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  1. Bernon Mrrgwharr had finally finished fighting, but there were more things it seemed he needed to attend. His Sith Master was gone for now, and he would look after the place alongside the other Sith until he returned. His secondary Sith Master Darth Akheron had an insubordinate Apprentice to deal with. He should follow him and watch, he thought. After all, he would learn from both of these Sith during the encounter. He sheathed his Limnal Blade and followed Darth Akheron, and while he did not know if Darth Dictum would follow or not, it didn't matter to him. If he chose to learn from this than good for him, or perhaps he had nothing to learn, whatever the case, he was his own man, and Bernon was focused on his own training, not Darth Dictum's. He followed Darth Akheron until he stopped near his Apprentice. The Apprentice Solus was formidable, and it was possible he would fight his Master. However, he figured that it would be a lesson for Solus, rather than a victory. If he planned to fight a Master Sith Warrior in single combat whenever he was an Apprentice Sith Assassin, it was unlikely that he would find victory. However, he never knew what the Droid-Sith was capable of. He chose to stay silent during the encounter, this was not something he should intervene in, unless ordered to do otherwise. He watched as his secondary Master spoke to his Apprentice, and he waited to see what would happen during this encounter. While he waited and watched he also thought to himself, as he often did. He began to wonder if his Master had approved of his prowess in battle against the spirits. It should never be too hard for a Sith to fight undead spirits, however, he was an Apprentice, and he tested his blade against theirs. He could only hope that his Master approved of the way he fought, and his success in battle. He had been hit during the battle, however, he was still learning, and he would make sure that he did not repeat those mistakes once more. He would contemplate on his failures and his successes, because if he didn't, he would not be able to improve, and he would repeat those failures again. He hadn't been paying attention too much to it recently, given all that had been going on. However, now that he was less distracted, he began to notice the cold temperatures here. It was slightly uncomfortable, but he was tough and hardy, it didn't cause much of a problem for Apprentice Bern. He began to also contemplate on his transitions to becoming a Sith. He started out as a mere man, trained in the art of a mercenary. However, he had found out about his Force Sensitivity, and he had, unlike many, chosen the path of true power, the Sith. His ideals and personality fit in with them. He had transitioned not just mentally in the knowledge he gained from the Dark Book. He had also transitioned physically. If someone who knew him before looked at him now, he would be unrecognizable except for his formidable physical strength and size. Everything from his eye color to his skin coloration to his hairstyle had changed. It truly showed that he was no longer just Bernon Mrrgwharr the man. He was Bernon Mrrgwharr the Sith, and he allowed himself to feel pride for that.
  2. Bernon Mrrgwharr readied himself as the enemy wraiths closed ranks around himself. He unsheathed his Limnal Blade and held it out before him, in a fighting stance. He was excited and eager to test his new combat skills against such monstrous foes. The surrounding wraiths jumped at him three at a time. One clawed towards his neck, but his hand was torn from his arm with a well-placed cut from his Dark weapon. He sliced upwards at the next, cutting him down without hesitation. The third was a bit more intelligent than the other feral-like undead around him, looking to pluck out his eyes with its clawed fingers. Yet it was never, and it never will be, a match for a Sith. The undead wraith struck, and it pounced on him, right before Apprentice Bern moved out of the way and cut down upon the now prone enemy. This was like a combat exercise to him, and it was quite invigorating. He looked around for a short time to see how the others were faring. However he didn't have time to stop to watch the show, for he was in it. Three more wraiths moved on his position, each attempting to cut, prod, and grasp with their clawed fingers. They were sliced into, decapitated, and stabbed with his Limnal Blade, each falling soon enough. He was a bit more tired now, but he was a Sith, and these were feral wraiths, he would outlast them, he must outlast them. Another set of wraiths attacked, one holding some sort of spectral sword, however clumsy it was with the weapon, the sight of it distracted him enough to allow both the other wraiths to cut at his back. He grimaced in pain, then spun around to cut both down rather fast. The two being able to strike at him was his own fault, a mistake he would keep in mind, and one he would not allow himself to repeat. At least the wounds would heal, they were temporary, and reminders of what failure in combat offers. The pain would toughen him further, and it would drive him to succeed in a battle such as this. He let his passions take control of him even more than before, allowing his anger and hatred of the wraiths to become heightened. This would fuel the Darkness, and this Darkness would allow a Sith such as he to succeed. After a few parries and strikes, the enemy who was clumsy with the blade fell to his own. His passion invigorated him, fueled him, and his tiredness was almost no longer there, his stamina and energy had been refueled, and he most certainly was ready whenever the next strike came. He also was aware that his Master would be paying attention to this fight, and that especially with him here, he had everything to prove, so he would do his best in slaughtering these damned souls. The next group of three struck at him, and each had a spectral blade. All of them were still clumsy with the weapon, but now they all had blades, and they outnumbered him. It would be a real challenge this time, it seemed. After a bit of a drawn out fight, one of the wraiths lost his weapon, and his hand, then bled out. The next was unable to stand up to a flurry of blows from him, and his chest and neck were cut, striking that one down as well. The final one was the easiest, and he saved him for last, this one was killed with a stab to where his heart would be. He would continue to fight until all were put down.
