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  1. I'm definitely open to receiving a free, shipped hard copy. Let me know.
  2. You were always really good at playing female characters in the role playing forums. You just had it inside you the whole time. Excited to see what you can do.
  3. I remember how much time and effort went into envisioning and creating hidden forums. In retrospect, I think it's fair to say "less is more." I'm glad to see a lot of the garbage is gone.
  4. Oh!! Then You came to the right website, because our community loves pairing Harry and Jaina!! I don't know how you feel about Frodo/Vader or Satan/Grimace, but those pairings also have a cult following here.
  5. Gathering all evil to him, Ar-Pharazon projected his consciousness back in time. Instantly, the Sith Master’s all-powerful mind loomed over himself at a seemingly innocuous, prenatal moment. Only an infinite being was capable of dealing with another infinite being. Transcending all levels of authority, Ar-Pharazon struck. Ar-Pharazon, truly the most important being in all real and theoretical history, time, and space, ceased to exist. The galaxy, now populated with an almost infinite number of non-victims, exploded, ironically killing everyone and wrecking everything. (OOC: Obviously the game needs to continue. This really won't change much for you. Don't worry! However, for your reference, this is what the everyone is experiencing now. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DyingDream This is now the RP.)
  6. I don’t dispute any of that. I would never suggest editing posts, but major thread titles and the index. I am not disputing and of that either. I’m just saying a couple basic things, like on the board index page or in the RP game, that is supposed to be a marketable thing, could use some spring cleaning. These are quick fixes in the admin panel, not giant hurdles. As far as making the site goes, this is the easy stuff. I've been away from the site for a while, so I've glanced over it with a far more removed perspective. All I can say, is that after stepping away for so long, the little incongruities stood out a lot more. Travis used to bark about this and we always dismissed it as nit-picky. It seems I've veered more toward his direction on that stuff. Great idea. I will. How is that partnership working out? Is there any substantial evidence that it’s brought anyone new? I certainly hope so. I just don't see any conversation springing from it, which makes me think that it's not really proving effective. Yeah, I just sort of wondered earlier today (technically yesterday) how things were going around here. That song sounds like a broken record. That’s pretty much how things were 6 months ago too. I am glad to see some familiar faces are around back, but I was wondering if anything creative has been happening. Stuck is a good word to describe it. But it’s not over. I think some “glass is half-empty” folks would have predicted the end, far earlier, and the site has a lot more activity than many would figure. That’s a victory too.
  7. I feel like a fuller integration into the site's new name is necessary, otherwise it looks very sloppy. I am looking all over the site, and I'm seeing the Jnet Rp, or every year "Jnet nominates" people into the hall of fame, "Has Jnet made you a better Writer?" Also, why is Brendo posting links to this boring comic so often? No one's talking about it. Let it go.
  8. This doesn't even come close to the stuff that Chad used to do around here when the site was only PG, and since that was perfectly allowed, I figured none of this other stuff was a problem now. I was operating with the bar that he set a long time ago. Trust me, this is fine.
  9. Did anyone else have trouble accessing the site today? I tried all day and just got on about ten minutes ago.
  10. Congrats, Ian. You've been one of the most dedicated users on this site, and for yen years. That is no small thing. Let's see what you can do.
  11. I know this sounds persistently off-topic, but did you use any tutorials or any guides to learn mapmaking?
  12. Who is to say? I'd need to read a ton of books for class first.
  13. Well, props. I think it looks really sharp. It is definitely a compliment to the story.
  14. I really like your map. What software did you use to put it together?
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