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  1. Noto nodded at each word, a little more depressed now. This world he had entered into was a terrible one. One that was filled with much disease. Talking about Corescant only reminded him of that further. He could still see the vision he had when Hesperium fell. The screamings. The cries of pain. The gunfire and the smoke. The fear that was made real. Thankfully his new master seemed to have a distraction ready. Upon pulling out the candy bar, Solus shifted around on his tentacles and looked at it intently. It had been a long time since he had something as sweet as… “Chokolate!” Noto decreed almost immediately. "That bar I believe is made of Chokolate and judging by the packaging…" Noto had to squint a bit, completely missing the point of the exercise of what was happening right now. “Looks like it was made in Coruscant. I don't recognize the company, but it does look human designed. So knowing that, it’s probably filled with some kind of mixture of Chokolate powder, nerf milk, and sugar, since humans love sugar, at least thats what I've heard. Do you like sugar a lot sir, being only half human? You know, we can’t have sugar back home. Too addictive, at least, that's what the elders say. I never tasted it myself. But that bar is definitely made of chokolate. Maybe the powder came from Tammis III, but I can't be sure. I heared they make their own unique kind. ” Noto scratched his head, trying to decipher where the bar came from, still oblivious to the point of what he should have been doing. Truth be told, once he had an idea how things should be done, he could stick with that idea for a while. Course, a lot of Krevaaki did that. Still, at least he wasn't thinking about Coruscant anymore.
  2. As Genesis talked on and on, Noto simply stood still and listened intently. His eyes flashed with pleasure, as if he was back home learning from one of his elders some important and secret information that no other being was privy to. He almost wanted to giggle at how his newly met master behaved himself. He wasn’t like any adult he had known before. But Noto wasn’t perfectly still as he initially appeared . Under his plates he mouthed some of the words, committing terms and definitions to memory. “You are much better than any of my teachers back home. Trust me, they could droll on forever. Teacher Siffo Droller would talk for eight hours straight. It was horrible, I couldn't move from my sitting stone until he was done and it was right before mealtime." Like a true student, Noto tried putting his teacher’s words into his own version that he could easily understand. “So, the Force is like...a deep ocean…” Noto started, his eyes looking around as he searched for the right terms. Naturally he drew from what was familiar to him. “The um, the living force is like the plankton in the waves, giving birth to life and fueling the growth of life existing within it. Life feeds on the Living Force. But the Cosmic force is the water in the ocean itself. The Living Force makes life, like the plankton. In turn, life gives the ocean, the Cosmic Force, more mass and more direction? Is that a good way of putting it?” Noto brought up two tentacles and moved back towards his bed. As he sat down, he rubbed his chin a bit, deep in thought. “But you said the dark side corrupts, which in turn corrupts more and more… like a virus? Or maybe a bacteria? But if that is true, can it be stopped?” Noto’s childish mind flashed back to the images of Naboo he had seen earlier with the Senator. He shriveled slightly in fear, the one time his emotion was very visible. He reached and grabbed his model and held it up to his eyes, looking at the exact point where he had grown up. He remembered the anger in the senator’s face when Noto suggested a peaceful surrender, the only thing his home world could do if the Sith came. “Are places like my home doomed to eventually get attacked and destroyed by the Dark?” Noto then looked up, remembering his vision. “Was that what happened on Coruscant? With the moon and those people hurting each other to get onto ships?”
