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  1. As soon as the EMP struck Riggs almost pulled his trigger until Tilt stopped him. The first clone looked to his Captain but Tilt looked onward, seeing the craft fall at it's three meter height. He saw one slave girls hit her head on the side of the vehicle, she begun spasming and as much as any of the three clones wanted to help they couldn't. They couldn't rush out there and help the girl, but what they could do was kill the bastard who put her in that position. More specifically, the slave owner holding the Twi'lek people hostage. As soon as the blaster shots hailed from Azael's position, Tilt trained his sights on the head of the slaver who was now surrounded by guards and held a red Twi'lek again st him as a shield. Coward. Tilt wait for the right opportunity, his other clone brothers getting antsy and impatient already picking their targets. They were careful to not shoot at civilians any time they begun. Tilt chose his time wisely, and the moment the target turned his head to where the back was facing the clones line of fire, he clicked the trigger. The blue bolt of energy sung through the air and as quickly as it was fired it met it's target. And from their position when the targets head nearly exploded a chorus of bolts flurries from the basement window and into any guard standing in their wake. Each shot was precise, carefully calculated in mere seconds, proving the Clones' aims true.
  2. The LAV was in view, no one blocking the small basement window from the view of the clones. The grey craft had atop it the target along with three young girls, slaves, and a horse of soldiers and guards around the approaching vehicle. Tilt thought for a second not considering if the bastard would bring any civilians with him, more than likely they could be used as a bargaining chip or a shield from any possible gunfire. The locals seemed to shout and spit at the man with hatred, so there was no doubt he wasn't in the people's favor. Regardless, how a man with very little power overtook people of Ryloth was beyond him. "I would suggest that I go and take a position on top," Thumper states looking through the basement window, "Then again this space is concealed, up there isn't. Thoughts, Captain?" "We stay put. Follow the plan, and do it right. Remember, no civilian casualties, keep your shots focused and contained. And do not hit those slaves either, last thing we need is to draw attention to us by any media or onlooker." Tilt replied, readying his DC-17M on semiautomatic burst setting. While he could have set it to automatic or three round burst, Tilt had civilians who could potentially get in the way or his shots hit a slave.
  3. Stopping the speeder deep into a small group of high rocks, possibly plateaus, but regardless of that Tilt remained on his vehicle for a few minutes before succumbing to his madness. He almost went limp and fell off onto the sandy ground, struggling to get up. His head throbbed and pain shot through his spine almost like he was being frozen alive. Aftermath of his Cryostasis no one knew, and a good reasoning for his sudden outburst at the guarded gates. Tilt almost screamed at the pain but held it in dealing with it in his own way, his mind having a battle with itself. And like a twig snap he heard a loud pop in his ears and felt a sudden trickle in on his right love, Tilt ripped the head scarf away and wiped at his earlobe, only to see that blood covered his finger. Shaking nausea and dizziness away, the Clone ripped away a piece of cloth and twisted it into a cone and shives it in his ear carefully. He check the other ear but nothing from it. Tilt steadied himself by putting a hand against a boulder and slowly worked his way up till standing. After gaining a semblance of balance and sanity somewhere Tilt looked to the speeder with the corpse, who wasn't a clone trooper but was in fact Pryf. A sudden rush of guilt flooded the still-living trooper. Tilt realized he had made a major error, whether it was his or his minds fault he didn't was to think on it. He didn't know if the others made it out like he did or if they were captured or shot or worse. And still, he felt the mission wasn't over, not by a long shot. No, this wasn't one of those moments where the protagonist feels heroic by thinking that he can gather a new team or doing something extravagant. He didn't feel heroic, he didn't feel some sense of wanting justice. Tilt was pissed. And the more he thought about the man who saved him and his brothers from that rock, dead because of Tilts meltdown, his anger grew more and more until a sudden calm struck him. Tilt walked over to the body of Pryf and rested a hand on the dead mans shoulder, saying quietly, "I'm sorry for my blind blundering. But I'll make it up to you. Rest easy." Tilt then slung his blaster rifle around and started the speeder up again. He took off albeit slowly and used inclines to reach near the top of the highest peak. Once there, he climbed a good ten feet until getting atop a flat area of the rock face where he had a full and not so far view of the base. He was about a mile... Three miles from the place, and they hadn't pursued the Clone which played in Tilts favor. He lied on his belly and positioned himself to where he can fire steady shots. The idea was to infiltrate the base, however going based on the defenses of the place and the level of targets... It was clear that he was over his own head. A one man operation wouldn't work. Tilt climbed back over after gauging the enemy and hopped onto the speeder bike. He drove out and remained barely of eyeshot of the fortress until reaching the base of operators. There, he was given a task to be placed in a basement. At first it seemed like rubbish, but when he looked it over the room allowed for clear view as a military ambush. Tilt left Pryfs body half-ceremoniously atop a crate, covered under a light sheet. He, along with Riggs and Thumper, took their places and wait for everything to kick off.
