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  1. Kerriwarr pondered the question, walking through the clusters of debris toward the vessels and following as Master Sarna shifted their trajectory, making for the transport bound to whatever destination awaited them. Truth be told, there was no simple answer to her question. The council of chieftains had made strides towards avoiding war, but the reasons were numerous. He hadn't known their tendency toward peace was outside of the norm, let alone an outlier of some sort. He responded, his gruff vocalizations reverberating off of the stone and rubble around them. "There have been times whereupon we have called for war, and certainly the recent times have not been without their instances of aggression and toil, but as far as I've known, our better sensibilities have always prevailed." he said, reflecting upon the many meetings he had been honored to observe, "The council of chieftains, and our king, have long held Kashyyyk's peace as a high priority. Our trade is a large part of what sustains us. To enter into conflict, bereft of necessary preparations, regardless of how ravaged we become, stifles the potential of that trade. We prioritize our need, and keep our peace. We do not fight back, we endure and survive. As the Wroshyr do." He paused a long moment, contemplating the quality of his response and deliberating over its representation of his people. Assured it was fair, he pressed on. He had his own curiosities, and sought to see them satisfied in due turn. As they boarded the ship, the transport teeming with sick and wounded combatants of the Sovereign, they found their way to a set of empty crates, seating themselves as the ship continued to make ready for departure. "Master, I must admit, my induction has been rather swift. Master Silan's introduction to the Order was not exactly... formal, if I must admit. While I find no fault in her for this, and circumstances have certainly placed their demands upon all of us, I feel as though a more rigorous orientation might be of an order? If I may - and I mean not to overwhelm, considering the situation - I should like some correspondence on our destination, what my role is to be going forward as your protégé, and what your motivations are for taking me, both generally, and more specifically unto this path." he said, his elocuted speech more pronounced as matters turned to business.
  2. Under her instruction, he quickly packed his things, turning to the child as he did so and giving her a nod. Reaching into his bag, he withdrew a small stone bead, carved with a glyph of the Shyriiwook glyph of peace. He placed it into her hand, giving her the stone before wrapping her in a brief embrace. He nodded to another civilian in the area, indicating for her to be taken care of before he rose, putting on his satchel and turning towards the direction Master Sarna walked. He followed his new mentor, listening intently to her words and noting her attitude of reflection and thinking. "Despite the toils she has endured, the Wroshyr prevails. It has not been without its labor to ensure such results, but I am confident that Kashyyyk will continue to thrive." He surveyed the carnage that surrounded them as they walked, reflecting upon the wanton death and destruction which had clearly brought this world to its knees. He paused a moment before speaking once more, "Master Sarna, where shall we begin our work?"
  3. At the words of the woman, the Wookiee bowed his head once more. He acknowledged the responsibility that they now undertook. As caretakers and stewards of a galaxy long broken, it was their responsibility now to foster the growth and health of the world as the galaxy tended its wounds. He stood, bowing low to Master Kirlocca, speaking to him as he walked to join Sandy, "It was an honor to meet you, Master. I look forward to learning from you in the coming times. May the Force be with you." He then turned to Sandy, looking down to her as his mind raced. An opportunity was afoot. An opportunity to put his skills to good use throughout the galaxy, creating a meaningful and profound impact and acquiring no short order of knowledge from an esteemed Master to boot. "It would be an honor to join you, Master Sarna."
