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  1. “Carris, stop dawdling!” Cybil’s eyes creased as the bright light of Corell peeked over the horizon. The early morning breeze played at the sides of her face, trying to get at the hair she had tucked into her helmet. She lowered her visor and triggered the macro binoculars to get a better look around, while using her hand in an attempt to block out the bright sunlight that was getting brighter by the minute. “There was a report of Sith activity a few clicks outside Coronet. And we’re not going to get anywhere with you dragging your feet. Now move!” Cybil growled through her helmet comm. The Bothan in question was sluggishly bringing up the rear. His expression was professional, but his tone suggested vague exasperation. “C’mon Sergeant, we’re supposed to be on leave. The captain told us to use this time to relax. Why are we out here chasing a Sith that probably isn’t even out here?” Cybil’s icy gaze grew colder as she stared down at Carris. His petulance was beginning to wear her down. But she couldn’t stop when there was a Sith on planet. She couldn’t relax knowing that there was a wild card wandering around. “You know why we can’t let this go unchallenged. The Sith are pushing their advantage on Kuat and a number of other planets. Maybe even planets we don’t know about. So you can bet your furry rump that I’m going to take all intel regarding Sith activity seriously. You aren’t going to go far in the military by playing safe.” Out of the corner of her gaze, Cybil spotted movement and dropped to the ground. Carris plopped prone as well but a few seconds later than Cybil. “What did you see, C?” “Shhhhh!” Cybil triggered the stealth generator on her waist and crawled to the lip of the hillock they were on. With a flick of her finger, the macro binoculars were disabled and her sight went back to normal range. “I saw a hooded figure over the horizon. Move carefully. You stay here and send our location to rebel command, I’ll make my way around to get a flanking position on him and see if I can’t occupy him until reinforcements arrive. Remember to shield your thoughts. And, until we’re done, keep radio chatter to essential information.” With a final affirmative to Carris, Cybil crawled across the crown of the hillock and used the cover of surrounding trees to help boost the effectiveness of her stealth field. Normally, if this were a Sith, she’d try to shoot them from a distance. But the stealth field generator obscured any shot from further than twenty feet away and she wasn’t one hundred percent sure this was a Sith. A hooded figure out in the open was plenty suspicious but that didn’t mean it wasn’t an estranged local. She strafed at a good distance from the figure with light footsteps, doing her best to empty her mind and calm her frantically pounding heart. When she found a nice clump of bushes and trees to the south of the shrouded figure, she closed until she could see the figure clearly through the stealth field at approximately twenty feet. She got down to one knee and balanced her DLT with both hands, using the scope to measure up her ‘prey.’ A metallic cylinder glinted on the figure’s hip, their clothes were dark, and something about them seemed to radiate malevolence. If this wasn’t a Sith, they were a very good liar. Cybil breathed deeply as Corell - Corellia's beautifully oblivious ball of radiation and fire - rose peaceably above them. She balanced her thoughts as she gently switched her rifle to stun and ever so carefully moved her hand to the trigger. When she was sure that she'd hit, her trigger finger pulled at the thin strip of metal beneath it and blew a shot into the clearing aimed straight at the Sith’s center of mass. The force and sound of the shot broke her stealth field and she knew she’d have to get to her feet quickly. But it’d be worth it. For Coruscant… she muttered under her breath. [[ 1a ]]
  2. Hey, Ben! Long time no see. You thinking of coming back too?
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    The smuggler grumbled a little under his breath, grabbing a new cigar from his jacket pocket and lighting it up. He took each of their hands in turn and matched their grips. He looked both of them in the eye and kept eye contact with each of them for a good ten seconds. It was how he knew whether they were full of druk or not. Unfortunately, it looked like both of them was telling the force's honest truth. Which meant that Malin’s second delivery would be of questionable origin. He’d barely made it out of the Coruscant port before his smuggling enterprise took a criminal turn. He long suspected it was a matter of time. But he figured it would take months, not days. Some part of him wanted to ask. A niggling worrisome part in the back of his mind desperately wanted to know why the Black Sun was shipping out bad bacta and liquid explosives. But the part of him that hadn’t had a decent meal in a little over a week was louder. It’s okay Malin. As long as you don’t have to use the gorram stuff, you should be good. Malin took a long hard look at his ship. He swallowed away what little professional pride clung to the back of his mouth and sighed almost imperceptibly. “Yea, I’m interested. But first I’d like to lay down a couple conditions,” Malin replied. “First, I want a guarantee from you both that the Black Sun will not harm my crew or my ship even if they are not directly affiliated with the Black Sun. And, second, if jobs run low in the Outer Rim and you run out of smuggling requests, I want the freedom to run jobs with anyone that can pay. That is unless they put out jobs that directly oppose quests and jobs made by you and yours." Malin cracked his knuckles together and took a long hard drag from the cigar still in his mouth. Then a mischievous grin broke the stolid lines of his face. “If all that’s okay. I’d say we’re in business. Just point me to the first shipment and I’ll be on my way.”
