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  1. That's awesome! Congrats on the new-er little! And love the name Jaina, naturally!! Good to hear you're doing well!
  2. Yeah I'm also exited about the new Padme book! Both of those are things to look forward to for sure! And of course, Thrawn Alliances coming out next week (this week?).
  3. I never knew Steve very much in person besides what his presence was on this site, but through that I knew him well enough that he'll be missed. As others have expressed, we owe him a debt of gratitude, and I hope he knew that. I hope he knew how much we all appreciated him. My prayers go out to his family in this crazy hard time. Steve was a friend to many, and we'll miss him.
  4. Hmm, this is a tough one. I'll go with: ESB RO ANH AOTC ROTJ TLJ ROTS TPM TFA I'm clearly in the minority here--I think AOTC is by far the best of the prequels (Obi-Wan's plotline is THE BOMB.COM). And I liked TLJ a lot more than TFA, honestly. Not that TFA was bad, but it had the hard role of being the first of a new trilogy. I almost gave Rogue One first place. I loved that movie. But ESB has to take it.
  5. “And now for a religion piece,” the holonet news anchor said, shuffling his papers. “In the past few months, a new religion seems to have sprung up in the Outer Rim. A growing number of followers have begun worshipping a deity known as The Gray Hermit, a mysterious and eccentric humanoid figure with a large red beard. Followers believe that the beard is a living entity with an enormous appetite that must be fed to appease the deity. When pleased, The Gray Hermit bestows on his followers fantastical gifts of creative technology, running from ships, to armor, to weapons, to other more exotic tech. Devotees can be seen wearing long fur coats with high collars, or attempting to grow beards of their own. Those interested in learning more about this new cult can contact Jamesir Bensonmum of Rantil III.” Attempting to avoid looking perturbed and utterly failing, the news anchor quickly changed the subject. “In other news, pop sensation Ammi Wolfstar…”
  6. Ashley, this is totally from forever ago--but that last poem is so great for being from Emily's perspective with what is going on for her in the RP right now! Creepy, lol!
  7. Psh, gouda is clearly the best. Especially with cumin in it. YUM
  8. +1 Poe, -4 Luke!! Poe Dameron 7 Chewbacca 16 Luke fades away into a double sunset...
  9. Sorry I'm late seeing this! Congrats, Hou-Jo! I remember Final Vendetta well! What a great accomplishment. And good to see you again, too.
  10. -4 Chewie, +1 Poe Poe Dameron 13 Kylo Ren 11 Luke Skywalker 8 Chewbacca 16
  11. If they do this.....I REALLY hope it's AMAZING. And I want them to get Ewan. Because they have no reason not to.
  12. https://amiskywalker.sarahah.com/ Rolled a 7. Reroll is 17. HI KAILYN!
  13. Did you guys see that they fired the directors for the Han Solo standalone movie? Interesting move, especially this late in the game. It said they were fired for "creative differences". I know Rogue One went through major rewrites late in the game too...just wonder what this means about Lucasfilm.
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