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    Upon the impact of the blast, Tros cut the power to his jetpack and landed on the ground in a very wobbly way. He stood for a moment, observing and taking in the full scene of carnage of the small battlefield. Vulios dead on one end. A knocked out jetii on the other. Letting out a sigh, he walked towards the jetii, picking up her lightsaber as he did. Each step sent pain throughout his leg from the place of where the lightsaber struck on his thigh. The pain now very evident since adrenaline of the fight was wearing off, and since it was the first time since taking the blow that he even put weight upon it. As he got to the jetii, he leaned down on his good knee, activating the lightsaber in his left hand to avoid the potential pain within his right arm where the jetii also struck. He was a bit disappointed that the blast didn't kill her, only knocked her out. "I would love to kill you today jetii. You killed my mentor. You deserve it." Tros lowered the blade to rest upon the right shoulder of the jetii. Not enough to do anything other than burn through her arm slightly. After he knew that it caused as much damage as he took, he leaned in to whisper into her ear. "And I know that somewhere within your head, you can hear me. So I'm saying this as a warning. You are going to be my messenger for all of the Jetiise." He then moved the blade to rest upon her right thigh where she also struck. Again, only letting the blade sit long enough to burn and cause as much damage as he received from her. "Twice now in the past few days I have had a jetii become a problem to me. Doing damage beyond what they should, and ignorantly thinking that they are gods of some sort. You are no more than a being how bleeds and dies like everyone else. And because of your ignorance, my clans... my House... We are now fully at war with you jetiise. We will burn, destroy and kill your kind everywhere we can." Tros now stood up and held the blade over her stomach. She would be the message to the entire jetiise. "Let's see your precious 'force' save you from this." With his final word, Tros slammed the blade into her lower abdomen. He let it sit for a moment before he deactivated the blade. "Congratulations jetii, you are now at war with the Mandalorians." Without taking another look, he began to walk towards the location of where Vulios's body lay. He knew that she would survive her wounds, far better than what Vulios did. As he came to his body, he kneeled down and placed his buy'ce upon his mentor's buy'ce. "Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la." After he spoke his words, he picked up his mentor's beskad and placed it upon his own weapon armament. At that moment, Sutu arrived and looked at the field of carnage. "Alor, most of the city is now burning... did the jeti do this?" He pointed at Vulios's body. Tros simply looked at the sky for a moment, watching it burn. "Yes. From this point on, we are at war with the jetiise. Collect the gear of the fallen. We have much to prepare."
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    Tros could feel his rage and anger getting stronger as the flames and spread all around. His HUD was now tracking the jetii, but with some strain, as the flames around caused the body heat to blend in slightly. Her outline and a small trace of health stats were the main things he was able to track, and only barely. She began to move and the Mandalorian knew within an instant that he had to stop pouring into the flames and get ready for a more defensive action, or an offensive action. As he stopped pouring the flames, he realized his time frame was shorter than expected, as the jetii was moving quicker then he was prepared for. With little time to think, Tros picked up both vambraces in cross like fashion and bent himself low in protection against the oncoming lightsaber's blade. The swing felt wild and chaotic, his vambraces catching some of it and slowing down a majority of deadly swing. Him bending low had the blade catch his upper right shoulder, cutting through his right pauldron, but not fully. His arm burned as the blade took out the tech equipment on both vambraces, but did not cut through the vambraces due to the pure beskar. Tros knew he was vulnerable, so he quickly blasted himself into the air with his jetpack to avoid letting the jetii make anymore attempts at him. Upon getting into the air, he looked down and his HUD showed a chaotic scene of heat and a now very blurry outline with health stats that blended into the entire scene below. While he knew that at his current height and distance away from the jetii, using his rocket on his jetpack would also cause for him to get caught in the blast slightly. He decided within less than a millisecond that it was better to use it and end the jetii versus letting this entire fight drag on. Simultaneously he curled himself into a ball to better protect against the blast that would follow as he launched the rocket on his jetpack in the general direction of where the jetii was last at. ((3)) Tros took the blade against his right shoulder, putting a massive cut into his upper arm and lost all of his tech on both vambraces. Fired a rocket at Alcmene at a close-ish range.
