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  1. While the Tusken was busying himself looking around and Zeris was identifying supplies, Kiv was busy reading the fine notes on the datapad. “Very nice, very very nice. Yes yes Grees, you did your buddy Kriffing Kiv very good, hehe.” As he commented this, he kept looking at Meepo, like a dealer would at a potential buy. He almost giggled with delight as the droid helped Zeris. A grunting noise made Kiv turned. The rodent’s five chambered heard skipped several beats when he realized that the Tusken was throwing something at him. Natural instinct kicked in as the Jawa ducked and covered his head, screeching. Thankfully the potentially armed mine never touched the ground. M-1 and M-3, who were observing the group while M-2 was helping sorting Zeris’ order, had raced towards Kiv, heavy manipulator arms extended. With Kiv’s short height, the small mouse droids were able to catch the mine before it slammed into the ground. “Oooh, very good! Very good little things!” Kiv commented as he retrieved the mine from the mouse droids. The droids beeped a thanks. Kiv bent down and petted M-1 like a pet hound. “You make good purchase, yes yes yes!” Kiv glanced at the Tusken. “You trying to kill me big cousin? You scary enough already!” Kiv wandered back to the savage and handed the mine over. “This explosive! I recognize explosive, yes yes. You want this? I get this for you, but no more scaring me, yes?” Meanwhile, Meepo was getting exasperated and increasingly annoyed with Zeris’ order. “I am being exceptionally open-mind ma’am” It said as the humanoid pointed out the speeder bike. “Most people having access to these supplies would need higher level clearance then what you can assuredly provide. However, the use of such a vehicle requires a type 4 or above land vehicle license, and unless you are able to produce such a thing…” “Oi! Info Bank!” Kiv called out as he rushed to the two. “We in hurry, yes? Sooner we get stuff, sooner we leave, as your orders are, yes?” Meepo looked at the diminutive Jawa then Zeris, then at the bike, and gave a sigh. “Very well. I guess it could be reasonably inferred you have such a license at minimum.” “This how you work with droids lady” Kiv commented, patting Zeris’ side. “Make programming work for you, hehe. “If that is all…” Meepo commented and gave a high pitched whistle. Instantly, the mouse droids scurried over to the Military Protocal droid and circled, like womp rats circling a dying animal. Meepo got into a crouching position. It was this point that the others may have noticed Meepo had custom designed back plating, fitting to hold each of the mouse droids like a kind of backpack. Meepo grabbed each droid and, utilizing his fully rotational arms, hooked each one with magnetized locks. “For all purposes, your money will be processed through the Imperial Banking network. Deed of property designated Meepo & 3, have been transferred to your datapad Mister ‘Kiv the stupid, ugly, smelly Jawa.” “Definately going to have to fix that later” Kiv commented. >Nah, its good someone calls you by your full name< Eyes joked, receiving another shooing. “So, you got what you need, we got what we need, we good, yes scary cyborg lady? We can leave now? I know big cousin would like the open skies again.”
  2. Kiv looked up from his datapad when Rru produced the small needle weapon. “Oooh, fancy fancy!” Kiv exclaimed, rubbing his face and eyes before examining further. “Didn’t think this was your kind of thing, big cousin. You strike me more gaffi stick then sharp knife. Hmmm, hmmm, let me see, maybe it's for your loved one? She may like it…” Kiv had grabbed the device and brought it under his hood, as if to sniff and lick it. Thankfully, he only performed the former and squealed slightly, keeping the device pointed away from him. “Ack! You try to kill me, big cousin? I joke, I joke, but still! Nasty stuff here. Very nasty. Very very nasty. Not sure what poison. Hmmm….eyes! Get over here Eyes!” Eyes, ever the obedient droid, floated over. >Yes sir?< Kiv shook the needle pointed pen violently. “Scan! Analyze! Do whatever it is i programmed you to do.” Eyes sighed and beeped a few times as he performed an initial scan. >results identify a nerve toxin. I am unable to figure out any more without…< “Nerve toxin! Eek!” Kiv shrieked again, holding the pen out and waving it violently for Rru to grab the device. “Nasty stuff, nasty nasty. Affects the brain! Nasty nasty. I see why you want it, big cousin. Make fun time in bedroom with Mando lady, yes?” “Please keep up” Meepo ordered, stopping briefly to make sure the others weren’t getting into too much trouble.
