'dral sent a personal one declaring that it sounded like they were not needed here. To which it was true. The Sith here seemed more intent on building up their own armies for the coming wrath they would unleash upon the galaxy. While it didn't mean they would break off from the Sith, it did mean that he was maybe less tied down to fuel his own people into two wars and could focus on his own coming war. Quietly, on a private voice channel, he responded to Kot'dral. "Yes, they are indeed focused internally. Which isn't a bad thing. We still have nothing to prove here, but lingering could gain us some more information. Our forces can withdraw back to Almas after this is all over. From there, we can prepare for our own war path emergence." After he finished, he slowly moved to gain a better view of the entire area, and every so often placing his hands upon his two Westar 75 Heavy Blaster pistols to make sure they were still at his side. He didn't feel like getting into a challenge with any Sith today, nor did it feel like the time to unveil himself to the Sith as Mand'alor. So he choose to wait in the shadows.
  14. Gronn narrowed his eyes behind his buy'ce. The man before him felt confusing to him, as he was not whom he expected. Not at all like what he was made out to be from every holofeed he had ever seen on the man. He felt like something new to him, almost like a restart, to which he even hinted at as he spoke. HIs own mind raced n what they should do as he locked eyes from behind his buy'ce on Delta. After a moment passed, he spoke loudly to Kyr. "Disarm and come down here." Without any further hesitation, he put his weapon away and took off his buy'ce, revealing the short blonde hair, scar tattered face. His dark blue eyes held a piercing glaze to them as he locked them on Delta. "Much of Mandalorian space has been war torn and left to rot after the aruetiise went to war against us here. The Mand'alor known as Fett left places like this to rebuild on their own. Many consider out home worlds to be cursed, unable to make it home again." Gronn broke eye contact with Delta and instead looked over the homestead, which was indeed in bad shape. "While not our purpose in coming here, I feel it lines up with what Mandalore the Zealous wants for our people..." Even as he finished, Kyr walked up, sniper riffle still at his side, but not hold it in a fashion that showed he would use it anytime soon. He kept his buy'ce on and looked over the situation upon arrival. "How does helping line up with the creed?" Gronn didn't even look at the younger Mandalorian. The younger lad still wanted to be a Zealot. He would have to learn to be a damn Pathfinder. "Strength is life, Honor is life, Loyalty is life. We show our strength by helping someone build in an area that is potentially unsustainable. We honor the journey and who he is. We are loyal to any Mandalorian, even if they didn't always walk our path." Gronn took a step towards Delta and extended his hand towards the man. "We can help you build this place up, bring it up to a standard worthy of any Mandalorian to call home." buy'ce : Helmet aruetiise : Outsiders Mand'alor : Sole Ruler
  15. Gronn kept his own eyes darting as he observed and took in the full scene of what he was approaching. He was beginning to see that what they thought of the situation was not at all, nor was he even fully sure he knew what he was looking at. His HUD showed him Delta, the Blood Prince and long time war veteran. But there seemed to be children present, to which confused the Mandalorian. Still slowly walking forward, he sent Kyr the information he was now seeing and gave him the order to move into a better position, even if it meant getting spotted. "Delta, famed war vet of the galaxy and leader of the Sith forces... What brings you to Concord Dawn?" The question was an honest one, as he was certain that Tros would have known if the Sith held any interest in Concord Dawn, or if there would even be a power play on the planet. He hoped that they weren't being tracked and watched, or being setup. He kept his blaster low, but refused to put it away now. Even with children present, Delta was dangerous if he decided to act.
  16. Even as the group slowly merged around the Sith, Tros and his Mandalorians kept silent as the calling he felt slowly became clear to the new Mand'alor. The Sith must have made a call somehow and he felt it. He didn't feel a need to make his own presence known or to even speak up, as it just wasn't the place. Unlike the last time he gathered around Sith, where war was upon them and his House was going to be a front line... this was not the case this time. He was simply responding to a call he had felt. But looking around, he didn't recognize some of those gathered, except a few here and there. Even as he found a spot to stand out of the way, he observed, as did the Zealot's who came along with him. His HUD lit up with a message from Kot'dral. :: Are you going to have to prove yourself again to yet another Sith leader? :: The message was something that had already crossed his mind. Allowing for his own HUD to scan the area and the Sith gathered before responding, he did take notice of a few Sith who may hold some issues with him based upon the last time he was around. :: No- we have nothing to prove. I'm not even sure if this gathering is meant for us. Just observe for now... :: He then looked over at one of the Zealots that he did not know very well, female by the looks of them, fully walking around and interacting with the Sith. :: Make sure that everyone knows to hold back Kot'dral. :: He then returned to attempting to find the new and currant leader of the Sith...
