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  1. The White Light, personal vessel of the newly appointed Fleet Liason Officer, Captain Andar Sonette touches down firmly on the ground of Ilum. From the extended hatch, the pilot, Captain Sonette, and the supreme commander of the Alliance's milatary, Admiral Lacks Attoran step down. The Admiral heads off in the direction of the Jedi Council Chambers, whilst Captain Sonette heads for the Jedi Temple.
  2. The Republic Fleet exits hyperspace within the binary system of Tatooine. The Republic Fleet Yards and the Guardian Battlemoon, which have been stationed in the system for some time, are the desination for the ships. The fleet looks impressive as it is lit by the 2 suns of the system. OOC: We still have - Squadron/Fleet Flagship: Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer Knight's Blade Hapan Battle Dragons: Hapan Honour Hapan Vision Hapan Victory Hapan Conqueror Imperial II Class Star Destroyers: Fire Storm Avenger Victory Class Star Destroyers: Defender Fallen DESTROYER SQUADRON Squadron Flagship: Super Class Star Destroyer: Lusankya Victory Class Star Destroyers Zeth's Fire Orion Pegasus Legacy Battlemoon The Guardian CRUISER SQUADRON A Squadron Flagship: Mon Calamari MC80B Azure Spleandour Carrack Class Cruisers: Cerberus Centaur Golem Gryphon Interdictor Cruiser: Hydra CRUISER SQUADRON B Squadron Flagship: Mon Calamari MC80B Aqua Glory Carrack Class Cruisers: Phoenix Minotaur Sphinx Wyvern Interdictor Cruiser: Gorgon CRUISER SQUADRON C Squadron Flagship: Mon Calamari MC90 Golan Carrack Class Cruisers: Vigilance Diligence Confidence Perserverance Interdictor Cruiser: Basalisk CRUISER SQUADRON D Squadron Flagship: Mon Calamari MC90 Gondor Carrack Class Cruisers: Observance Reliance Leviathan Kraken Interdictor Cruiser: Manticor FAST ATTACK/RECON SQUADRON Squadron Flagship: The Rector Hapes Nova Class Battle Cruisers Endeavour Continuance Resolution Able Gundar Cruisers (Heavily Modified Nebulon B Frigates) Darius Goliath Gabriel Modified Corellian Corvettes Corusca Gem Corellian Gambit
  3. OOC: ((If only everybody at Jnet could RP like that))
  4. -----------Transmission Open--------------- Captain Legit: Please dock with the Fleet Yards, Bishop of Battle. ------------End Transmission--------------- OOC: ((We're going to the Jedi Temple Thread, but if we need to, we'll post in the Jedi Council thread))
  5. *The Guardian Battlemoon and the Republic Fleet yards drop out of hyperspace near Tatooine. Captain Girt Legit opens a comm channel to Bishop and Tarrian* -------------Begin Transmission------------ This is Captian Girt Legit of the Republic Navy. I am here to pick up any evacuees from Coruscant. We're on our way to repel the fleet that's attacking there. -------------Transmission Open------------ OOC: The Sith thought they could attack us while our backs were turned hehe... their fleet's taking a pounding at Curst and Andar Sonnette's giving them a pounding on the surface. Please feel free to accompany us to Coruscant to kick their butts some more.