  4. Tilt shot down two more droids, alarms blazed in the background as one of his squad mates Quarter downed. He was a recent addition to the company and didn't have much experience in the line of duty. That said it enraged the Captain even further that the newest recruit was gunned down before claiming glory for the company. Before he even got to serve his full purpose. But right now wasn't the time to mourn. Right now all forces were pulling away and that meant Tilt needed to retreat as well. . The Clone Captain in all his twisted sense of reality slung his rifle around to the back and picked up the corpse, slinging the body over his left shoulder. Tilt shot off a few more rounds before quickly retreating behind the dune, the dead weight of the Jensaarai doing nothing to slow him down as the adrenaline and madness coursed through both vein and mind. As soon as he reached the speeder bike he only heard the last of what another trooper had said. Split up and regroup. At least, of the constant buzzing in his head would stop, he'd think mire clearly. Fastening the body to the back of the speeder, Tilt hopped on and sped off to the East, toward a large set of boulders and crevices. . Tilt's vision blurred and his senses dulled, he was between focused and unfocused. His head hurt and Tilt could not seem to get his mind straight. A plethora in f thoughts ran through from the stunt he pulled to the suddenness of flashbacks to the good ol' days of the Clone Wars. And that was the problem there. He wasn't dealing with droids anymore and his actions made things too difficult... Now they needed to get back into the CI- the Mercenary compound in some other fashion. If only he could snap out of this illusion he was under.
  5. The plan had broke down. Tilt cursed in his head as the guards were now readying their weapons, and the moment the Jensaarai out his finger on his own pistol Tilt acted swiftly. With experienced speed seemingly unfathomable, Tilt pulled his own blaster pistol out in a flash, already picked his targets and fired his weapon in order. Blaster bolts found the face and throat of two guards, and the next one finding its way into the gut of the one leading the guards. He then quickly unholstered his blaster rifle with one arm, slinging the weapon from his underarm until he had the weapon at it's trigger and grip and started firing. . Dual wielding a pistol and a rifle was inaccurate, however in his time in the military Tilt learned to improvise for better results. The rifles aim was off by a tad, not enough to completely miss all shots but enough to either find their homes in the body of his enemy or to make the enemy take cover. Tilt's pistol was on point nearly, however that same headache came rushing back. And as soon as the head pain reached its limit something snapped in Tilts head almost like bones popping in his ears. . Tilts, "Killswitch," Was flipped, the same he's done before many times against the CIS, an inhumane soldier against emotionless machine. And slowly his vision was filled with the droids instead of guards, and the allies he was with turned into either militia or other Clones. He was going to lose his mind, and it wouldn't end until someone muttered a key phrase he's heard and relaxed to over and over. For now he was focused on the mission at hand... An infiltration into a CIS compound turned awry, and reinforcements were not an option.