  3. As Noto kept up with Genesis, he observed his new master. The way he walked, it said calmness and easygoing. But Noto was used to watching for the tiniest detail to describe a person’s emotions. Still, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to appear rude or nosy or anything, especially after had just been granted an apprenticeship. Noto couldn’t help but skip slightly as the two went into the inn, a noxious cloud following him. He imagined with excitement what the elders back home would have said. What his parents would have said! It didn’t take long for Noto to unpack. All he had was what he carried on him. Some datapads, a few credits, some leftover food, and the model of his homeworld. He couldn't help but stop but look at the model, the sphere slowly spinning on unseen power, with little simulated waves washing over tiny unseen rocks. "Tell me what you know of the Force and of the Jedi. Let me assess your knowledge and see where it is best we begin. With war coming to Bothawui, we have very little time to to prepare ourselves." “The force...it is…” Noto started at the question. The crustacean stood up and held a tentacle up like a hand trying to remember something. “The force is what flows between all living things.” Noto began to quote, remembering his studies back home. “It is a field of energy that is both around and within life itself. Where there is life, there is the Force. Life produces the Force, and in turn the Force helps produce life.” Noto had to cough once, a trick he had to help remember more things. He had to close his eyes. In his mind he conjured up the data pad he had read about the Force. “The force is characterized by several aspects, most notably the light and the dark side, utilized by the Jedi and the Sith respectively. While the other aspects are countless and fascinating, to know anything more than the Light and the Dark is to dive deep into unsure territories. These conversations turn more philosophical than scientific so many ignore them.” Noto had to pause and scratch his shell, starting to stumble on what came next. “Um, Ah, for many, especially the unlearned and the uncaring, these traits are enough to know. The light is good. Selfless and helpful. The dark is bad. Selfish and harming. These facts are enough, even for some of the Jedi. But for us, the people of the Shallows, we know that it is both indescribable but essential to understand” Noto opened his eyes and looked at Genesis. “That um, was written by uh, Jedi Master Bodo Baas. We have a bunch of writings back home from various Jedi who visited or came from there. I guess people liked going there to meditate. I remember the book so well cause of the name. Musings of an old Crab.” Noto couldn’t help but shift a facial plate into a slight snicker. The name of the book always made him do that. Still it was clear that Noto knew of the force in some kind of an academic sense.
  4. Noto quickly followed Genesis, his tentacles slapping softly against the floor trying to keep up with the adult. The entire room felt tense, and he was just happy to leave the situation. He had seen adults argue and get tense with each other, but this felt different. In the past it was over small issues of teaching or debates on the meanings of certain stories. Here it was so much more important. "He is right. His knowledge and experience far outweighs my own despite what Ive witnessed. But with that knowledge and experience comes stubbornness and the inability to see it from any side but his own." Noto looked up at Genesis. The Jedi seemed so much sadder now, but maybe Noto was reading into it too much. When The Jedi bent down to be eye level with the Krevaaki, Noto stilled himself. His faceplates shifted slightly to a forced happier position, though in retrospect it was probably pointless. "So you came in search of the Jedi, have you?” Noto nodded violently. It was his purpose here. He had traveled to a few other planets before here, each less likely to succeed. He was fortunate to remember the Bothan Spynet and the small detail about the Ex-Spymaster. “Are you sure this is the Life you wish to have thrust upon you?" Noto nodded again. “Yes sir. Erm, I mean, I believe I need to. Uh, see, I know the Force flows through me and..um, the galaxy needs heroes right now. It would be selfish to hide back home, though I think some of the elders would’ve disagreed with me.” "If so, then I, Jedi Knight Genesis Stormhelm, would like to offer you the position of my Padawan, my first." Noto shook and jumped slightly. The little Krevaaki grew excited, and it showed not only visibly, but also with a strong pungent smell. “Thank you sir! Yes sir! Oh um, yes sir! Uh uh…” Noto didn’t know what to say. Today was being quite the rollercoaster for emotions. “Um..my name is Noto. Noto Saar. Of, um, Krevas. I, uh, don’t have much combat knowledge, since my kind don’t like that stuff, but I am very intelligent! At least, um, that’s what i’ve been told. Er..” Noto realized he was trying to sell himself when he was already accepted, and grew a bit embarrassed. “Um, Sir Stormhelm, thank you. I uh, wasn’t sure I’d find a Jedi after seeing Corescant and Hesperium...so uh..thank you so much. I will be a good student! The best student! I promise!”
  5. Noto flinched under the harsh words said to him, forcing the young one to regret all the words he had spoken so far. He was in an area he did not belong. A child in a world of adults. Perhaps he shouldn’t have left his home. The universe was much scarier then all the books he had read. He only felt more guilty when Genesis spoke up and countered the senator’s words with his own. He should have just shut up. He should have stayed silent. He silently berated himself. Maybe he should just go home. Back to where it was safe. Back where he could just try to catch eel-crabs and read more and forget all about the force and the vision and… Noto took a deep breath and allowed his faceplates to shift back to a normal position of a few centimeters from a look that was described as crying. No, he got this far. Besides, what would his mother say if he came back, credits spent and none the wiser? Noto thanked the force silently. Hopefully the others couldn't tell that he had just been crying under his faceplates. Krevaaki tears ran internally under their plates. Humans looked so ugly when they cried, with their entire faces turning red. Krevaaki simply got a little softer and had their upper plates move up a fraction of a centimeter. It was good to be a crab-squid thing when emotions weren't in balance. “I’m...i’m trying to grow up sir… um...yes. Yes sir. Will do…” With that, Noto fell silent again, not wanting to be a pain. Just get through this talk, and tell Genesis the vision he had and see if he could be trained to help make the galaxy a better place. Still, questions lingered. If the rebels weren’t going to run and hide, then did that mean they would fight? And wouldn’t that just get the sith more riled up? Wouldn’t that drag more innocents into the fray? Hiding and keeping their head down...that's what the Krevaaki would do, and it worked out perfectly. It’s what they have been doing the last few years. What they probably would do forever and ever.