  3. As the Tusken’s slug hit true, the creature behind Kiv shrieked and flailed in pain. Its roars and screeching almost matched that of Rru’s rifle. Almost. But where it lacked in volume, it made up for in length as it whimpered and began to swim away from the group. This prey was not worth this kind of effort. “Ah! Many thanks big cousin!” Kiv gasped for air as he stopped next to Rru, patting his side. “I knew you were good to bring along. Always did. Always said, nothing like a Tusken to protect you, yes yes. That X-Pyre shots, right? I purchase some for you, maybe? I know a guy. “ Meanwhile, Eyes had stopped slashing and was grumbling after the first shot. >Someone could warn me before opening fire in a claustrophobic area. That would drastically improve my chances of survival< The second dianoga was screaming in pain, unable to get its prey off of it. At first it shook and flailed. And then it grew still. >Excellent work lady< Eyes commented as he flew close to the woman. >You will be happy to know we are only 500 meters from our destination. “Right you are you useless piece of tin” Kiv commented as he got close. “I remember this place like the back of my back. Right this way you two! The great Kiv never disappoints!” A little while later, through another man-hole cover and through a loosely secured back door, the group found themselves in a large warehouse-like complex. Kiv clapped and rubbed his hands together, The energy that Kiv gave off was something akin to a child in a candy store. “Ooohoho, I love these places. And if Grees follows through, the security is diverted and…” “Excuse me…” a monotone voice interrupted. Kiv froze as a black suited humanoid droid stumbled out, holding a single datapad. Surrounding the droid were three mouse droids, each one beeping to each other an impossible conglomerate sequence of binary. “I am Meepo, an M-3P0 military protocol droid and ordnance assistant. These are my assistants M-1, M-2 and M-3. Are you…” The droid glanced down at his pad. “Kiv the stupid ugly smelly Jawa?” Kiv looked at the others and laughed. “Grees, he is such a joker. Little running gag between us. Yes yes, that is us. This is the buyer, yes yes.” The droid studied the small group over. “Please note that the maximum dosage of X-treme Soap for soldiers is 20 grams per shower. I would recommend the max for each of you, as none of your smells would pass millitary protocals. I am under orders help you gather what you need, calculate how many credits you owe our common friend, and get you off world, to quote, ‘as soon as your kriffing keester can get airborne, whether willingly or otherwise, unquote” >I must admit, i am liking Grees more and more< Eyes laughed. Kiv rolled his eyes. “You got any message for me specifically?” “Yes…” Meepo walked forward and handed the pad over. The three mouse droids followed and circled, each one taking a quick scan of the group. M-2, who scanned the Tusken, back off whimpering slightly, with a small manipulator hand popping out as if offering a peace sign. Meepo turned to Zeris. “You are the official buyer. I am under orders to say that you can select what crates of quote, assorted survival supplies you desire. Given the wide and vague range of what these supplies could be, you have full access to all of this cargo bay. Simply select what you want, and I will make sure it gets transported to your ship. Come, I will show you some of the supplies that Grees mentioned specifically,” Kiv giggled slightly, not looking up from his pad, yet somehow following closely behind “Hey lady, maybe you let my big cousin look around too? I pay you back, yes yes yes. Got to keep family well armed, hehe.”
  4. Kiv screeched loudly when the female was plucked and carried into the air. “Dianoga! I told you they were still here!” Kiv pointed out. >Should we do something to help?< Kiv slapped the floating orb, causing it to spin in the air for a bit. “Of course you should help, you redundant piece of recycled refuse! Help her now!” Having received confirmation, Eyes extended his manipulator arm and seized the small dagger at Kiv’s side and tried to fly at the tentacle tossing the female around wildly. With a quick dash and circling, Eyes gave the tentacle a slight cut. >My hope is that with this knife< Eyes rambled on with another slice to the tentacle while trying to avoid being smacked around. >is that you will be able to get free lady. Please standby…< However, there were two dianoga in the sewage. And the older, more mature, and magnitudes more hungry, one decided the jawa looked delicious. Thankfully, Kiv saw the tentacles lashing towards him. Instincts kicked in, and Kiv broke into a mad dash towards the nearest resident from Tatooine. “Big cousin!” Kiv cried out, tentacles flaying behind him. “Heeeeeelp!”
  5. “Good good!” Kiv exclaimed as he came to a stop. Snapping his fingers and pointing, Kiv directed Eyes towards the manhole cover on the street before him. Eyes, always annoyed, gave a sigh and utilized a manipulator claw to lift the cover up enough for the others. “Now you believe me…” Kiv added as he started to climb into the reeking sewer below. “I have strong sense of smell. This way worse for me then you. Eh, maybe not you big cousin, but you have mask wrappings, so you ok.” Moments later, Kiv plopped into a puddle of dark brown and green. A slight curse came from the Jawa’s lips, as he shook his feet slightly. Darn water was going to get soaked into his cloak, and the bugs would swarm like at home. He had to grab his robes and pull them up slightly, appearing similar to some kind of Naboo noble woman. >Very pretty sir. And the smell matches your usual perfume< Eyes chuckled as he floated down, the manhole cover clanking after him. “Oh shush you. I should add an odor senser to your eye” Kiv growled slightly as he made his way forward through the sewage. Thankfully ahead there was a walkway that the sewage didn’t cover. Once there, Kiv led the way, talking once again. “You see, I normally don’t take this way. I prefer upstairs to downstairs. But my charm only go so far. Yes yes, but no worries. I have good memory how to travel here so you lady are getting good deal…” >Left sir< Eyes commented. Instantly, and without missing a beat, Kiv turned in the said direction. “Only a little further now, and we will be at the cargo bays. See, you got good deal using my services. Not to mention lady, you have my strong cousin. He very strong and deadly. Killed a crime lord recently. Set him on fire. Very aromatic. Perhaps you recommend me to your clients, yes?” >Sir, might I remind you that we are still in danger? < Eyes noted, floating directly in front of the Jawa. “Of what? Dianoga? Nah, they be exterminated by now…” Kiv waved the droid off, trying to get past, unaware of neither the eye stalks that had been following the group nor the large tentacles that were emerging from the deeper places of sewage, reaching curiously towards the new prey.