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    The Besalisk grumbled a little when someone interrupted him in the middle of one of his stories. But Rufus’ face fell a few degrees when he noticed that the interruption was none other than a Black Sun viceroy and her escort. He bowed meekly and scuttled as gracefully as he could into the Farstriders Rest main thoroughfare. “The Black Sun is interested in MY exploits?” Malin chortled, eyeing the surveillance cameras located at every corner of the docking bay. “I’d be foolish not to admit I’m curious how they found my exploits when I’ve only had a few. But, we can get to that another time. Where are my manners?” Malin removed his wide-brimmed hat, placed it to his chest and took a deep bow. “Honor ma’am. I don’t think I ever met a Black Sun top gun such as yerself. I must admit, I didn’t take ye for a mercenary, or a crook. And if you are, yer the nicest looking criminal I’ve ever seen. Name’s Malin, Malin Wrynn. And I’m always looking for work. Oh! And between you and me, I’m grateful you interrupted Rufus when you did, he likes to ramble a lot about his past with the Starlight Corsairs. He thinks it makes him sound tough.” Malin fiddled with a cigar in his right hand. He settled his eyes on the viceroy and put his hat back on his ruffled black hair. “What particular job did ya have in mind?”
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    “Raider’s Tempest with a shipment of medicine, provisions, and materials, requesting permission to land,” Malin reported over the ship’s comm system. Amara, who was firmly planted in the co-pilot seat, looked back at the Smuggler with wide eyes hidden behind goggles and gasped. “Mal, I thought we were the ‘Bloated Torton.’ Do I need to remember a new ship name?” Amara’s nose crinkled a little as the skin under the nosepiece of her goggles started to itch. Malin, thinking quickly and disabling the audio transmission for a second, looked at Amara with a sense of smug satisfaction. “Nah, this baby has a rotating transponder system. It has a load of different identifications. We could register with anyone who wanted us as different names and go into any system if we wanted to. Obviously, we can’t do that right now because all of the transponders aren’t registered anywhere. However, it does mean that it’ll be easier to run away if we get caught doing something bad.” Malin rubbed at the scruff of hair that had grown on his chin during the flight, adding a subtle reminder to shave to the many things that clouded the space between his ears. “Now do me a favor and be still a moment, Amy. I need to make sure we're clear to land.” Amara scowled but quieted as she watched the ball of sand and dirt shift into view. Malin clicked the audio transmitter back on just as he got an answer from the Mos Eisley comm tower. “You are cleared to land, Raider’s Tempest. Please proceed to the Farstrider’s Rest space station.” A little unsure of himself, Malin paused. He took a moment to get some VFR before spotting the large space station sitting in the sand ball's orbit. “Please proceed to dock 5, freight and transit, thank you.” Malin nodded to the disembodied voice and maneuvered his large turtle-like vessel until it was nestled carefully into the designated docking bay. The docking clamps emerged shortly after and the ship came to a rest with several satisfying thunks. Malin, days of travel wearing down his face, looked to Amy and Celine with a pleasant smile. “Time to christen this new bird with its first job. Care to do the honors with me, Amy?” Malin asked, offering his hand. Amy started for a second but retracted her hand almost immediately. “N-no. I can’t go out there. They’ll find me.” Malin cocked his head to the side. “They?” As if in answer to his question, a knock sounded on the docking bay door, echoing through the ship and interrupting the awkward silence that had begun to set in. Amara flinched and jumped almost a foot into the air. Celine caught her and put her arms protectively around the young Togruta. The finely articulated arms of the droid moved with more grace than her clunky body would suggest. And while it wasn’t aggressive, Malin made a mental note of the droid’s capability. “Alright, Celine. Then can you please keep an eye on her and don’t let anyone in here while I’m gone unless you hear my voice give you a specific catch-phrase over the comms?” The droid nodded. Malin whispered a small phrase to her then ambled out of the docking bay door, arming himself and closing the door behind him as he left. Before he could get more than two steps onto the tarmac and just as the hissing of his closing ship’s door eked out, Malin was stopped by a colorful trio of thugs. The frontman, scraggly and slightly aloof, was a Devaronian. And while it wasn’t immediately obvious, he was apparently the mouth of this cadre of miscreants. He started to make his way toward Malin, his movements slow and calculated. But Malin’s stony gaze rattled him, causing him to stop in his tracks and look to the others that bookended him. “So, what you three doin outside my boat?” Malin