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  1. Basi


    Basi had spent the ride training, meditating, listening and learning. His mind reeling as it so often did however when training with the saber and developing his form and technique he was at peace, calm and tranquility even. Upon entering orbit he did remove the vision obscuring gear and turned off the training saber handing it back to be put away. Closing his eyes inhaling deeply and focusing, a few moments later his eyes snapped open and he shuddered as if struggling with something. "Yes Master I do feel it, the dark side...it's so thick I'm almost choking on it." Basi let that light wash over him feeling the warmth he sighed happily, smiling back at Leena he nodded to her. "Yes Master as you say." With that he focused letting the light fill the crystal and when it was glowing he gave a soft smile and stowed it away. Looking between the other three he waited a moment before responding. "Been to Byss no I can't say I have. As far as looking serious that's not a problem for me, I was a soldier after all, well a fighter pilot the demeanor is relatively the same." With his small piece spoken Basi shook his head trying to clear away the memories of his time in the cockpit, dog fights and the death and destruction he'd seen. This did however cause his facial features to grow serious as he looked to Sandy and awaited their instructions. He gave his gear one last once over making sure the broken lightsaber hilt was hidden under his leather jacket and his blaster was ready to go and holstered upon his hip.
  2. Basi


    Basi Listened and indeed handed over the hilt to @Leena Kil. His eyes on her every last move and gesture. Nodding his head as she spoke about Katas and the beauty of martial ways and the way of the blade in particular. Watching in awe as Leena went through the sweeping movements and the like. "Yes the blade is a beautiful and dangerous thing. The movements elegant and potentially lethal. Though when used to channel you're energies a most effective way to calm the mind." Basi says with a smile reminiscing while still observing and paying attention. The Togruta laughs at the mention of weird rituals and keeping them he nods though he makes no mention of if he had one or not and what it may or may not be. Though the mention of taking comfort in practicing the martial skills he nods his head. "You're right master most ancient martial arts are the same or at the very least have a common background. Ours isnt so different from the Sarlacc." Basi says with a nod of his head as he takes the saber hilt back. "Ours just goes with a more high guard style!" He says excitedly before taking a breath calming and centering himself he let's go and the Togruta let's the force guide his movements the best he can. He starts to mimick the low guard Leena showed him but his right hand brings that hilt up over his head angled sideways as his body turns to face the direction of the /tip/ of the blade. Slowly he does his best to mimic her movements getting most of them accurate or relatively close to it always returning to that high guard. Basi can feel the connection his master forged with him. And through that she can feel just how calm, focused and clear his mind is. That if nothing else this...this was his place of balance and calm...his Zen as it were.
  3. Basi


    Basi nods his head and rises with Leena his mind only on the lesson being taught and the next task to perform. "I am not fretting Master Leena, I figured that I wouldn't be successful at everything the first attempt at it. It was more frustration at myself for letting my excitement distract me from my task and concentration, I should know better by now." The Togruta chuckles to himself while still listening to the wisdom his Master has to offer. "Peace and a clear mind allows one to connect to the force and for the force to flow through and use one as a conduit, but silencing the voices of ones past, healing the mind and the soul from things one wishes they could unsee, and desires nothing more than to take back actions they wish they can undo, is easier said than done. But that's not to say it's impossible the first step is desire and willingness to learn how to let go and embrace a new life, a new world." Basi says thoughtfully as his hands go behind his back clasping as if in parade rest while theyre walking. His eyes show clearly the pain and trauma he's seen and the horrors he'd witnessed yet there was a light a calmness there as if he'd made peace with those sins already perhaps long ago even. Leena's question gets a raised brow as he nods his lekku twitch slightly in confusion until she finishes the explanation. "Aye I was a Military man, kill or be killed was common, righteous fury more common still. Discipline was a must comeraderie, no one gets left behind everyone comes home alive or dead. The art of war and the science of strategy but of course combat too. See so many others were more taken with the fighting and taking down the enemy. Not me, no no i was into the psychological, and spiritual aspect of things. Healing the mind and soul, bridging the gap between us and the enemy, finding common ground to try and bond over to maybe stop the senseless violence and blood shed. And of course as a medic patching up anyone friend or foe who wound up in my vicinity." The Togrutan apprentice states to his master his words holding sincerity truth and conviction before moving on to the next portion. "Aye but it's not just the military. Any job that one has where power and authority over people can lead to life or death, wealth or poverty, sickness or health, freedom or incarceration all can teach lessons that would be beneficial for both the Jedi and the Sith, for Light and Dark must both exist we can't have one without the other yes? But a light beacon will guide one through the darkness if one follows it." The apprentice follows his master thinking over his next words before speaking. "You have my word Master Leena, I will stick beside you and Master Sarna while on Falleen. I can promise you i will be mindful of the darkness that may come from my old life, but i promise you this i will not give into emotion. I will not think like a soldier again...as you say I'm a Jedi now no longer military." The question of his martial training has him smiling and he's all to happy to speak on what he can. He does however slow his pace briefly. "As a combat pilot no, i was not taught all of that, though in truth most of that is not needed when fighting in and from an X-Wing yea? However growing up i was tought the martial ways, katas, and weapons common to the Togruta for generations, my father a warrior and hunter my mother a warrior and politician so I did gain a love for the beauty, peace and tranquility that comes with the martial arts." Basi says softly, calmly and truthfully rather serenely the question about the saber has him pull his jacket aside revealing the damaged saber behind his blaster. "Aye I have it on me is that of importance now? Should I not?" The Togruta asks with concern in his voice had he done something wrong? He just didn't want to leave the saber behind where something might happen to it.
  4. Basi