  6. Noto nodded at the senator’s words. He was sad that was certain. And with no wonder why. Noto didn’t need to be a student to know that times were bad for everyone. He just didn’t know how badly it was for everyone. “I don’t know...the Jedi always seemed supportive of democracy and it looked like democracy was gone during previous empires but it kinda came back so... it might need some edits or something, but I’m sure senator, there will be a place for you in it at the end." Genesis spoke. Noto felt bad. He couldn’t help but imagine that this gloomy mood was his fault, despite no evidence pointing to such a conclusion. “I...uh...I don’t want to kill...but uh...I mean, so what is the plan right now for Bothawui? I mean, if you guys can’t defend it, um...well, why don’t the systems surrender?” Noto felt bad for saying it, but he had to explain. “I mean, if they surrender, the Sith don’t attack right? Rebels go into hiding like usual, and strike back when the time is right?”
  7. When Genesis spoke and showed her eye, Noto cringed and shuddered a bit. Truly an aberration if he ever saw one. He remembered the word “Miralukian” but not much beyond that it was an alien species registered in some galactic data log. Still, a Mandalorian and a Jedi? Noto couldn’t help but scratch his head at that one. History was well documented on that relationship. “I was indeed at the Death Star, lost many friends, and as for Carida, that was a separate organization known as the Imperial Knights. They are the jedi under direct control of the Rebel Alliance Leader. Empress Raven Nasra, of whom I fought at the Death Star. Alliances are like that, one day you want to kill someone, the next you want to hug them. “Ah...um, sorry, Senator Godfrey, usually memorization is always my strong suit, as my dad would say. Must have got the names mixed up.” Noto apologized. “Though, um, if I may say so, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but that kind of alliance doesn’t sound very, um, lasting? Though if that wasn’t the jedi as was a different group, then I could see something better forming, but, uh, I never know” Genesis asked about the possibility of the Sith coming to Bothawui. “Oh! I was told that...!” Noto started to exclaim. “I...um...was told to get off the planet as soon as possible if I couldn’t find you, Jedi. He...my friend that is...um...I can't say who he is, but he is a Bothan and...uh...he didn’t say why, but now seeing all this...um...I think it seems...sorry, I’ll be quiet now, i promise.”
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  9. As the adults talked, Noto found himself sitting near Genesis, studying carefully. At the words of Coruscant, Noto couldn’t help but speak up, albeit softly. “Is that where you lost your eye...erm, sorry, I mean, uh, sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt” Noto then became quiet again and studied the other adult as the two continued. He had to think for a while. The face and voice was familiar, but he couldn’t place it. Perhaps he was a famous soldier? No, that didn’t seem right. Noto remembered how the Krevaaki species pointed out that you knew a soldier by sight by looking at their side or their clothes on their back. Noto noted the pistol, but he had seen so many pistols on passing travelers that he figured everyone carried one. But the clothes were decent. Not too fancy, but still nicely dressed. Noto rubbed his free tentacles together, thinking. “Ah! You’re Senetor Godfrey! Hero of the battle of Death Star III!” Noto placed a tentacle over where his mouth was hidden after his outburst. “Sorry again, I just couldn’t place your voice, until I remembered your talk about the Jedi actions on Carida. You were in a couple of my datapad readings about the state of the Jedi back home and... and um...sorry again, I’ll shut up now.” With that Noto backed up and tried again to remain quiet as the adults talked. He had no idea about wars or battles, except what he had read. Truth be told, those were his favorite parts, but only for the heroics that occurred. Still, the stuff about Godfrey were a thrilling good read.