  3. Bernon Mrrgwharr was quickly torn from the world of Astral death. Whenever he came out with Darth Dictum, Darth Akheron, and Krath Inmortos, the boiling blood around him burned his form, but it was just another pain, one that would make him tougher. It did add to his scars, those scars would heal, unlike his finger, however. He soon came to his senses and bowed before his Master. He did not speak, they were completed with the ritual, and he was ready for his next orders. He was excited for his next bit of training, and the power that was certain to come with it. He smiled as the four Sith stood together, an unstoppable, immortal, quartet of Sith. He then stood and bowed before his other Master, Darth Akheron. When he rose he began to think to himself, as he often did. Apprentice Bern was just that, an Apprentice, standing amongst a Sith Lord and Sith Masters, he felt as if he stood out here. Like he almost didn't belong here, however, that didn't matter. It was just doubt in his mind, and doubt was an emotion often meant to be ignored. He was a Sith Apprentice, true, but one day he would rank among these powerful Lords and Masters. He was doing pretty well for a Sith Apprentice of the Warrior Archetype and a follower of the Wisdom of the Blade. He had a Limnal Blade, a great weapon indeed. From the Dark Book he learned, he also received much training. This was certainly a great start for him and his type of Sith. He was quite proud of himself, however, he made sure not to let his pride overcome him. He was still young, he was no Master. He assumed that Solus the Sith Assassin and Apprentice would be here soon as well, given his Master's return. This should be interesting. Two Sith Warriors, two Sith Assassins, and a Sith Sorcerer. Funny, this was the Sorcerer's world, and he was outnumbered by every other class of Sith here. He often wondered what this world once was, what it was like. However, it likely was a weak civilization that had been overcome and defeated by the strength of the Dark Side. Whoever once lived here likely fought against the Sith, and paid in much blood. This world was a testament to the power of the Dark Side and the futility of the attempt to resist such power. No Jedi or Imperial Knight, or so he believed, could dare to take on such power and ever truly succeed in their efforts. As far as he knew, the Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant had joined forces and become the Sovereign Alliance. The Sovereign Alliance had its military, law code, and Emperor. It most likely controlled the majority of the Galaxy by now. If the Sith had lost the worlds of Falleen and Korriban to them, it certainly wouldn't be good for the morale or the Sith themselves. Bernon only could hope that the Sith could recover from these losses. But leading the Sith was not his job, and he wasn't even ready to partake in their war yet, at least he didn't think he would be allowed to. No, such was not his business yet. He should stay focused on succeeding in his training before partaking in such matters. He looked around at all of the Sith gathered here, and patiently awaited his next orders.
  4. Bernon Mrrgwharr allowed his pride to swell up as he heard of his victory. His feelings on the loss at Falleen were minor, as it was only important to Darth Akheron. The Sith would rise again, they didn't need Falleen to do it, at least not yet. He accepted his Master's wishes. He did not speak, and he grabbed his hands. The feelings around him changed as his surroundings turned into the Astral Force Plane. He looked around himself and thought of what he should say. He knew that what he must say would anger Darth Akheron, who was his Master. However, it would serve to make him rise again, and hopefully, he would not try to murder him for what he said once he returned. This was the Plane of Death, where people went when weakness claimed their form. He would use that idea to provoke his Master to anger. He reached out to Akheron's soul and hoped for him to listen. "I call out to you, my Master, my pitiful Master, unworthy of the title of Darth, so I shall call you simply Akheron." He waited a few moments before speaking again. "You failed us, the Sith, at Falleen, and if you cannot even fight and succeed in defending your ambitions, then why do you think you have the right to be called Sith?" He let out a mocking set of laughter. "You are foolish, you have failed yourself, your Apprentice, and your Order, the Sith!" He paced around for a bit longer, thinking of what to say next. "You are a weak Warrior, and those have no place among us. Do you know what this realm is? It is the place your soul finds refuge when weakness claims your form, and that is why we will never remember you, or your disgracefulness." He let a cruel smile play across his lips, then spoke once more. "I, an Apprentice, a mere Apprentice, stand in success where you stand in failure! I am the Warrior that will replace you! You have failed!" He could only hope what he had said would make Darth Akheron chase after him. He would continue to wait until he came about. For now, however, he thought for a bit, as he often did. If the battle on Falleen had failed, then that would mean more than just a few repercussions for the Sith. They could have defeated both Darth Akheron and Darth Mavanger. Darth Akheron was a great Warrior, and hopefully, he would return soon enough, but if Darth Mavanger was killed, did he have the same ability to return? He did not know the answer to these questions. All he could do was focus on his studies and become a great Sith. He continued to wait for Darth Akheron to show his face, and he prepared himself. He was fast, but he didn't know he his strength would allow him to be faster than Darth Akheron. His Master knew what he was doing, and if he didn't think he could survive this, he probably wouldn't have given him the task. The wait seemed like it was endless, yet it was in truth more like a few minutes. Soon, the wait would give way to a chase, and he would participate further in the Dark resurrection of Darth Akheron. He was certainly both willing and wanting Darth Akheron to stay alive, as he was his secondary Master, and he would provide him with the knowledge that would make him far stronger than he already is. Darth Akheron would return to life, and through him and Krath Inmortos, he would gain much power.