  6. "Nawww... Ah thank she's green, brother!" Tilt finally states in an overtly and explosive tone, continuing, "Sorry for our odd silence we've recently had a few a drinks, but more importantly I'll tell you our names!" Tilt stuck one finger up at the camera. He was moving into this role well wanting to distract the guards from whatever Pryf was cooking up. He needed to act now in this awkward silence. Tilt honestly had no idea as to how he should respond however he just made whatever it was up as he went. There was the goal, sell the ship, and he really needed to get that across. "Mah name is Papa Smoke, bonfied badass of the Badass Company of Badassitued! These fine ladies and dude here have come to make a trade! This here," Tilt exaggeratingly gestured, "Is my employer Lady Lovestreak, known for stealin' hearts, cutting throat, and her perfects legs! That o er there is Jazz Hands Jeffrey," Gesturing to Pryf, "Fastest hand we have and but watch out, Brothur! He'll hypnotize ya with funky funky fresh Shiieeet!!!" Tilt then went on to dramatically point to the red, devil-looking Jensaarai, "And this man?! This motherf***ker right here?!" Just when Tilt seemed to be getting to an explosive name-drop he simply said, "This is Todd. He's the Companies psychiatrist and accountant. He's valued. And that's not all, y'all ever tried Papa Smokes Badass Smoked Cooked Jerky Smokes?! Tilt proceeds to pull out a handful of jerky strips from a random pocket, a variety of colors and colored blotches painting the meat itself, "These pieces of meats come from a variety of predatory and giant animals, cooked with a variety of herbs and fruit, you're mouth will be like a junkie needing ketamine, begging for another orgasmic taste! Ya want sweet? We got you covered! Spicy?! I'm your wingman any day! But for just a few credits these strips could be yours!!!" Tilt's exaggerating... Act was loud, proud, and in all honestly, he pulled it off well. Well the best that he could make it. Acting wasn't his strong-suit but was a master of bullshitery, he just hoped he pulled it off well enough. The jerky part was more an advertisement, a cheap way to coax the guards a little while getting a few credits along the way. If anything, his convincing act was comedic.
  7. When the group took off Tilt revved up the speeder before shooting off into the distance. It had been a while since he drove anything like a speeder, so his initial launch almost landed him against the wall. Quickly avoiding the object the instructions and experience slowly came back as he got his grip on the bike better. Tilt was the last one in line and followed the form that was Pryf, quickly gaining on the Jensaarai, guiding the bike through dust and canyon. This was a feeling he enjoyed, a sense of freedom cut short by the thought and nature of their mission. They were going to eliminate a crime lord. If anything, Riggs and Thumper would be ready for action when it came, and Tilt was none the wiser anything could change. He noticed the speeders parked next to one another, the individuals atop a hill looking out at something. Tilt parked the speeder before making his way up and joining the group, pulling his own Rangefinder and looking over the compound. "It's quiet down there..." Tilt states quietly, scanning the area before continuing, "Shall we take a closer look?"
  8. "An emotional bunch..." Riggs muttered as he put his rifle away and crossed his arms, the signature Clone accent coming to life finally. It wouldn't be hard to figure out why Grand Republic Clones tagged along the Jensaarai. Clones were such good bodyguards to begin with! And their experience were superb to have! "Can it, Riggs," Tilt finally said dropping his fake tone, he took the keys then said to the two other individuals, "Sorry, we're just entering the war with... Ehhh... Very little idea of the damage. Still learning a lot. And trying to sell the roles off and all, y'know? The Sith from back in the day were fearsome but if people are this afraid...? Then you rebels need all the help you can get." Tilt gestures to the empty what making his way to a speeder bike as the two other Clones just stood there. He sighed through the cloth wrapped around his head as his eyes scanned at the chaos turned into vacancy. It was evident the Sith's reign of terror was far, far more out of control more than anything. People's hearts gripped by fear and dismay, it was like the CIS all over but tenfold. They really needed the help. "Thumper, Riggs, you have your orders! Make sure nothing happens to that ship," Tilt barked the orders, with Riggs of course rolling his eyes and Thumper giving a thumbs up then playful finger guns to the two rebels as he backed out of the building behind his clone comrade; a regard to them pulling the guns earlier. Finally, Tilt sighed again more exasperated than anything and said before taking off to no one, "Those two... I swear it. But I wouldn't love 'em any other way."