  10. "Unless I'm the one he has been here waiting to arrive?" Noto lowered his appendages, looked up at these words and knew that the Jedi understood what Noto was trying to do. Still, he was very embarrassed, realizing he had just been acting very immature. Noto wiped his deep red faceplates and his neck with one of his 'hands', a gesture of an apology on his homeworld, and stood up, a very swift and smooth motion since leg tentacles could bend in many directions. “Um, Jedi, sir, may I come with? I know I’m not an asset or anything, but I do need to talk to you. But it can wait of course! Um, I just don’t want to lose track of you and have no where else to go, so um, may I come along? Sorry, I don’t mean to, what you say in basic, be a bother, I just...um… Noto placed another tentacle over his faceplate momentarily in embarrassment. Why was he so nervous!?! He had thought about this encounter over and over back home and now he was making a fool of himself!
  11. "Are you lost child? Perhaps I can help you find what you're looking for?" Noto looked up and was startled a bit. He exactly wasn’t used to seeing other species that often. However his shock quickly disappeared. He attempted the equivalent of a human smile, but for a Kravaaki, that was simply a shifting of a few faceplates, and only one of them near where his actual mouth was. Still, Noto accepted the fruit and tried to explain. “Oh! Um, no sir, I’m not lost. Heh, well I don’t think I am. I’m just looking for someone. I’m told they were arriving today by...um, well I can’t tell you who... But I’m looking for someone! Though I don’t know what they look like. I..uh…um...” It was at this moment that Noto realized how silly and stupid this sounded. A child, looking for a person who he didn’t even know what he looked like? How much more stupid could he have sounded? However, something about the person struck Noto as familiar. Noto had met a few humans before, but they were so few and far between on Krevas. Surely Noto would have recalled a one-eyed human. And yet... Suddenly another human approached. A man in uniform. Noto recognized the symbol of the Military. “I am glad you could make it to Bothawui Master Jedi. And a young apprentice! We at the Republic Military will watch your career with great interest!” Noto’s eyes widened “Oh no, I’m not his appren…” Jedi!?! Noto looked again at the one-eyed human, bewildered, now realizing what the other had said. “Oh! Um, you...a Jedi! Oh god, I...uh…sorry, sorry, I... um...Modo hodo kollstk...” Words completely abandoned the youngling as he reverted to his native tongue. Noto dropped all the fruit he had so far and raised two tentacles and hid his faceplates and another two to cover his eyes, unable to look at the two humans out of embarrassment.
  12. “Get away kid. I got nothing to say to you.” The elderly bothan tried to shoo away the youngling while carrying a large bag of produce. Noto unfortunately didn’t seem to know better then to listen, but instead continued to follow. “Come on, you’re the great Hiera! I know you are!” Noto said, struggling to keep up with the elderly male. The bothan shook his head. “No idea what you're talking about kid. Get away.” The elderly bothan, grey hair flowing in annoyance, dropped a couple of fruits. A curse in Bothese came from his lips, and then was quickly cut off for swearing in front of a child. Noto didn’t seem to notice though, as two ‘hand’ appendages reached out and grabbed some of the wayward fruit. “No I know it! I got a memory like a...um...like a Bothan! You are the one who brought the great Sun Reveal to the Republic!” Noto looked at the Bothan as he held out the fruit. Despite his face plates showing no emotion, his eyes showed desperation. Not to mention, alonside the growling stomach, hunger. The kid obviously hadn’t eaten for a while. Hiera sighed as he denied the fruit, unable to see a kid starving. Noto saw his opportunity. "Hiera, please! You're...You’re the only person who can help me!” Hiera turned and tried to walk away. “With what kid? You want to know where the Jedi are? Last time I heard, that was Coruscant.” Noto fumed a bit as once again he tried to chase after the elderly being. “Ya...until Hesperium crashed and war broke out. Now no one seems to know where the Jedi are, and I need to find them!” “Listen squid head....” The bothan started again, but was cut off as the child rushed in front of him and stood his ground. “Please...I know I’m supposed to respect my elders, and my parents would kill me for being so far away from home." Noto began, wrapping four tentacles in front of him like the humans used their hands when begging. "But I must find the Jedi. I...I just must! And I have no idea where else to go...” The emotion in his voice was almost heartbreaking. “Crab! Listen…” Hiera sternly stated, trying not to get sucked into the kid's emotional pleas. “Look, even if I was who you think I was, which I am not, I’d be retired. For at least ten years. There would be no way I’d still have all that information you think I’d have.” “But I thought a spy never truly gives up his work. Even after death. ” Noto stated in response, earning a silent moment of shock from the elder. Hiera looked the kid over. It was obvious this kid had done his research and then some. While the current spymasters of the Bothan Spynet were secret, Hiera was famous for coming out with all the information he had on Black Sun. That exact quote was something he had stated to several judges concerning those who died on the front