  5. As he entered the Library, he had finally come upon what he believed to be the last test. He watched as the Sith Lord was swallowed up by the Dark Book. Bernon Mrrgwharr was a Sith, and he had gotten this far, he would lose an arm for this power, a finger was nothing for this knowledge. Of course, he would sacrifice the most useless one. Entering his left hand's pinky finger, he felt the inner machinations of the lock move. The pain was excruciating, it was not going to be quickly cut. For now, he could hold in his scream, refusing to bend or break, and refusing to remove his hand from the lock. Not that he could, however, as his finger was locked in place now. However slowly it started at first, it began speeding up. More pain built up in him, the Dark Side amplifying such pain, but the pain would serve to make him stronger. The lock strangely cut his finger, the blade started on the outside, as usual, but it was an inward spiral effect, cutting his finger from all sides, rather than the way a guillotine would cut off a head, for example. It sped up until eventually, it reached the bone. The Dark Power seemed to sow his finger in a way, cauterizing the wound so that it would not bleed any further once it was off. A blood price was to be paid, but he would not be left to lose too much. The point of this test was to endure more pain and suffering and to test if he was willing to sacrifice for this power, which he was most certainly willing to do. It was not just blood price, it had a more metaphorical meaning than something as simple as just that. Soon, the finger was fully cut off, and the Sith Warrior could hold in his pain no longer. He screamed in anguish, for several minutes, until he finally came back to his senses. He wiped the tears of pain from his eyes. He had finally passed this test and no matter how many fingers he lost, no matter how much his mind anguished, he had become stronger, and this book would further that training. He had ambition, maybe too much, but for a Sith, too much ambition was non-existent. The Book soon opened as the lock accepted his sacrifice. And the knowledge, through Dark Sith Sorcery and Power, leaped, in a way, from the tomes, and gave the knowledge to him. It was much to bear, the full prospect of this knowledge entering his mind was almost too much. He had dealt with too many strikes to his mind and body, and he finally began to give in. He soon passed out from the pain. His mind was plagued with nightmares as his mind fully came to accept and understand the new teachings, and for nearly three-quarters of an hour, he anguished. But soon after, he awoke, his mind had taken in the knowledge. He now knew much more about the Sith, the Path of the Warrior, and the Wisdom of the Blade. It definitely was not Sith Lord-level training, but it was beginning, he was trained decently now as an Apprentice with this knowledge, and through future tests and training, he would gain the knowledge to become one of the Sith Lords. This was the beginning of him and his power. His physical transformation in the Dark Side was complete, his skin was incredibly pale, as well as his veins were nearly pitch black. His eyes were yellow, and his hair was gone. His left pinky finger was missing, he was Sith.
  6. Bernon Mrrgwharr, the Sith Apprentice of the Sith Master Krath Inmortos, the secondary Apprentice of Darth Akheron, and the Sith Warrior, felt nearly helpless, yet somehow still powerful, as his mind was continuously almost shattered. This new illusion would teach Apprentice Bern how easily the Force could be controlled and accessed. The power of a Sith Lord coursed through him, and he felt like he could not contain it, it was a power he had not yet earned. It was a Dark Power that he thought he was not ready for, and yet, a power that he would obtain one day. He soon noticed his Limnal Blade in the door, confused at how it got there. However, he still had the weapon in his hands, though this illusion prevented him from realizing it. He began to walk towards the doors, seeking to obtain his blade from the door's clutches. As he followed the doors, he noticed that they continued to recede, as if they were running from him. He began to walk faster towards it, the fast walking quickly turning into a jog, then a run, then into a sprint. He chased down these doors in the illusion, feeling as if he would never reach his destination as if he would never open the doors as if he would never regain his blade. He continued to follow it as hopelessness seeped into his mind. He soon could take it no longer as he reached out into the darkest depths of his mind, and released Dark Side energy, in the form of a scream. The concept of mortality soon found its way into the doors, and he felt the illusion washing away and realized the blade was still in his hands. He fell to his knees, his mind becoming both strengthened from the trials, and temporarily weakened, from the constant suffering of his mind here. He began to recover himself, strengthening his mind once more in case of another attack upon it. Once he was completed, he stood once more, and he held out the Limnal Blade in his hands, waiting to see what would happen. He now understood the full capability of what he could do with the Force, and how when he obtained its power, how easily it could be accessed. This whole ordeal had been a trial for him, and he knew it was a test, and a lesson, that was certainly not over. He prepared himself, hoping that the doors would soon be opened, and hoping that he would finally reach the power that lay just beyond. Soon, he would have the Library's secrets, and he would gain the ultimate power from it, the power of the Dark Side.