  9. When the chaos broke Riggs couldn't help but give a laugh at everyone's reactions, "They must be scared of something!" . "Shut up you idiot!" Thumper hissed, smacking his comrade on the back of the head. . Shaking his head, Tilt stood there with Pryf not surprised in the least. Their faces were hidden at least, but still, he had to think of an accent to throw off anyone who could recognize a Republic Clones voice. Whilst the group stood in the line that was reorganizing, the whole store reorganizing, Tilt noticed an individual starting conversation with the Mantis. A man who looked like a devil of sorts, a Devaronian he thought, was making friendly with Pryf. This wasn't good perhaps as they were supposed to go this operation undercover. And that's exactly what Pryf was doing. . “I do not recall consorting with Imperial scum like you before. I am sure you are mistaken. I am a mere trader here to pawn my wares." . There it was. That comment made Tilt smirk a little, he too needed to get into the role of big bad mercenary if he were to pull this off. Then Pryf in his Sith Imperial attire glanced to Tilt, something that of course caught the Clones eye. Hopefully this would play off well and not a blatant attempt at pretend. The man said, "If this slime gets too friendly, make sure he doesn’t go and out us." . "Of course, it's what you paid us for." Tilt states in a low gravely tone, escaping the typical Clone accent he always had. . The way the Clone replied made it sound like the supposed Imperial was an idiot. Of course he was there for such a reason! Why wouldn't he be?! At least, with the attitude and tone of his voice he made it seem like that. To help reinforce the dramatics of the situation, Tilt unholstered his DC-15A Blaster Rifle, his head purposely facing the Devaronion. The other two Clones unholstered their weapons as well, one with dual blaster pistols and the other having a blaster rifle. They sold the roles well, acting as body guards for a Sith Imperial sought to sale his wares. He only hoped the very convincing getup was enough. . 'This is gonna be great!' Tilt thought, already having a level of amusement at the acting.
  10. (Personal song for the scene: Don Felder- Heavy Metal) When the ship arrived out of hyperspace and near the orbit of Ryloth, none of the passengers had seen the planet before as they were too focused on preparing for their eventual landing. Garbed in leather armor and outfits and pieces of plasteel armor found around the cargo area. They had finished with making sure they were, "Less than savory," and looked like real mercenaries. One slid a glowing blue canister of gas into his DC-15A Blaster before snapping the weapon shut, another had slid his two DC-17 Blaster Pistols into either of his holsters, and the last one finished with calibrating his DC-17M Rifle. Clones were a rare sight, and a select squad who'd somehow survived all this time were on a stolen Sith Imperial ship whose new owner was a man named Pryf. However due to the nature of the galaxy their identities were to be kept secret. Captain Tilt was the leader of the three Clones calling the shots of their group, proficient in close quarters combat and battle, and capable of using whatever weapon he could find. Sargeant Riggs specializes in anything electronic and weapons, being able to repair equipment and weapons as well as dealing with espionage and electronic warfare. Sargeant Thumper is the demolitionist and expert at sabotage, almost anything explosive he deals with and has the knowledge of making makeshift explosives... However he mostly keeps to himself and stays quiet... Mostly. The squad had his their stash of food and equipment making do with what they have and found. Supposedly Pryf is meeting someone, who it is and what they're doing here is up to interpretation however the Clones ate simply happy to be in the fight. Once landed, the Clones would make their way to one of the ships entryways and waited for Pryf, following him out when they saw him. It had been years since they'd seen live action, and the fact they were armed to the teeth was proof that they were somewhat capable of a fight. The experience is what shaped them into great soldiers and men.