  17. Gronn and Kyr slowly made their way through the forest from one house to the location Kyr had spotted a Lambda shuttle move and land. The two slowly came upon a small hill within the forest that allowed for them to scan from afar the homestead. Getting on their bellies and began to see what they could of the area. Kyr drew out an E-17d sniper rifle to scout the area, while Gronn choose to just use his own HUD on his buy'ce. Heat signatures were present, but both were too far away to get a good count. "You have better eyes on the situation Kyr, what are you seeing?" The more eager Mandalorian kept his response held in for a second. "The trees are messing up what I'm seeing... Looks like one... maybe two adults for sure. The entire area is a mess. The entire homestead looks like it's seen better days. I feel like there may be children... but I can't get an accurate sight." Gronn let out a heavy sigh. It was typical of a certain age and breed of Mandalorians to disguise and hide their homes in such a way to make it harder to get an upper hand from others not within their realm of trust. This homestead was just that kind. Turning off the heat readings, he finally stood up. "Watch my back. I'm going to move in towards the homestead. When I get about twenty meters from it, give a harmless shot at the roof to alert them that I'm outside. That way, we can find out who is there and their purpose." Without offering up Kyr anymore details, Gronn began to walk towards the homestead through the forest area. Part of him wondered if this is how he would die. Walking up blind to a house that he knows has someone in it. Slowly and surely though, he kept his feet moving, counting steps to know just how far he was moving and watch options he had if this turned into trouble. And like clock work, about twenty meters away, a sniper shot a blast the top of the roof to warn those inside that there was someone outside. As he did, he held his hands upon his weapon. He was always ready to get into a fight if it came to it, but he also made sure that anyone who was inside the house knew that he wasn't looking for a fight, so he held the blaster low and walked slowly.
  18. The small group of Mandalorians finished their task of searching the homestead of a connection to Terra and was slowly withdrawing from the home when Gronn was stopped by Kyr, the young and eager lad of the group. "Lambda shuttle just swept in rather low. Took almost a similar approach to the one we took in, just from a different angle." THe older one looked for a moment at Kyr. Clad in his own style of grey, silver and red, he was indeed in every sense wanting to get noticed by those who were above him. Mimicking the style and color of many within House Solus and doing everything he could to impress. Only Gronn and Jorad didn't wear the red color in the small group. He looked down the direction he that Kyr pointed and scanned the area. "No record of a homestead that way... but I am picking up life forms, if ever so slightly... Might be worth scouting the area, but we don't need everyone for that." He then turned around and looked directly at Jorad. "You take command and head back and await for us. I'll take the young lad and scout the area. Might be worth the insight for Mand'alor down the road to know if settlements are growing here." Jorad nodded his head and quickly gave the order for everyone else to head back. As they did, Gronn looked at Kyr and gave his own nod to move forward. "YOu can take the lead, but no hostiles towards anyone unless I give the order." With that, the two headed out deeper into the forest to scout where there may have been an increase in growth of population. But Gronn worried within the back of his head that it was an old Imperial officer who may be attempting to retake control over part of Mandalorain space again. Either way, such information was worth knowing first hand as Tros was establishing a new power House on Almas...
  19. A small group of Mandalorians moved through a forest as they went from location to location on the former Journeyman Protectors homeworld. Many of the settlements were small houses and groupings of those who called this planet home. They passed by a few houses as the group searched for something very particular for their Mand'alor. Gronn Lerr held his hand up as the group went to enter a house that seemed unoccupied. "No. Not this one. This belonged to the Ad'Goran family. There would be nothing of value within. The next house ahead may have more value to us." Even as the group moved forward, another in the group spoke up. "But didn't Ad'Goran travel with Kandor Nor'an, the Mand'alor before Terra? Surely Tros has interest in those travels." Gronn looked back at the man. Jorad Lo, wearing silver orange and black upon his armor and one of the former solo Protectors to turn to the main hub right before the events of Nar Shaddaa. Gronn figured that the man interacted with Kandor in a minimal fashion to not have a bad view of him as Tros did, and from stories interacted with him a bit more than a few times. "Mand'alor wants only information on the travels of Terra. Kandor is irrelevant to him." Letting the conversation die out, he raised his Westar Assault Rifle back up and began to move in closer with Kyr, who was already at the farm homestead and double checking that it was indeed empty. As the rest of the squad caught up, Jorad spoke again. "Do we know exactly what Tros is looking for?" "Terra had some very small and minor connections here to other clans. CLEAR." Kyr responded before he opened the door to the homestead. Gronn gave a smile at the young and eager lad, who was clearly wanting to make an impression on the group. "Tros gave us to task of finding more clues to her travel through her contacts, and to recruit if we find anyone who may be willing to join. We can explore the small villages and cities later. After this house." Gronn moved his hand to signal the end of the conversation and for the rest of the group to enter the hosue and search it. They needed to find what they were tasked with. And he personally was assigned another task that he kept from the group. A retrieval of an item from Mand'alor.