  7. Bernon Mrrgwharr listened as the Sith Lord spoke, and understood well enough what he said. He knew that this would be painful, yes, but this whole ordeal had been, and he had survived, so he would continue to survive, or he would be too weak to be a Sith. He understood what must be done, and told Darth Dictum. "I shall be your eyes for this ordeal, if that is what you wish." Bernon had often wondered what it was like to be a Miraluka, as they had no eyes, only seeing through the Force, this had interested him ever since he had met Dictum. He also had gathered that he had the blood of a Echani in him, and he wondered what that must have felt like. He had watched as the Miraluka had reeled backwards and his eyes bled, and understood that he must be unable to take the fact of eternity, so he must be the one who sees for him. Many people may have seen this man as a disgusting mix of Echani and Miraluka, but for him, he couldn't care less, as long as he served the Sith well, and helped bring the fight to the Jedi. The Sith had, in the past, relied on many different types of power. For example, during the days of Revan, Malak, the era of Vitiate and Malgus, and the days of the Brotherhood of Darkness, they had focused largely on strength in numbers. Numbers alone could never beat the Jedi, of course. The Sith of Darth Bane and his successors were also flawed, as they had no strength in numbers, and no matter how strong they were, they were too few to win against the Jedi completely. For the Sith to win, he knew they would need both individual strength and strength in numbers. Hopefully Darth Calypso would realize this, or the Sith would be doomed to repeat the mistakes of their past. He would become a strong Sith, and when he became a Sith Lord, he would join their ranks, and wreak havoc upon the enemy Jedi, and the newly formed Sovereign Alliance. The knowledge that would give him the power to help him on his path lay just beyond this door, and he would do anything to gain that knowledge. He listened as the Miraluka-Echani hybrid spoke his last statement, and he knew that his time had come to make a move. He thought for a bit about his statement, about breaking his chains, and it reminded him of the Sith Code he had learned. He understood that by doing this, and breaking his chains, he would be living up to the Code of the Sith, and it was something he would be will to do, no matter how painful it would end up being. Apprentice Bern had only one response in store to Dictum's last comment. "It is the way of the Sith, and I have not come this far to die here, and neither have you, we will gain our power." He opened up his mind to the Sith Lord Darth Dictum, giving his reality to his power over the mind. He would soon see just what pain he had in store for him, but it was a pain he would suffer through and survive, great power demands great sacrifice, and this was no exception. He had suffered the pain of getting here, and he would not back down now, not when his goal was so near, not when almost infinite knowledge and power lay beyond in Krath Inmortos' Library. This was not the last of the tests, he felt, as he could only guess some sort of guardian existed beyond these doors, so he must be ready for that as well, and he stayed cautious, in case when these doors opened, a guardian attacked.
  8. Feeling the walls, floor, and ceiling dissipate into the void of endless nothingness, Bernon Mrrgwharr was caught off guard. He had not suspected such a thing, and had no idea how to counter it. The feeling was horrid, unnatural, no feelings were here, he couldn't even feel the blade that was in his hands. He tumbled around, and knew that this void had no escape. He could not take the feeling, he would not become a damned soul thrashing in the void in pain for all eternity! He had nothing left to do now, as his inner monsters, the demons of his past crept in. The brutal training he faced that shaped him into the uncaring, Lawful Evil, monster that he was. He was trained to be merciless, brutal, and disciplined. If only his parents had known what daily physical pain he faced there he might not have been sent. While he was grateful for being turned into the man he is today, he hated those who trained him, they were abusive and cruel, and they had turned him into the same exact thing. He was kicked around by even the other students, treated as if he was worthless junk, and nothing but a nuisance. Only his instructors were worse, it seemed as if he was beaten almost daily. He had to become like them, and only through his strength did he force those students around him to treat him like he was something more than a slave, like he was the master. He could never make his masters, the instructors, however, feel like they were his underlings, and he was always abused by them, as long as he lived around them, he was in danger. He had been shackled, as a slave, metaphorically. Those were his chains, just like the chains the Alliance had given him, and he would never have a chance to break those chains as a true Master of the Sith, because he was condemned to die in the void! His mind could not take this fact, and it began to tear at him. Negative thoughts crept into every corner of his mind. Most prominently the idea that he had been tricked, this Maze was no test, it was a trap. His irrational and insane thoughts went all throughout his mind, breaking it as it had nearly been broken not too long ago. His mental pain was horrid, and so was his physical discomfort. Here, while there was no pain, he could feel nothing, nothing at all. It was like all life, all existence, had been sucked out of this place, even the concept of time seemed to have no meaning here. As a last ditch attempt to save himself from this abomination of an existence, he lashed out with the Dark Side. He drew upon all the mental anguish he had ever felt, the horrid treatment at the Academy, the hate he had for the shackles in his life, and all other passions in his reserve. As he drew upon these, he brought upon the void the most power he could give. He brought out all his pain, his hatred, his anger, and his fear, and as he screamed and released it into the void, it fell apart. The void was gone, and he found himself, with a broken mind, crumpled on the ground. He rose, shakily, to his feet, he was back in the Maze, and he could feel again. He now truly grasped the Dark Side of the Force, in all its power, its glory, and its horrifying nature. He rose, rested for a few minutes, regathered his strength, both mentally, emotionally, and physically, and began to move once more. He prepared himself for another encounter as he walked. He also realized that his thoughts on this place being a trap instead of a test were incredibly irrational, if it were simply a trap, he wouldn't have made it this far. He continued traveling down the pathway in the maze, and held the Limnal Blade out before him, marveling at the weapon he was gifted with, and at the same time, staying cautious for another attack. As he had given himself more to the Dark Side, he began his slow transition to the possible future of his looks that he saw, as the vision had some merit, in that he would one day look like the man that was before him in the vision. His veins had begun to become darker, and his skin was a bit more pale, though he had not lost any hair just yet.
