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  1. has anyone else got a 4s yet? i went and picked one up on friday. it seems pretty cool... more of the same but faster. siri works great even with my australian accent. i don't see how cloud computing is totalitarian. i'm much more concerned that google and facebook store things like personal information and browsing/searching habits. seems much more intrusive than knowing what's in your music library. btw it's funny seeing one of the guys that pioneered this site being told off
  2. I'm with Sasori. I don't think I've bought a non-Nintendo game for a Nintendo system since the N64. Not that I'm complaining, I have my PS3 and Xbox for multi-platform games, my Nintendo is for Mario, Zelda and the like.
  3. they aren't trying to compete with laptops so you can't really compare processor speeds... if anything they are competing with netbooks (but then again... not really) and the speed of the processor is comparable.
  4. i'm not actually expecting all that much from this tablet. sure it will be cool but i can't really see myself getting one. it's supposed to compete with all these netbooks right? well netbooks have never appealed to me. i'm happy with my 15" macbook pro and my 27" imac. i'm hoping they may also announce an updated iphone. highly doubt it but who knows.
  5. looks like the cast toby maguire as bilbo. from news.com.au
  6. so yeah... i was out tonight... i saw the new imac... i bought one. i got the standard 27". 4gb ram, 3.06 duo. it's pretty nice. i like the mouse... i thought it would be gimmicky but it's not.
  7. i was waiting for the new imac. i might get the 27" on the weekend.
  8. lately i've been listening to a few albums. bon iver - for emma,forever ago (been out for ages but still listen to it quite a bit) fanfarlo - reservoir mumford and sons - sigh no more (great great album, just came out) bonnie 'prince' billy - the letting go (had it for a few years but i'm just getting into it now)
  9. i am just wrapping up book 7 and i want to read something else when i am done. i've never been much of a reader but i have read lotr and the wheel of time.
  10. i'm only up to order of the phoenix (about half way through) but so far i would have to say goblet of fire is my favourite. probably one of the best books i've read.
  11. i've always been a movies man but when i went to eurpoe earlier this month i started reading the harry potter books and i must say i am addicted. i'm on order of the phoenix now. so which do you prefer? the books obviously go into a lot more detail but some people are more visual and prefer to see rather than imagine it in their head.
  12. fanfarlo - finish line my favourite song from probably the best english album i have heard in a long time.
  13. yeah that's pretty surprising. he's only 28-29 or so. definitely not 30 yet.
  14. wow who are you and what did you do with archer?
  15. after trying to figure out why pro tools wouldn't work on my mac for two weeks i realised that i need a firewire port. so i took my macbook back and got a pro so stupid though that the white body macbook has firewire but the more expensive aluminium body doesn't.
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