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  1. Mod Post It was recently requested that forces be granted to the Sith in a flavor-style manner (not used for specific offensive purposes, but as a backdrop) to engage any forces defending Corellia. After having thought it over, I realized this demanded a mod post with flavor text to establish expectations for this situation and other situations moving forward. As of right now the Fleets system is meant to supplant the former planetary defenses. Fleets are the planetary defenses, and if you don't have a fleet available to defend a planet, it isn't considered properly defended against the might of an enemy fleet. As of right now, there are no fleets explicitly defending Corellia. As such, no matching fleet/task force sized element will be allowed as a backdrop. This was a difficult decision to make as this is a highly complex situation since it's in the middle of a large scale battle and could potentially affect the narrative of others moving forward given how the battle could shift across the entire Corellian system. Saying yes to this makes a wide array of assumptions that does change the battlefield, even in a small way. As the Mod presiding over this battle, I'm not willing to accept potential fallout for that if things do go sideways, and while it might be "less cool", this is largely a preventative measure to help keep things fair and fun for everyone. This also sets precedent and relies on some previously mentioned precedent, so care needs to be given to what happens. If this was a smaller skirmish between two PCs and their forces, it would be a LOT easier to sign off on it as it's obviously not going to potentially further affect things past that interaction, but it's not so cleanly cut here. We have a history of allowing things via agreements to bypass pvp rules, but again, due to the complexity of this battle I don't think that's a super feasible route to take here this time. And yet, despite all this, I recognize the importance of storytelling element at play here. That is a drum I have beaten for a long time, ensuring the rules and community emphasize good writing. I fully understand and respect the value of good writing. As such, here is what I am interjecting into the narrative as a Mod: The defenses around Corellia are primarily starfighter-based, with perhaps some larger patrol gunboats that are smaller than corvettes but fulfill a similar role as well as anti-air turrets and the like. Similarly, Sith starfighter, bomber, and interceptor squadrons and have been sent to suppress ground forces in preparation for a full-scale invasion. Both forces are locked in vicious combat, evenly matched, and cannot be commanded or referenced except in observation. Neither side is majorly prevented from landing forces or evacuation. This still simulates the tumultuous backdrop of brutal war without the need for larger elements to enter the fight. The "victory" of either side will be determined by the victor of the fleet combat in the system, either via total destruction or last man standing in the event of retreat. Please understand how difficult it was for me to make this call, especially since it seems like it should have been far simpler than it was. These kinds of things often have a complex depth to them that isn't immediately apparent, and that potential complexity still has a large factor in how certain things are ruled on. That being said, my priority is first and foremost to fairness, and secondarily to promoting a fun environment for everyone. If you take issue with this ruling, please PM me on site or DM me via Discord.
  2. Cut/copied from the other thread: Wartide "Knightsaber" Hard Suit - This highly advanced power armor is constructed from a liquid nanometal, programmed to take the exact shape of the wearer. Nanometal is made of durasteel nanomachines, which cannot be reprogrammed to serve any other task nor be mixed with any other kind of metals. In terms of damage resistance, the base armor acts as extremely dense durasteel. These extraordinarily expensive suits must be custom made to fit and respond to the nervous system of each user. The armor comes with a built in ray shield generator, which is as effective as a standalone model. It also doubles as a space suit, fully enclosing and protecting the wearer from vacuum environments and other atmospheric hazards, though the on-board capacity for oxygen (or other pre-loaded atmosphere depending on species) is limited to only a few hours. Suits come standard with micronized ion based thrusters and repulsor tech but are generally too heavy to fly even when augmented with an external jet pack; this micronized technology is to help compensate for the larger mass of the armor in movement, helping to calibrate for inertia. Many other types of equipment and energy-based weapons can be integrated into the suit and deployed seamlessly, though these upgrades can be limited by spatial constraints or power consumption requirements based on what is integrated into the suit's power generation systems. In the event the ray shields fail the armor is somewhat vulnerable to ION and EMP damage, and while the armor has grounding circuits that can help mitigate these threats by discharging excess electrical energy into the floor, repeated strikes can quickly fry these circuits. In the event of total power failure, the suit pops open to allow its wearer to escape. It can repair vital electrical systems and reboot in roughly an hour unassisted, or be manually dragged to a charging station to reinitialize, though the suits are generally far too heavy for most organic beings and droids to do so without the assistance of heavy towing/lifting machinery. The hard suits are fully powered, enhancing strength and speed with minimized penalty to the dexterity of the user, though the larger mass can take a bit of getting used to when moving at faster than a walk even with the inertia compensation systems. Movement is actuated by electrical signals detected off the surface of the wearers skin, reacting with imperceptible delay. Upgraded versions of the stock armor available for purchase can include phrik or cortosis alloy plating on the outside of the armor at a steeply increased cost, covering vital areas at a tradeoff of adding more mass to the armor.