  9. Bernon Mrrgwharr was nearly insane at this point. He was able to hold out, but for how long? The answer came soon, as a turn, or more accurately, a bend, in the path appeared. Apprentice Bern's visions slowly faded away, and he took time to realize what had happened. The visions, as he thought them to be, were not readings of the future, but rather things to weaken and torment him, and he would not allow them to become true. He would not become the man with the sword in his back, he would live forever, and none of his enemies would know such immortality as he annihilated them all, or so he believed, anyways. He took his hands away from his head, and began to stand, and picked up his Limnal Blade. He waited a bit to recover, and regain his senses, then, when he was able, he moved towards the bend in the hallway. The Sith Apprentice Bernon had come to a new understanding of the Dark Side of the Force. He understood its true, horrifying, power, but it was a power he would master, one he would control, and then, he believed with that power, he would become unstoppable. He was a mere Apprentice, but he had taken some of his first lessons just then, and they were lessons he would heed. He had become stronger from this new understanding, and the near destruction of his mind had made him stronger, as he survived, and strengthened his mind, helping reinforce it against mental attacks like that, in case it were to ever happen again. So far he has proven his strength to this damned Maze, but only time would tell if he would prove his might completely and make it out alive. Failure was not an option. Gripping his weapon tightly in his hands, preparing himself for an attack, he reached the bend in the passageway, and continued to strengthen his mind and body once more, strengthening his resolve and allowing himself to gain a few moments of rest. He thought to himself while he did so, as he often did. He knew that his mind had barely survived the nightmare visions plaguing him not too long ago, and wondered if he would be strong enough to pass the other tests. He was well-aware that he was stronger than most, and most people wouldn't have lasted as long as he had. However, he was a Sith, and Sith were meant to be more than just above-average beings. He came to the conclusion however that throughout his training he would gain the strength to truly thrive as a Sith. He was only an Apprentice, after all. He wondered for a bit about Darth Dictum. He realized that he had gone ahead of the man of a higher rank than him, and that it might have angered him. Of course he didn't mean to anger the Sith Lord, but there was really no fixing what he had already done. If the Sith Lord was mad at him, well, it would fuel his Passion and bring him Strength, at least a little. He had more to worry about than a slightly angry Sith Lord however, he realized, as he still had a mission to complete for his Master. He had a mission to complete, and knowledge of Power to obtain, and he was not about to give that up, especially since his Master would most certainly not approve of it. He had completed his recovery, and both his mind and body were ready for the next task that his Master's Maze would throw at him.