  3. saberforce


    Tros watched from afar as his shots moved at the jetii, holding ground to what she had attempted, two shots she deflected back towards him, but at such a distance he was able to move himself from one, taking another to his upper right pauldron. It stung and he didn't even have to look to know it would leave a mark there. The blast however from his third round rapidfire shot found it's mark, lighting up a small firework show for him to observe from his high vantage over her. His enjoyment was short lived, as he could tell almost immediately that the jetii was not slowing down. She intended to take away the two on one. From his distance, he already knew his aid to Vulios wouldn't be much, but he had to try. Rushing downward and quick, he swung his rifle back to rest upon his back and before he could even make a move towards his blasters, he realized what Vulios was doing. He was drawing the jetii in, letting her expose herself to an attack from Tros at his own sacrifice. Tros cut his jetpack off and dropped to the ground quickly and took aim with his right vambrace. The first shot of his electro-dart fired off before her blade moved through him, Vulios still firing to keep her body turned at him as to avoid being able defend against the one coming from behind. Tros quickly let his other two darts fly out as the blade cut through Vulios' upper chest to lower neck region. Another dart being another electro-dart while the other was a poison dart. Without another breath to take, Tros screamed angrily at the jetii as he pushed his flamethrower down. The heat and intensity of it matched the anger and hate that seemed to be venomously pouring out of him and being replaced with even more rage. The fire began to burn the grass around the area of which he targeted,causing what tress and grass that were not on fire to join in on the glorious surrounding buildings that were already ablaze. She would die, and he would make her feel every bit of her own death. ((2)) Took a deflected bolt into his right pauldron. Vulios took the blade knowing it would end him to draw Alcmene in. Tros fired off all three of his darts. 2 electro, 1 poison. Flamethrower was activated in general direction and began to burn the ground.
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    Tros watched as Vulios suddenly took blaster fire that the jetii reflected back towards him from his own blasters. The shots panged here and there off of the older vet, one even struck his jetpack, forcing the Mandalorian to the ground. At first glance, it didn’t look like any part of his armor took much damage, with the exception of maybe his jetpack. Tros would check in a second on the full outcome of that, for now, his focus had to remain on the jetii. She moved herself along a wall in some weird movement, but not foreign to Tros. He immediately wondered if she was attempting to escape, and went to prepare his rocket launcher, but then she pushed off the wall and moved rapidly towards him. He kicked in his jetpack and attempted to rise above her to maintain the higher ground, but he did not move quick enough, nor was his jetpack able to handle such a quick climb. He caught her blade on his upper left thigh. The blade cut through the armor plate and flesh. Part of the thigh armor fell off almost immediately. The burning sensation was present, but his own rage seemed to take over. He was pissed at her for getting the upper hand so quickly. Without any hesitation, Tros activated his flamethrower and gave a quick short blast towards the back of the head of the jetii until she fell out of it’s range, which was only about a second long. Anger and rage filled him, and his HUD had words run across warning him to move. Putting both blasters away, he moved to his right, favoring his left thigh as Vulios began to use his SHUKUR-05 light repeater and held the trigger down making a very strong pour of fire towards the jetii. Tros took advantage of the sudden change of concentration and put his WESTAR’s away and instead swung his modified MK VI Paladin blaster rifle up and took aim at the jetii. He chose to target her wrist where she was using a shield and pulled the trigger, letting three rounds attempt to take both her wrist and shield down for the rest of the engagement. ((1)) Vulios took the reflected blasters across his armor and had his jetpack disabled from one of the shots. Tros took the lightsaber strike to his upper left thigh, losing part of his armor. Vulios used his light repeater and opened a steady stream of blaster fire, while Tros took quick scoped shots at Alcmene’s wrist/shield.
