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  1. Pax went about his work as the other officers entered the cantina. He heard the old admirals request as he walked by. “Vine please. Green if you have it.” "Just one moment." Pax watched the offers enter and take their positions. He even noticed the one trooper that was keeping an eye on him. He didn't think there was any threat though. He figured they were here for something more than a drink. They were not the usual let your hair down group of enlisted he usually had here. They were more the lets meet and make a deal type he would have visit once in a while. Usually though, he was in on the deal in some way. This time it look more like the big shots finding a more secure spot away from the over watching eye of the government they served. As he moved toward the back, Aola returned to the bar. Pax turned to her. "I'll take care of these fine folks, you handle the rest." He proceeded to the back and came out with a very old bottle. He grabbed a glass and headed to the table. He thought it looked as though they didn't trust the cantina and were making sure they space was clean, not just from dirt, drinks and filth, but listening devices and such. He figured if they were doing this, they probably knew about his past as a smuggler, bounty hunter, body guard as well. He sat the glass on the table and showed the old admiral the bottle. It was an original bottle of Toniray. Toniray was a teal-colored, sparkling Alderaanian wine made from the fruits of a variety of vine whose leaves were deep green. @Nikolai Kolchak @Esterhazy etc.
  2. Pax was behind the bar helping customers since Aola was still in the back prepping one of their unique beverages. In walks an admiral, Pax could tell from the way she walked in that she was used to being the one in charge, plus there was the rank markings that he saw. The Admiral called out her order. "Corellian ale? I have about a dozen officers heading this way." A dozen, that will be good for business Pax thought as he pulled the bottle out from under the counter and filled a cup. He pored one glass and sat the bottle next to it on the counter. "Corellian Ale, here you go!" He smiled as he put the items on the counter. "Starting a Tab or making the boys cover their own?" Pax pulled out a tray and started putting additional cups on the tray as he waiting for her response. He looked around to see there was one alcove that could hold the full group but there was also a single Duro sitting at one of the three tables. He looked at the admiral. "Excuse me for one moment." He moved out from behind the bar and headed to the Duro. The Duro was not part of any military unit, at least he didn't look it from his clothes. He looked more like a homeless piece of trash. Pax approached him. "My fine sir, you have been invited to sit in our new VIP section." He did not wait for a response but picked up the glass and bottle of Mud Rum he had and walked to another table. There was nothing special about this table, he just wanted to open up the small alcove where there were 3 tables that would fit the full group of officers heading in. The Duro stumbled over to the new table, feeling more important than he had before. No words, just went back to drinking. Pax went back behind the bar, grabbed a wet rag. He addressed the admiral as he walked over to the table and wiped it down. "I think we can fit you here." He checked the other tables in the alcove and all looked good to him. @Esterhazy or anyone else wanting a drink.
  3. The Night Shadow dropped from Hyperspace and approached the planet. A modified CEC VCX-100 and ship of the well known Pax Ari (bounty hunter, bodyguard, pilot smuggler, and most important, owner of the Burra Fish cantina. As he approached the planet he turned to his pet Nexu. "We're almost home Cho" The large feline seemed to smile as it lifted its head from the cold durasteel floor of the ship. Pax dropped into orbit and made way to his personal landing pad where the Night Shadow would sit until the next adventure. This was a personal trip, not a vacation, still work to supply the Burra Fish with some of it known beverages. Pax flip a few switches and he brought the ship down for a nice soft landing. The cargo doors were opened and Pax proceeded with unloading the cargo onto a skiff to transport to the cantina. A small seedy cantina just outside the Republics claim on the territory, the Burra Fish was a welcome spot to anyone and frequented by many. It didn't look like much but it was considered a safe place and had drinks that others didn't, that's what realy kept the place going. The biggest chore today would be getting the 'blue krill' moved so they could make the Spotchka. The blue krill came from Sorgan. The local farmers came up with the drink, but it was cheaper and easier to move the krill than the finished product, plus it didn't cost as much. Then there were other drinks were it was just more ideal to purchase the finished product and bring it in ready to serve. In this haul Pax and picked up some Tihaar from the Mandalorian culture. Juma Juice, a favorite of the Jedi, was also on board. Only this was more like the old school version that had a kick to it, not the modern day drink that kids could have. T'ssolok, a Twi'lek favorite was in crates. Hopefully the decorative decanters it was stored in survived the trip. Pax couldn't decide which smelled worse, the Vizz-kick, a drink favored by the Quarren species that was fermented from seaweed or the Tsiraki, a blue colored beverage crafted from fermented salakberries adn pickling spices. Either way, he had them both and he did his best to provide something everyone would come for. After Pax got everything loaded on the skiff, the Nexu jumped up on top of the cargo and laid down. "Ready boy?" Pax took it easy navigating the streets from the landing pad to the cantina, but made it with no issues. Once everything was unloaded he headed inside. "Aola! We have returned with full many drinks to offer." Aola was the previous owner of the Burra Fish, now just the bartender. A Female Twi'lek who's family used live here but was now on her own. "Did you get the T'ssolok?" she asked. "I sure did, and a load of krill so we need to start making the Spotchka." Aola dropped the rag she was using to wipe down the bar and headed to back where she started working on the brewing of the Spotchka. She yelled out to Pax. "I hear a bunch of Mandalorian's were headed this way." Pax yelled back back. "I hope they find out we have some Tihaar here for 'em."