    Basi took another deep breath and focused on his task. Yes he was able to put the trauma and terror and the darker feelings of the battle field behind him. It took effort but it wasn't anything he wasn't already trained for compartmentalizing burying tucking these emotions deep down where they'd never be dug up again by anyone. So yes he was able to rather quickly wrestle it back down and into its compartment. The praise from his master had him beaming a bright smile, proud to be making her proud of him. Knowing that Leena was seeing his triumphs thus far just fueled him with a deeper desire to succeed further to make Master Leena more proud of him still Following her words and her guidance....direction. He nods his head to her words and speaks softly. "Yes Master Leena, one should not lose focus because of one triumph. That is a rather quick way to lose the victory you fought to earn." Basi states softly and its at that point that he smiles and stretches his hand out. Reaching out with the force yet again, the Togruta's mind focused on the task. Closing his eyes at first he could feel the warmth and energy flowing through his fingers. He could feel the love and adoration of the people around him flowing into him and through him all of the positive feelings washing over him gives him a renewed vigor a sense of accomplishment a sense of helping those in need always filled him with pride. Once Leena let go of the Crystal Basi stretched out more with the force. The crystal glowing brighter, Basi smiles and redoubled his efforts and the stone floats for a minute or two before falling Though still glowing. "Damn so close....so very very close! I almost had it! Damn it." The Togrutan man grumbles looking at Leena he sighs looking rather disappointed.
  5. Basi


    Basi listened he didn't say anything at the moment. Truth be told wasn't much he felt he could or should say. So smiling and nodding his head he looked forward, a new life a new world though still the same it felt different to him some how. Perhaps knowing that he could use the force, maybe that had changed his perspective and view on life and the world, or rather galaxy. Following Leena he did indeed sit cross legged opposite her. "I whom have never used the force consciously before today, you think I can do that? Make this crystal glow? Well I'll do mu best Master Leena, I'll try." He says with a gusto and happiness that might be out of place here. Though he takes the crystal in his hands he does think on some of what Leena has said. "Falleen No Master I havent heard of what's going on there, though I've heard of the world and seen it on star charts and the like. So I should keep my blaster close then?" His mind now back on the turmoil and destructive nature of war, the horrors he'd seen the friends he'd lost on the ground and in the sky. Tears started to fill his eyes how many of those lives could he have saved if he'd known about his abilities and what he was. But no that was the past and it would stay there, he'd remember the faces and make a promise to them, he'd become a jedi and he'd make sure he spent the rest of his days doing everything he could to save those who were sick, injured and dying. Those were the last full thoughts he had before clearing his mind and reaching out with the force. Feeling the good in hearts, feeling the warmth and compassion, the love and comraderie the deep devotion they had to themselves and those around them. All of this filled Basi with joy and warmth, wonder and compassion his eyes wide as he focused on the stone channeling the energy watching it flow through him and the crystal beginning to glow a deep blue. "Master Leena, Master Leena Im doing it do you see? I've done it, at least part way yes??" The Togruta's excitement contagious and infectious as he laughs in his small Victory. Basi looks between Leena and the Crystal and still can't believe what he's done. This was an adventure one he was happy to take.
  6. Basi