asked, a small scowl playing on the edge of his lips. You could hear wool scraping across durasteel with how silent the next moments were. Malin almost thought they didn’t hear him when the Devaronian finally discovered his stones and spoke up. “We’re here to collect the girl.” “Girl? What girl? I may be a pretty man, but I ain’t pretty enough to fit that qualification, thank you.” Malin said, his mouth bending into a little smile. “And, if I were, no offense, I don’t think I’d be interested in you. You’re uh… not my type.” The Devaronian visibly paled and his two Houk friends laughed a little, despite their earlier stoicism. When his composure returned, a touch of deeper scarlet mingled with the lines of the Devaronian’s face. “My name is Devarus Kathek, and we are here to retrieve Mr. Quelos’ property. He is a very wealthy individual with stock on Thyferra and a fair shake of the Outer Rim. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind paying you for turning over his property. He might even… entertain… your seemingly odd preferences.” Devarus smiled a slimy smile at his own attempt at humor. But Malin wasn’t smiling this time. “No one is ‘property,’ least of all, a kid. Now, I don’t mind entertaining your strange thoughts. But if you think either of you is going to step on my ship or manipulate me into giving over a living breathing being, pain is going to be the least of your worries.” Malin’s fingers hovered over the steel of his slugthrowers. Each finger stretched in time and he breathed easy through the manufactured air provided by the Farstrider's life support and HVAC systems. The Houks eyed each other warily while the Devaronian scoffed. “You’re bluff-” The Devaronian attempted to say and then keeled over in pain. The Houks didn’t know what had happened, but they heard a noise and rushed at where Malin was standing. The shot had barely echoed when Malin sidestepped the right Houk, narrowly avoiding his advance, and lowered himself beneath the left’s center of balance, causing him to flip end-over-end and slam into the metal of the Bloated Torton’s hull. Malin held both of his slugthrowers in his clenched palms and stared daggers beneath the rim of his wide-brimmed hat. “I’m terrible at gambling. I never bluff.” Malin’s words were iron. He clipped each syllable as if the weight of every word was important. The Devaronian, a shocked expression printed across his face, stood up and gaped at the open hole that had been shot through his horns. “Next time, the shot will be lethal. Get your scrawny piece of kriffing druk out of this space station. NOW.” Malin fired a warning shot off the hangar walls and watched as the three thugs scurried out with their hands on their heads. “We’ll be back with more you kriffing junker. We’ll be back!!!” Devarus said as he ran and then disappeared down the nearest corridor. I don’t doubt it. Damn it, Malin, what have you gotten yourself into this time? When he looked down, he was grasping at the small locket around his neck. A little F shined in the bright light of the hangar. Docking officials, who were ‘conveniently’ misplaced during his altercation were now making their way over to his ship and ushering the transfer and stevedore of his cargo. He stayed just outside of the open door until the process was complete, monitoring his surroundings for a resurgence of Devarus or any of Mr. Quelos’ thugs. “Malin, as I live and breathe, what're you doing here?” The voice was familiar but Malin couldn’t quite place it. When he turned to face the newcomer, Malin was swept into a large sweaty hug. A big Besalisk face greeted him with a wide grin and its arms tugged tighter before letting the Smuggler down, letting the color return to his face. “Rufus, what’re you doin’ here? You working for Black Sun now?” Malin asked, still eyeing the docking bay for signs of trouble. “Yup. They made me a provisional docking official while they scramble to staff this beast. It’s a miracle they managed to turn this hunk of junk into something practical in the first place. I can’t say I was their best decision. But I definitely think they’re doing great things for this ball of sand.” Rufus’s smile was echoed by the number of chins that rested beneath his fat lips. “Good ol’ Rufus, ever the optimist. Think you could hook me up with someone with cargo to move?” Malin asked, looking over at one of the dock workers as they almost dropped a crate full of valuable medical supplies. “Well, first, here is your cut for the delivery you made. Black Sun wishes to show their appreciation for contributing to their efforts out here on the Outer Rim.” Rufus said. And although it wasn’t sarcastic, Malin read a bit of sarcasm in the words ‘Black Sun’ and ‘appreciation.’ “Now, I can’t promise you anything official. But I can put in a word to my boss and see if he can find you some work. Just hang tight here for a little bit, try not to cause any more trouble, and I’ll see what I can do. Alright?” “Aww Rufus, you know me, what could possibly go wrong?” Rufus’ jovial smile shifted into a knowing grimace. “I seriously wish you hadn’t’ve said that.”