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    Haruun Kal

    Listening intently to Pryf, Tilt was piecing certain things together that could help make sense of how much they've missed. So far, a lot. Probably much more than what they were being told. Riggs settled down upon hearing that the Mon Cal were liberated, but he still had that burning anger toward the oppressors. Thumper meanwhile just listened while reading more about the galaxy news from the Sith broadcast, either chuckling, sighing, or whatever noises he came up with. When Pryf mentioned what had happened to Coruscant the three troopers had their eyes fixated on Pryf, jaws dropped at the actions the Sith had taken. They looked to one another and their expressions were a mixture of shock and disbelief. Tilt had answers, or some at least. Droid armies were still a thing, worlds the Grand Republic and it's Jedi had rescues were under siege, and the Sith were larger than ever it seemed and crashing moons into worlds. Before the Captain even responded Thumper asked, "A whole f**king moon?! How did they manage that?!" Tilt quickly interjected and responded to Pryf, "We're in. You don't need to say anymore. Coruscant is fine, we have plenty of food for the long haul."
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    With that being said, Pryf may seem promising... At least for now. Tilt still had some level of suspicion but that's to be expected. Still yet, Tilt hasn't out up much a fight regarding questions only wanting to know the who, what, where and how, and once they get further he would press for more answers. And now the question was where exactly they were going, of this Pryf was going particularly nowhere then Tilt had a few ideas... If said planets were still around. Riggs about a half hour later could be seen carrying wood boxes worth of... Stuff. Many of which were filled with weapons and equipment only the Clones would use, as well as cooked and packed vegetation and meats and various hides. Well, the pelts and hides probably didn't need to go but what better way to earn a few credits? Thumper in the meantime had been scrubbing the broken Kiminoan ships database, last thing they needed were for some rat kriffer to track them down or have information on the Clones. ______________ Once the pair were finished the group went onto the stolen vessel of Pryf and settled down in the cargo hold. The place was dirty, grime and dirt and whatever else littered the area making it clear it was heavily used. The trio of clones sat on small crates, already had pulled out dried blue and purple venison strips and eating them. There were spots on the strips of meat, oddly enough, but the clones didn't seem to care at all. The Pryf approached the troops and told them they would jump within a few hours. And the question came as to where they wanted to go. After a minute Tilt said, "Possibly Coruscant, Naboo... Wherever you were headed, we don't particularly have a real idea." "We'll head to where they have an 8 ball and hookers, now That's an idea!" Riggs butts in as Thumper took the data-pad and begun scrolling through the various news articles. "But tell me, Pryf," Tilt began leaning back with his arms crossed into a crates side, and ignoring Riggs, "If the Sith are still around that means the CIS is as well, correct? My biggest concern is having little allies to compete against the two giants. And before you go and say about how, "You read about the Clone Wars," reading is a lot different than actual experience. And of they're still using droids then it makes our situation a little easier... But in a sense more difficult." Tilt continued, "I'm willing to help out with the predicament. We fought CIS and their corrupted forces, so if they or similar factions are still around we wouldn't mind cracking some skulls. The first thing we must do is have our equipment repaired... But I'm getting ahead of myself. Firstly, where are you coming from exactly, and where were you going?" "Hmm," Thumper sounded, looking up to Pryf with an amused glance, "Arson, sabotage, first degree criminal destruction, other war crimes, and blowing up medical facility on Mon Calamari. Now I'm not a betting man, but the image I have on this Holonet page kinda looks like you-" Riggs bursted with outrage, "That planet is under Sith control? What the fu-" "Easy!" Tilt snapped, his voice harsh and quick, then sighed and shook his head. He turned his gaze back to Pryf before offering a piece of venison strip, "There are a lot of places we've reinforced, liberated, and our company were amongst the few who helped trained militias and provide aide to civvies. Our commander thought it, "A generous thing," to do so, so for a planet we knew is in enemy hands kind of hurts." The dried jerky Tilt offered was red and blue in nature with splotches of purple and orange cooked on there. While the meat looked questionable it was cooked with a variety of fruit and spices found around the forest. It was a beautiful mix of spicy and sweetness, the former hitting quicky and a tad hard while the latter kicked in seconds later berry hitting the senses like a kitten with a brick. All these while the meat still held superior in it's salty and cooked flavor. Beside Tilt was a clay jar of jerky, some pieces the same color as what he offered while others varied in appearances, color, and whatever else. "That's war for you..." Thumper absentmindedly comments as he was quickly reading through various articles. He found the obvious propaganda, hell, he even laughed at some of it, a few pieces he cracked hard while the group were talking. He then says, "You would have to be an idiot to believe half of this! Then again, I wouldn't put it past half the galaxy at this point."