  4. The Wookiee bowed his head deeply as she took the berry to her mouth. He could tell from her reaction its effects functioned as he intended. Almost simultaneously, he too heard the crackle of the commlink of the fellow Wookiee and the voice which emanated from it. He listened with keen interest, and as Sandy gave him directions, he bowed his head, capitulating as he withdrew to a meditative state of mind once more, his presence in the Force reflecting such as he began to - not entirely deliberately - flourish in its etheral light. Despite his eyes being closed, his observation could not have been more keen as he peered into their very spectral forms, watching as they poured their essence into the planet. His recognition of the words of the woman were not physically manifested, yet they were heeded nonetheless as he steeped deeper into meditation with her guidance and stewardship. It would undoubtedly seem evident that this, too, was something the Wookiee was somewhat proficient in, even if on a more primal, unrefined level than compared to the Jedi Masters before him. He began another rumbling chant in the ancient and mysterious tongue of the People of the Trees, singing to the grace of the Mother of Life and to the Seeds of Peace as his energy germinated, sprouting and swelling like the climbing branches of a great Wroshyr tree. In this midst of his ritual, the Wookiee attempted to heed the advice of the Master before him, implementing it in due turn as he cast his mind to a place of serenity. The cliffs of Mak'shyyr came to mind. A picturesque grove dominated by a wall of ivy-covered stone, with tranquil lapping falls and fragrant Orga flowers dominating the lapping waters of the pond at their bottom. It seemed only correct to think of such a beautiful locale by which to find his center, and guide the power needed to find the beauty of such a shattered, broken world. With the guidance of Master Sarna and the strength afforded to him through the use of his people's incantations, this ethereal tree began to sprout roots into the very earth below. Kerriwarr fostered his own connections as his presence swelled, linking with such esteemed presences upon the otherwise desolate world as their minds melded to one, coagulant force, blossoming into the very essence of the planet itself and purging it of its darkness. The roots of the Wookiee, seeping into the very presence of the planet, wound through its energies, finding its natural sources of light and illuminating them, like the drooping flowers of the Shi-Shok tree finally blossoming after a long and harsh winter, the Wookiee was the bearer of a warm spring light upon these unblossomed flowers, bringing forth the serenity of a new age of life and fragrance to the world - the Wookiee did not heal the planet, he gave way for the planet to begin to heal itself.
  5. The Wookiee, having concluded the process of healing the wound, seemed to look up with an expression more sunken than before, showing some signs of fatigue as he looked to the Masters before him. It was evident that while he was gifted in his ability, he had faced little demand to build endurance in the process of conducting such rites. He bowed his head once more to them both as they asked their questions, folding his arms before him in his cloak as he looked to the ground before him in reverence to their compliments. He was delighted by their curiosity, and began to explain in kind as he had to many Wookiees throughout his years as a Tree Carer. "It is a ritual taught to me by an one of our most esteemed Carers, and not one common to any of our people, even among the ranks of the Tree Carers. I have been among the few of our kind to be gifted with the necessary abilities to carry out such rituals in recent generations, and as such, have been blessed with knowledge of these sacred rites and the obligation to, eventually, pass them along to those who shall come after me." He reached back into his bag, looking inside the satchel and rummaging through it until withdrawing a simple leather drawstring pouch, opening it and sliding one of its contents into his palm - a round, flaxen berry. He offered it to Sandy, speaking once more, "This is the grape of a Kshyy vine. It will aid you in preventing infection, and perhaps grant you a small amount of energy," he said before looking to Kirlocca, though still speaking more generally, "I am happy to help and be of service to you, Masters."
  6. Kerriwarr stands once more as he notices the aged Wookiee round the corner, meeting eyes with the Master who sat across from him and swapping words. Upon Sandy's introduction, Kerriwarr bowed his head in respect and admiration. Indeed, he had heard of the famed Councilor of his people, and was pleased to finally meet the prestigious figure. "Songs are sung through our trees of your brilliance and prestige, Master Kirlocca. It is an honor and privilege to meet one so esteemed by our people." Finding his seat once more, he examined Sandy's wound, an incredibly deep laceration on her arm, and certainly one that would take a great deal of time to heal unaided, and likely cause some form of long-term issue if not otherwise resolved. Kerriwarr reached into the leather satchel at his side, withdrawing from it a small jar filled with a mint green paste which seemed almost to glow even in the light of the day. Kerriwarr opened the jar, withdrawing a good deal of it upon a massive razor-sharp claw extending from his right hand, using it like a knife to spread butter on the sides of the incision as he spoke to the Jedi Master. "This is a healing poultice derived from the roots of the Saava plant. It will bring you peace and comfort as I begin the healing process." Retracting his claw and using his finger to dab at the poultice, ensuring its complete and total coverage throughout the wound, he placed a hand over the laceration, laying his palm above its deepest portion as he closed his eyes. The cream produced a slight numbing sensation, and ever moreso, a feeling of deep peace and contentment in the Human Master, allowing her to find ever more comfort in her respite from the toil of the day. Kerriwarr waited a long moment before beginning, breathing deeply and centering his consciousness as he prepared for the task at hand. A deep, rumbling growl emanated from the Wookiee as he began to chant softly - as softly as a Wookiee could, anyhow - the words a foreign tongue to the Human, and perhaps even to Kirlocca, seeming to resemble Shyriiwook, but only loosely, harkening a feeling of something far more ancient than the modern trading dialect used by the Wookiees. As the Tree Carer chanted, his form began to pulsate in the Force, one's mind's eye certainly capable of bearing witness to the great and luminous power flowing through him as he channeled its energy into the Jedi Master, utilizing it to stimulate the growth and repair of the damaged tissue. The wound, at a rather rapid rate, found its way shut, and the paste dissolved, the only trace of the wound being the lingering feeling created by the Tree Carer's poultice.