  3. Ary the Grey


    Ruling for Duel: Mordecai vs. Cassandra (Imperial Knights Master NPC)
  4. The purpose of this thread is to give faction leaders space to record important information about their faction. Other groups may also request a listing to better preserve important information. In the future there will likely be a codified list of required information similar to a character sheet, but for the time being will be free of required format. Table of Contents: Active: Factions: Sith Empire Jedi Rebel Alliance Groups: Black Sun Imperial Knights Jensaari Kosai Inactive: Note: If information on the listed factions is missing or outdated, please PM the relevant account, and failing that, PM this account.
  5. Update: Active Characters now includes Aegis
  6. Primary Account: Ary the Grey Discord Username: Aidan Darkfire/Ban Ulfson Real First Name: Charles Active Characters: Aidan Darkfire/Ban Ulfson
  7. Jhon's radio crackles as the squelch is broken, but the volume was set low enough that only he would be able to hear. "Jhon. Jhon this is home base. Command wants a report on the situation. They want to know if the enemy is prepared for an attack." The radio went quiet, awaiting the scout's reply.
  8. Your scenario is the following: you are a scout sent up to monitor an enemy encampment. The below picture is what you can see from your vantage point on a nearby hill. Take in the scenery, and await radio contact from your commanding officer.
  9. This thread is private, please do not participate unless you know you are involved.
  10. Organization Name: The Kosai a.k.a. "The Wanderers" a.k.a. "Wandering Shadows" Playable: Yes, Force Users Appearance/Uniforms: Kosai tend to wear darker colored robes or light armor to make it easier to blend into shadows, though this is merely common and not standard for all members. Description: The Kosai are descendants of Revanchist practitioners who learned various philosophical principles from Sith teachings over the generations. While they believe in the Living Force, they also take a more naturalistic approach to seeing their place in the galaxy, believing that their influence and purpose is minimal in the grand scheme of things. Their beliefs center around cause and effect, taking a very neutral stance on happenings and the understanding that supposedly derives thereof. Much like many aspects of nature, the Kosai think that the Force has a very strong tendency to balance itself out, like karma, which will occur when the Force determines and no sooner. Some take it upon themselves to be conduits of that change, but the wiser Kosai tend to understand that it is hubris to assume they know what is right, and leave things to chance. However, it is strongly ingrained in their beliefs that everything comes with a price. Following the example of Bane, they adopted a form of the Rule of Two, nomadically travelling the galaxy. No more than two Kosai, a Master and an Apprentice, would journey together. When groups would meet, they would part soon after, believing that gathering together brought greater risk to themselves and their beliefs. Every community they came to they offered services, and generally only asked for food or supplies. Sometimes, a Force sensitive individual would be found by a Master lacking an apprentice, and the offer would be made to the potential recruit to train them. If accepted, tradition dictated that they immediately leave the apprentice's life behind, travelling to unknowns to learn the ways of the galaxy and the Force. The unknowns were always dictated by the experience of the apprentice, meant to expose them to as many new situations as possible. Eventually, once the apprentice learned enough from the Master, the Master would confer upon them the rank of Journeyman, and they would need to train their own apprentice to fully come into the rank of Master. While all Kosai share a similar belief system, they share no overarching organization or support structure. They are regarded by most as mercenaries, but unliked due to how they conduct business and how they often coldly interact with others. Everything, after all, has a price, and the Kosai tend to not lift a finger unless that price can be met. However, to some, this price can sometimes be metaphorical, and because of this from an outside perspective the actions of a Kosai can sometimes be seen as unpredictable and random. At the end of all things, most Kosai are simply trying to find their place in the galaxy, and understand that their place is often as nomads, travelling at the will of the Force. If playable, is this faction appropriate for those new to the site or RP?: No, it is recommended that players attempt to play characters in other factions before making a Kosai, especially if they can eventually bring one in at Journeyman (Knight) rank.
  11. ((As Jek Squall)) The events that happened over the next few seconds went by in a slow blur before Jek's eyes. The Force was with him, and he was at peace. The Sith lashed out, managing to nick his sword arm shoulder just enough that his follow through slash cut cleanly through the Zabrak's forearm, disarming him. The intense white-hot pain seemed dulled and distant, though. He was aware of these events, but did not feel. The dismembered hand, still clutching the now deactivated lightsaber plummeted below to the hangar floor. The Force blast hit him shortly after, sending Jek over the railing. As he fell, his heart rate slowed, and his eyes fell closed. He was one with the Force, and the Force was with him. All was as it should be. This place, this conflict, this battle was his purpose, and that purpose had been fulfilled. While Jek had never been fully taught the deeper mysteries of the Force, his Master had tried to impart the ingredients that would leave him to discovering this truth on his own, when he was ready. And finally, at the end of all things, he was ready. A corpse hit the deck plates hard, with more than enough of an impact to kill him had he not already been dead. For a moment, a faint blue image of Jek stood next to it, visible only to Drago and his master. A moment that was a self contained eternity passed as he studied himself, before letting go. Giving one last look upward at Drago, Jek's Force ghost faded to nothingness. The Force was with him. He was at peace. ((Seeing as this character wasn't supposed to last much longer than this, I'm going to go ahead and yield. Considering the points made I the ruling, this seemed plausible to me as an outcome, and I don't think I could have pulled out a win from where we left it. This was an enjoyable duel, and very well fought, I hope I did well in presenting the challenge I did!))
