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  1. Well we've got nine films now. I find Rogue One kind of tough to rank among the episodes, but I'll include it anyway. The Last Jedi I'm also conflicted on at the moment, but my thoughts right this moment: ESB ANH ROTJ TFA RO TLJ ROTS TPM AOTC
  2. Shouldn't be a surprise to any of you who know me, but I gladly voted for Trump and don't regret it in any way, shape or form. So glad he got into office. I could do without the pettiness and tweeting, but That's small potatoes compared to someone bringing the country in the right direction. Clinton would have been a disaster. And the Democrats are guilty of all the things they keep trying to throw at Trump...honestly the attacks from the left are getting desperate and ridiculous.
  3. To be clear, I don't have any problem with her scenes and performance in the film, except for when Leia flies back into the ship from space. Which is on the writers, not her, and obviously was planned well before her death. I just think it will be odd in the next film for them to either say Leia died between the two films, or she's still the leader of the Resistance but is absent throughout everything that happens in Episode IX.
  4. I can't believe I joined this site over 15 years ago, when I was only 13. Flash forward to the present day, I'm married with three kids, own a house, all that good adult stuff. Obviously haven't been around much and probably won't be, and it appears the site has slowed to a crawl outside RP, but it is nice to stop in once in a while and think back on how things were on here back in the day. Hope everyone is doing well!
  5. After my first time seeing The Last Jedi, I was very disappointed. Probably more because I allowed my expectations to be extremely high after hearing repeatedly that it's "the best Star Wars since Empire." That was far too lofty a goal that I set in my mind, because TLJ is not on that level at all. However, having seen it again, I enjoyed it quite a bit more. I'm glad it didn't follow the almost cookie-cutter plot lines of the previous films, but it almost went too far in the other direction for me, making it feel more like a standalone movie like Rogue One than one of the Episodes. I truly disliked only one moment in the film: Leia's flight back inside the ship after the bridge is destroyed. Using the Force or not, that just struck me as too outlandish. And, given that Carrie Fisher passed away in real life, why not rewrite the film and have Leia's character die in that moment? I'm curious to see how they explain her absence in Episode IX since she was alive and well at the end of this film. I also was disappointed with some of the decisions regarding Luke. I understand his self-imposed exile and coming to the conclusion that the Jedi should end, but dealing with Rey and Yoda brought him back around and I wish that had resulted in him actually facing down Kylo Ren, rather than projecting himself. That said, his projecting himself across the galaxy was an interesting new ability we haven't seen before. But why did he project himself with his old lightsaber, that had just been destroyed by Rey and Kylo Ren, rather than his green lightsaber? Small detail that didn't really make sense to me. I fully expected him to die/sacrifice himself though. The timeline also seemed a bit off...the fleet only has 18 hours of fuel left, but Finn and Rose travel to some other planet and back within that time frame? I guess things have changed in the canon, I don't remember hyperspace travel being that fast, unless the other planet was extraordinarily close to their position. I liked that Rey's parents ended up being nobodies. Every character doesn't have to be related to everyone else. A little disappointed with how Snoke played out, and the lack of information on his backstory and the Knights of Ren...Luke said Kylo ran off with some of his students, I assume they became the Knights of Ren? Perhaps in the next film we'll see them. So, all in all, I enjoyed the film and the fact that it was a bit different than the rest, but I certainly wouldn't rank it on the same level as ESB as some have.
  6. I had heard about this a while back but this is my first time seeing the trailer...psyched Rocko is back this year
  7. Doing good man! I do lurk occasionally, just don't have much time to post on here with any frequency. Glad to see some of the best users are still around though. How are things down under?
  8. ^ What he said. The violent rioting is not necessary. It's opportunism, plain and simple. We pretty much agree on the NYC and Cleveland situations man, though I'm not ready to believe that cop intentionally killed Garner. But I don't agree with your blanket statement "you don't shoot unarmed people." There are situations when it's necessary.
  9. I had my share of problems with HJP and Zero as well...I think most users did at one point or another. Of course I was 13 when I joined (going on 13 years ago ), so immaturity played a role on all sides. I kinda miss the OFH and how active things were like 8-10 years ago...but I (and I assume most of the rest of you) don't have the time to post hundreds of times a week anymore. I do still lurk occasionally. More frequently than I post anything.
  10. Congrats man, good luck with school! As for me, I'm putting my archaeology degree to good use by working as an auto mechanic and a first mate on a ferry to Nantucket.
  11. The cop in NYC who choked Eric Garner to death certainly should have been charged with something. Not to say that he intentionally killed the man (I would assume he only meant to subdue), but it did result in a man's death. And the kid in Cleveland with the toy gun, that was a ridiculous situation as well. As for Ferguson, why do people think that rioting and causing destruction in their own community will result in a better life for any of them? The kid that got killed was a thug who had just come from robbing a store, hardly the innocent that the media tried to portray him as.
  12. I really despise the new lightsaber design. I don't buy into the "prongs" being useful as a cross-guard. They don't emerge from the main body of the hilt, the hilt itself buds off in either direction. If you were dueling someone and they wanted to cut off your hand, their lightsaber would cut right through the cross-guard. And those two little blades certainly make it more difficult and dangerous to wield your own weapon. Not a practical or effective design at all.
  13. Man I haven't watched The Simpsons or Family Guy in a few years...I heard about this when it came out but still haven't seen it. Probably was about 10 years too late.
  14. The third book, A Storm of Swords (which I'm assuming was split into books 3 and 4 for you, Brendo), was absolutely my favorite of the series so far. A Feast for Crows has certainly been the low point; great story overall, but Brienne's chapters definitely got repetitive and boring and there were just too many new characters and storylines to keep straight. But A Dance With Dragons was a return to form: brilliant story telling. I can't wait for season 5, but I see that they cast someone for Yezzan, which means they're progressing things very rapidly, even more so than with season 4. The first three seasons were pretty spot on with the books (as much as possible, really), but I feel like they're going to gloss over most of A Feast for Crows and some of Tyrion's most recent escapades. I'm kind of surprised Lady Stoneheart didn't appear towards the end of season 4, but maybe this year. And hopefully they bring Jon Snow's storyline back to where it should be...they've been all over the place with what's going on at the Wall.
  15. I have mixed feelings on the title...The Force Awakens seems kind of lame at first blush. Makes me think of those terrible "Jedi Prince" books from the early 90s for some reason. Doesn't make me any less excited for the movie, though.
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