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  1. Guns. Elliot could use some guns. He'd not spent much time with a blaster, nor had he much experience dog-fighting in his starship. Both of which were going to surely prove integral. Training. His mind flashed, and he was back in Bracca. The taste of blood had just touched his lips, his arms were up to cover his jaw, but the Sullustan kept lining up shots to his body and side of the head. Elliot lifted his left leg and kicked the man from off him, affording himself a few extra feet to work with. Elliot was younger then, but still held a significant advantage in height. He sprung forward, throwing across his body, down through the chin of the sullustan bully that he'd gotten far too used to being harassed by. Bloody nose and bloody teeth, Elliot closed the distance, cornering his enemy with a left hand swung down under the guard to the liver. He swarmed, dropping his shoulders and leaning a front elbow into the temple of the man. With a groan, the sullustan knelt and punched below the belt, sending Elliot to his knees. He winced, and inhaled sharply before feeling another punch, this time on his jaw. He was flung to the ground, then, and barely was able to scramble to any semblance of balance before he was run after. His trip home on the tram from the scrapyard had ended in violence once again, and his head slammed into a seat on the tram as he was tackled down. With the pang in his ears and an inscrutable sting below the belt, Elliot barely thought out his reactions, simply slinging his body off to the side and rolling over his shoulder to avoid being hit. Bumping into a few more people, he was lifted and shoved by the others on the tram, annoyed by such pedestrian violence. He regained his footing, leaning over the back railing of a seat. The sullustan slowly approached, hands up in guard. Elliot exhaled and took one step forward, shuffling to keep his footwork proper. He ducked his left shoulder down across his opponent, lowering his head just under a fully wound swing from his opponent. Still weakened, he pushed his head into the chest of the sullustan and shoulder the man into the seat behind him. With a weak fall, he fell to a seated position, and Elliot was there to capitalize. An elbow across, his whole body finding a way to crash into him, and followed by a long swinging knee to the gut, finished the fight quickly. Elliot fell back, further still onto his butt, exhausted and in no small amount of pain. Contacts, Credits. He snapped out of it. He could use all of those things. Anyone could. "I'll fly with you for a little while. I'm no datapad engineer, but I know ships."
  2. He quickly shifted his eyes when she mentioned the sale of ID codes. Elliot thought for a moment, and decided that it would be ideal for him to have both counterfeit and legitimate identification for navigating the galaxy. His sovereign alliance registry codes were liable to bring attention, and worse, perhaps documentation. He did not want his family notified of his certain underhanded dealings, regardless of the danger. He pulled a death stick out of his pocket, and sparked it as he spoke," I'd like to get offworld," he said, looking back over at his ship, beautiful as she was," And I need to find someone who can update this thing with modern weaponry." Elliot thought for a moment, his mind flashing back to Bracca, and his experiences under the strict corporates that ran the planet. He wasn't looking to get harassed and bullied like that as soon as he stepped offworld into an even bigger pond, now. The woman he was with, however, seemed more well-armed than he, and fairly experienced, he'd hoped. At least the scar on her cheek lent to the idea, he thought. Elliot smacked his lips in frustration for a moment, crossing his arms as well," You're a freelancer, then? I could use an escort from a more well-armed ship."
  3. He peered around into the cargo hold with the drive core. It was well-intact, ready for installation. Elliot smiled upon seeing it, and he turned to Azael, quick to scorn his smile away before she could see his childish nature. He knew all about the scavenging of such a piece of tech, rolling through hundreds upon hundreds of downed ships on Bracca looking for specific parts and chromium pipes was his typical business on his homeworld. He approached the tech, and was impressed by how cleanly she was able to recover such a piece. Elliot began working almost immediately, strapping the core to a small dolly and wheeling it down into the hangar bay beside his own ship. He knelt over , squatting over the parts and popping open his X-wing with unreasonable speed. He stopped suddenly, and remembered to send the credits on his datapad before he returned to installation. His words didn't interrupt his work, finally closing the long silence between them during his intense focus," Commercial model isn't powerful enough. I wanted military tech, regardless. What did you pull this out of? Looks like it came from an X4, but it's small. Had to be from a newer model, or from an S91? Lots of these Incom starfighters use hyper-cores like this." He used the robotic dolly to install the hyperdrive core into his ship, fastening it in place and assembling it back with the plating after, taking a step back and admiring his ship, newly improved. After the installation, although awkward and impromptu, he turned to Azael again, finally seeing her and not right past her to the cargo. He hadn't seen many Chiss on Coruscant not in the Imperial Navy, and he cornered his gaze to her clothes, looking for an insignia or emblem. "Sovereign patrols, eh? Where should I avoid with this bad girl?"