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    Tros watched for a moment as Vulios and his team opened fire on the spaceport below the main city. Fire and explosions erupted quicker than ewoks tossed into a volcano's active lava. His HUD lit up with all sorts of information as text rolled across his screen from Vulios letting him know that the royal hangar had a few taking off. Quickly turning towards Sutu. "Go, blow that damn hangar to the ground. I want it off this cliff." As soon as he finished, Sutu blasted off and moved rapidly towards the royal hangar. Vulios quickly replaced him as the one standing next to the Alor of House Solus. "Tro'solus, there is movement from the royal hangar... foot traffic. My sensors are showing a single life form." The younger of the two turned and looked in the general direction. Without uttering a word, a lone thought was in his mind. Jetii. "Lets go. No survivors here if we can help it." There wasn't a need for words, both Mando'ade used their jetpacks and moved rapidly towards the direction of the royal hangar. Tros had never been to Naboo before, but the scenery provided plenty of green from both the rooftops of the buildings and from the trees that surrounded them. The beige color of the buildings and walkways, along with the rivers running throughout the city provided a perfect reflection of the fire and explosions that threatens to engulf the entire city. As the two moved through the air, a few life signs here and there popped up on their HUDs, so they took a few shots in the general direction of where they saw and encountered them. As they moved over towards a river after they past by what looks like the main plaza, there was movement detected moving very secretively from what their HUD showed. Using the link and not words, Tros gave orders to Vulios. :: Flush them out.:: Vulios took his orders without question and quickly took his SHUKUR-05 light repeater and began to fire aimlessly everywhere near and around where the lifeform was at. @Alcmène Whatever Vulios did, it was being backed up slightly by Sutu, who had hit the main royal hangar with a rocket and was starting to set it on fire. Tros took his own 2 WESTAR-35 blaster pistols and began to take a few shots in the general direction of the lifeform. They were here to make one thing clear, House Solus is a force to be reckoned with.
  6. saberforce


    3 light freighters blasted out of hyperspace over the planet of Naboo, hurling themselves at high speed towards the surface. Swift Justice, The Trident, and Bloodlust all moving at top speeds, Tros stood in the back of his own ship, Swift Justice with six others. His gaze rested on the holoprojector that was displaying the two other ship squads. Every single Mandalorian had their buy'ces on and weapons for the most part at the ready for entry. Only Tros stood without any weapons drawn or at the ready. "This is our mission, to support the Sith Empire as best we can. We're here to make a name for ourselves amongst the Empire. If you are unable to do so, cause as much chaos and damage as possible. Update each other through your HUDs and link up. I want to have our ears and eyes everywhere." Tros then pulled out his WESTAR-35 blaster pistols and held them at the ready. "For Kote. Darasuum Kote." Tros then cut the holoprojector and turned towards the landing ramp and awaited the signal within his HUD for entry. It flashed for him, yellow, yellow, yellow, green! At the green, he opened the door and walked about halfway out and then turned himself and let the air take him off the landing ramp of his own ship. He began to free fall towards the surface of the planet. It took him about four seconds before he passed through a few clouds and before him loomed the city of Theed. He refused to activate his jetpack until he reached a good midpoint between being too close to activate them and too far away from running out of enough power to get him to the surface safely. As he came down into a good area, there was some soft movement towards his right where about three or four royal guards were attempting to escort people out of the city. They were not headed towards the main palace area where he would have assumed would be the transports. They were quick to open fire on him and the other six Mandalorians. A few shots went off his right shoulder and side armor before him and the others opened fire on the guards, dropping them rather quickly. One of the other Mandalorians walked up alongside him. "Alor, there are about 7 unarmed lifesigns hiding in the building that guards were defending. Orders?" Tros looked for a second at the door and then towards the other explosions he heard in the distance. "No survivors. Sutu Skoss, you're with me. We advance." Tros and Sutu activated their jetpacks and moved rapidly towards the cliff side of the city near one of the waterfall locations. As they left, three of the Mandalorians quickly fire their rockets on their jetpacks towards the building that held the civilians, while the other two used their flamethrowers to begin lighting up other buildings. Tros and Sutu arrived near the edge of the upper city nearest to the waterfall. Arriving, the two quickly opened fire on anything that moved that was clearly not apart of the Sith Empire. As they finished their own handiwork, Tros pulled up his comlink to Vulios. "Vulios, the spaceport. Strike it hard with as much firepower as you can. Let nothing escape."
