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  1. Tashkri


    A small ship with a lone occupant made its way through space, heading towards the one place in the galaxy where you could find the answers to nearly any question - The Last Call.
  2. ((Sorry Ragnos, you're taking way too long)) Apparently Tashkri's logic was so mind-blowing that it actually blew Moon's and Draconis' minds. He stared at both of them, waiting for some kind of a response. Both sat there like statues, eyes glazed over. He slowly pushed himself up to his feet, and when they still didn't react, turned and headed back towards town. Back at his house, Tash checked in on some final preparations. He had "hired" several contractors that would work on rebuilding the Serpent headquarters in his absence. He gathered up the rest of his supplies, armed the security system into his private area, and left the house. A short trip brought him to where he had left his ship, and shortly afterwards he left Chandrila in search of the Sith Order.
  3. "No reason to speak, or no thoughts going on inside that skull of yours? Tell you what, chime in if you want, but try not to hurt yourself by thinking too hard." Tashkri's word were intended to taunt Draconis. He used goad Garet the same way, and he was trying to see if he could get a reaction out of the man. "So, Moon, what are your plans for the near future. Are you going to keep on doing your own thing with your apprentice here, or head back to the Jedi Order?"
  4. Acknowledging Moon's words with a slight bow of the head, Tashkri felt something happen that he hadn't felt in a long time. He smiled. Sure, it was a small one, but there was no hint of sarcasm or malice behind it. The last time he could remember truly smiling was when he had been trapped in spirit form by Barohm Zar. John and himself had pushed each other, using the most of what skills they had known at the time. That had been before the Sith had taken away what was left of his humanity. They trained him to fight and kill, without caring about what or why. His time as a Serpent had changed that, though. Rocketblaze helped him to think for himself again, to see past the indoctrination of the Sith. I finally understand what you were trying to teach us!! This is why you brought Kirana to us. You were trying to get us to realize that we have similarities, and can learn from and work with each other. Tash followed the second repetition of the story without any more mishaps. He was certain that Moon had left out some of the details from the original rendition, but didn't want to press for more information. "We've all paid a price, one way or another. I haven't lost any loved ones, but I've felt unimaginable pain." Extending his palm, a ball of flame burst into life. "I was tricked into being burnt alive by a god. In return I was given control of the fire, but the sensations and pain that I had to go through first are indescribable." Tash closed his hand, extinguishing the flame. He then turned his attention to Draconis. "You're being awfully quiet over there. Still afraid of the big, bad Serpent?"
  5. Tashkri, more often than not,was not one to be taken by surprise by anything. He was a master at observing his surroundings and identifying threats, and the Force assisted with anticipating opponent's actions. The words spoken by Moon, however, absolutely floored Tash. He had sat down across from Moon when she started reciting her story. When she got to the part about a supposed Serpent that had gone on a rampage of destruction, Tashkri felt himself losing control. His hands dug into the ground, rending through the earth before clenching backwards to form fists. Knuckles whitened and bones popped as the amount of anger that grew within Tash increased exponentially. No true Serpent would ever do something like that!!! Rocketblaze, Garet, or Moric would ever even think of teaching our way to someone who would act like that! Where was I to stop him?! How could I have not known about this?! Tash could feel the power of the Dark Side swirling, growing about him. He was teetering on the edge of control, of allowing true evil to regain its foothold inside him. Come on, man! Hold on! Find a safe outlet, something that won't make her think you're just like this Menthu was. His vision had grown cloudy, and Moon's voice was being drowned out by the ringing in his ears. At almost the same moment that Moon stood up, Tash got to his feet. Not worrying about being polite, he quickly turned and quickly walked back into the forest. As soon as he got in far enough that Moon couldn't see him, he stopped and fell to his knees. How could I let someone like that make such a mockery of our order?!?! My friends, I failed you... I was here, waiting, and I could have done something about that abomination! He was just a stereotypical Sith, completely unworthy of even thinking our name! Channeling his rage, anger, and despair, Tashkri lets loose a primal scream and slams his hands down to the ground. The unleashed Force energy radiates out from him, slamming into trees and brush, flattening brush and knocking over trees. Sprites of fire danced in a deadly circle around his body. Slowly rising back up to his knees, Tash opened up his hands. The all-consuming anger was gone, for now, and he was back in control of his emotions and powers. I will do what I can to clear our name, and to make things right... bring things back to the dream that Rocketblaze had for us. Dusting off his knees, he walked back to his abandonned companions. Stepping around the fallen trees, Tash re-entered the clearing and stopped in front of Moon. "Sorry for walking off like that when you were in the middle of telling me your story, and I think I missed the end of it, but what you told me set me off like nothing has before. That man you were talking about, Menthu, was not a true Serpent. What he did is the reason why we formed the Serpents. I like to fight, but I was tired of pointless wars and fighting. Sith fight the Jedi, Jedi fight the Sith, but why? A difference in philosophy? If there's some big war that's going on and we have to pick a side, then that's one thing. But to just keep fighting each other all the time, what's the point?!" Getting back down off of his newest soapbox, Tash sits back down on the ground and motions for Moon to rejoin him. "Again, I apologize for that. If you wouldn't mind, could you pick back up at the part after that abomination attacked you guys."