  4. District 3 was far enough away, and Elliot found himself back in the cockpit of his ship. Quickly, he booted up the systems and, with a beautiful hum, his ship came to life in the hangar. He cleared his dispatch on comms, and his ship ascended from the hangar into the smoggy Coruscant air. Sunshine rays made of charred oranges and poisoned yellows beamed over the metro that somehow kept an eternal hue of rusty brown over it. Elliot liked his new life well enough, but he missed being able to see the earth below his feet when he was out of the house. Still, he knew a far better life on the industry-riddled mega-cities of Coruscant, even if they were new ones built on the ruins of others. He even thought of diving back into his preferred trade of ship-breaking, as he heard rumors of a few hangars in the derelict parts of the old cities. The comforts of the manor his adoptive father called his own were too alluring, though, and he felt no desire to return the grime and muck of his old life. He flew his ship low and slow, curving around bends like a painter with a brush, taking in every sight his eyes could behold. It was far from his first joyride, but it was extra sweet, knowing he could take his joyriding off-world. He always wanted to visit Naboo. He'd seen commercials for a luxury resort on the holonet. Elliot's imagination could barely control itself at times, and the prospect of being some sort of swaggering galivanting luxurious swindler was something he could see in his head. All to be humbled brutally, he was certain. Still, the sugar was coated heavy on his tongue and mind when he landed in hangar 72B, putting his ship down slow, as if this person he could only guess about would be impressed by such a thing. With a few final clicks and whirs, he came out of the cockpit and dropped down to the floor with grin. His surprise from seeing, of all things, a slender chiss woman was more than a pleasant surprise for Elliot. He extended his hand at the woman who was waiting for him. "Evening. Elliot, as I said. You're..." he stopped for a moment," I'm gonna go with Zu-Zu," he said with an abysmally weak-hearted chuckle.
  5. Elliot staggered for a moment, but regained himself as the sounds and visuals of his experience ended. He turned to the old woman, grabbed the goblet from the ground, apologizing to her as he went to the counter to pay for it. She cursed him in an unknown language, and he felt ashamed as he paid her far more than what the goblet must've been worth to her. He threw it in his bag and hurried out, nervously looking over his shoulder as he hustled out, and back onto the street, in the bazaar. He looked left and right, and decided it would be best to not be so vulnerable with such an item in his possession. Turning on his heel, he walked briskly out of the bazaar to his speeder. He assumed his nervousness was visible, as he was quickly noticed and followed. Elliot could feel their eyes on him, and he paced his steps accordingly. Turning the final corner, he found the valet and sent him off to find the speeder. While he was off, he was cornered. He had been followed, yes, but by more than just one person. Elliot turned around to three people circling him. "Seen you pull up. Nice speeder you got, huh?" "Yeah, thanks," he said plainly, looking over his shoulder and setting down his bag slowly, "You guys waiting on yours too?" "Right, yeah, we are," one of the thugs laughed," That's a good one." "And the valet can get yours after mine, right?" Elliot said this plainly, and directly. The thugs stepped to him, but he narrowly avoided conflict when the humming of his speeder returned to earshot. The valet, joyriding the speeder, whipped it around onto the dock and, with a massive grin, returned the keys to Elliot and smiled down the men who had cornered Elliot, his hand immediately reaching to his datapad. The three looked off and wandered off into the distance again as Elliot was returned to his vehicle. The trip back through the city was quick, and Elliot took every inch of speed on his cruiser as he made his way back home, curving through the gates of his Imperial alumni neighborhood. His father, unofficially out of retirement, had earned a small manor on the new Coruscant streets. Gliding into the pad, he hopped out of his speeder and rushed back into his home, clambering through the halls, disrupting his mother, and into his room. He tossed the goblet onto the table, and he rummaged through his things, packing a bag as quick as he could. The way he saw it, one doesn't easily ignore what could only be described as the summons of a witch, especially when the life he currently led was fraught more with boredom than danger. He had enough credits, and he had a connection for a hyperdrive for sale. He was waiting for the universe to tell him when the time was right. He couldn't be any less sure if this was it, but he was so determined to force himself on his own fate it did not matter. He typed a message on the holonet and waited. The anonymous source for the under-the-table hyperdrive could be anyone, and he could get shot, robbed, or any number of things. Nothing he wasn't used to, but Elliot figured it would be prudent to take one of his father's blasters. He packed a small duffel bag and threw it over his shoulder. On his way out, his mother stopped him. "Where are You going?" Elliot stopped and was silent for a second before responding," Heading off world to see a girl." She shrugged, seemingly happy with the answer, and Elliot continued on, rushing out. He returned to his speeder and flew fast all the way to the private port for the families' of Imperial command. He took the lift to his father's hangar, and he found his ship. An old, old, X-wing; T-65 model with a custom black and purple paint job. It was Elliot's baby, and the only thing he ever could entertain himself with, now that his life was lavish and full of splendor. He approached, just as wide-eyed as when he found the seller, the ship now refurbished from the old piece of scrap metal it was before. It was almost ready for light speed, and Elliot was so close. He sent the message to the seller of the hyperdrive core on the holonet. Got the credits. Where can we meet? @Mavanger