  7. The Wookiee bowed his head once more in recognition of her seniority and position, the numerous beads affixed within the great many braids he sported clacking together like pebbles rolling down a hill. He was relieved that she was not a threat, and his body language reflected that as he relaxed, his shoulders falling from their somewhat scrunched position and his hackles settling as he lowered his guard. "It has been my honor and privilege to aid in our mission, Master Sarna. I am pleased to meet you as well." He looked about the rubble around them, surveying it in short order before he set to work. Settling his staff against a nearby wall, he reached down with his fur-covered hands, and with herculean strength lifted a massive chunk of the rubble, rotating it and affixing it so that its smooth side faced upward - a suitable seat for the ailing Master. He found two others - for him and the child - and set those up as well in short order. Taking a seat, and guiding the child to do so as well, procuring a small woven blanket from the leather satchel he wore at his side and draping it over her miniscule frame. He gestured to the third as his gaze met Sandy's once more. "Please, come rest, and allow me to examine your wounds."
  8. THARNANION'S CHARACTER SHEET [Tharnanion#3056 on Discord] [OOC Notes: I have taken some liberties by keeping the last... century or so of Kerriwarr's life very brief in the biographical section. Details can be expounded upon request, but I was sorely unaware of the age / time system utilized in the forum, and did not feel like writing a century of biographical information. I will certainly expound upon information IRP and in this biography over time, but for the sake of being approved, I think it is functional with the amount of information I currently possess] Identity Real Name: Kerriwarr A.K.A: N/A Homeworld: Kashyyyk Species: Wookiee | Rwook Physical Description Age: 167 Height: 8'4'' | 2.54m Weight: 680lbs | 308kg Hair: Chestnut Brown Eyes: Forest Green Sex: Male [Personal commission - done by Zyfran] A member of the Rwook subspecies of Wookiee, Kerriwarr stands at an impressive height of a muscular build. His chestnut visage is often the visual centerpiece of any interaction or group the master is a part of due to his towering nature. Kerriwarr is duly recognized as a Tree Carer: Both by the accoutrement of flowers and mosses adorning his fur, and the long flowing robes which are characteristic of members his organization. Currently, at one hundred and sixty-seven years of age, Kerriwarr is within the range in his lifespan that is his physical prime, possessing no short order of strength and a level of agility many do not expect. Just as Kerriwarr carries with him an impressive physical impression, so too does the Wookiee appear significantly within the ethereal landscape of the Force. His presence has been described like the arching limbs of a great tree, casting a dappling, serene and tranquil light upon those who stand within his presence. So too, in equal balance to his cascading presence, do those with a more discerning glance sense an incredibly firm, astoundingly deep-rooted grounding within the Force, reflective of over a century of meditation, self-discovery, study, and enlightenment. Conclusively, he can be - and often is - described as looming and tranquil, in identical proportion. Following suit with his looming physical and ethereal visage, so too does the great Wookiee exhibit a most piercing and astute gaze. His keen forest-shaded eyes express a honed disposition, teeming with machinations unknown and a deeply-rooted analysis of all that which they see. Described by his peers - particularly his more mischievous students - as among the keenest and discerning within the Tree Carer's members, it is incredibly rare that one enters Kerriwarr’s presence unnoticed. His gaze is not exclusive to this judicious disposition. Indeed, the Wookiee's ears and nose are just as sharp as his eyes. Kerriwarr's chestnut fur is rarely seen without adornment. Meticulously groomed on a daily basis, the Wookiee often takes the time to sport a wide assortment of beads, stones, feathers, and flora fastened by an assortment of braids within his fur - particularly the fur on his head. He is commonly seen to braid the hair underneath his nose and lips - his approximation of a beard and mustache - though many of the adornments find their way to his approximation of a head of hair and its subsequent braids. Complimenting - and simultaneously opposing - the chestnut body