  20. Tros stood on the surface of Ziost, overlooking some of the terrain before him. The cold air made a statement with the wind that blew through the trees before him. Beyond such trees were ice capped mountains, letting everyone who visited such a place know that whatever ruin had befallen the planet, the planet itself had long since been harsh to outsiders. He stood and looked over what he could see, both within his HUD and with his actual eyes. Nothing was being picked up immediately, as they had landed in a rather remote area. Kot'dral came and stood next to him. "Sir, the Zealot's have searched a few paths. Nothing seems to be near the brackish waters and not heading into the old main city, a scout found some lifeforms not too far off from that mountain range there..." Tros did not fully acknowledge the report, as he was still too drawn into a weird call he felt within his gut. He couldn't explain it, but he knew he had to be present here. After a very long and awkward pause, he turned to face his most loyal follower. His riduur of recent. "Then lead us on. This is part of the journey, part of the foundation of what is to come for all Mando'ade. All that remains is for Kami and Gronn to complete their own missions." He then lifted his hand to have the company move forward in the direction that Kot'dral and his Zealot's have found. riduur : Spouse
  21. The Revenant pulled out of hyperspace near the planet Ziost with enough readiness that one might have assumed it was there to ravage the planet. Tros stood, fully ready for whatever may have occurred upon entering the system, as he just didn't fully know why he felt called to this planet. Behind his buy'ce he stared down the planet as if the two were having some sort of contest of wills. From off to one side, Avao spoke, addressing the entire bridge. "No ships in the proximity, some activity on the planet below, but nothing I would declare as alarming." Very slowly, he tilted his head to his right as he looked at the planet. Whatever was down there almost certainly was still beckoning him. "Kot'dral. Prepare the Zealots. We're headed to the surface." Tros stood still for a moment as he continued to look at the planet. After a solid two minutes passed by, he lifted his head to be straight again and turned to walk off the bridge. "Avao, the bridge is yours. Keep all comms open." As soon as he left the bridge, he checked his weapons to make sure he was prepared for anything that may transpire on the surface below. Within two minutes, 2 Kom'rk-class transports left the Crusader-class corvette and headed for the surface of Ziost.
  22. Tros slowly walked the bridge of the ship, taking in every part of it. It felt like something he had been on before, yet could not place it as to when or where. For now, he simply just walked as Avao talked over the specifics of the Crusader-class corvette. Most of the features of the corvette had been only slightly updated shielding and weaponry. He didn't care for the output, he already knew it would perform beyond what it was supposed to. As Avao wrapped up, he found himself settling down into the command chair. Almost as soon as he did, something stirred within him. His eyes locked onto something in space that couldn't be seen. "Mand'alor? Where to?" The words came from Kot'dral. Tros didn't even need to turn to acknowledge him. "I have something brewing within my heart. The planet Ziost compels me to it." He now turned, but not to Kot'dral, but instead towards Avao. "Do we have it in our systems?" "We can find it if we don't." He then turned to face the blackness of space that before them. "Then I shall make this official voyage of the Revenant. Crew, we have our heading." Avao smiled at the official name of the ship she delivered to her Mand'alor. Tros felt it appropriate. ANd beside that, he could feel an excitement within his heart building. The Mandalorians of House Solus would soon arrive at Ziost, ready for whatever...