  6. @Krath Inmortos Coruscant, Heart of The Empire. Elliot had turned his speeder downward, spooling over the neighborhoods guarded by Imperial troops into the less well-kempt neighborhoods. He pulled his speeder around tight bends, narrow alleys, and dangerous drops before he found his way to the docking station of a bazaar deep into the depths of the rebuilding city. He pulled his speeder aside, and gave the valet a few credits to hold it for him. The bazaar of the city was open to all, but those who were clothed as Elliot were forced to be careful, on account of the thugs and desperate schemers in the city. Elliot kept his coat closed, but the high quality of the materials made him a target. Tucked in his sleeve was a spring-loaded vibro-blade, but he was more ready to rely on the credits in his account. The young man, scorned with a furled brow by most of the patrons of the bazaar, made his way through the market, nose being assaulted by the spices and odors of the poor folk scattered around this market. As he closed on the center of the market, the crowd got denser, and the smell became more pungent. He swerved off to the right, and found his way all the way down the concourse to the shops lining the walls. He perused for a while, just window-shopping, before he happened upon a cultural shop. He stopped, and somebody bumped into him as they passed on, muttering slurs under their breath. He looked the shop up-and-down, and decided to walk in. An old woman, hunched over a small stall in the back of the shop, stood over herself, looking up at Elliot. Elliot's proud face betrayed his deeply sunken eyes, and the tired-ness of his look seemed to interest the young woman. He stared at her for a moment, before continuing onward. Crystals lined the walls, and effigies sat in glass display cases, all borne to an ancient god of the many worlds in the galaxy. He ran his fingers across the embroidered leatherwork in the shop, and turned to the woman. "I like this place," he said," these are quite interesting." "Thank you, sweet boy," she said, pattering over to him," these are hand-made pieces, and many of the things we have here are from old worlds, long lost to time." "So I see." Elliot smirked weakly, and looked around further, passing almost over the tiny old woman before him. He looked up and down, until he found what he was looking for. From Bracca, his home planet, he found an idol of a long forgotten god. Next to it, from worlds unknown, was a goblet. The only truly gilded item in the shop, the goblet immediately drew Elliot to it. He looked it over, wondering where it came from. The craftsmanship was excellent, but the jewels were clearly fake, perhaps remade from the original. He reached out and touched it, and he felt something, from beyond the physical, pour over from the cup onto him, almost in waves of influence. He felt something wrap around the back of his brain, tendrils of darkness touching the stem of his mind. He, in a flash-moment, had a vision, and dropped the cup on the ground when he felt it.
  7. Elliot Tasthel's CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Elliot A.K.A: Elliot Tasthel Homeworld: Bracca Species: Human Physical Description Age: 19 Height: 6'1" Weight: 180 lbs. Hair: Faded Brown Eyes: Dark Brown Sex: Male Elliot is tall, lanky, and almost wraithlike in appearance. His deep-set eyes and weary bones that creak when he moves speak to a youth of struggle, now suppressed. Equipment Clothing or Armor: Everyday Clothes Weapon: Spring-Loaded Knife Common Inventory: Credits (Sizeable Amount, TBD) Faction Information Although an adopted Scion of an Imperial Officer, Elliot draws no direct allegiances. History Force Side: Force Sensitive Trained by: N/A Trained who: N/A Known Skills: * Ship Repair * Linguistics * Scavenging * Dirty Fighting Background: Elliot was not always living in a small manor on a newly built Coruscant neighborhood, refurbished by the Sith Empire to rich merchants and the likes. He was born on a shipbreaking world, and lived a meager, and disgusting life. Although a rough life, Elliot knew he was smart, and learned the alien tongues of those around him, eventually finding a way to at least fight back verbally. Constantly harassed by the corporates he worked for, worked nearly to death, and beaten even closer to death, he managed to escape by catching the eye of the family of an Imperial officer that came to inspect the planet. They pitied the human boy, and brought him back with them to Coruscant. His new father, a retired officer, or so he says retired, spent years at a time away, giving Elliot freedom to do as he pleased in the new cities of Coruscant. He used his father's credits to procure himself a vintage T-65 X-Wing fighter, refurbished with the weapons no longer functional, more of a statement of wealth than a fighter starship. Elliot even had the aesthetics redone, with a deep purple inlay over black paint. During his early teenage years, Elliot immersed himself in the new neighborhoods of Coruscant, making quite a few connections, friend and foe. He kept his adopted lineage a secret from all the people he met, however, and his mother was happy to turn a blind eye to anything but his father's wealth and prestige in the military, so Elliot found ways to make money on the streets, hustling people. After a while, he'd almost managed to save up enough money to put a new hyperdrive in his old-school X-wing. It was almost time for Elliot. Ship Registration Name: T-65 X-Wing (Refurbished) Class: Starfighter Model: T-65 Manufacturer: Incom Corporation Length: 12.5 meters Armaments: N/A Armor: N/A Anti-Personnel Defenses: N/A Modifications: Custom Paint Job, Primed for Custom Hyperdrive Installation Appearance: Retro X-Wing with Black and purple paint job.
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