lines of the network. The bothan sighed again. Despite how he could just walk into his lonely home and lock the child out, he couldn’t fight his own words. “Alright, kid, alright. Last I heard, their actual base of operations wasn’t on Coruscant when Hesperium fell. But there’s no way I’m telling you where that is now…” Noto started to speak, but stopped at the raised hand. “However, I have it on good authority that a Jedi Knight is arriving here today If you head over to the spaceport, you might find them. But you have to promise me one thing… if you can’t find him by the end of the day, you are leaving the planet. First flight to anywhere. Here take some credits, that’ll get you somewhere.” Noto didn’t smile but he did smell. A whiff of a foul stench left his chitinous plates and tentacles. True, it smelled like dead fish left out in the baking sun for three days, but he didn’t seem to mind. “Oh thank you! Thank you so much!” And with that, Noto was off. Hiera shook his head “Just remember what I said about leaving if you can’t find him!” _______________ Through the bustling streets, past market vendors, factory workers getting off work, and families enjoying their days off, Noto raced. Sights of people being busy with their every day life became a blur as the youngling made his way towards the Spaceport. He knew where it was since he had arrived there only a day ago. It was there where the Jedi was suppose to be. People waved their hands as Noto passed by, his strong smell of excitement following him with each step. While it wasn’t making him popular, it was giving the Krevaaki space to run forward. Probably even better since Noto had the tendency to run into objects when he was excited. Finally, Noto came to the spaceport, where officials were overlooking ship cargos, identifying passengers and conducting other official business actions. Noto looked around, hopeful to catch a sight of the Jedi. He didn’t know exactly what to look for. Brown robes? Lightsabers? A squad of rebel soldiers? Still, he had a chance to find a Jedi. He had a chance to grow as he believed he needed to. Wasn’t that what he needed to do? He had the force flowing through him, so shouldn't he find the Jedi? Noto found a place by a wall and sat down. His simple robes, loose fitting to hide all of his tentacles, draped about his red chiton. He leaned forward, pulling out one of the fruits Hiera gave him to eat, and watched every single person eagerly. Was that a Jedi? No, he was carrying a blastor. Ooh, how about her? No, look at all that gear. Maybe….no, no… Noto’s excitement didn’t die out however. With each bite of the juicy fruit, Noto continued to stink up the area around him as he studied each individual, hoping beyond hope for a clue of who the Jedi knight would be.
  13. Noto Saar's CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Noto Saar A.K.A: N/a Homeworld: Krevas Species: Krevaaki Physical Description Age: 10 Height: 4'8" Weight: 93 lbs Hair: None Eyes: Black Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Travel Robes, Weapon: None Common Inventory: 2 datapads, small model of his homeworld Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensative Alignment: Good Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Current Faction Rank: Hopeful History Force Side: Light Trained by: N/a Trained who: N/a Known Skills: Background: Noto was living a normal life on Krevas. While the battles and wars raged on in the galaxy, he and his people stayed out of galactic affairs and were content to living lives of meditation, learning, and simple work. This was the life that Noto expected to live. He excelled at reading, and while he found it difficult to stay in one place to just meditate, he was happy with his life. Then he nearly died. One day while studying the history of the galaxy, a huge force of pain struck him. He awoke the next day, having been in a very lucid coma. He spoke of a terrible tragedy, where people were panicking, trying desperately to escape a death that was coming from above. Fire rained down on innocents. Metal boxes floated up into the air, only to be shot down by other boxes. The feelings of Fear, anger, desperation, and hopelessness were almost palpable as people killed each other in vain attempts to escape some kind of doom from above. When Noto told his elders of this dream, the elders were greatly troubled. At the exact moment Noto nearly died, Coruscant's moon had crashed with the planet. With their extensive knowledge of galactic history and records of several previous Krevaaki force wielders, they recognized that Noto had experienced a force vision, indicating he was force sensitive. For the next few days, the elders debated what should be done. They did not want to enter the spotlight of the galaxy, especially with the troubling news of the battles going on. Sending Noto out could very possibly attract unwanted attention. However, to keep Noto here, when he clearly needed the extensive training the Krevaaki were unfit to provide, would be selfish and unwise. Eventually Noto made the decision. The young being went back into the records and looked up everything about the Force and the Jedi. He came to realize that this was a rare opportunity to change the galaxy. The galaxy was hurting, and Noto could be a person to help heal it. With a few words to his parents, Noto left his home, carrying only his reading materials and a small statue of his planet, nervous but excited for the road ahead.
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