  6. Tash focused in on Moon as she moved towards him, taking note of where and how she positioned herself. She's still very cautious of me, yet was willing to bring me out to their ships. The intrigue grows... "My name is Tashkri ((only one i)), but Tash works for short. I haven't had a reason to leave this planet, and I've been living amongst these people for too much of the time that I've been here. Do you know how frustrating it is, to be the only one around who actually knows what the Force is in more than just the abstract??" As the words flowed from his mouth, Tash realized that he had some pent up frustrations which could keep him on top of a soapbox for quite a while. "I'm curious about you. You hold your allegiances to the Jedi, call yourself a renegade Jedi, and I can feel that you're no stranger to the Dark Side of the Force. I would like to hear how you came to be like this."
  7. Landing softly on the branch next to Moon and Draconis, Tash oriented himself in the direction of their ships. As the duo prepared themselves for the trip, the very-much missed smirk assumed it's regular position on Tash's face. "Try to keep up"?! Ha! I've spent plenty of time in these forests, both in the trees and on the ground. I'm going to be surprised if I even break a sweat. Tashkri backed up to the trunk of the tree. He planted one foot on the branch, and the other against the trunk. Taking his hands, he slammed them backwards against the tree, using the motion to guide the power of the Force. With a violent crack, the top of the tree splintered and cracked, while Tash was propelled forward at inhuman speeds. Letting go of thought, he called upon the mystical powers of the Force that had served him throughout his life. Using the Force, Tash pushed off from another tree, then another, and another. Each push added more and more speed to his forward velocity. If anybody had been near enough to witness, they would have only seen three blurs slicing through the trees. The only thing that could even come close to describing the sight would be something along the lines of missiles that had been fired from a starship. Catching a glint of sun reflected from one of the ships, Tashkri stopped propelling himself forward, and started to drop down through the canopy of the forest. As he broke into the clearing, he focused on the training he had received on Korriban to keep his descent from being one that would turn him into a pile of smashed bones and mush. Through the Force, he formed a barrier beneath his feet. At the same time, he pushed against the ground, but with much less power than what he had used to initiate his flight. His descending body started to slow as it got closer and closer to the ground. With one final strong push, Tash reached the balance point of his forward and backwards velocities to stop his motion. Placing his feet on the ground, he looks up to see how well Moon and Draconis had done.
  8. As people were starting to return to their normal routine, Tashkri could feel prying eyes look in their direction. "Come, let us walk and take this conversation somewhere a little more secluded. We can even go to where ever your ship is at if that would make you more comfortable." Tash made a motion for Serpe to lead the way, displaying absolutely no hostility. "I've lived among this city for years without raising too much suspicion, and I'd much rather keep it like that."