  6. “Time to go. Did you get what we needed?” “Oh yes yes I did big cousin!” Kiv exclaimed, stopping around a corner, out of sight of the bar where the security forces were attempting to break up the brawl. The small jawa panted heavily as he placed his hands on his knees. “Were there any doubt? No no, of course not, you both can easily trust the great Kiv. I have never failed before” >With one or two exceptions< came a familiar beeping under Kiv’s robes. From them Eyes floated out, clearly annoyed at having been in storage mode for so long. >You did forget about that one time on Naboo< “Oh be quiet, that one don’t count.” Kiv waved the droid off. “Anywho, yes, we got what we needed, and even something to make this trip worthwhile for me even. Early life day gift to myself, yes yes. Docking bay 3.” Kiv had to stop before breaking into a sprint. “Hmm… thanks to you two, we may be wanted. Got to be sneaky. Good thing you have Kiv. He be very sneaky when needed. You have problem with sewers you two?”
  7. "So you gonna tell me what I got mixed up with?" The squib asked as the fight began, calling zeris attention away. The small blue furred being raised a glass for a deep sip of something dark. "What? You think I bring bad business?" Kiv asked, watching the fight as well. "Blackmailers always do" the squib glared. "Besides…who brings a tusken?" Kiv couldn't help but chuckle as the sound of someone breaking a bone was beard. "Good point, yes yes. Good point. but that's no tusken. That my friend, is a Mando tusken. " "Reek bull. If that's a Mando, then im…" Kiv stopped the squib as he pulled out one of his handheld holoprojector. Immediately an image of the tusken and the Mando warrior in a dear embrace from tatooine filled the small space. "...a golden nuxu. " the squib stammered, confused to say the least. "Aha? Right? Mandos don't go for one's outside their own… and sand people are worse. So naturally he is Mando, and if he is mando…" Grees looked at zeris with a new interest as kiv turned off the image before someone else saw "...then I should act my age, eh?" "Hehe, yes yes. But I know you can get her what she wants. You good like that." Grees gave a glare again. "I don't like being involved with blackmailed dealings like this. If the imperial know I did this…" "Then it's good I told her your name was grees, isn't it?" The squib stopped, then squeaked madly. "Oh kiv, I hate you, but you are entertaining to say the least. If she can pay, I can get what she needs. But I have to ask, what's your profit?" "Hmmm?" The squib raised a finger. "What's that rule again? A noble adventure with no profit is a waste of time?" Kiv chuckled. " Ah, You got me, yes yes." kiv suddenly leaned closer. "I want what I asked for." The squib glared again. "You can't be serious" The small jawa produced a small datapad. "Get it to me, and you don't have to worry about that little other, spicy, hustle you've been doing" Grees, after a brief glare, didn't answer right away. A large humanoid crashed into the table, sending drinks flying everywhere. "Kriff! Fine! Docking bay 3! 1 hour or no deal!" With that, Grees took off, a blue blur in the crowd of drunkards. Kiv laughed and looked at zeris and the tusken. "Yooo hoo! Time to go! We gots good deal, yes yes yes!" With that Kiv because the rodent he truly was and scurried for the doorway. The sound of imperial sirens outside could be heard. No doubt, security to break up the massive brawl that had taken over the bar.