  7. Tros piloted the Swift Justice into the Cularin system, slowly making its way towards Almas. He pushed through his own pain for the moment, while Kot’dral sat in the back, treating his own wounds more than what the jetii did back on the jungle planet. As he made his way towards the planet’s atmosphere, he discussed details with Vulios on the comms. “In short, the rumor mill seems to be stirring a lot amongst the Sith. Bann Dul seems to think that such rumors hold enough weight to be true if they spread as much as they have.” Both men had their buy’ce off as they talked to each other. “We may want to seek out a way to further cement ourselves then with this new leader of the Sith. Maybe our rally can help support them in some way.” Vulios leaned back a bit and opened both arms as if he was presenting something to Tros. “You may be in luck then. Naboo was a targeted planet in a conquest campaign of an up and coming Sith. It’s a short jump for us if we wanted to join in.” Tros face was lit up with flashing lights as he passed through the atmosphere on the way to the surface. He was thoughtful as he thought through the options on the table before him. “Tell Kami she’s in charge as we’re away until Kot’dral can fully cover. Vulios, I want the Swift Justice, The Trident, and Bloodlust fully loaded with whomever is able to go. We will begin our rally point at Naboo. Bring me a few weapons to reload. I lost a good deal of equipment on Felucia.” Tros cut the transmission to let Vulios rally the House into action. Landing fairly quickly after getting done with his conversation with Vulios, Tros had no time to fully take in the new capital planet of his House. Instead he watched as the three ships were prepared and loaded with crews. Three pilots for the ships and six Mandalorians for each ship outside of Vulios and himself. “23 Mandalorians. Not a lot.” Vulios only shrugged his shoulders as he handed over a few items to Tros. “We’ve begun the training process of a good 140 new recruits. My guess of when they’re ready… two weeks. By then we should be able to gain more numbers through our rally campaign.” As Vulios talked, Tros looked through the items handed to him. There were 2 WESTAR-35 blaster pistols, a modified MK VI Paladin blaster rifle that had scope option to fire stronger rounds or could be switched to a more rapid fire three round burst. There was also an electro-dart and a poison dart to replace in his dart launcher. As he loaded them, he was also handed a Z-6 jetpack equipped with a rocket. He replaced all of his gear and then he and Vulios boarded their ships and House Solus was off towards Naboo, ready to begin their rally campaign. Tros would spent the time on the trip applying bacta and preparing for a second round of fighting with a few stimpacks to help him get through this campaign. ((Equipment has been updated here and on the character sheet to reflect these changes. ))
  8. Tros felt the intense pain of where the lightsaber like weapon struck in the areas of where his beskar'gam was not strong or reinforced to handle the blows, or even where there was nor armor present to defend against the jetii blows. His own face hidden behind his buy'ce, he could hear her walking around the mud around the village and his own mind wondered why she delayed in killing him and taking the final blow. It wasn't until she stood over him and sprayed him with a bacta spray that he realized she was not going to kill either of the two Mandalorians today. As she spoke, he slowly pulled himself up into a seated position and then watched her walk off into the jungle without looking for an engagement. Grunting heavily, he stood up and walked over to Kot'dral to help him stand to his feet. "She doesn't understand Mandalorian honor-"cough-cough"-does she." Tros kept his eyes focused on the trail she left behind in the mud for a moment before he responded. "No, she doesn't. But she let us both live. A compassion trait common amongst jetiise. And a flaw. Come now, we need to leave. My HUD is showing she was correct that the rest of the Sith forces did indeed withdraw from the system. We need to rally the House into action." Without any other words, Tros used his jetpack and lifted both into the air and guided the two to his ship. The two left planet as soon as they could headed back the beacon Vulios had activated for them.
