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  1. Hi I'm captain kirk (notice the lower case c and k). I found this place accidently back in '99 while looking for Jednet.com for some Phantom Menace pictures. I was psyched back then and loved Star Wars... after the prequels I don't like Star Wars (although I still adore the OT) so much now but I still really dig this place. Since I've been coming here I've finished school, met a girl, married her, been to uni, started a business and bought a house... hopefully the kids will come soon as well. If you didn't notice by the sig I totally love Radiohead and I'm loving there new album... *edit* Oh and I have this strange habit of putting these three dots... in like... all my posts...
  2. If you're new to Jedi.net Wampatown.com jedirp.net, introduce yourself here so we can welcome you!
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