  8. “Oooooh we here? Good good!” Kiv exclaimed then poked the sleeping tusken a few times. “Wakey wakey big cousin, we made to planet. New place, new treasures for all” Kiv jumped away before Rru could retaliate, a life-saving instict almost all jawas had. At least, all the ones that were alive. Kiv rushed off the ship and stretched his body, hands above head and screeching something that could only be described as a yawn. “Good ship lady. I like a lot. You ever need upgrades, I know a person who can help. Discreet too, yes yes yes.“ >Sir, focus please< Eyes beeped as he spun in front of the jawa’s face, poking the rodent’s shoulder with his arm. “Oh be quiet, I'm as focused as a dragon on a bantha.” Kiv tried to wave the droid away. “Anywho, lady, we need to get to bar. My contact, he likes bar much. Same here. He knows I’m coming. We can talk details there. You bring proof of cash, I bring big cousin for moral support. Follow me! I take you to him!” Without word or wait, Kiv lead the way. The jawa moved with a deceptive speed, stopping only when Eyes insisted on waiting for the others. Eventually, he led the group to the so-called bar. A government run tavern, known as The Ak’s nest, was populated almost entirely of off-duty soldiers, imperials on shore leave, and numerous locals. The owner, an aging bothan female, looked almost like she would fall down from exhaustion. “Hi big momma!” Kiv exclaimed, raising both hands and waving happily. The bothan gave a look of disgust that came with knowing Kiv, followed by a glare and pointed towards one of the tavern’s corner booth, where a lone squib sat nervously. Kiv attempted to blow a kiss towards the bothan, who in turn flipped the jawa off. “She likes me, she really does. I always take only simple drinks, like water with a Jun-Lime.” Kiv whispered to Zeris as he weaved his way towards the booth. “Anywho, this is Grees.” Kiv introduce the squib. A young-looking blue-hair squib, who’s bloodshot eyes revealed many sleepless nights during the past few weeks of war time. “Good friend, good friend. You ask him, yes? He get you it, yes yes…” Kiv sat down in the booth and patted the seats next to him, indicating for one of the others to sit, and for negotiations to begin.
  9. “Ach, ok ok lady! No need to drag.” Kiv screeched slightly. Truth be told, he was used to it, but a common Jawa standard of living was to make it tough on those who wanted to drag you anywhere, unless they had the intention of killing you. Then you needed to make it impossible to take you anywhere. “Ah! Glad to see you are following, big cousin!” Kiv noted at the Tusken’s arrival after the savage had dropped off the Mandalorian warrior. “Leaving your lady lover already? Make sense. Warrior make love on battlefield, not bedroom. Now you with me, great Kiv. Don’t worry big cousin, I take care of you. We all sons of sand, eh? Have to stick together, protect your littler cousins from the feet of bigger beings?” Once they arrived at the Crate, Kiv couldn’t help but give a slight whistle and rub his hands together like a businessman sensing an opportunity. “Nice ship nasty lady. Older stuff lasts longer as I always say. Perhaps for extra fee, I can get you in contact with someone who can do upgrades? Subtle upgrades even? Why, I met a Bothan…” Kiv stopped himself. “Oops, can’t reveal my inventory for free, no no no. Anywho, speaking of Bothans, you have coordinates for Bothowui? I have good knowledge that is where our squib friend is stationed right now. Once we get in orbit, I make contact, set up means of payment for supplies, then we on our way, yes? But only if you have coordinates and flight path for that planet. If not…well, that costs extra, and I have two mouths to feed now. Three if I count you. Four if I count my dumb droid, which I do, so I have four mouths to feed now...” Kiv walked onto the ship like he practically owned it and began to do what Jawa’s did best. Observe, categorize, and plot. “Lets see, nice nice. I know some people who would like some of this. Now lets see, you need the supplies for cheap, yes? Cheap means small price, but there is still price. How you plan on paying my squib-friend lady?” Kiv glanced at Rru, and scratched his face in thought. “Oh, and you have any food I can feed big cousin? I afraid he get lonely and bored, and food is a wonderful cure for boredom in my family. Plus when he hungry, he liable to rip up the floorplates…”
  10. Kiv snapped his fingers at eyes and pointed towards the tusken. An indication to begin recording something. Whether this was just this tusken's personal ritual or a racial one, kiv was sure someone in a cultural research department would love to know more. And if not that, perhaps some holovid maker would find inspiration from it. "After all, we always think of people who could use what we find, not find use out of what we find ourselves…" The jawa reminded the small droid and himself. Eyes gave a sighing beep. Hey Kiv! Your droid promised your services. Where can I get good quality survival gear? In bulk?...cheap? The small rodent jumped and looked at the woman. "Oooh, did he now? Ah, we both have eye for talent so I can see why he promised such deal. I can do that, for discount of course, yes?" Kiv suddenly shook his head, as if he had a thought "Ach, what I say, no need for discount, you earned premium service. No worries about price here. Let's see…" Kiv made several strides towards the now sitting female and produced several datapads from inside his robes. All of them loomed more then a little grungy, but they were workable. "Survival gear yes? You trying to survive somewhere nasty? How nasty we talk here? And how cheap we talk? Let's see, bulk…bulk…" Kiv began to scroll through one of the datapads, as hundreds of names whizzed by. "Let's see, I know several clans around here who may have what you want, but it second rate at best and not likely bulk. Hmmm, you like fish? I got some people on mon cal. They have what you like, but they are very strict. Everything has to be triple checked for new planet laws. They good, but expensive and slow…you no like them, I sure that. You want fast and easy like my mother..." The small rodent suddenly snapped his fingers again repeatedly. Eyes, having recorded the tusken quietly suddenly rushed over. "What the name of that stuffy who owes me favor for unofficial work?" Instead of answering, eyes small manipulator arm extended and scrolled the data pad until a singular name stood out. "Ah ha! Yes yes, Quartermaster Grees, a squib in the republic. Owes me big favors. Big big favors. Yes he can get me bulk supplies. Field rations, Tactical equipment, everything you want. And cheap if he wants to stay employed, hehe. Doesn't want people to know his side spice dealings. Not that i touch the stuff of course. Fogs my eyes you know..." Kiv looked at the woman and studied her. "I give you contact info, we separate on our merry way yea? Maybe take my big cousin over there as collateral? He travel light and fights for food. You wont even mind him."