  6. << The message's contact is heavily encrypted. The message is passed through open enough channels that most that know what to look for will find the information >> Looking for a discrete load to be transported? I’m your guy. Legitimate business, or under the table deals are both welcome. Please no: Livestock (Unless you bring your own crew to haul and care for em’) Passengers (Too many unknowns) Just forward the details through an encrypted channel to this number: 3344 - 73821 - 8675309 - 2214 - 000
  7. Before I made myself Lactose intolerant, Gouda was my favorite.
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    Malin tensed the mangled bits of his leg and patted his thigh as the shuttle pulled away from Willy’s scrapyard. He looked listless out the shuttle viewport. The passengers muttered to themselves, keeping their minds to their own beleaguered affairs. The gruff smuggler, who looked even younger than he was, rubbed at the gritty stubble of his lower jaw and ground his back teeth as a splinter of pain crawled up his fresh khaki cargo pants. Billiam thought that Malin needed a new look. And, despite Malin’s strange love for his bantha hide duster, Malin’s notable cliche outfit seemed a bit difficult to hide. And he needed to hide. However, his new outfit left something to be desired. His new hair, cropped short with a little left over to drape nicely, and matching beard, which was trimmed a lot shorter than he’d like, left his hands stroking his chin and head with anxious fervor. The ship he has for me better be gorram sweet… This is demeaning. The only saving grace to the whole affair was a cool looking fully articulated hip holster set for his DL-44’s. They matched the nice stylish leather jacket that the scrap owner loaned him. It wasn’t super fancy, but it wasn’t him. And that was the point. Now, despite his misgivings, Malin was heading deep into the heart of the core to see a man about a leg. Malin winced, taking stock of his recent appearance changes and rubbing his chin yet again.
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    Ooof… Malin was ‘tossed’ onto a pull-out couch in the proprietor’s main office area. It was the only part of the facility that had a roof and was even vaguely atmosphere controlled. He landed with the grace of a 10-ton bag of cement, smashing his back and the back of his neck on the stiff piece of furniture. To and Bo chuckled and then walked out the main door, bookending the passage. The metal doors sealed behind them and made a slight hissing sound as the office airlocks cycled. Then, silence; merciful silence. The Smuggler wasted no time in removing the helmet of his vac suit and taking a breath of the stale, cigar touched, air. It was a relief, if a bit congesting, to breath in air that wasn’t self-contained in a suit. There was more variety, more depth… more something. Malin couldn’t really explain it. He shifted his weight, wincing for a moment, and righted himself on the old cracked leather couch. He let his arms and leg spread out and then allowed the back of his head to rest itself on the back of the cushion. His greasy black hair draped out behind him and pooled on the back wall. The couch groaned and protested, the leather creaking and cracking in new ways as Malin moved about. But, in the end, it settled. An hour passed. Malin thought to get up, to leave the couch and start gauging, or planning. But the welcome call of the couch on his pain-addled joints was too loud. The stiff material had worked itself into something resembling comfort, which was more than Malin had had in quite a while. And, just when his comfort was about to hit its peak, the airlocks cycled again, and Will walked in, shedding his suit as he made his way toward the other side of the room and his moderately sized desk. He was looking at a datapad and didn’t pay any attention to Malin until the doors were closed and To and Bo had once again retreated to their positions outside. After they left, the scrapyard owner looked up from his datapad with a wild grin on his face. It was the kind of grin you’d see in an overly happy person; way too much lip and more teeth than anyone should rightly show. Then, he laughed. Malin’s thoughts scattered, unsure how to react to this situation. So, in return, Malin laughed. They shared the moment chuckling. It was, odd. Malin couldn’t place the feeling of the situation and felt very awkward. Will stopped laughing first and looked at Malin with a twinkle in his green eyes. Without his suit, Malin could get a good look at the junk pusher. He had a scraggly brown beard that was decently groomed. His green eyes were framed by a fresh, albeit scrawny, face. And, his accent was something of a mix. It wasn’t really Corellian and it wasn’t really Coruscanti. It fell somewhere in between. “It really has been a long time Malin. Nice to see you. Now, what the kriff happened with your ship?” Will’s guard and apprehension faded. “It looks like quite a bit of damage was done. Got yourself into another jam, huh?” Malin smiled a genuine open-faced smile. “That’s a bit of a story Will. I might even tell it to you. But, for now, all that I care about is selling that ship, getting my leg looked at and making it away from this mess with some kinda profit. Force only knows I earned it.” Will cocked his head to the right side as he took his seat at the moderately sized desk that abutted the far side of the room. On the desk was an assortment of knick-knacks, some diminutive devices/inventions, and a placard that read: ‘Will Natronus, owner, and proprietor of Big Will’s Scrapyard.’ “I would like to hear more, but I don’t think keeping you here would be a very wise choice.” Will said, his smile fading a little and lapsing into a more neutral expression. “Oh? And why’s that,” Malin asked. His stomach lurched. He suspected he knew the answer. Though, he really wished he was wrong. “Well, that’s a long story, Malin. And I might even tell you. But, let’s take stock of the more pressing matters, shall we. We made nice for anyone watching us outside. Now that we’re in the sanctity of my little office, I’ll see if I can’t help you out. What’s wrong with your leg?” Will asked, his tone ambivalent, but laced with some measure of concern. “Some schutta blew my Achilles out with point-blank blaster fire. Ruined my favorite boots too.” Malin replied without missing a beat. Will hissed through his teeth, empathizing almost immediately and moving his arm to his legs as if he could feel an echo of the sensation in his own body. “Damn.” Malin sighed, looked up to the ceiling and closed his eyes, watching the lines of durasteel as they danced about the back of his weary eyelid. “Yeah.” “I might have a contact that you could see about that, on planet. You can take a shuttle from here to Coruscant if you don’t plan on taking your ship.” Will said, giving Malin a moment to process. “I-I might just do that.” Malin coughed, reaching idly in his coat’s breast pocket, searching for cigarettes that weren’t there. “Do you know what happened to my other ship?” “Yeah… about that.” Will swallowed a little and looked anywhere but at Malin. “It was impounded by the Nabooian military and sent to the Galactic Alliance impound lot for safe-keeping.” Malin’s eyes grew two times wider than their natural state. His heart almost skipped out of his chest. And, for a moment, he could scarcely remember getting a leg injury. “IT’S WHAT?!” Will reacted to Malin’s anger, but didn’t cower or wince. He greeted the exclamation with an ambivalent gesture. One that showed Malin he was not giving credence to Malin’s furious objection. “Your personal effects were surrendered to the Nabooian Military for safe keeping. That said, I do have a ship you can have. I owe you, after all.” Malin’s thoughts were distant. He kept his eyes trained on the ceiling and did his best to stifle the burning fire that slept in his heart. “You do? How did you come by this ship?” Malin asked. The Smuggler wasn’t really interested. But he couldn’t help a morbid curiosity. “That is for me to know Malin. Now, let me help you with your leg and we’ll get you set up somewhere.”
  10. Hey Nieve, left you a PM response about your sig. Let me know those details whenever you can and I will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you think I am going very slow or you're looking at my work and don't like some of the stuff you see we do have a couple of other artists on the site. Delta 73 Amidala Skywalker Skye Organa There are a couple others that either like doing their own sigs or do sigs very rarely, but those are some of the more well-known sig artists on the site.
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    The clunky poacher ship rolled out of hyperspace with a terrible lurch, sending Malin tumbling from the pilot’s chair to the cold deck plates. His greasy unwashed hair smooshed into his face and the back of his head punched the metal with an uncomfortable pop. His hat slipped a little but remained near the Smuggler’s matted dome. “T’ain’t right. Glad no one saw that…” Malin said to the silence. He used his arms to levy himself to his feet and ease himself back into the chair, just in time to see the large spaceborne junkyard sail into view. The words ‘Big Will’s Scrap Emporium’ hovered for a moment before the bloated ship carried on to the docking bay. Malin gripped the yoke with his gun-hand and, for a moment, his face contorted with discomfort. The grip was all wrong. The head of the yoke was designed for someone with bigger hands. It felt awkward in his mitted fingers. Still, it was decently sensitive and he maneuvered the whale at a decent pace before parking it in the scrapyard’s well-appointed pier. Big Will huh? Sounds like ‘ole willy is over-compensating for something. Malin limped his way to the airlock, wiping the sweat from his brow and keeping his head on a swivel. He dropped his spear crutch when he arrived and began locking himself in a vac suit because the scrapyard was open to space. He had to shuffle to a bench and pull the suit on with a lot more care than usual. But he managed alright. He winced a few times when the suit pushed against his wound and had to compensate for the pain, but that was to be expected. When the last seal was clipped on his suit, the smuggler stood up, grabbed his crutch and started the airlock procedure. He waited patiently and was surprised to find a welcoming party waiting for him, with guns drawn. Malin stuck both of his arms up. His crutch dropped and the Smuggler almost fell to the ground again. “Hey there! I-uh… what’s with the guns fellas?” Malin looked up at two very angry Weequays in vac suits holding T-21 rifles and aiming them square at Malin’s head. They didn’t respond. But, they didn’t shoot him either. Which was good. A squirrelly figure walked through the center of the bookending Weequays. He was a half a foot taller than Malin and had a head of messy black hair obscured beneath his vac suit. His pure green eyes picked clear the smuggler’s veil and looked directly into Malin’s pale blue soul. Then, the scrawny man smiled. “Malin, as I live and breathe. What brings you to my side of Coruscant?” Malin’s wearied face cracked a small smile, but his hands were still up. “Nothing much. The Weequays are new.” Malin said, pointing at the two angry aliens with his eyes. “Yeah, with conflict ramping up in the galaxy, I needed a little extra insurance. Now, what brings Sergeant Wrynn to my humble abode.” The rank made Malin’s face visibly cringe. He looked away from the scrawny fella and tried to avoid his gaze. “Like I said Billy, nothing much. I need to sell some things and I need to find a solution to my problem appendage. Other than that, I’m stopping for a moment to catch my breath.” “Billy? Is that the best you got? Ha.” Will scoffed. “To and Bo, hold your fire. Watch him, but let him come in. If he has some business with us like he says, we’ll hear him out. In the meantime, I want to inspect the ship.” “Oh,” Malin said. His mind rolled over the bloodstains on the deck plates, the smells of battle and the hidden cache of loot. “You don’t need to do that Willy, there’s nothing nefarious, I promise.” “Yeah, well, excuse me if I don’t trust the word of a deserter. To and Bo, take Mr. Wrynn inside and make sure he’s comfortable.” Will said before turning to move his way further into the poacher’s ship. Kriff… Malin felt the strength of the Weequay as they picked him up and started carting him into the floating junkyard.