  23. Amidst the darkness of space, two small vessels sat in wait, open comm channels between both ships. Tros stood in the cockpit of Pursuer-class frigate called Swift Justice. Alongside him stood Kot'dral and Gronn in the pilot's chair. It was his own personal ship, but at this point he almost rarely used it outside of taking groups of his clan into war zones. There was nothing but silence for the longest time until Kot'dral broke it. "No offense, but this is mirshepar'la." Turning his head to look at his better half, his own response was not quick enough to beat Kami, who was onboard the Trident, the YX-1980 transport next to Swift Justice. "Would you like to play a form of cu'bikad or get'shuk?" Gronn offered up a laugh at the suggestion on the comm. "No one said said this would be exciting. Remember, we're here to let Clan Larkin take both ships to Nar Shaddaa to retrieve the buy'ce of Terra, while we are meeting with Avao for the new ship to take to meet with the Sith." His words ended the chatter. He didn't care for the back and forth banter. While he knew it helped increase the relationships between the new clans and old ones, it wasn't something that was needed at this moment. The silence though that followed for a moment was indeed awkward, even he had to admit. Luckily, Kami was always willing to break such awkwardness. "I heard Avao was going to let you name to new beauty... any ideas Mand'alor?" He had to think for a moment. He wasn't sure at all. He felt like maybe he would know it when he saw it. But there was no guarantee that would even happen. After a very long pause, he lifted his head and looked at Kot'dral. "I'm not sure. I think I would need to see her before I could name her." "Well, here's your chance, she's coming in off your starboard side." Tros then turned his head, and he could in fact see her. The design of the ship was old, yet anyone could tell by looking at her that she was in fact new. Updated weapons and hull, along with a clearly visible white paint streak across her front. "Osi'kyr! That brings back some glory days type of tales..." Even as he finished saying it, the images of the old battles on holodisplay at Keldabe fashed heavily within his mind. The entire party was silent for a moment until the comms buzzed before receiving transmissions. "This is Crusader-class corvette Unnamed on approach. We have both Swift Justice and Trident on radar. How do you want us to pick you up? Old fashion style Mand'alor?" The voice belonged to Avao Skol. She was much softer spoken than all of those within Clan Vuuku, but she was the most shrewd of them all and the most blunt. If there ever was a reason to bring the power smith out of doing forging, one would be either grateful or in sheer terror of her, depending entirely on whether she was there to help or attack you. "We'll open the doors here for Kami and others to take over piloting Swift Justice. The rest of us will board old fashion style to you Avao." There was no other words offered, as Kot'dral immediately turned and got his mean ready for departure in the main hold. Tros went to follow, but Gronn almost punched him to get his attention. "Sir, I'd like to stay and pilot her... She's kind of become akin to me I feel." He looked at him for a second, almost bewildered. But then he slowly observed the whole cockpit of his own ship. He realized just now how much of it was altered slightly from when he first got it. He didn't alter any of it. Letting out a sigh that was held in, and one that almost sounded like defeat, he spoke quietly. "I guess she is more attuned to you right now than me. If you really feel that way, keep her in good condition. She is still mine after all..." Gronn gave a smile, the only one who didn't have his buy'ce on. "I'll do better than that. She'll be better by the time you fly in her again." Tros tilted his head as he slowly left the cockpit. He truly hadn't been piloting her since forging House Solus. Now that he was Mand'alor, he would most likely always be on a capital size ship versus on his baby girl. Walking out of the cockpit, the door shut behind him. Kot'dral signaled with his hands for him to seal his suit. He quickly did, just in time for the landing ramp to open, allowing the loud and sudden pull of the vacuum of space to fill the main hold. It took a good six seconds before Kot'dral went first, leading the others out of the Swift Justice and into space, where they would head for the main hold of the Crusader-class corvette. Tros was the last one out, only to barely miss Kami as she and another swooped into the main hold of Swift Justice. He gave her a quick salute as she did the same thing before he turned and followed the rest of the Zealots onboard the new ship. The movement in space was something he had done before, but it had been so long that it took a second to reposition himself to fully use the jetpack to get into the hangar. As he passed through the magnetic field, he shut down his jetpack, landing on the hard surface with a loud clanking sound. No sooner did he land that his ear picked up the transmission from Swift Justice and Trident that they were away. Unsealing his suit, he took off his buy'ce and addressed the Zealots. "Go and get familiar with the ship. Kot'dral and I will be on the bridge." He then used his head to signal to Kot'dral to follow him to the bridge. mirshepar'la : Boring cu'bikad : Indoor game involving knives get'shuk : A form of rugby Osi'kyr : Strong exclamation of surprise