  11. Zeris’ impressive feat of dexterity and hand-eye coordination caught BoomBox off guard. Like the pilot had planned, the Gonk droid struggled to find a way to defeat a foe literally on top of him. In his desperation, he shook his body wildly while opening fire in all directions. The very air reverberated under the repulsorlift generators, and the sonic cannons that erupted made the entire room shake. One unfortunate shot went through the air and struck the Mandalorian directly in the chest. While her armor prevented any fatal damage, the force behind the shot was more than enough to send her crashing into a solid wall. She fell to the ground unconscious. Still, the pilot remained on until she chose not to. And her leaping off knocked the Gonk onto his side. Now immobile, the Gonk frantically moved his legs around trying to get back up. “Oh! Its the other berserker lady!” Kiv exclaimed as Zeris focused attention on the rat. If he was in a much calmer situation, he would have believed the lady’s tone was one of anger towards him, but with all of the chaos going on, he assumed she was just having an exhausting day. “Glad to see you alive! Guards must be knocked out, yes? Impressive impressive! You professional? Gah you must be. I like, i like. ” As the Tuskan moved forward to commit his bloody execution, Gorgonzola turned to face the savage. Still he waved his arms like a frightened child. In the eyes of the hutt community he might have well been. This was his first attempt at a criminal empire where others had attempted multiple criminal circles in the wider galaxy. “Please, I’ll pay anything! We can talk this out, no need to kill me! Please, this isn’t worth-” The hutt’s pleadings were cut short. The blaster shot that raced through the air singed and carved the hutt’s unprotected face. Being the prime specimen of a hutt he was, he always had a thick diet of vegetables and meats that made his skin produce an attractive amount of oils and greases. It was these oils that caught on fire from the Tusken’s shot. The body immediately combusted into a roaring fire of green and orange. Gorgonzola’s last thoughts were of immense and unknowable pain, only comparable to being devoured live by Saber-Cats. “Oooh, toasty hutt. I need to get a shot of that after this is done” Kiv commented outloud at the blaze that erupted. BoomBox cried out in sorrow. Seeing his ward burn before his very eyes was unacceptable. With one roaring “GONK!” BoomBox fired both his repulsor generator and sonic cannon that was pointed at the ground. The force of the blast caused the droid to right itself back onto it’s feet. “Gonk!” BoomBox cried out, a song of pain and grief. “Gonk gonk gonkgonkgonkgonk!” At this moment, Boombox’s outer protective shell immediately unclipped itself from the power droid. The sound of energy building up could be heard over the droid’s weeping cries of “Gonk!” “Oh no…” Kiv held his hands up to his face, shaking in terror like that the hutt had experienced. “It's gonna blow!” >Sir, your gun!< Eyes beeped out frantically. Should such an explosion occur, the entire building above would probably collapse from the explosion, if it didn’t get vaporized first. There was a very good reason that power droids that utilized fusion generators had heavy casings that could hold back a cannon-shot. Kiv pulled out the ionization blaster and opened fired. The junked-together device fired its ionic beam and struck its target head on. In the next moment, BoomBox fell over backwards, now lifeless. “Whew!” Kiv gasped, wiping his brow of imaginary sweat. “That was close.” Kiv waved at the Tusken trying to get his attention.. “You good big cousin? You sure you not assassin? I’m glad I sided with you and not someone else, yes yes yes”