  10. Bernon Mrrgwharr walked cautiously throughout the territory of the damned and the dead. Throughout his travelling here, it had set him a bit on edge, but it was nothing compared to what he would deal with soon enough. When he finally reached the hallway with multiple passages, he looked around, almost certain each was its own trap. He knew that whichever he went down, would harm him, both physically and mentally, or so he thought. For the first time in a long time, he was actually somewhat afraid, afraid of what his Sith Master had in store for him. He knew that this wasn't going to be easy from the start, but now, he knew that it would likely feel like damnation and hell itself, and if he wished for that not to be his eternal fate, he would have to survive. He would survive, he must survive, or he would be unfit to be a Sith. Summoning up all of his courage, he chose his path. He didn't know yet what path the Assassin Darth Dictum would choose, but he was certain he had a different sort of trial. He went cautiously forward into the Darkness, choosing the path that had called out to him the most, the one he felt like he was destined to choose. He began travelling down the left-hand center passageway, and as he turned back to take a look at what path the Assassin had chosen, he realized that the path just went forever backwards, and that he could not return. He knew it must be some sort of Sith Sorcery, it couldn't have been anything else. He continued down his path, knowing there was no way out but through. He knew from the start that this would feel like hell for him, but he had no idea what the term even meant, not until now. As he began to pick up his pace, he saw something, a vision, of a man, with veins as black as space itself, and skin as pale and sickly as a dying man's. the man's hair was non-existent, and he had scars all over, the man he saw, he realized, had a sword impaling him through the back of his torso, piercing his spine, heart, and chest, as he lay on his side, dead, on the ground. Without a doubt, he knew this man was him, a vision of the future, or he believed that, anyways. He dropped to one knee to inspect it, only to see visions all around him, of fire and death, of destruction and damnation. It was worse than anything he had ever seen. He saw other Sith fall in battle, friends and family alike being gutted by unknown horrors, and he saw the battlefield, on fire, as the spirits of the dead screamed all around him. It was too real for him, and he began to forget it was only a vision. He couldn't take it much longer. For all of his physical strength, his muscles and weapons couldn't save his horrified mind. The nightmares all around him only got worse, more horrifying, more terrible, and much more insane. He tried to stand, to fight it, but he only became weaker as he dropped his blade and fell to his knees. He clutched his head, covering his ears, closing his eyes, trying to stop the visions. He couldn't stop the nightmare, as it went deeper and deeper into his mind. He couldn't even speak now, not that he would, he could barely keep himself from screaming in anguish at the moment. The nightmare he felt wouldn't end, and he feared that this would be the end of him, to die, weak, inside a hallway in a chamber of the Darkness. He wasn't weak, but he felt like it, most wouldn't have lasted this long, but he still wasn't entirely sure he would last much longer.
  11. Bernon Mrrgwharr had heard the call to battle for Darth Akheron, and had also heard the Lich King Krath Inmortos and the Sith Lord Darth Dictum decline the offer to join in the fray. When he was given the Limnal Blade, he took it cautiously, aware of its malevolent power over the Darkness, and carried it as a soldier into war would carry his sword. He had used and trained with vibro-blades and vibro-swords throughout his Mercenary training before, so he knew the basics on wielding this blade, but he also knew that it was no mere sword, that it had some kind of power, a power he may not know of yet, but one he would soon find out. He spoke his words of gratitude to his Dark Master "I thank you for this blade of great power, my Master, I shall put it to good use." After thanking his Sith Master, he rose from his kneeling. Bernon Mrrgwharr turned on his heel, and followed Darth Dictum towards where he was headed, and joined the search for the Maze underneath the Citadel and the Ziggurat. Where he headed to now, he would learn valuable knowledge for his chosen path, the Wisdom of the Blade Warrior. The ground he traveled on to get to his destination would be his trials for gaining such knowledge, as his will, his power, and his strength would be tested, he knew this with almost complete certainty. The blade in his hands had a heavy weight to it, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. What bothered him however, even with his great constitution and endurance, was the absolute freezing cold weather, but it was something he would have to get used to. He continued searching as he thought to himself. The Sith had lost the war with the Rebellion, then the Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant, and the Jedi. That, of course, was obvious, but what caused the loss wasn't very apparent. He had a few ideas behind the failure. The first reason was because the Sith had used the traditional weapons of the Jedi, the lightsaber, rather than the traditional weapon of the Sith, the Sith Sword. The second reason was probably infighting, as the Sith Empires had all fallen before in part because of something similar to that. The third reason was most likely because their Empire focused on strength in numbers, rather than the quality of their Sith or their troops. The Sith had many who were weak among their numbers, sentient beings unfit to be Sith. Their troops were probably poorly trained and equipped as well, though he didn't know for sure. As he continued his search, he finally found the entrance to the maze, and called out loudly above the howling wind. "I have found it, the entrance to the Maze my Master spoke of." He braced himself for whatever would come, he strengthened his mind, readied the blade in his hands, and prepared his will to fight against whatever would come at him. He waited for Darth Dictum to arrive. He sincerely hoped he would make it through this, and he knew he absolutely had to. If he failed, he would die, and his Master would turn him into a walking corpse, a fate he would deserve for his weakness. If he succeeded, he would gain power, and knowledge of the Sith Order that would be invaluable. There would be no room for failure, and he would not, must not, fail. This would be his first trial, and if he could not succeed, he would be unfit to be a Sith. @Lord Ōk Rägnär@Krath Inmortos