of the Wookiee are his common adornments. While he is known to wear a variety of attire throughout different occasions, his daily wear consists of a pearl-colored linen tunic and tabard, embroidered with a cascading array of floral designs complemented by the unique aspect of his daily attire - the castleton-shaded cloak by which he can be so infamously recognized. In battle, the Wookiee exchanges his unique cloak, opting for a set of Wroshyr wood armor plating of his creation, its surfaces adorned with a series of carved cultural designs and pairs it with a gnarled Wroshyr quarterstaff - which regularly doubles as a hiking aid. Within a ceremonial setting, the Tree Carer dons a drooping cloak - of similar coloration to his normal wear - adorned with an agglomeration of vegetative designs embroidered with fine white and golden accents. Equipment Clothing or Armor: See above. Weapon: Wroshyr Quarterstaff Common Inventory: Wood Carving Tools Carpentry Tools Mechanics Tools Gardening Supplies Personal Journal Meditation Stones Pouch of Wroshyr Cones Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive Archetype: N/A Alignment: Neutral Good Current Faction Affiliation: The Jedi Order Current Faction Rank: Hopeful History Force Side: Light Trained by: Busurra [Woodcarving, artistry], Pyrrhaykk [hunting, outdoor skills] Trained who: N/A Known Skills: Kerriwarr is a skilled woodcarver and has an aptitude for most artistic skills, having spent a majority of his youth partaking in his family trade through sketching, designing, and executing products of his father's craft. Additionally, Kerriwarr possesses skills of hunting, tracking, and fieldcraft like most Wookiees. As a Tree Carer, Kerriwarr is a masterful herbalist and botanist, specializing in the care of the great Wroshyr trees which tower all across the world of Kashyyyk. Background: The genesis of the Wookiee called “Kerriwarr'' found itself in a small hamlet, nestled among the great Wroshyr trees outside of the famed city of Rwookrrorro in a litter of three. The son of the renowned woodcarver Busurra, Kerriwarr was raised in relative comfort among his peers, capitalizing on the wealth of his father’s prestigious artworks. Among his peers in the Mallakkata school, Kerriwarr stood the tallest. A Wookiee of immense size and stature, Kerriwarr’s athleticism was notably impressive, gaining repute among his peers for his seemingly incomprehensibly swift reflexes and hulking degree of strength. As a child, Busurra enrolled his child in a wrestling school, placing Kerriwarr among a class to learn Wruushi, wherein the young Wookiee excelled. Taking an interest in many scholarly pursuits throughout his youth, the young Wookiee became infatuated by the cultures and worlds of the wider galaxy. At the age of ten, Kerriwarr was well-versed with the majority of his hamlet’s library, being hampered only by his lack of familiarity with Galactic Basic - something that he was not taught as a child. During his youth, Kerriwarr also fostered no short order of interest with his father’s craft, taking to Busurra’s workshop and being stewarded by the master carver at any and all moments. Learning the tools of the trade and trying his hand at more than a few artworks of his own, the young Wookiee was clearly a natural, endowed with the gifts of his progenitors. As a result of his many gifts, Kerriwarr quickly developed an entitled sense of ego, becoming somewhat of a braggart and a bully. Ostracizing his companions to no end, his father was ambivalent to his behavior unless it bore fruit he was forced to contend with. His mother Srrryanna, however, took great issue with the sour reputation her son had fostered. After one particularly nasty altercation wherein the young Wookiee had pummeled an opponent after a Wruushi match, Srrryanna took to her son with a relentless verbal assault before all of his peers, harshly chastising and humiliating the young Wookiee to the point of tears. From that point onward, Kerriwarr learned his lesson. Carefully monitored by his mother for any bad behavior, Kerriwarr matured into a kind, compassionate young Wookiee. At ten years of age, he had corrected his egotistical tendencies, leaning towards a humble, quiet, intelligent disposition and a guiding friend to his peers, aiding them where his repertoire of talents allowed. Upon the Wookiee’s thirteenth birthday, his coming-of-age ceremony was an order. Having dedicated some time to practice with the various weaponry of his people, including the famed bowcasters and ryyk