  4. Pax Ari's CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Pax Ari A.K.A: The Fish Guy Homeworld: Cantonica (born) Nar Shaddaa (current) Species: Human Physical Description Age: 28 Height: 1.93 m (6'4") Weight: 97 kg (214 lbs) Hair: Black (always looks wet) Eyes: Ice Blue Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Commonly wears Black pants and black boots. Seen often with no shirt but will wear sleeveless loose fitting dirty looking white shirt half unbuttoned when not on his own. Weapon: 2 RSKF 44 Heavy Blasters (worn in holsters low on each hip), 1 DC17 on left boot, 1 Vibroblade on right boot. Other weapons as needed for whatever job. Common Inventory: Has a pet Nexu named Cho who is almost always with him or his ship. Always has a vibroblade or two. Usually has his RSKF 44 blasters. Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: No Alignment: Typically good. Walks the line between Lawful and Chaotic. Current Faction Affiliation: None (He owns a cantina on Nar Shaddaa, Will take on odd jobs as bodyguard, bounty hunter, pilot, smuggler) Current Faction Rank: Hopeful History Force Side: NA Trained by: Canto Bight Police Department and various other people in piloting, marksmanship, hand to hand combat. Trained who: None Known Skills: A well known pilot and tough guy. Known for his seedy cantina (The Burra Fish) that isn't much to look at but has good drinks. Background: Pax was born on Cantonica. His mother worked in the casino serving drinks, his father was a frequent visitor to the casino but never stayed around. At a young age he started working various odd jobs to keep himself busy and learn the things. He found himself working for gunrunners that used the casino for cover. He kept himself in good shape and had a lot of strength. Because of this he was pushed toward joining the Canto Bight Police Department. His main job was to protect ‘special people’ making sure they get to do whatever weirdo escapades they want to do, without getting hurt. As they said in the force, he was to make sure the special people and beautiful people stay safe and happy and spend money. He was quick to learn every hand to hand combat and weapons training he could from the department. He also continued to work for the gunrunners seeing that he was keeping them happy and spending money. On occasion he would assist in making runs off Cantonica providing his protection to the wealthy. After a few years he was making more helping clients than he was from the police department. This led him to quit and move out on his own. He worked with a small crew, the Rancor Raiders, for a short time, gaining more recognition and experience in smuggling and bounty hunting. He would still travel to Cantonica to see his mother and make some quick credits. On one occasion, he was working for some dignitary from another planet and once he completed the job he was paid with a ship, a VCX-100 light freighter. Using his connections and working the for the parts, Pax made several upgrades to the ship he called Night Shadow. By this time he was in his 20’s and was now working on his own. He rejoined the few Rancor Raiders who were still around on a couple jobs. During one visit to Cholganna he came across a small weak baby Nexu. He didn’t know why but something compelled him to take it with him. He named the creature Cho and nursed it to health. The two formed a great bond and Cho travels the galaxy with Pax aboard the Night Shadow. Another couple years of running and Pax was looking for a way to just take a break, but still be around if the right job came up. He found himself on Nar Shaddaa where he came across what looked like a forgotten, run down cantina called the Burra Fish. He went in and found the owner, a female Twi’lek named Aola. Turned out she was in trouble with some very nasty people. With no other reason than to just help Pax decided to do just that, help. He took care of the problem Aola was having and in return became the owner of the Burra Fish. He keeps Aola on staff running the place while he keeps it a ‘safe’ place. He uses the Burra Fish as a way for people to contact him for his services. For the last 4 years he has been on Nar Shaddaa, working at the Burra Fish while taking the odd job. He enjoys the cantina and can be picky about the jobs he takes. He has a small sleeping quarters attached to the cantina, but basically lives on the Night Shadow. Ship Registration Name: Night Shadow Class: Light Freighter Transport, or something else? Transport, converted for Smuggling/Bounty Hunting Model: VCX-100 Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) Length: 43.9m long, 34.2m wide, 14.5m tall Armaments: CEC AG-2G Quad Laser Cannons (2), Arakyd ST2 Concussion Missile Tubes (2), 16 Arakyd ST2 Concussion Missiles Armor: Military Grade Armor, Torplex deflector shield projector, Nordoxicon Unlimited Anti-concussion field generator, Novaldex stasis-type shield generator. Chempat-6 deflector shield generators (2). Phylon C5 tractor beam emitters (2). Anti-Personnel Defenses: Pet Nexu is commonly found on the ship. BlasTech Ax-108 blaster cannon. Modifications: The VXC auxiliary starfighter was replaced with armor plating to add room for the additional weapons and shielding. The two standard CEC dual laser turrets were upgraded to CEC AG-2G Quad Laser Cannon Turrets. Two Arakyd ST2 Concussion Missile Tubes were added (each holding 8 missiles). Two Phylon C5 tractor beam emitters were added. The hyperdrive was upgraded to a Class 0.75 with a Class 10 backup. The short range sensor system was upgraded to Fabritech ANq-51 sensor array computer with Fabritech ANy-20 active sensor transceiver. Appearance: Ship looks like any other VCXC-100. The ship looks new as Pax refreshes the paint whenever he has the time. Standard ship plating color with black accents/stripes.
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