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  1. He continues to walk with her and thinks about everything the Sith Empire has done, and he wonders if the wars will ever end. "I agree, eat, then get off the planet, then discuss the future."
  2. He thinks about it for a few moments, then runs to catch up with them, then throws his helmet on the ground. "I trust you then, and I will join you, but you have to realize, I am no force sensitive, and unless you have openings for soldiers I doubt I will be of much help." He shows his face after having thrown his helmet, his face being scratched and bruised, and then taking off his chestplate he shows a lightsaber mark in his side. "This is what also happened along with my exile, and let me ask you, was Emperor Palpatine a Sith Lord, as everyone says, is it true Vader was not the hero he was made out to be?"
  3. (some things he says may not make sense because he is going mad and he believes the Sith and everything they say
  4. The stormtrooper looks at her, frowning under his helmet. He thinks about how the lies he makes and how they are unlikely to persuade her, so he let's the truth out. "I have been on this expedition for years, YEARS! I am insane and just found that ship, I can't find out how to get it off because I was never taught that, I am a soldier not a pilot. I am going mad from my stay here, and I was looking for the priests blaster, which is not actually a superweapon, because it is a weapon capable of killing myself in a single shot, almost painlessly, because the Sith betrayed me for failing several missions, so they exiled me, and I can't get revenge because what am I, a fucking STORMTROOPER! I have minimal armor and I am losing strength from starving, and I do not think that they will let me back into the Sith army with a rank of even private. So I want to commit suicide, and that blaster that I was so intent on retrieving, is gone now, so I will just starve, because I know what the Jedi are, people who kill troopers without remorse, you have no emotion and no mercy, so I know you will kill me as soon as I get on the ship, because Jedi are murdering, brutes. The Sith have told me so, and they are what is powerful enough to rule this land, so they MUST be wise, so I must trust them.
  5. "I would accept the offer of a ride, I work on Korriban, the ancient homeworld of the Sith. I just am not sure that I can trust you."
  6. "I wont look for it if it doesn't exist, but it's obvious you're both with the Jedi, I am supposed to open fire on you, but I'm not an idiot, so I will leave you be." He blasts a security guard in the side of his head as he runs towards them, then after he knows the guard is dead, he holsters his blaster. "I can get you two off of the planet if you need it, there's a freighter in the hangar and I know how to fly it, if you can fly it that's fine, just don't leave me to die here."
  7. He looks directly at her "I came because we are looking for the priests blaster, it has the power to disable any weapon or ship that is a hundred times more powerful than an ion blasters shot, and it is a weapon that would be invaluable to the Sith." "Or at least they say it is, I don't even believe it exists."
  8. "Of course that's what I specialize in ever since my platoon was killed by Jedi"
  9. The stormtrooper looks at them closely then takes off his cloak. "My operating number is TK-22708, I have no platoon they were all killed in a recent mission, I work alone because that's what I specialize in."
  10. He blasts two security guards before they can notice him and he lowers into a crouch as he kicks down the door to the priests quarters. He finds nothing in there "Shit, all this traveling, planning, all of it and the Priest of Slaanesh gets away, and with it the artifact, I need that blaster." He blasts a security guard in the heart right before he walks into the room to ask what is going on, effectively killing him. He then goes on board the freighter in the hangar and lands in an area with Aidan, he quickly runs over to him, "Have you seen the priest of Slaanesh?" He then notices the lightsaber in his hands, "I've seen what Jedi can do, I have seen it enough to know not to attack you, so don't attack me and we'll be just fine." @Aidan Darkfire
  11. The stormtrooper runs from rebel officers as he soon jumps behind a log and blasts both of them dead from afar. "Finally, now I can see what's hiding in the Temple." Carson walks into the temple and conceals his blaster to the best of his ability, then puts his cloak on over his plastoid stormtrooper armor.
  12. Identity Real Name: Carson Lurg A.K.A: TK-22708 Homeworld: Coruscant Species: Human Physical Description Age: 22 Height: 6 Foot Tall Weight: 187 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Imperial Stormtrooper Armor. Weapon: E-11 Blaster Rifle. Common Inventory: Imperial Comm. Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-Force User. Archetype: Stormtrooper. Alignment: Believes he is good, Lawful Evil in reality. Current Faction Affiliation: Galactic Empire Current Faction Rank: Private (Hopeful) History Force Side: Dark Trained by: The Imperial Acedemy Trained who: None Known Skills: Investigation, Assault Combat Background: Born on Coruscant, he loved the Galactic Empire and their soldiers. When he was old enough he signed up for the Imperial Academy. When he had completed his training he was at the top of his class, he was turned into a stormtrooper. He has been fighting in the Stormtrooper Corps against the Rebel Alliance for 4 years now.
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