  12. ((As Jek Squall)) I am One with the Force and the Force is with me. I am One with the Force and the Force is with me. I am One with the Fo- A sudden surge of pain jolted up Jek's back as his opponent renewed his onslaught, catching him in a nasty slash that ran from his left shoulder down his ribcage. The blow itself wasn't meant to seriously injure or kill, but it certainly disabled the Zabrak, as Jek once again fell to his knees from the pain. I am...One...with the Force... The mantra, taught to him by his late master, repeated in his thoughts as Jek struggled to focus. He had one last move, one last ace up his sleeve to potentially catch the Sith off guard and survive this battle. He could already tell the door ahead was fused shut, a well-timed application of the Dark Side crippling its locking mechanism shut. ...and the Force...is with me. Jek calmly held his right palm out, reaching out through the Force to find the item he'd lost, the one life line that was his final authority as a Jedi. Knowing it very well by its feel through the Force, it took no time at all for Jek to locate his weapon. The lightsaber ripped up through the fog below, arcing towards the Sith's back, and past the Sith, his hand. If the Sith was so focused on Jek, then it might catch him off guard, crippling him enough to allow Jek to either escape or finish his opponent with a quick coup de gras. The Force is with me. This was it. It was all or nothing. ((3))
  13. Duel Ruling: Mythos vs. Darth Nyrys I'm not going to lie, at the outset of this I put easy money on the Sith. I expected it to be a lot less of an even fight than it absolutely was, and it's a testament to both of you as writers that you respected each other enough to write it on more even grounds and with a very close finish. You both should be proud of yourselves for this fight, it shows a level of maturity few reach. That being said, let's move onto the analysis. In the first two posts, Nyrys begins weaving an Assassin illusion in the form of a thick fog, and lashes out at Mythos, catching him in the arm with a shallow cut. Mythos in return fires a quick but blind shot with his scattergun, managing to hit Nyrys in the shoulder, damaging her armor. It's important to note here that Nyrys's sword causes necrosis in wounds, but this is a slow moving effect, similar to a fast-moving brown recluse bite (imagine the necrosis over minutes to a couple hours as opposed to days, long enough to mostly be a factor after the duel if I remember correctly, but not a major one during it). The next two posts were mostly uneventful combat wise, however they were incredibly well written. The major thing to note is Mythos's mental state, as well as Nyrys suppressing the noise in the area, in preparation for her final post. In the final post Nyrys finally goes on an all-out offensive, combined with a Force augmented banshee scream that is effective in disorienting Mythos enough that several of her strikes begin to break through his defenses. However, Mythos goes for the sacrifice play Rob Roy style, willingly taking a hit to the shoulder in order to close to lethal distance for the coup de gras. A very effective ending, easily resulting in both combatant's blades stuck in each other. Do they both die? Does someone walk away the victor? Who is that handsome masked man, anyway? Based on the attacks already made, as well as the capabilities of both combatants at the end of the duel, Nyrys is still in a much stronger position to simply survive the encounter, mostly due to her Sith Amulet / heart made from a Krayt Dragon Pearl. The best shot Mythos has at actually doing damage at this close range is to go for the heart or lungs, which he has to get through a breastplate of Sith Steel to do. As he was attempting to close the distance past that of a solid swing, I'm going to assume the final attack Mythos makes is a lunging/piercing one. The best hope he has is to hit her femoral artery, and even then through pressure applied via the Force Nyrys is still expected to walk or limp away from this requiring no more than a paramedic's assistance to get her back to stable conditions. Winner: Darth Nyrys 2nd edit: You guys determine between yourselves what outcome you determine is fair.
  14. ((As Jek Squall)) The instant before it happened, Jek knew to expect it. Even with the Force alerting him to the danger, however, he had no way to tell what exactly was going to happen or how it would take place. The four telekinetic punches landed true, toppling him forward and leaving his head ringing, as well as knocking his lightsaber . It was exactly the kind of move Jek might have pulled were their roles reversed. Of course, this was a game two could play. As expected, his foe attempted to close the distance, knowing that Jek was seeking a tactical advantage by moving out of the open. He would either attempt to attack here, or cut off the escape route. He would be denied both. Jek reached back, summoning as nasty a Force blast as he could near his enemy's side, aiming to send the other careening off the edge of the catwalk. It was a stall tactic at best, but it would buy valuable time. As Jek rose, he realized the Sith's strikes had done more than simply knock him over and disoriented him, his lightsaber was no longer on his person. He was unsure where it landed, but had more important things to worry about. Doing his best to focus on the Force and allowing it to guide him, he continued his charge forward, the safety of the maintenance hatch now mere feet ahead. ((2))
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