    "A pleasure to meet you Master Leena Kil. And I understand, don't attempt to use the force in an unnatural way by trying to control it. You're saying use its strength and power that the living force lends use. To work with it as a partner and friend yes?" Basi says thoughtfully the last part a question to his new master. "The will of the Force you mean to tell me the force has a mind of its own doing things for reasons most will never understand?" The Togruta laughs at the banter back and forth amongst the friends and then listens closer as Leena explains more and what his role and next tasks are smiling he nods and taps the hilt. "It's broken and doesn't or will not work. So no need to worry about me using it before I am trained how to. So scruffy gruff spacer gear I'm in. Got it my rank and position in the Alliance is non existent for this mission, I'm with the Jedi Order and Master Leena I am serious about wanting to train and be a Jedi." With that he gives a bow of his head to Sandy and Keenava. "It was truly a pleasure to meet you both it appears as though I have shopping to do, I'll see you all at the landing pad, I look forward to working with you all." With that Basi took off out of the mess booking it towards his ship. His mind racing, mere hours ago he was just a resistance pilot albeit a damn good one and there were quite a few near misses that neither anyone else nor he himself could explain how he'd pulled off surviving. But he did and he was here. The togruta had always dreamed he was destined for something bigger and better something more. And now here was his chance, his chance to make the Galaxy better. He'd train to be a Jedi and he'd be the best Jedi he could. As he gathers his gear and changes realizing shopping wasn't necessary he had a civilian outfit that looked ragged and scruffy, a dusty dirty beat up well worn black and brown leather jacket black trousers fingerless gloves and boots. His hip holster on his belt holding his blaster keeping the broken lightsaber there he pats it again and lowers his jacket over it as he thinks back to that battle on Nar Shadda. His memories take him back to that night even then not knowing how he survived massively outmanned and out gunned. Yet some how they'd always miss or wouldn't notice Basi until he pulled the trigger. Blasting as many as he could to get away to escape. Finding the young Jedi, firing a shot or two into the sky, trying to save him as the Togrutan resistance pilot yelled and yelled for help though none would come. His last act of kindness and honor was to lay that saber hilt in his hand let him die the warrior he was. That boys death will haunt him as the one he couldn't save for years to come. But his search for the Jedi to return the saber had led him here now and from that nightmare this, hope a new life. Now he could train as a Jedi and in that boys memory carry on the fight he so valiantly gave his life for. Shaking his head to clear it of these thoughts Basi headed to the Landing area. Looking around finding no one there he heads for the Foreman asking for Master Leena, when the foreman hands him the crystal almost immediately Basi felt the warmth and energy coming from the crystal. "Where could Master Leena be and why this crystal?" The Togruta asks himself. "Ah a test perhaps. Perhaps Im supposed to find her like...the game we played as kids trying to find all the others after having closed our eyes and everyone hid...what's the name of that game... Oh well." With that he stops and thinks and it dawns on him, he's not looking with his eyes...no no this test is about...trust. Concentrating as hard as he can he starts to wander in a direction in the general way of Leena clutching the crystal and doing his best to trust the force to lead him to his master.
  7. Basi


    Basi looked to Leena rather confused by some if what she said. "Yes Master I agree the Horrors of war are lost on none and that it affects all even if they have yet to realize it. The terror, the devastation and destruction, leaves many feeling tires, hopeless, angry and vengeful possibly even hateful. But as long as there are you Jedi, and those of us who aren't but wish to fight and defend justice, and freedom, a path of light forward through that darkness of war I think the path to healing will be easier to find and tread." The Togruta says with a soft smile. The spinning hilt gets his attention and the remainder of Leena's words hit him and run through his brain his mind replaying so many events rapid fire, his reflexes, his ability to see things before they happen, though untrained and not all the time. Things he chalked up to a little luck and a whole lot of skill now he was re-evaluating and he stopped and stared at Leena for a moment his four Lekku twitching. Reaching out to the offered hilt and pommel taking it from her holding it and staring at it for a moment before clipping it back to his belt next to his blaster and bowing his head. "Are you saying I'm Force Sensitive that I'm to be trained as a Jedi? Is that How I'm to memorialize him and carry on in his place? There is no greater purpose than to honor what is lost and defend what is left, every weapon, is a tool that should be used sparingly and with the lightest touch. I for one would be honored and grateful to be taught and trained in the jedi ways." Basi's eyes flit between Sandy and Keenava giving the latter a smile and a nod before looking to Sandy and bowing his head. "I'm not a Jedi... at least not that ive been told yet but I'm honored and willing to go along on this mission should you all desire."
  8. Basi