  12. Together, the Tusken and the Mandalorian warrior dispatched four of the cats easily. The explosions caused by the grenade launcher especially, the remaining cats began to scatter. This prey was much more feisty then what the Hutt normally brought. This meal would have to be earned. The leader of the pack however, was earning its own meal ticket chasing down Kiv. The small jawa, with the ever knack and sense for finding hiding spots, had slipped himself through some debris that had been scattered around the chamber, and once the cat had dived in after him, gave the feline the slip, looking for his next hiding spot. “This is the last time I play ring ‘round junkyard!” Kiv sxreeched loudly, hearing the roar of the Saber-cat giving pursuit once more. Somewhere during the running, Kiv was joined by Eyes, who had began to chuckle. If it haden’t been for the seriousness of the situation, Kiv would have told the droid to shove it. Instead, he ran face first into the two lovers. “About time you idiots showed up! Last time I give you an easy in, yes?” Thankfully what happened next gave both the Jawa and his droid, as well as the two lovers, a moment's reprieve from the felines. Having landed on the Hutt’s head, Zeris had sent Gorgonzola into a panic. His arms flailed about. His deep laughter had turned into a screech that rivaled the jawa’s. He screamed that the assassins were upon him, and demanded his few men to do something about it. Before they could, however, Zeris had successfully disarmed the shields separating the gangsters from the cats. Of the four cats still alive, the three that were chasing and hunting the lovers changed targets. There was no use going after these morsels. The new prey that had just been presented looked far more tasty and less likely to injure them. The Hutt frantically slid off of his perch and made a motion for the nearest exit, only to stop when he saw his precious Saber-Cats devour his little entourage of men. Scared, he turned and faced Zeris, his large eyes widened with terror. “Boo…boo” Gorganzolla stammered, shaking his thick arms like a scared child. He grabbed his own face and scratched himself, on the verge of crying. “...BoomBox! Stop them!” The Gonk droid gave one, affirmative, Gonk. Its master had given it's codename. All restrictions no longer applied. Gorgonzola needed help now more then ever. BoomBox was an old droid, even by Gonk standards. It had overheard the failings of empires and organizations that no one deemed worthy to be written down. It had seen the destruction of many hardened criminals, as well as their underlings over and over. It had witnessed the last wishes of crime bosses all over the galaxy, only for their children to fail their parent’s desires. It saw the rise of potentials, and fallings of failures. In all of this time, it gained its own form of sentience in that time, always desiring to help those it was made to serve, but unable to protect those from harm. It had been that way until 85 years ago when, in the services of Gorgonzolla’s mother, it made a request. It asked for upgrades to protect the Hutt’s newly born son. And miraculously, instead of being wiped and reprogrammed, it was granted its request. In the time that followed, its processing core, its shell, its connections, everything had been improved and updated. How else was it able to control the shields in this place so perfectly, unless over ridden by its front controls? Its armor housing, Droid Heavy Plating Type 3, had been given a nice, water-proof coat of lubricant. Gorgonzola, even as a child, spilled his drinks often, so water-proofing was a must. How was Boombox supposed to keep his ward from getting into the sharp cutlery? Repulsor generators strong enough to shove a Gundark away of course. Just had to use the lower settings with the hutt. And for those threats who desired to kill the Hutt at a distance? The modified sonic weaponry was more than capable at handling such problems. BoomBox, now unleashed, had its outer shell open up, revealing the compartments inside. For the assassin behind (Zeris), the revealed repulsor generators would hopefully slam her into the wall and perhaps pin her momentarily until the droid could get closer to its hutt ward. For the assassins in the middle of the chamber (everyone else), it began to fire burst after burst of sonic blasts, strong enough to break the bones of any who stood in its way. It even sent a few bursts towards the cats mauling the Hutt's entourage. Without having to worry about controlling the shields, it could do so with the full extent of its contained Fusion Generator. “GONK!” BoomBox bellowed, taking slow but steady steps towards its terrorized master, while unleashing hell on those who wished its ward harm.