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    The smuggler prodded at the metal door of the fridge once more, prompting the carpet chipmunks to say something. But all he got was the subtle hum of the ship’s life support. So, shuffling his way over to the door with his gun and his crutch, Malin pulled at the door to release it from its resting place. It was a little difficult. Malin fell once or twice to the harsh tile floor before the door finally popped open, revealing two – very dead – Ewoks. They’d died from suffocation; being locked in a fridge with no airholes for twelve plus hours will do that to you. He darn near fired at the corpses before hauling them out, but when they didn’t move, he pulled them in earnest and skinned them when he gathered them all together. All told, he had about five furs in scrap, two pristine furs, and about five hundred thousand credits in valuables and poacher loot. Today was a very interesting day. Exhausted, pained, and vulnerable, the Smuggler dragged himself and his haul to the cockpit and plotted a course to an unmarked destination near Coruscant.
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    Here lies the incredibly unfortunate and incredibly good-looking roguish Malin who foolishly ran off in the hopes of relieving yet another debt... 3 Force only knows what Malin was thinking when he ambled out to Endor. And after Malin gave fond farewells to, his boot, 'Lefty,' Juk, Jim, Jaro, Hairlip, Leffim, and the rest, Malin prepared to kiss his ass goodbye… 2 He will be missed by very few. And the few friends he made in his history will remember him fondly while drinking hard liquor and enjoying life in his absence… 1 Malin squeezed his eyelids together and gripped the handle of one of his guns, preparing his mind and body to feel the full force of the explosion. He would not greet death without a gun in his hand. His grip tightened, white knuckles on steel. He even said a silent prayer as he closed out his mock sermon. But, just as he began to sing the final notes of his own ballad, the stillness of the ship’s air filters brushed against his nose. Cautiously, he opened his eyes and re-adjusted to the fluorescent light. The wearied smuggler looked around at the three locked doors and the fizzing light above him. Either this was a facsimile of Purgatory, or nothing happened… "Well... that was anti-climactic" Malin commented to no one in particular. The pain in his leg throbbed dully, but the blood had stopped for the moment. He would need to bandage it soon, but the light touch of gravity was a boon. Less pressure on his leg granted him a decent level of mobility. He looked to the nearest control panel and found that the triggers for the bulkheads were locked. He would have to open them manually. Joy. Malin grunted and floated his way around the small enclosure, keeping his eyes peeled for any sudden movements. He figured that all the furry buggers were dead, but he wasn’t about to go check. It was just a footnote observation as he sailed over to one of the bulkheads and started the arduous process of cracking open the manual override compartment and pulling the lever with loose hands. He placed his gun back in its holster and gripped the glaring red plastic with his calloused hands. But he had to use his entire body to provide enough leverage to trigger the mechanism. Gravity was a tricky thing and you never knew how much you missed it until it was gone. When the lock clicked and the bulkhead released, Malin spotted another bulkhead a few feet away and groaned. This was going to be a lot harder than he thought. _____ Hours passed. Malin had manually made his way to the cockpit and not only disabled the emergency code, but also released all the ship-based door locks and regulated the gravity. The doors between corridors and the sealed bulkheads were now removed and the rest of the ship was accessible. The self-destruct was disabled and he was balancing himself with a broken spear, which was loaned to him by a deceased Ewok. More repairs were necessary. He was glad that the poachers thought to put enough fuel in the ship to get them where they needed to go; and even happier that the Ewoks had not sabotaged the fuel. But the little terror teddies had bitten through a lot of the ship’s systems. Not to mention, there were a plethora of corpses that were smelling up the place and causing quite a few tremors to build in the ailing smuggler’s stomach. Hyperdrive systems were disabled. Life support systems, though stable, needed a little tuning. Electrical connections to certain ship terminals were chewed clean through. Plating in certain places needed to be replaced. And, to top it off, watching the onboard ship surveillance, which was surprisingly untouched, he found that two Ewoks had not only found their way into the galley, but they