    Basi looked to Leena a smile on his lips as he was addressed. Had Nar Shadda broken his spirit, no... He still wanted to do what was right and defend the people protect them. "Reassigned? Thank you ma'am but why me?" The question is one that had plagued him since first receiving the comm. The nod to the broken hilt has him looking at it and shaking his head softly as he's asked. "Kill a Jedi...No Ma'am while fighting my way back to my X-Wing I saw a figure prone on the ground gasping bleeding and reaching for this, he taps the hilt. I fired a shot to try and get some extra help as I started rendering field aid. I did everything I could every thing in my power as a medic to save that young Jedi, I placed the hilt in his hand so I could give him the right to die with honor as a warrior. Once he passed I took it and brought it with me in an attempt to find you all and possibly return it to his master if not to the jedi as a whole a way to memorialize the young man." The Togrutan man sighs and removes the hilt from his belt offering it to Leena or Sandy to take as he drops to his knees holding it up. "I'm deeply sorry about the loss of your Jedi and especially one so young, I wish I could have done more to save him." The second part of the question gets him raising a brow and his Lekku twitched. "Know how to use it? No. Heavy burden? Undertaken, the burden to undertake is protecting and defending the innocent, keeping the peace even at the risk of my own life." He looks around for a moment and takes the seat Leena offered him. Looking between the Trio he stays quiet for a moment. "Accompany the Jedi you say it'd be my honor. And as for what I can fly, if it has engines and wings and all I can fly it!"
  9. Basi


    Basi had receive the notification that the Jedi wanted to see him. He took leave from his squadron and got into his X-Wing, taking a deep breath he looked at the broken lightsaber hilt hanging from his belt next to his pistol. sighing the Togruta hoped he wasn't in trouble for taking it from where he found it. Firing up the engines and punching in the coordinates in the Navicomputer he took off and headed for Ylesia. His thoughts flooding his mind with the possibilities of what might happen when he arrives there. After what seemed like forever he entered the planets orbit and slowly landed. Talking with some people to find out where he was headed after disembarking his X-Wing Basi was directed to and led into the Mess hall taking a deep breath he cleared his throat and spoke. "My apologies Masters, but I received a message about needing to be seen. My name is Basi Byleen, and I hope I'm not interrupting anything." The Togruta male says with a hopeful smile.
  10. Identity Real Name: Basi Byleen A.K.A: Bas Homeworld: Shili Species: Togruta Physical Description:Slightly above average height, and a decently toned and muscular build. The Red and white Togrutan male, has two long Montrals and four lekku. Commonly seen in an alliance flightsuit with medkit and a blaster pistol hanging from his belt. Age: 21 Height: 5'10" Weight: 165lbs Hair: None. Long white Montrals and 4 lekku with red stripes. Eyes: Blue Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Alliance Flight Suit Weapon:B20 Field Survival Blaster Pistol and a Broken Lightsaber Common Inventory: Comlink, Cred stick and a Medkit. Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: FU Archetype: Jedi Consular Alignment: Chaotic Good Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Current Faction Rank: Hopeful History Force Side: Light Trained by: N/A Trained who: N/A Known Skills: Piloting, Medic training, Blasters, hand to hand combat, Navigation, Hunting, Tracking, Vibroblade. Stealth, Survivalist. Background: Basi was born on Shili his father was a warrior and hunter, his mother a politician and also an excellent huntress. They started his education early on seeing that he excelled at feats of coordination and speed. But also that his mind was always moving curiosity and an eagerness to learn how things worked and what they did drove him further. In his free time he loved learning the ways of the blade and blaster from his father, and the lessons from both his parents on hunting and survival in the mountainous homeland they had. Reaching his adolescent years he took interest in Piloting and navigation of starships, learning as much as he could about these topics and putting them to use. By his young adult years he was already one of the best pilots they had. This however is also where he made his discovery of his fascination for Biology, anatomy and Physiology and things of a medical nature. By the time he turned 18 Basi took off and signed up with the Alliance as a fighter pilot flying missions for two years he didn't realize the Jedi had been watching him and his progress, a year later he found a broken a lightsaber and after receiving a comm to come to meet with the Jedi he sped off to get to them. Ship Registration Name: Class: X-Wing Model: T-70 Manufacturer: Incom Frei-tech Length: 12.49 meters Armaments: Quad Laser cannons, Proton Torpedo Launcher Armor: Heavily Armored Anti-Personnel Defenses: Anti Infantry blaster deployable from the undercarriage. Modifications: Long Range communications array. Appearance: Black with Red and blue accents.
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