  6. *Admiral Attoran sits on the bridge of Knight's Blade, irritated by the lack of support he has received from the Jedi. The Admiral heads for his ready room and calls Captain Andar Sonette and Rear Admiral Kyp Durron to join him. After some tricky hyperspace docking operations, the three men are aboard the same ship.* Admiral Attoran: "Gentlemen, I cannot stress enough the importance of Jedi support for this operation and, as of now, you two are the only Jedi I have" Rear Admiral Durron: "I tried issuing a call to arms to both the Jedi Temple and the Jedi Council Chambers, but it seems that they have been ignored." Captain Sonette: "Do not take this as a bad sign, Master Durron, look to the Force and you will see that a dark turbulence currently surrounds the planet of Coruscant". Rear Admiral Durron: "I believe you are right, Captain, the question is, if they cannot hear your voice from afar, what do you do?" Admiral Attoran: "I have already decided, Kyp, I'm taking the fleet to Coruscant to try and get the support I need. When we get there, I hope that you two will be able to persuade some of you fellow knights to aid us." Rear Admiral Durron: "It will not be easy, Admiral, I am not popular in Jedi circles because of my dark past." Captain Sonette: "I must admit, sir, that many of the Jedi who are currently at the Temple will not know me. I left the Temple to join the fleet as soon as my training was completed. Since then, many of the Jedi I trained alongside have fallen, some are one with the Force, and some have been lured astray down the Dark Path. At best, I can hope to win you support from only two or three Jedi at best." Admiral Attoran: "Your best is all I ask. I have no doubt that there are some Jedi who still know what a worthy cause is. Thankyou Gentlemen, when we reach Coruscant, I intend to take you with me to the suface. Please remain aboard the Knight's Blade" *The two men depart and Admiral Attoran returns to the bridge* "Helm, drop out of hyperpace and change our course. Set heading for Coruscant. Signal the rest of the fleet to do the same." *The Admiral stands silently, gazing out into space as the helmsman complies. The fleet is now on its way to Coruscant*
  7. Flight Officer: We've brought the ship in and checked it, Admiral. There's nobody aboard. Admiral Attoran: Thank You Lieutenant. Keep the ship aboard. Helm, alert the fleet and take us back to hyperspace. *The fleet resumes its course for the Sith Temple*
  8. The Republic Fleet speeds through hyperspace on its way to rescue the captured Jedi from the Sith. Sensor officer: Admiral, I'm picking up a hyperspace shadow that may match the profile of BLUEDUST's ship. Admiral: Drop us out of hyperspace. activate all gravity well projectors. *The massive fleet drops out of hyperspace and Knight's Blade activates its gravity well projectors* OOC: ((Bluedust, this'd be a good time for you to get pulled out of hyperspace.))
  9. --------------Transmission Open------------ I am merely here to buy Tibanna gas, I do not seek conflict, if I had wanted to, I would have assembled my whole fleet and brought it here, but my fleet has other obligations. My flotilla will be moving on to the next system as we're on a somewhat tight training schedule. I am transmitting a code to the Bespin Baron-Administrator's office, since it is his city after all, it will allow him to contact my flagship any time he wishes, although it seems that his hands are tied And Master Kyp, you really must learn threat assessment, you seem to have committed a lot of battle resources when you really had no call to. It would be a tragedy if someone decided to launch an attack on one of your other systems and you couldn't get there on time. I've seen it a thousand times before. I bid you all well, Attoran out. --------------Transmission Closed------------ *The Republic Flotilla moves itself upwards and out of orbit around Bespin. The 23 ships seem to stretch as they make the transition into Hyperspace. Lacks Attoran smiles to himself. Another conflict resolved without a shot fired, he thinks, although Baron-Administrator Calrissian has seen the true-colours of those with whom he allies himself. I wonder if they will still be so welcome after threatening to blow up his city He gives command of the Lusankya to her captain and he heads off to his ready room in order to contact the Jedi Council.* [This message has been edited by Admiral Lacks Attoran (edited July 29, 2002).]
  10. *2 Hapan Battle Dragons, 4 Hapan Nova Class Battle Cruisers, 2 Mon Calamari MC80B Cruisers, 2 Mon Calamari MC90 Cruisers, 6 Corellian Corvettes, 6 Carrack Class Cruisers and a Super Class Star Destroyer drop out of hyperspace and enter orbit of Bespin * ----------Incoming Communication----------- Ristma Calrissian, this is Admiral Lacks Attoran of the Fleet of the Galactic Republic. I would like to purchase a substantial quantity of Tibanna gas. Requesting permission to enter Cloud City Airspace. -------------End Communication--------------
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