blades, the village elders considered him ready to begin his training for the Hrrtayyk ceremony. Taken out by one of the locally renowned hunters, Pyrrhaykk, Kerriwarr was taken to the shadowlands. It was on the dark forest floor of Kashyyyk that Pyrrhaykk taught Kerriwarr a great deal about weaving ropes, setting up tents, and other important skills within the realm of fieldcraft. Additionally, Pyrrhaykk’s mentorship pertained to the realm of hunting. Learning how to find clean water, forage the correct plants and insects, and distinguishing them from the poisonous ones. Furthermore, Kerriwarr learned from Pyrrhaykk how to properly stalk and hunt, killing a notable three Katarn among his hunts in the shadowlands, along with a slew of Wyyyschokks. It was during this hunt that the pair, after some two months in the shadowlands, looked up and saw the ethereal white underbelly of a Shyyyo bird through the wisping canopies of the forest. It was at this moment that Pyrrhaykk declared that Kerriwarr had found his Rraktorr, and they returned to the village. The time for his true ascension had begun. Upon his return, Kerriwarr was given his supplies for the Hrrtayyk: An impressively crafted pair of Ryyk Blades, and a beautifully carved bowcaster by his father, and a necklace of Kshyy vine ornamented with local flowers. The newly adorned young Wookiee was then redeployed along the Rryatt trail, sent to the shadowlands for his ascension. Approaching the Well of the Dead from the Rryatt trail, his first task was to collect the vine of the Syren plant. Whether out of an egotistical statement of overconfidence or a desire to prove himself, he insisted on completing the first portion of his Hrrtayyk on his lonesome. As he approached the great Syren plant, he held his breath and stepped lightly. Reaching upward and with blinding speed, he leapt over the plant, ripping out as much of the fiber as he possibly could in the process just as the jaws of the plant snapped closed. Stumbling away in fear, he looked to his hands, where some several meters of the fibers rest in his hands. He had succeeded in the first part of his Hrrtayyk. The second, however, would prove to be far less trivial for the young Wookiee. The second section of his ceremony consisted of the greatest trial of a Hrrtayyk ceremony: climbing a Wroshyr tree from bottom to top. Even being a skilled and swift climber - thanks to the teachings of Pyrrhaykk’s guidance, his ascension took him three days, and throughout the course of it the boy had to fend off several of the native fauna, including a particularly nasty encounter with a pack of Wyyyschokks as he climbed a particularly steep part of the great Wroshyr tree. The boy barely escaped the venomous spiders, relying on the bowcaster immensely. As Kerriwarr reached the top of the tree, he set out to create a beacon for the observers to see him and to prove his completion of the ceremony. He found a flat divot in the top of the tree, and started assembling wood in the center of it. He created a small campfire, and despite his best attempts, he couldn’t manage to get enough air through the crevice in order to keep the fire sustainable. As his frustration grew, he eventually settled on his knees in front of his small campfire, watching it slowly die. He wanted so badly for the wind to carry the fire into a blazing inferno. The longer he concentrated on it, he started to feel a slight breeze. As he continued to shape the wind through the small depression in the tree, the breeze picked up into small, precise bursts of air that sent the campfire ablaze. Believing it to be a miracle, Kerriwarr rejoiced. He had succeeded in his Hrrtayyk. Returning from the great tree to his village, he was met with jubilance. Given the miraculous nature of his success, it was the historic Order of the Tree Carers that took great interest in him. Following the typical celebrations, he was approached by the Carers and given an offer to join them as an apprentice of their organization. Elated, Kerriwarr enthusiastically accepted their offer. Over a lifetime of training, teaching, and cultivating - supplemented by no short order of hiding and fleeing of the Imperial wrath and its consequences, wherein Kerriwarr secluded himself from known society to preserve the Tree Carers' vault of cones - later, Kerriwarr continues as an influential, stern leader of the organization, supervising a great deal of the efforts to restore the now tarnished Kashyyyk back to her former glory.
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