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  1. *watching from a safe area, GAV examines the chaos in kashyyk...* "this is just as odd as a poe in a bottle. BLEUY, start up the Glider, ill be there in a short while." *GAV spins his cloak and leaves towards his ship.*
  2. *the blue glider landed and its doors opened* "ik im just going to stay for a while and you stay here ok?" *Gavin walked off before he could get a reply... deep into the woods...where he saw a hut* "...?" *he took one step forwards and turned around* "don't want to start trouble right when i got here just recently" *he looked back at the hut... he could feel that he should check it out but didn't know why...* "wait" *he turned and headed back to the hut and sat beside it*
  3. "y'know maybee we should visit kashyyk" *the BLUE GLIDER turned and jumped through space...*
  4. "....." *THE BLUE GLIDER STILL DRIFTS THROUGH SPACE...* "How long has it been.... since i lost my master... since my thoughts went through everyones and they mine... are the sith going to take me...?" *the r-4 unit bleeped a reassuring sound* "hmm... your right bleuy, i need to find some help... i haven't spoken to another LIVING creature for a long time... its been a while...*sigh* what happened to me?"
  5. *shadowreaper came out of hyperspace...* *gav flicks on his transmitter* "this is a call to nobody in particular... where is the best place to meditate for a long period of time? i have to think on a very difficult topic."
  6. "i hope we can..." *gav was troubled...* i never want to see such a peacfull and full of life planet like this... "i just hope..."
  7. "my apologies master........." *with that, gav left the planet...* "im so lost and confused..."
  8. "master id like to know what is going on"
  9. incoming transmition to kirlocca "master this is gav. where did you go? i am still on kashyyk. my ship is still in courescant and can't leave. oh i hope you recieve this. there is this wookiee that won't stop following me. he has a gun so i am a little nervouse... OH MY G-"
  10. "This is boring master..." *gav said as he left the planet*
  11. Edited due to post inflation.
  12. "master this is the only planet i have been on with actual wildlife on it. i mean i've been to tatooine, courescant, hoth, nal hutta, and many others but none with real trees. or at the least naturally placed ones."
  13. "master if you think that you are needed here, then why do you look so troubled?" *unlike his master gav was extremely happy to see the planet that the woookies lived on for their whole life* ahh wookiees, the most amazing species ever. you can learn all about them in a month, yet in a hundred years they still seel to suprize you "this is so exiting" *gav ran to the side and gazed out to the beautifull planet*
  14. "i am ready master" *he raised his stick in battle formation* finally, some fun! he thought
  15. *gavs stomace lurched...* something is wrong *he ran to find his master*
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