  9. Vulios oversaw a majority of the rebuilding of Forard. The spaceport was redesigned to host a Keldabe-class Battleship if it was ever needed, along with the ability to host ten light freighters. Gronn Lerr, a local man who pledged himself to the House was quick to repurpose some useless buildings into comm arrays and training facilities. He was standing in the main audience hall of Dralaoriya, the capitol building discussing things with Kami Larkin and himself when Major General Bann Dul walked in along with a few other stormtroopers. The man respected the building process of the city from afar, only putting in small and slight inputs here and there, but otherwise let the Mandaloirians build the city how they wanted. He stood for a moment on the outskirts of the conversation until Vulios signaled him to come closer. The Sith officer approached the table, which was midway between the door and the throne looking chair. It held a holoprojector that was currently displaying the main city and highlighted a few spots here and there. He stood there for a moment as Gronn finished up his report over a new dish being installed. Only once he finished did Vulios speak. “Yes Dul, what news do you bring?” “Empire news. Reports have started to circle in the smallest of ways, but there are some sources that can confirm that the Dark Lord title has passed to someone new.” The news cut through the air for a moment and every Mandalorian held their breath and looked at Vulios, who was now supposed to speak for Tros. The older Mandalorian did not hesitate for long. “Thank you Gronn. Finish up what you think is best. Kami, have your clan support Gronn in this. I think that overall, the quick formation of this city has slowly turned it from a backwater world with not much to offer the galaxy into a central hub for us Mandalorians to slowly increase in numbers. We are on the path to greatness. Let our work here be a testament to all. Everyone but Kami and Major General Bann Dul are dismissed.” Vulios walked back towards the main chair of the hall and sat himself in it as he awaited for the main chamber doors to close, leaving only Kami, Dul and himself in the room. As he sat, he pulled out his beskad and looked it over for a second. "What do you know Bann of this new Dark Lord?" The Sith officer paused for a moment. "Reputation only. She is a warrior, if the claims of rumors are true. She will look to have everyone prove themselves. I can't say for sure if she will honor what the prior Dark Lord has offered your people." The words broke a tension that Kami was waiting for. "Vulios, do we really need to stay aligned to them than? We don't have time to continue to prove our salt over and over again to new people. Least of all dar'jetii. I may not have been a Mando for long, but I do know this saying well. Haatyc or'arue jate'shya ori'sol aru'ike nuhaatyc." Vulios held his hand up and looked Kami in the eye. "Kami, I like your spirit, but there are some other things to consider here. Such as the opportunity to become something that all others who claimed to lead us as a people have failed... " Vulios held up his beskad to admire it before putting it in its sheath. "True warriors on a warpath. Let's all have a glass of morning glory to discuss what is the best next move until our Alor returns from the hunt."