  24. Hidden behind his buy’ce, Tros winced in pain as he shuffled himself to sit more upright before Clan Larkin’s leaders, as they began to lay out plans for recovery of objects. Meroro Crir and Buya Strarr gave reports of movement still on Nar Shaddaa, along with rumors. “... And while movement is still happening there, I doubt there will be much of any resistance if we showed up with a squad of Fangs to search the area.” Kot’dral turned his head to look at Tros, not being as subtle as he would have thought in his own opinion. Lucky for him, Kami also gave a loud grunting cough to let her speaker, Buya know that she may have overstepped a line. “Fangs would telegraph us being there, and draw unwanted attention. No one knows all that went down. I trust the Huntsmen of Clan Larkin know this…” Kami stepped forward to take center stage. “We do Mand’alor. We would be using smaller shuttles, from a local world to draw less attention. For this purpose of recovering the beskar’gam would fall to only two teams. I do not have the faith in all of the clan members to handle this yet.” There was some movement from the others within the clan to make it clear they were disappointed with the words used. Kami didn’t acknowledge them, but instead kept her head forward. It was a move that Tros respected from her. “I have word that one of our Crusader-class corvettes will be ready for movement. You may use it, but keep it out of sight. Do not engage unless you are certain to leave no survivors. Go.” The dismissal was quick and all of Clan Larkin knew what they had to do, leaving the room quickly to get their job done. Upon them fully leaving the room, Kot’dral turned to face Tros. “Forgive me, but I think that maybe there is too much faith in that Clan. What has been proven outside of Kami?” Tros leaned in heavily to one side of the chair and looked up. Kot’dral echoed what many thought. He knew this from the whispers of others around the throne. Letting out a heavy sigh, he kept his eyes locked on Kot’dral from behind his buy’ce. “Many clans form House Solus. Many Houses form Mandalorians. One House is not better than another. Battle in combat against them if you wish to prove something. Otherwise I will not have Clans bickering like little children. I place my trust in all of the Clans, as I am only as strong as the weakest Clan that I lead. To be declared Mand’alor, I must be able to trust every Clan, every House. Every vod. And they must trust me.” Tros now took the time to stand up and get directly eye level with Kot’dral. “To grow in numbers, we must be willing to let others have a trial by fire experience…” He then slowly began to talk down the small platform of stairs and towards the main war table in the middle of the room. “Speaking of experience… Have we heard anything from our Sith allies?” Kot’dral delayed himself in moving towards his leader. The words stung slightly, but even he knew the truth behind them. He let out a breath before starting to walk down the stairs to join the Mand’alor. “No word. I know that they felt slightly defeated after Nar Shaddaa, however successful individual missions may have gone. Lord Mavanger did as he was supposed to, our own reported that. Rumor has it the remaining of their forces have gathered on an ancient Sith world… No clue as to what that is though…” A slight head turn was all Kot’dral got from Tros. Mand’alor kept his own head in the position looking slightly back at his second in command for a long moment. “Reach out and make contact. Then gather your best Zealots and a few Pathfinders. I have something brewing within my mind…”
  25. The pain that shot through his upper shoulder as Grurt sealed the wound shut made Tros turn and look at the man with an annoyed face. The look was ignored for the most part, as Kot’dral, Sarpo and Kami finished up their reports on the battle of Nar Shaddaa. They had arrived back home on Almas around two days ago, and only now that everyone was able to either sit or stand, gave their reports on the whole situation. Even with the pain in his shoulder, which oozed and leaked every few hours, he was able to be present enough to hear what everyone had to say. He stood instead of sitting down within the throne behind him, only because he felt it was needed for everyone else to see him stand. As of right now, he turned his attention back to Kami, who was finishing up her report. The pain he felt could wait. “...The loss of Fangs were high, but the damage they dealt was sufficient enough. I would say the sooner we finish up the beskad-starfighters the better. Not enough armor or fire power on the Fangs. They have a lot of speed though. Of our forces that went, less than half returned.” She turned and looked at Sarpo, keeping her own buy’ce tucked under her arm as she did. In fact, Sarpo was the only one present still with his own buy'ce on. “I doubt we’ll have anything other than the Fangs ready within the next four months. Priorities have been shifted entirely at Qat. But on that note, we do have two Crusader-class corvettes lined up in production and should be space worthy within the next four weeks. There is also a Keldabe-class Battleship being produced upon your request, Alor. That one may take another four before it’s ready. Given that our numbers dwindled for that emergence at Nar Shaddaa. But speaking of that…” Tros adjusted slightly under the pain to look at Kot’dral. His jetblack hair kept short, locked eyes with Tros for a flicker of a moment before looking at the rest of the group. “Datafiles on Nar Shaddaa were nowhere near as guarded as we thought they’d be. They were in fact being emptied by the time