  13. BASEMENT/FEEDING AREA The two droids looked at the ax presented by the Mandalorian with an uncaring expression and nodded. They were workers, no better then slaves. They didn’t need to think hard. Their lives, while not worth much, did not include programs to stop intruders or pacify targets. They were transport. And if the prisoners were going to transport themselves, all the more power to them. The two lovers made their way into the belly of the beast, as it were. The hallway where Kiv’s bumblings came from ended with a durasteel door that opened into the large open chamber known as the Feeding Area. Upon entrance, the two would find the door slam and locked behind them, a security measure that the great Gorgonzola begrudgingly paid for. The Horned Saber-Cats would be the first to notice them. Of the eight circling and preparing to chase the Jawa rodent, seven of them turned their attention to the Tuskan and the Mandalorian. In the dimly lit chamber, they were difficult to see, but the silhouettes of their forms could be noticed prowling the debris scattered around. One of them growled loudly. The others answered. The hunt was on. Kiv stopped in the middle of his long winded talk when he heard the growl. The hutt and his entourage of lesser criminals looked at the entrance. Gorgonzola roared. “You traitorous rat! You brought the assassins to me! You are working with them!” Kiv waved his arms frantically. “No no no no, not like that great greasy one! Why I would do tha-” Gorgonzola wouldn’t hear it. He slammed and bashed the Gonk droid, spilling his drinks everywhere. The shield on Kiv’s sled flickered out, and the chamber flooded with light. Despite the hutt's violant slamming, the shields ones protecting the criminals from the cats remained. Kiv booked for the nearest piece of debris. The last cat, the largest of the pack and who had ignored the entrance of the others, roared and gave chase. “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Kiv shrieked all the way. Meanwhile, in the air vents, Eyes and Zeris had found themselves just above the Feeding Area. The strong smell that Zeris had so keenly noticed was not just from the various dead baby womp rats that couldn’t find any food, but also from the opening ahead. The grate was placed just above Gorgonzola, a feature he insisted so that he would remain properly cool. The fumes from his greasiness went straight up, and sucked into the vent to be emitted outside of the monastery. Kiv’s scream could be heard in the vents, above the now cheering entourage and laughing Gorgonzola. Eyes suddenly picked up speed and beeped at Zeris frantically. >Time is of the essence warlike humanoid. Please hurry, i believe the feeding has commenced<
  14. 1st Floor The two lover’s plan was working nicely to say the least. The initial abbot had to step back from the scuffle as the Tuskan easily knocked out the Lutrillian. Once the Tuskan was back under control, the abbot gave a very wide smile. “This one is more brutal than I expected. To think he has fallen so far from his beliefs. Thankfully, we have the perfect end for him. “ The abbot gestured to the Mandalorian to follow. The group received several stares from the legit patrons who desired to learn the religion, but the abbot ignored them and indicated that the Mandalorian should do the same. Instead, he led them to one of the back areas, where a staircase led down into the cool ground. “While I am not one who enjoys having to work under such management, our Lord does help us provide lovely payment for blasphemers like this one” the abbot spoke as he went down the stairs. At the bottom of the staircase, several ill-lit hallways awaited the group, as well as two rusted ASP labor droids maintaining an anti-gravity sled. At closer inspection, the sled was obviously modified, with its edges to produce a particle shield for easier transport of prisoners. “If you like, you can come with us to meet our Lord…” The abbot motioned towards the sled, indicating he wanted the Tuskan on board, and then to follow him down the hallway on the right. “To negotiate payment, and to witness the execution. I usually am not one for these bloody demonstrations, but I wish to see this savage receive his punishment in full. Our lord’s cats are quite exquisite to see in action, if I do say so myself. We just caught a rat to even work up their appetites…” ___ 2nd floor. The people up in the chop shop were busy, greasy, and on a deadline. Why would they care about some female? The guards had already caught a troublemaker, so this was one of the few times where the overbearing eyes of their masters would not be focused on their work. >If i do recall correctly< Eyes noted, hovering quietly behind Zeris trying to avoid attention. <...and I always do, there are a series of air vents and pipes on the base floor you can access. I calculate that my master is being held in the feeding area. The most accessible way without drawing attention would be to use these vents. I will point them out to you if you wish. Otherwise, there is the back staircase that the abbots use regularly, but as the Chevin noticed, you are not inconspicuous< True enough, on the first floor, near the stairs that led up to the chop shop, a small air vent was available. ____ Feeding Area Kiv shook himself awake and groaned. “Stupid piece of stupid junk. When I get my hands on that little piece of…” Kiv had to stop as the laughter gurgled from somewhere. Kiv rubbed his eyes and realized that the glow around him was from a red particle shield from the sled he was sitting on. While its light was not too illuminating, it did provide enough for his eyes to see. The place he was in was huge to say the least. The large, open chamber was like a scaled down training facility of sorts. The rocky ground seemed to be the only original thing in this chamber, as durasteel lined the walls and low roof. Pieces of debris from star ships, vehicles, and buildings were scattered in the chamber, giving it a very battle-field feel. Along the edges of the room, more particle shields protected a small crowd of observers: Gangsters, two-bit men, smugglers, and a few entertainers of the night. They were obviously not the top-grade criminals they pretended to be, but they did help make Kiv feel absolutely alone. And before Kiv, seating center of the chamber along the wall with the observers, was