  10. The charge forward by Kot'dral was met with a very quick movement by the jetii, quickly knocking and essentially moving the more zealous Mandalorian towards the ground in a quick thud. On Tros' HUD many words came flooding in of Kot'dral's own discomfort and dislike of how his charge went. Tros was unable to fully process what was being said, as the jetii was in a full on rush towards him. Without thinking he fired a few more shots off at her, only to have them deflected into the ground like a kid slamming a rock into the ground. He could see from behind her that Kot'dral was under some form of an attack, but what exactly was unclear to him. She was upon him within seconds faster than what he wanted, and quickly dropped his blaster in a frazzled rush to use his vambraces to deflect the incoming lightsaber tip. Had there actually been enough time, he would have admired the blade being on a spear like weapon as a way to keep opponents at a distance, but the frantic looking swings forced himself to be frantic in response. With his blaster dropped to the ground, he was able to move quick to intercept the blade, catching it from finding a soft target. The confidence of his plan faded quickly, as while he caught strike one and two, the third he barely managed to stop and the fourth and sixth one found parts of his own body that were not protected and he was not quick enough to intercept the blows. The pain was exactly as he remembered it, searing hot that lasted longer than one would have thought. By the second blow striking him, he realized that as long as he remained this close to the jetii without a vibroblade of dueling weapon, he would be cut down into pieces rather quickly by the jetii. Rolling backwards to avoid another blow, as he came out of it, he utilized his jetpack and blasted up into the air and took quick aim. Upon getting into the air, Tros fired his dart launcher at the jetii. Almost as soon as the dark left his wrist launcher, he remembered that he never refilled his gas darts and all that he had was two electro-darts. Upon it leaving his launcher, he cursed. "Takisit." The dart wasn't going to be as useful against a jetii. His HUD lit up with instructions, and Tros knew there was a chance to fully take down the jetii. He turned off his jetpack and as he fell towards the ground, he opened up his flamethrower, choosing to use it's full blast and burn through all of the fuel he had to keep the jetii either pinned down or otherwise occupied. As he did so, Kot'dral came landing on the other side of the jetii His boot rockets turning off as he came to a landing. His beskar'gam was ripped, falling off in some places and had beyond counting of new scratches and marks. Three looking items protruding from his body in places. He pushed her fromt he other side, having his own flamethrower going as well, while with one hand he pulled out his thermal detonator, armed it, and tossed in into the fray. Tros knew within his mind that this was either going to kill the jetii, massive hurt and wound all three combatants, or utterly leave the two Mandalorians without any other advantage. ((3)) Tros lost his blaster in the charge of Kyrie and took two blows of the lightsaber across the abdomen, but blocked the rest. Kot'dral was hit by 3 of the arrows and his armor near broken. Tros used his jetpack to gain some space, fired an electro-dart and then blasted his flamethrower at her. Kot'dral assisted by coming from behind and using his own flamethrower and tossed in a thermal detonator to cause even more chaos.
  11. **Iron-Pantheon** Avao Skol and Sarpo Fost worked extra hard, putting in massive amounts of hours working on producing the outlines for the first batch of Fang-class starfighters. Over the course of a few days as both Vulios and their Alor Tros were away doing things to bring in new resources and plans for House Solus, the floors of the main docking hangar had complete outlines and some parts ready for a full squadron of Fang starfighters. The goal was to have the fist squadron of Fangs operational within 4 standard rotations. Avao spent time pouring over the specs of the old Keldabe-class Battleship, attempting to bring it up to date to begin production. She put in double work in attempts to make sure that some weapons that were almost useless be replaced by other weapons that deserved more usefulness. She wanted the production of this massive ship to begin within a standard week. Meanwhile Sarpo worked hand in hand with the crews delivered by the Sith Empire to begin assembling the Fangs along with starting up production lines for weapons and armor along with the multiple forges needed to work the material given to them. While he oversaw those productions, the Sith crews that weren't directly involved with such setups were put to work in getting 60 quad laser cannons up and running to be fully functional within a standard two weeks to help defend the station if anything was to happen. **Jaro Outpost** There was a very small crew on the surface, working around the clock to prepare the facility to be strong enough to house the weapons smiths alone, and to provide the maximum room for the surface shuttle to land quickly and then take off to avoid overheating. This was also on schedule to be completed within seven standard rotations before it would be functional at the max capacity.