  13. Tilt07

    Haruun Kal

    The Republic was fallen but so were this Galactic Empire? And the Sith still existed which... Didn't surprise the Captain none the least. They were like insects, no matter how many died more popped up, however back in the day they only had to deal with the likes of Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, Maul, and the hidden Sith Master. Whatever the case it seemed the Clones were asleep and abandoned for longer than a few years. . Tilt was silent for a moment as to the question of the distress beacon, trying to remember what this individual was talking about until it hit him. The ships automated beacon used for dire situations. Because why not? Tilt answered, turning to look at the individual though they were still shaded, "This vessels AI core had turned that switch when we crashed. So it's stayed on for however long. It's something we forgot, almost, and every now and again we remember the thing only when we actually want off this planet. Originally we'd hoped someone picked up on it, but since it's been this long we hadn't cared too much for it." . Though Tilt couldn't see the individual properly he took a long look at them. The key phrase played out in his mind, if they wanted to kill the clones they would have done it by now. They seemed hounded by the Sith and the Jedi still existed which meant a fight was alive but perhaps not well. In this situation... It was time to leave. The reality of it was this: the individual came to see if the Clones were alright, the individual was on a run, and it was then Tilt would need to take advantage of the situation. They were leaving the planet. . The Captain then brought up his bloodstained green and orange-camoulflaged gauntlet and pressed down a button, "Thumper, stand down and report to me immediately." . Lowering his arm Tilt turned to Riggs, "Get ready." . Riggs with a sense of haste quickly toon off down a corridor and behind a curtain of live green vines. The Captain then turned back to the shaded individual and said, "Forgive our... Hostility. It's... been a long time since we have seen another face. I'm Captain Tilt, the other one down the hall was Sargeant Riggs and making their way here is Sargeant Thumper. And you are?"
  14. Tilt07

    Haruun Kal

    "I guess I could try..." Riggs finally said in response to Tilt, "It ain't gonna be easy." . "No one's saying it will be, but until our situation changes just do what you can-" Tilt was cut off by a voice completely different from any of the clones. . “Do not be alarmed soldier. I am escaping an Imperial world under siege and picked up your distress signal. Are you ok? Are you alone? Who are you?” . Moments ago, Thumper was beginning to gut the catch of the day when he noticed a slight shadow. Mistaking it to be a bird, he looked outside to watch the thing fly only to see something move into the ship. It didn't have clone armor, and it looked... Wrong from his viewpoint. Quickly grabbing a bow and a quiver of arrows. Thumper quickly moved to an upper platform built into a sturdy tree and sat and turned, having a full view of Tilt and Riggs as they say and had a heart to heart. He looked through the welded rifle scope attached to the bow. There, just behind the Captain, a form took it's place. The Sargeant took aim and was ready to fire. . Riggs was quick to raise the blaster, probably only having several shots left in the canister, all Tilt did was stare at Riggs with a dropped face. He dared not turn around and made a gesture to Riggs to lower his weapon. Taking a breath, the Captains mind races with a plethora of options. However one thing crossed his mind. If this individual wanted them dead, they would have done it. . Tilt answered, "I could be asking the same thing. We'll play a game. You can ask any question and I'll answer, however I will ask the exact same question and you must answer. Now then, as to who we are. We are stranded Clone Troopers of the former Grand Republic. Not sure if it's a republic anymore after hearing about a Jedi Purge some years ago, but you're not that Galactic Empire so I'll give you that. Now, who are you? Why are you escaping a Sith world?"