had locked themselves in a refrigerator. Why? That was anyone’s guess. But, for now, there were bigger nuna to roast. Malin hobbled his way down the blood-strewn corridors to the med bay. It wasn’t a fully stocked infirmary with all the trimmings. And, between the poachers and Ewoks, it had seen better days. But it had a decent stock of medical supplies and all the supplies were in locked cabinets, inaccessible to the mangy moppets unless they smashed them apart. Which, the Ewoks had attempted to do. Some of the cabinets were smashed to pieces with medical tools scattered everywhere. Some Ewok carcasses were riddled with needles puncturing their furry remains. Others died clutching burn patches and medical tape. Yet, Malin managed to find a few of the cabinets that were still untouched. He worked his way over to one and pulled a small sliver of metal from the space behind his ear. He worked the little piece of metal into the lock affixed to the side of the box and pressed his ear to the metal of the lock. Nothing happened. Malin grunted a little, re-examined the lock and placed the sliver back into the opening, working it around. He felt the tumblers of the rudimentary lock flick the edge of his pick and remembered that he needed another piece of metal to turn the lock and activate the mechanism. It didn’t take much snooping. The floor was littered with glittering pieces of broken metal and glass. Malin glanced at a broken syringe on the ground and grabbed the metal part. He pried it into the small hole, wrenched it around with his metal pick and heard a satisfying click. The cabinet opened, revealing antiseptic, bandages, and a few other medicinal items. Malin grabbed greedily for the medicine and fell backward onto the floor, griping at the spike of pain that afflicted his leg. That evil witch… The Smuggler struggled to his feet – well, more like ‘foot’ – and grabbed for the antiseptic. He turned, levying himself on an examination table, removed the stopper and applied it to his wound, wincing as the chemicals neutralized the building infection. He grabbed a few stabilizing metal and wood pieces from the weapons that littered the med bay and tied them together with the bandages and medical tape from the cabinet, fashioning a very crude splint. He looked down at the bundle and grimaced. But, there was medicine on his wounds and they were bandaged. Anything else was just icing on an unfortunate cake. Deciding against bothering the Ewoks sandwiched in the galley, for the time being, Malin set out on the various repairs, prioritizing the hyperdrive and life support. ___ More hours passed... The hyperdrive was… Kind of fixed. Malin was skilled with improvised solutions. But he didn’t have the proper tools to completely fix the drive. It had a few jumps at best, but it would break down when they got core-ward. The Life Support on the other hand only had a few hiccups in its internal wiring system. With minor adjustments, the ventilation systems regulated and finally managed to properly circulate the stale air. After that was finished, Malin started looting and skinning. He fleeced all the dead poachers, and skinned the useable fur from the dead Ewoks, hefting the furs into a crate and putting all the poacher’s belongings into a big bag. It wasn’t his best moment. But there was no sense in leaving the stuff lying around. That and the corpses were starting to become a nuisance. When he found the time, he dragged all the visible corpses to the airlock chamber and flushed them into space. When it was all over, the Smuggler finally collapsed into the pilot’s chair and sighed deeply. He rubbed at the grease covered, sweat-matted, blood caked skin of his left and right temples and lit one of the cigarettes he ‘liberated’ from one of the dead poachers. His bones were rattling. He’d left his hat on the cockpit control panel before he went to make repairs and now his hair was a brackish mess of black and brown. Sleep plagued the deepest parts of his mind. Yet, the thought of Ewoks in the fridge plagued him deeper still. It had been almost half a day, they might be dead. He thought. But, if they weren’t dead, they could take advantage of his fatigue. Malin’s thoughts turned to thoughts of sleep, but nightmares of frozen Ewoks prayed on the fringe of his hopeful ideal. Gorram it… Malin pushed himself out of the comfort of the pilot’s chair and limped to the galley. He found a table close by, used it to hold himself up, grabbed one of his DL-44’s and poked at the door of the fridge with the broken spear he was using as a crutch. He didn’t unlock the fridge, he simply pounded at the door and talked to the metal as if the Ewoks could understand him. “Hey, you alive in there?” Malin said. His voice was hoarse, but he managed to raise it enough that anyone or anything in the fridge would be able to hear.