  12. Vulios now sat in a chair, a few of the key personnel of the city were standing awkwardly within the room looking back and forth to each other as talleys were being made of stock of what the city of Forard actually held. Conversations were being made by Kami towards a few of the officials over building redesign while the others were on their knees whimpering slightly as they were the ones who were still in refusal of accepting new control over the planet. Vulios watched the unwilling ones from his chair behind a desk with his own buy'ce on the table. He was currently the only Mandalorian who had his face exposed. After a few seconds passed by, he stood up and pulled out his beskad. "The terms of surrender have been made very clear. Kami, take these few with you into the war room and initiate gai bal manda. Then begin the process of rebuilding the city up to our needs. For the rest of the population... it is time for them to understand what is before them." Vulios walked up and took a woman by the hair, the same one who resisted him upon arrival. "And you are the tool that is to be used to show the way." With one hand on his beskad, the other on her hair, he dragged her along as the two 'walked' up to the roof of the main capitol building which would soon be the palace known as Dralaloriya. Once the two reached the top, Vulios moved her into a position near the edge and made sure she was on her knees. Before them was the rest of the population, enclosed by the Mandalorians and Sith Empire troopers who accompanied them to Almas. Vulios stepped forward without his buy'ce and began to shout loudly so that all would hear. The team had already setup a few droids to amplify his voice to reach the entire group gathered. "People of Almas, in the great city of Forard. You have a great opportunity that lays before you. Here is the beginning of a new power rising. You get to not only witness the rebirth and rising of a new era of Mandalorians, but you are given the chance to join in this rising power. Your choice is given is this; Join us and become vod within our aliit- or to use your simple words. Brothers and sisters within our family. For this great city will be remade into the perfect city for our rising power, turning this building into Dralaloriya. Simple words for you, Strong Capital. For those who don't wish to be apart of this great rising power, your example is right here!" Vulios put his beskad on the woman's chest. "She has chosen to never become one of us, nor to ally herself with us. She is your example of what your fate is." Vulios spun himself around and had the blade cut the head clean off. The body and part of her hair fell backwards onto the building almost instantly. Her head rolled off and fell down the building and into the street before the people. Vulios then lifted his beskad into the air. "You have an hour to decide. Join the rising power and pledge yourself to the Mandalorian way and to your new Alor, Trosolus Ardell and the House of Solus... Or take your fate." Vulios lowered his beskad and put it away. Giving a look out towards his fellow vod, he gave a nod to them and then turned to walk back into the building. They would soon have their final numbers and complete control over the planet. ((Invasion Posts Complete))
  13. The blaster barrage began a very successful movement of the jetii until she caught her wits about her and forced movement in a way that she attempted to push both Tros and Kot’dral on a less offensive front and instead on the more defensive front. A single curse went through his mind and almost as soon as he thought it, a body went flying towards Kot’dral in a very fast rapid motion. There was a loud thud, followed by a grunt. Tros made the small mistake of turning to see what happened, only to realize his opponent who was far deadlier than some random soldier was still in front of him. Turning to look at the jetii, the distinct hum of a lightsaber in motion caught his ear before he even saw it. Turning instinctively to protect himself, his blaster in his left hand was cut through cleanly before he was able to get his vambraces up in a v formation, protecting him from any further damage. The pure beskar vibrated as the blade against it, while making no progress, still threatened with heat and the constant vibration. The tactical pad on the left vambrace began to spark as the blade was able to damage basic functions of the pad. The blaster in his right hand had dropped to the ground and Tros stared at it for a moment before a flash of words went across his HUD. ::Dampeners up-Sonic incoming:: Using the controls within his HUD, he quickly put up his dampeners as his own peripheral vision caught sight of the sonic detonator mid air near both jetii and Tros. Quickly he pushed back and rolled backwards in an attempt to break free from what would have resulted in certain death had he remained where he was without support. Coming out of the roll, Tros hit his right vambrace, utilizing the flamethrower in a quick short burst. Nothing that the jetii would be able to avoid. It was simply a tactic employed to get space from his attacker. After the burst finished, Tros stood up and picked up his other blaster. Kot’dral on the other hand activated his personal shield and withdrew his vibroblade and charged the jetii head on with the knife still in his ribcage just below his main armor. Tros simply took aim with his blaster and fired off a few rounds. ((2)) Tros lost a blaster and his tactical pad to the lightsaber strike, Kot'dral took a knife to his ribs. Kot'dral tossed a sonic detonator at Kyrie and Tros gave a burst of his flamethrower. Finished off with Kot'dral charging Kyrie and Tros firing a few rounds at her.