  12. Bernon Mrrgwharr relished in becoming fully accepted by his Dark Master, Krath Inmortos. He had felt the cold of the undead Lich King touching himself, and understood it as a sign of acceptance. Bernon accepted the wishes of his Master, and headed down closer to the vortex around the palace of the dead and the damned itself. Whenever he reached there, he dropped his blaster down below, as it became swallowed up by the frozen blizzard outside. He began to take off the individual pieces of the Combat Armor, throwing it into the vortex. He thought for a while while he did so as well, on the prospect of a Sith Sword, and began to think, what if he was wrong? Maybe the Sith had failed in their war against the Jedi because of the use of the Jedi's weapon, the lightsaber, rather than the ancient weapon of the Sith Sword. If he wished to become a heavy weapon wielding master of destruction on the battlefield, he would need to specialize in Sith specific weapons. His initial thoughts on the double-bladed lightsaber were also wrong he realized, as lightsabers were mostly weightless, other than the hilt, so if he wanted a heavy weapon, and one that was Sith specific, he would need to use a Sith Sword. He now accepted this, and was both willing, and wanting, to use one rather than a double-bladed lightsaber. Throwing the last piece of his Heavy Combat Armor to the ground, and throwing the comlink down below as well, he left only the clothes on his back to cover himself. Once he was complete, he felt nearly weightless, which for him was a rare feeling indeed, given he almost constantly and always wore his armor. The feeling to most would feel enjoyable, but to him, it made him feel almost naked, uncomfortable, and unprotected. Once he was complete, he turned to his unofficial Master, Darth Akheron, and stated "I have thought on your offer, and I have decided that I would prefer a Sith Sword, thank you for making me aware of such an option." He walked over to Krath Inmortos, lord of Death. He kneeled before him and spoke. "Lord Inmortos, I have cast aside my worldly possessions, and all I have are the clothes on my back... I am ready to learn." Since he was without his armor and simply in the body-glove underneath, his hardened muscles showed underneath, and the helmet was gone, his Mohawk was there for all to see. His beard was there as well, it was short, but not so short that you could easily see the skin underneath. He was unaware of the different paths to follow as a Sith Warrior, but simply by choosing the Sith Sword he had already chosen the path of Wisdom of the Blade. @Krath Inmortos @Karys Narat iv-Adas
  13. Bernon Mrrgwharr felt his Master's presence before he saw it. The pilot had fallen near him, and Solus had ended his song of mockery and admiration. The Dark Master's Apprentice, Bernon, followed the group into the dark throne room, and the cold darkness radiated around him as dark spirits stalked him. He strode into the room, as the cold enveloped him. The freezing temperatures didn't do much to him, given his armor, the padding underneath, and his facial hair covering much of his face. He was not afraid, but he was cautious, this place was a land of the dead, the damned, and the tortured, and what he had seen on Ziost was nothing compared to this. He stood before his Master's presence, and, genuflecting before him, stood nearly still, moving only his arms to present to his Master his saber's hilt. This, he suspected, would be where he would train for a while, as it was his Master's home, and he would have to get used to the constant vengeful spirits clamoring about, but it was something he could do, and the power would certainly be worth the price. He stopped to think for a bit about something Solus had told him, that he might be chosen as the one for Krath Inmortos to possess, he hoped this would not be the case, and either way, he wouldn't be able to do anything about it if it were to happen. Bernon Mrrgwharr began to drop to not one, but two knees, ending his genuflection and kneeling before his great and powerful Sith Master. He gathered himself and began to speak, hoping to not upset his new Master. He began to open his mouth and the words spilled out of him. "Great and mighty Krath Inmortos, my Master, and Master of the Sith, I present to you your Lightsaber." He kept what he had to say simple and short, but also a tad bit formal, so that he would not upset or bore his Master. While he waited for a response from Inmortos, he began to recite in his head the code he had been told earlier, 'Peace is a lie, there is only Passion. Through passion I gain Strength. Through strength I gain Power. Through Power I gain Victory, and through Victory my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.' He knew these words to be completely true. Their truth could be seen by anyone throughout the Galaxy, it was not just the truth of the Sith, but the truth of the Galaxy's nature, and the truth of the Force. Peace was most certainly a lie, Mandalorians warring with everyone and everything, small-time raiders and marauding pirates killing and slaughtering their victims, Galactic wars between the Sith and Jedi, Empire and Republic, and soon, Sith and Jedi, and Sith and Galactic Alliance. He knew that Passion fueled Strength, if Passion made Sith as strong as Darth Akheron, Krath Inmortos, Darth Calypso, and all the other Sith both past and present, nobody can state otherwise. Strength makes/made people powerful, it is/was what made beings such as Revan, Malak, Vitiate, Scourge, Malgus, Bane, Zannah, Cognus, Plagueis, Sidious, Vader, and so many others past and present powerful beyond imagination. Through, and only through power, could people attain victory, it was how soldiers won battles, how Sith brought Jedi low, how Warriors destroyed settlers, and how fleets annihilated cities. Through the Force he knew that he could finally be free, free from the shackles of the pitiful Galactic Alliance and the dogma of the Jedi, and finally free from everyone and everything that had power over him. @Krath Inmortos