we got there, but what we needed was still there. Minor, almost insignificant opposition.” He withdrew three datachips and placed them upon a table that all of the clan leaders and heads gathered around. “All three contain some sort of information relevant to what we were seeking on Terra. With the chaos outside, we were fairly unchallenged. A few did try, but were little then training practice for the Zealots. Maybe we should hire them out for future training if we get bored... although, the rumors around what transpired during this is something we need to deal with Alor…” Kot’dral’s eyes locked on his. THe black eyes meet the brown eyes of Tros, who in turned had his mind replaying the events within his own head. “I'm assuming everyone wants to fully know what happened in the duel between me and Terra." He looked around to get a slow confirmation of everyone's head nods to indicate that was indeed what they were wanting to hear. He then let out a sigh and looked at the table as his own memory replayed everything for him. "...Terra.. Withdrew. The battle began quickly, yet when all was said and done, she had beat me. But she choose a different option. She left her circelt within my hands and discarded her beskar’gam before me and left. It was the last thing I saw before I passed out... She has forsaken the ways of the Mandalorian and is now dar’manda.” His own eyes didn’t look up as he told them. It stung deeply for him, to have one he followed once to leave everything behind. Sure he’s had them die before, but never willingly walking away. This was new to him. He wasn't sure if it would ever leave his memory. “Already there are others now wondering where she went. On all of the channels I’m hearing is that you flat out killed her and took her armor as your prize. Many are starting to search for House Solus to pledge themselves to you Tros… Do we make sure that they know?” The words that came from Sarpo had his own mind swirling around. What would he want to do? Surely taking the title under these circumstances was far from ideal. Yet, to openly declare to everyone what had transpired would cause more damage to their entire culture and history. Many who followed Terra had been lifelong Mandalorians. What did former Mand’alors do? Were they ever in such a situation? This was uncharted territory for them. And now all of the pressure of this falls upon me, another thing I did not want to have. Kami spoke up, interrupting his thoughts. “The numbers from the other clans would strengthen us. We could easily scout out the ruins of Nar Shaddaa where the Blood Prince plunged the Scarab into the planet to see if her armor survived… display it?” “But it would be dishonest. Building upon a lie. Remember the creed of House Solus Kami Larkin- it would ser-” Tros held up a hand to halt Kot’dral’s speech. As he did, a pained face took over. This time not from his shoulder, but rather where he took the slugs from Terra, but lower gut and upper thigh. He took the time to sit back down in a chair that was a little bit further away from the rest of them, if only to rest. “A lie we must protect though. Others have followed Mand’alor the Bloody into long and weary wars, myself included with those. The pain to know she walked away from it all… it hurts. I’m certain that others would question their own path if they knew the truth. Others would begin to doubt this House if they learned the truth. It is something that no one else outside of this room can know.” He fully leaned back within the chair that was now acting as a throne. He purposely looked slowly at each member present before him. “Let the rumors stand. Kami, send a team within a week to scout the ruins and find her beskar’gam and bring it back. Kot’dral, take over public addressing until her beskar’gam is brought here. Sarpo, send word to Avao to continue to build the ships and you are to search for a title for me. Within two weeks, I will address all of House Solus as Mand’alor.” The room slowly gave slight bows and left, all except for Kot’dral, who picked up the datachips and walked closer to Tros on the throne chair. Upon reaching him, he dropped the datachips into the now extended hand of the Alor, soon to be declared Mand’alor. “Whatever happened to Hades?” Tros slowly accepted the datachips and looked at Kot’dral. Neither had their buy’ce on, allowing for both to look eye to eye. “She sent it away upon me opening fire on her. I didn’t mean to cause her any doubt. I was content to lead separately from here. My own House, not all Mandalorians. She took something upon the battle starting that was not there.” The jetblack haired Mandalorian looked at the floor for a moment. “I know you don’t believe in the gods… but perhaps they were instrumental in the outcome and everything that has transpired since you formed this House.” He then looked up and both locked eyes again. “Many things have transpired indeed. Perhaps soon after the oath of Mand’alor is taken, we should visit our Sith friends to see what is going on with them.” Almost as soon as he finished, he closed his hand that was holding the datachips into a fist and moved to stand very slowly. “But enough of that. Help me get back to our room. We need to look over these files and have some time to just ourselves.” Kot’dral smiled and got on one side of Tros to aid him towards the back quarters. This would be about the only time when the two of them could rest easily together before more things arose that would take them away from each other yet again.
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