  14. A huge digital banner floats across the Holonet screen, interrupting the flow of normal Holonet communications traffic. Before a lovely baritone voice begins to narrate, the words 'Continuity Conundrums Inc.' flash a few times in bright green light across the Holonet banner. "Brought to you by the company that gave you, Suddenly Detonite, and sparked by the ‘sudden’ popularity of the product, Continuity Conundrums Inc. – sponsored by Frank's Fallacious Fausty Foible Fun Factory – is opening the Suddenly product line to bring you more useful household names." A choppy checkerboard transition leads from the previous screen with blinking words, to a domestic setting. The image of a mother and child appear on the screen. The child is screaming very loud. The clock, blaring behind the mother’s back, reads 11 PM galactic standard time. The mother’s face is drawn and the child’s face is sewn into relatively permanent duress. As the blinking clock ticks down and the situation seems irredeemable, the mother pulls a rag out of her pocket and puts it over her child’s mouth. The child screams for a moment more, but inhales the fumes and falls asleep like a rock. "Need help with your irresponsible parenting? Continuity Conundrums Inc. brings you, Suddenly Chloroform." The choppy checkerboard transition passes the screen from the domestic setting to a desert setting with what looks to be a female Jedi and a small herd animal. The female Jedi’s comm is beeping incessantly. Requests and gifts pile up over time. Then, the messages stop. "Plagued by constant comm traffic? CC inc. gives us, Suddenly Anthrax." The choppy checkerboard transition takes off again, propelling the screen to an excessively boring office workspace. Everyone is chattering away at their keyboards and not paying anyone else any mind. Then, POOF! An Ewok pops out of nowhere and stabs a spear through the wall of a cubicle. "Bothered by the boredom of your menial life setting? Continuity Conundrums is at it again with Suddenly Ewoks.*" "And that’s not all!" The cliché checkerboard transition happens one last time and the screen is filled with a very pleasant looking ruby skinned female Twi’lek. “My name is Hava Kalleesa, and I am the marketing supervisor for Continuity Conundrums inc. We have just come out with a new line of Suddenly Furniture. Need a chair, but have no conveniently placed apparatus? Suddenly Furniture will give you just what you need. (It is totally not made of explosive materials and is safe for the entire family!).** “If you’re thinking, ‘well, Hava, none of these armaments, items or nick knacks are on our character sheets.’ Then I have an answer for you! With our partners from Killer Whale Studios, we have developed adhesive badges indicating that you have 100% mod approval. It is perfect plot armor for every occasion and will void you of any and all responsibility.*** “So please, if you would like to enjoy any of our Suddenly products today, just dial the Holonet number at the bottom of the screen and we will be waiting to add any ‘sudden’ spice to your otherwise dull and uninteresting lives. Thank you.” The image fades out right after a number appears on screen, followed by a series of disclaimers in small print. The number reads: 999-999999-999 The disclaimers:*Suddenly Ewoks may have rabies. I would get checked out if they bite you. ** It is made of explosive materials and should not be used near flammable materials. You have been warned. *** The adhesive badges are purely aesthetic and will not void you of any responsibility. **** This company is not liable for any charges brought against the users of these products. Nor is this company an actual company. Don’t try to find us.
  15. Pinckz


    The droid walked, his ray-shield fizzling into dazzling sparks and the guns on his chest priming with all the force Malin needed to stay away. The Ewok corpses floated aimlessly, like a trio of macabre party balloons. Their weapons, crude and useless, floated along with them. All that remained were Malin and Emerald; Emerald stood on solid ground, feet away, the brilliant eyes of her namesake glistening under the low light. Malin floated a foot or two above the ground, his ravaged leg throbbing with phantom pain. His own eyes, focused on freedom and the corridor behind her, were shrouded by hovering viscera. Fog filled his mind. Ideas sprung like wildflowers, tempting his hand or his good leg to push from the bulkhead and jettison his body into countless unknowns. He looked at the door closed on the other side, picking apart the steel, looking for the smallest fissure or crack. He tensed his hands, moments away from another spherical surprise or his faithful iron sights. Yet, Malin’s hands scurried away to the safety of his duster. The leather pockets felt warm and comfortable. And, with the casual gesture of someone who had an unhealthy habit, Malin withdrew his last cigarette and lit it with a small rusted lighter he kept right beside it. The initials ‘H.O’ were scrawled on the side, and could vaguely be seen before he placed the lighter back in his pocket. “That it is darlin', that it is,” Malin said, tipping his wide-brimmed hat to Emerald and resting his somber electric blue eyes on her greedy stare. “You run along now, mustn’t keep your conscience waitin'.” Malin drifted back a little, letting the flat back of his duster rub against the metal bulkhead and the brim of his hat to cover all but one eye and the tip of his cigarette. “You know where I’ll be.”
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