  14. Bernon Mrrgwharr listened to all of the Sith as they spoke their own truths on the lightsaber and the Sith's Code. Bernon somewhat disliked the fact that Solus continuously disobeyed his Master and disagreed with him, in his mind that kind of attitude wouldn't get him the rank of Sith Lord, and it would in turn get him nowhere. He took the idea that lightsabers were meaningless with a grain of salt however, because in combination with himself and the Force, it could become an extension of himself and the Dark Side. Maybe the idea that lightsabers were meaningless meant something he did not yet understand, or perhaps he was just not a Warrior of the Sith, and perhaps an Assassin or a Sorcerer. In the end he didn't know, and it probably didn't matter what path he had chosen. He continued to walk along the path towards wherever the group was headed, following not far behind Akheron and Dictum. He, unlike Solus, he believed unlike Solus anyways, had a massive amount of ambition. He wanted to become a Lord of the Sith as soon as possible, and planned on soaking up the truths and power of the Dark Side as he did so. He would get through his training, and he would learn the ways of hand to hand, sword, spear, and various lightsaber styles of combat, this he knew. He would rise as a powerful Sith whom all would fear, and he would lead armies into war against the Galactic Alliance, and he would slaughter Jedi like none had before. These things he felt were a part of his destiny, and with his ambition, he would see them soon enough, he believed. His reserves of passion and emotion were filled with many things, stored anger, that while used before, could be used again and again, as he was not a forgiving man, stored ambition and fear of failure, which would lead him to victory, among many other emotions swirling throughout his mind. On another note, however, he had thought a bit about the idea of a Sith Sword, but decided against it, he believed swords were primitive in comparison to a lightsaber, and that lightsabers were much more practical. A lightsaber could much more easily cut through doors, a lightsaber could much more easily be concealed than a large sword could, in the end he had made up his mind, and it would be hard to change it. He wanted a double-bladed lightsaber, he really did want heavy weapons and heavy armor. Sure, with all that weight, he would be slower, but the only reason anyone would need the advantage of speed against him would be to run away. He thought for a while about another important subject, a war between the Sith and Jedi in the future, and in combination, a war between the Galactic Alliance and the Sith armies. The Jedi could be warriors, yes, but their compassion and code prevented them from taking any measure possible for victory and success. The Sith had no such moral qualms, and it would lead them to victory. The armies however, would be a different story, he knew that the Galactic Alliance by now probably had a strong army and navy, and if the Sith wanted to defeat them, they would need to secretly build up their strength. He believed that the best way to do this was probably to do an under the table deal with droid manufacturers in order to build an army of battle droids. Once they had a droid army they could back up their promises of victory to possible allies with the fact that they already had a strong army. Their allies would hand over units made up of militias, security forces, and even some of their combat droids. He believed that once they had all of those forces, they could get the support of the Mandalorians, who would see the opportunity for a real chance at success in war, and would quickly join them in the fight.
  15. Bernon Mrrgwharr's spirits had risen greatly. He had just heard that he, as a Sith Warrior, could still become immortal. He now realized that yes, he would still seek out the knowledge of immortality along with his Warrior skills. The Jedi had no idea the monsters that they would face in the future, and they had no idea they would face so many immortal Warriors, Assassins, and Sorcerers. Yes, this time, they would win, and they would crush the Jedi until they were nothing but a distant memory of the past. He listened closely as well to any knowledge the two had to offer, and understood the wisdom the best he could. He knew that passion gave him strength, as he had used such passion to rid himself of the ethereal spirits on Ziost. He knew that these words would guide him for the rest of his days, and that they were highly intelligent and wise. He felt the lightsaber in his boot still, and he could feel the power emanating off of it as well. The weapon was undoubtedly strange among even Sith weaponry, and it was weird in that it had made sounds nothing like a normal lightsaber would. That reminded him of the lightsaber he wanted to wield, and he thought this would be a good time to ask about it, given that they were now traveling and a Sith Warrior and Master was among their numbers. He turned his head to Darth Akheron to say "Master, I wished to know, when will I be able to gain such a great weapon as a lightsaber?" He didn't know if he would be given some sort of sword that was similar to a lightsaber to train with or not, and he did not know if he would have to earn his lightsaber either. Bernon walked a little more at ease now, not seeing or hearing any immediate dangers. He still carried himself like a soldier, just more of one on patrol rather than marching in a drill. Another thing he had noticed ever since he first used the Force was that he had a bit of Dark Side power emanating from him, since he was himself he could feel it, of course. However he was not well trained or extremely powerful, not yet anyways, so it was unlikely anyone else had noticed the Darkness emanating from him. On a different note, however, he was a bit excited that he was soon going to see with his very own eyes his Master returning from the dead, giving him a glimpse of true immortality when he did so. He began to hold his light repeating blaster rifle in one arm, and he took out the lightsaber of his Master, holding it in one hand. He decided he didn't want to just pull it out of his boot randomly when presenting his Master with his lightsaber, so he had decided to keep it on hand for when he was to give it to Krath Inmortos. The lightsaber hilt was also unique, it was a very interesting weapon indeed. Soon Bernon Mrrgwharr would see his Master again, and he hoped that he would be pleased as he now has a new host to possess, and his Apprentice brought him his lightsaber. @Karys Narat iv-Adas
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