  9. A smirk rose, unbidden, to Tashkri's face. It had been a long time since he had somebody worthwhile to banter words with. Generally Garet would have preferred to finish an argument with his fists than with words. "Black and white? Not so much as you would think. It is, however, a pretty good rule of thumb that only Sith and Jedi have lightsabers and all of their limbs." With the last line, he let his eyes linger on her mechanical left hand. Irreverently placing his foot on the corpse's face, Tash bent over and yanks the dagger out. He wiped the blood and cerebral matter off on the man's shirt, and slid the blade back into its sheath. "I am the last remaining member of the Serpent Order. We were a group of people who used to belong with the Sith, but grew discontented with all the mindless wars and random evil-doings. Fighting and killing for a reason is one thing, but to go around doing it without a purpose is pointless." Tashkri paused for a moment, becoming unusually reminiscent about when Rocketblaze had first explained everything to them on the banks of the lake. Things had been simpler than. They didn't have to involve themselves with the daily nuances of the Sith order, and could just practice, learn, and strengthen their own abilities without too much distraction. Mentally shaking himself, he returned his attention to the pair in front of him. "If you're in between, than which do you answer to? Both, either, neither? Which side can say that they have your loyalty?"
  10. While the crowd turned and ran from the fight, one spectator remained stationary on a nearby rooftop. His arms crossed over his chest, he watched the confrontation with a calculating eye. *The Day Before* In the marketplace of Hanna City, there was a small, nondescript shop tucked back into a secluded corner. As dawn approached, it appeared that the darkness inexplicably strengthened for a moment before dissipating in front of the store. Anybody who might have been looking out their window at the time would have shrugged it off as just a trick of the light. On the other side of the door, Tashkri had stopped for a moment to re-lock it. Walking past the miscellaneous wares he "sold" by way of Force persuasion, he passed through another door, one that was more securely locked than the front door. This door led to his sanctuary, the place he had turned into his headquarters when he had discovered the Serpent house had been destroyed. The first thing that anyone would have seen, although no one but Tash had ever been back here, was a massive wooden table. It was heavily scarred by flame, but still solid. As he walked past it, his hand ran along the surface. At the end of one of the sides, he stopped for a second, allowing his fingers to trace over the serpent design that he had carved into the table ages ago. That mark served as a reminder of his place at the left hand of the order, and how it had been Rocketblaze who had led Garet and himself down this path. Making his way into the bedroom, he stopped in front of a mirror to see what damage had been done to his clothes. There were no cuts or tears to the cloth, but his shirt and pants were liberally spattered with blood, none of which was his own. Those last few just had to bleed all over me before I finished them off, didn't they? I guess that's what I get for fighting against such unworthy opponents. Without a focused path, Tashkri had needed to find an outlet for his aggression. First he had targeted the murderers and rapists, and when that pool dried up, had turned to underground fight clubs. Using the Force to conceal his identity, he would spend the entire night beating his opponents into a pulp before killing them. For a while, it was enough to entertain him. After a few months, though, it began to bore him. He started to play with the other fighters, usually by dodging out of the way of their blows until they tired themselves out, then finishing the fight with a single punch that collapsed their skull. He would mix up his strategies, sometimes playing the defensive game, other times launching an all out offense that never allowed an opponent to throw a strike. Either way, it had been years since he actually had anything that even faintly resembled a challenge. Last night had been one of those offensive times, which accounted for the blood splatters. Stripping off the clothes, he tossed them into a basket and jumped into the refresher for a quick rinse off. A minute later, Tash returned to the bedroom. An examination in the mirror revealed a strongly muscled body and a couple of scars, none of them fresh. After donning his usual outfit of pants and a sleeveless shirt, he prepared some food. When it was ready, he sat at his customary place at the table. Making short work of the food, he went back out onto the streets, this time looking publicly presentable. Frankly, Tashkri was bored. He read all of the ancient texts that he could get his hands on, he had practiced his various fighting skills until there was nothing left to learn, and he was at the peak of his physical fitness. Spending the day walking around the city was one of the