the Hutt himself. Slimy, green, and slightly curled up around himself, Gorgonzola was a fine specimen…for a Hutt. His fat rolls and greasy palms did nothing to add any beauty, and his laughter, higher-pitched for his kind, made him a little underwhelming compared to the great Jabba he compared himself to. “Its been a long time runt…” Gorgonzola spoke, grabbing a piece of food off a Gonk droid that served as his End-Table. “Great Gorgonzola!” Kiv exclaimed, standing up and bowing. “Many long time, yes? Its good to see you, good to see my favorite customer…” “I doubt that runt” The hutt glared, hands clenching into fists. “That datapad you sold me was worthless. I lost several grands over that information. You owe me big runt…” “What? Worthless? No way!” Kiv exclaimed, waving his arms frantically. “After all, all the information was true, wasn’t it? That Chromium mine is full of treasure and wonders! I simply sold you its location!” The Hutt roared, making the other observers flinch in apprehension. “You failed to mention that the mine was already half mined and had a Mynock Nest. By the time I finished mining it, I lost all my profits fixing my equipment!” A grow from somewhere in the room caught Kiv’s attention. He didn’t need to glance around to know what else was watching. In his desire to become greater than Jabba, Gorgonzola decided to get his own man-eating beast. But instead of a rancor, he decided that a pack of Horned Saber-Cats would be much easier to maintain, and much more entertaining to watch killing those who wronged Gorgonzola. “Wait, wait, wait…no need be hasty!” Kiv started. “How about, I give you new info? Better info! For free! A real deal, yes?” “Not this time runt” The hutt laughed as he began to finger the Gonk/Table droid, fiddling with its controls for the shields in the room. “This time, you are the cat food…” “Assassination!” Kiv blurted out. This caused everyone to go silent for a moment. “Uh, yes! There is an upcoming assassination attempt! On your very life! Your glorious, greasy life! Why else would I return home, yes? To let myself get eaten? No no, I have great deal. I know assassins are on their way to kill you! But I can stop them.” There was a moment of silence, save for the five Saber-cats who prowled around waiting for the shields protecting the Jawa to be dropped. The hutt stroked his chins for a bit, pondering. “Go on…” Kiv sighed and then began. “You see, you are great gangster, yes? Biggest one of the galaxy. Bigger then…then…” Kiv snapped his fingers. “Black Sun! Yes, you are comparing to them! But they no like what you are becoming. I know this because I sold them something. Good deal. Yes yes…” Kiv continued to ramble out his lie, hoping that either the Hutt would buy the story, or something else would get him out of this mess.
  15. Kiv moved about the machinery and people working on the monastery’s second floor like rat amongst cargo. A few people gave the jawa a curious or even suspicious look, but their work demanded more attention. It was a simple manner of finding a small corner on the second floor that pushed against a loose ceiling panel. A slight push and jumble, and the panel opened outwards, letting in Tatooine’s blinding twin suns. >Good to see you again master< A familiar binary beeping as Eyes floated just outside. “There you are you piece of flying ju…” Kiv started then stopped and glanced around. “Whoah whoah whoah, wait, where are the other two?” >It seems they have refused your method of entrance and decided to follow you into the monastery through the front door< Kiv clutched his hands into fists and smacked his head a few times in frustration. “Whaaaat? Those idiots! They’ll get caught by guards! Even with my excellent distraction skills, the front door still…” >It appears all the guards are being handled sir< “Huh…?” Kiv looked down at where the guards were. For a few moments, Kiv had to stare in awe as the ‘robo-woman’, as Kiv called her, dealt with each of the guards one by one. “Very nice… nice nice nice…Eyes, you recording yes?” Kiv said, scratching his chin. >As always sir< “Good. I’ll have to look her up. Lots of warrior ladies today Eyes. Maybe I can hire her? Get a closer look at those arms.” The woman had dealt with the last thug. Kiv couldn’t help but flinch at the broken arm. Still, he kept watching, and even waved frantically at the woman to signal where he was at. “Eyes, go down there and scan her. And ask her to…” At that moment, everything went black, as neither Kiv nor Eyes didn’t see the man sneaking up behind him with the stun-stick. _____ The two who had snuck in through the front ( @Rose Cariadus and @Wyvernfall), had no trouble getting through the door. With the distraction started by kiv and continued by Zeris, the front was completely open. Inside the two were greeted with the same sight. A large, ornate, open room, decorated with statues, benches, and decorated walls. One of the abbots, a gangly human whose height was made ridiculous by his ornate hat, made his way towards the two, arms out in greetings. "Greetings my children!" He said, his voice having a musical tone to it. "It is always good to see that ones who have embraced the aspect of the wandering Bantha enter our humble halls" The abbot came close to the tusken, and peered closer as if to study the being. "Ah, you are a curious soul. What has this sand person done to deserve such treatment? Has he broken his own people's vows to not eat bantha meat?” A perceptive eye would have noticed that while this particular abbot seemed genuine, one of the other abbots, a Lutrillian, was looking over curious and pulling out what looked like a communicator. ____ Back outside, Eyes rushed downwards towards the Arkanian (@Zeris Mons) like a bullet, stopping just inches from her head. >Attention warlike humanoid< the small cobbled Searcher 2050 beeped out, almost franticly. >Your abilities have been noted by my owner and creator, and your services are requested in rescuing my owner. I am authorized to promise payment in the form of information and possible services upon completion. To accept, please continue into the DIM-U monastery’s basement and rescue my…< Eyes almost seemed to do the equivalent of a binary sigh before continuing. >The esteemed and magnificent Kiv, trader of information and keeper of secrets<
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