  14. Tros leaned in closer to Kot'dral as he scouted the area out. They were taking mental notes and figuring out where everything was as the rest of the Sith Empire arrived around them, causing even more stir from the site, which both Mandalorians knew as a Jedi Temple of sorts. The two had their own scouting of a way in interrupted by a thundering loud sound of a ship coming in and landing hard not far from them. "Kot'dral, get eyes on that wreck." Tros now stood up and watched the area of where the ship landed versus near where the initial speeders left the temple and passed through the area that one of the Sith most likely caused enough mayhem to draw attention to the area. Behind his buy'ce, he narrowed his eyes as his own HUD was not strong enough to get specs that far out. "A woman exited the wreckage. Jetii by the looks of her...Headed towards the first onslaught site." Without any hesitation, Tros extended his head towards Kot'dral. "We have to intercept her, or else she'll reinforce the other Jetiise in the forest." Tros held onto Kot'dral as the man stood up and used his jetpack to move both towards an intercept path quickly. As the two neared, Tros dropped Kot'dral and turned off his jetpack, landing a good twenty to thirty meters away. Immediately he fell into a roll to help the impact of suddenly turning off the jetpack, to which Tros quickly drew both of his DE-10 blasters and began to open fire on the Jetii, attempting to push her position back towards the temple and not towards the others out in the forest. Kot'dral knew the plan without even saying a word drew his own EL-16HFE blaster rifle and began to fire off some rounds towards the Jetii as he slowly moved towards the left side of Tros. Both at the same time were having their HUD's fully linkup in order to better coordinate against their foe. Neither would use words unless it was absolutely vital for them to do so. (( Post 1 of a duel of Tros vs Kyrie. )) Tros and Kot'dral opened fire from a slight distance attempting to move Kyrie away from the other Jedi.
  15. Kot’dral Duvul Age: 24 Height: 5'9" Weight: 165 lbs Skin Color: White Eyes: Brown Hair: Jet Black Sex: Male Equipment [!equip] Armor: Beskar'gam armor that’s black and red in color. Also wears a Personal Combat Shield on his right vambrace. His boots also have rockets to them for a quick attack or escape. Weapons: EL-16HFE blaster rifle, a vibroblade over his heart, a knuckle plate vibroblade in the vambrace with the shield, while the other holds a flamethrower. Typically known to carry 4 detonators. 2 Sonic, 1 Gas and 1 thermal. Vulios Vuuku Age: 51 Height: 6'2" Weight: 202 lbs Skin Color: White Eyes: Green Hair: Grey Sex: Male Equipment [!equip] Armor: Beskar'gam armor that’s black with red colors in the buy’ce and ensignas alone. A JT-12 jetpack with a single warhead equipped. Weapons: SHUKUR-05 light repeater, 2 WESTAR-35 blasters, KX-60 blaster rifle and a Beskad. (Not fully made of Beskar.) Both vambraces have a dual dart launcher holding two each. Kami Larkin Age: 29 Height: 5'11" Weight: 140 lbs Skin Color: White Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Sex: Female Equipment [!equip] Armor: Beskar'gam armor that’s gold as the primary color, utilizing black and silver as accents in her buy’ce and other parts of her armor. Weapons: A280C blaster rifle, a WESTAR-35 blaster, KiSteer 1284 projectile rifle, a knuckle plate vibroblade in the right vambrace, while the other holds a flamethrower. Typically known to carry 2 detonators. Both are almost always thermal.
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