few ways left for him to pass the time until nightfall and the next fight. As he walked through the streets, the other citizens unconsciously gave him a wide berth. Anybody that came too close to him would suddenly get a sense of great unease and fear, and would pick up their pace to get away from the feeling. All of a sudden, Tash pulled up short, his eyes widening. Someone, no, two someones, were using the Force, and nearby! I haven't been around another Force user in so long, I almost forgot what it feels like. I must go and find out who they are. Enemies or allies, maybe they can finally give me a decent challenge in a fight! As his blood started to pump a little faster, Tash returned to his home. Opening a chest beside his bed, he pulled out some weapons that he hadn't needed to use for a long time. He generally always carried around the vibroshiv and throwing knives, but had taken to leaving the longer blades and lightsaber behind. He attached the saber horizontally to the back of his belt, and pulled his shirt over it so that it was concealed. The daggers were worn a little more openly at his sides. Prepared for whatever may happen, he returned to the streets to track down the two Force users. *Present Time* The man who had been watching the show let out a sigh, and then reached down to his belt. This duo is confusing me. She looks and feels like she has ties to the Dark Side, but she's not acting like what I would expect. The other one, he has displayed that he has the potential to be powerful, but it looks like he's afraid of opening himself to his full power. He put that man down, but then stopped and started crying. Who does that, honestly? When you win a fight, you finish it. Be proud that your skills were better than theirs, and that the better fighter won. Wait a second, are they actually healing him?!?! This just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Pulling the dagger from his belt, Tash finds the balance of the blade, and sent it flying towards the downed man. The blade cut through the air so fast that Moon and Draconis only heard the hiss of air and the thunk of metal sinking into flesh before they saw the knife embedded in the man's skull. With a motion and a thought, Tashkri sent the remnants of the crowd away, then jumped down off the rooftop to land next to the three, now two, fighters. He first addressed the man, then turned to the woman. "When you go into a fight, you should expect to be killed if you lose. That's what makes you take fighting seriously. This man lost, and deserved to die. Remember that for the next time you're in a battle." Turning to the woman, he contemplated her appearance for a moment before speaking. "Nice choice of hairstyle. Simple upkeep, I guess. Your lightsaber means you're either a Jedi or a Sith, so which one is it?"
  11. TASHKRI'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity [!ident] Real Name: Tashkri A.K.A: Tash Homeworld: Unknown - Based out of Chandrila Species: Human Physical Description [!dscrp] Age: 25 Height: 6'1" Weight: 175 Hair: Black Eyes: Black Sex: Male Equipment [!equip] Clothing or Armor: Black pants, sleeveless black shirt, black cloak with red lining on occasion Weapons: Crimson lightsaber, two daggers (10", double-sided blades) on the back of the belt, throwing knives hidden on body Common Inventory: Commlink, credits, small red orb Faction Information [!factn] Force User Alignment: Evil Current Faction Affiliation: Sith/Serpent Current Faction Rank: Sith Lord/Serpent Master History [!hstry] Force Side: Dark Trained by: Barohm Zar, Rocketblaze Known Skills: Pyromancy, Shadow Control
  12. Tashkri


    Tashkri piloted his craft throughout the cosmos, returning to the place where it had all began.
  13. Tashkri emerged from the forest and, appropriating a small craft, launched off of the planet. ((Short, I know. It's 2 in the morning, and I really can't put much effort in at the moment. I promise I'll be doing more than 1 sentence posts from now on.))
  14. ((I'm having some RL issues of my own - a.k.a. I got a full-time job. So, due to the hours I work, and the other person who is always using the computer when I'm not working (Ryoo), this is the first time I've been online in three weeks. Unfortunately, this means that, yet again, I'm going to have to designate this character as inactive until I have the time to dedicate to the RP.)) Finishing his creation, Tashkri ignores the comm message, and heads out, yet again, into the woods.
  15. Tash was about to bait Garet's paranoia when Xentar entered the room and addressed the Trandoshan. When he was finished, Tashkri looked over at Garet and raised an eyebrow. "What's Rocketblaze doing sending someone to you to learn how to use the Force? The only thing you know how to do is to use your claws and teeth. Well, I'll leave you two alone. If you need me, I'll be in the workshop." Walking out of the door, Tash went down a few hallways until he came to a room filled with tools and materials. Going about the room, he gathered the items he was going to need for his project.
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