  15. Tilt07

    Haruun Kal

    A moment can last a lifetime, from a battle to a kiss, and it was in those moments that many treasured for better or worse. That much was true for a group of survivors. Ever since they crashed many, "Moments," had unfold, from the truth of their service in a military to the eventually service to a new Galactic Empire. How long they were asleep they didn't know, only that the Ships Core stated it was undetermined. So here they were, on an unknown planet, and several years ago they quickly adapted to the wildlife. Of course, they were only known as Riggs, Thumper, and Tilt. Three Republic Clone Troopers of the Grand Army... Or what was the Grand Army, perverted and corrupted. At least from what the Ships Core AI had revealed, which was limiting as it was, it at least explained the chips buried in their heads. These chips were built to control the Clones for a grand scheme, however due to the ships experimental nature they went defunct and we're surgically removed. That has been two years ago, and this was now. The small Kiminoan medical vessel, which could only house a maximum of a hundred loving individuals, lied half buried into a mountain, wooden structure built into and onto the ship itself. They acted as platforms, makeshift room, and repair seemed to be made up of both wood and debris. On a platform that rested atop sat Tilt, who scanned the vast forest below and beyond. He had on makeshift Phase II armor, mended together by leather and hide and stitchings, however that wasn't his original outfit it still served for protection against the elements. His head had a clean shave to it, kept more close to the skin and he had a controlled goatee. Riggs and Thumper were nowhere to be seen, most likely hunting again for dinner which was why Tilt remained at the overlook watching and gharding. Since they had run dry of emergency rations hunting was the usual nowadays, and there were uses for almost everything on the kills they managed. Pelts were used and stored frequently, meat was completely cut or shaved off, and the bones were used as parts or bait for traps. Inside the ship they had their own little museum built, skeletons of animals they had hunted, even insects and fish. It seemed grotesque or disturbing but it gave them something to do in spare times. Just as Tilt was thinking back to the Clankers they fought before something caught his attention down below. He readied his wood and metal bow and arched an arrow, his eye gazing until the point of the iron sight aimed at it's desired target. Brush moved and rustled, and from the shadows of the treeline below, an individual in makeshift clone armor walked out. Sighing, Tilt eased his bow and arrow and then his eyes were caught by Thumper dragging a large dead animal. A fresh kill. "I don't suppose you need help?" Tilt hollard from above and begun climbing down. "Bah! Thumper can get it!" Riggs says in his gravelly tone disgruntled about something. "You can't be serious!" States the other helmeted trooper, "I told you that the crossbow doesn't work, it's something I have to fix on, but no, you decide against my better judgement-" Tilt put his hands up just as Riggs turned to say something, approaching and quickly says, "Easy Thumper. You said it was working last night. What changed?" With a brisk sigh, Thumper picks up the large fauna and slings it over his shoulders, and begins to climb up the metal and wood stairs, "I don't have proper material. Normally, a crossbow is meant to be strong and sturdy but since that heavy rain the forge had been messed up. Too wet to really work with, so I tried my hand at simply using leftover materials. We don't have a blow torch, and I can't use the fires of the forge to help craft new items. So the bows broke, and we lost a major game because a certain somebody chose not to listen." Tilt and Thumper looks to Riggs who is already halfway up the large number of steps. The other clone trooper ignores them and continued on, with Tilt shaking his head and says to Thumper, "His patience is waning. He misses the battlefield." Sighing again, Thumper replies, "But this isn't the battlefield! He... You... Probably should talk with him, he listens to you better. You can tell he's always on edge, it's good for hunting, but Riggs doesn't relax for anything." Unbeknownst to the triad of clones, a weak distress signal- a weak Republic distress signal had been active for some time. It had been harsh lately, two of the clones taking this new life well while one reminiscing on their history. All he wished to do was get off this rock and get into the fight. Entering the ships main hall through a door, Tilt made his way to a log table where Riggs was looking over an old blaster, something he had been working on for some time. The gas used to fuel the weapon were long faded, and maybe only a few shots remained. "I remember back on our third mission, we needed to sabotage that vehicle depot the CIS were using," Riggs started looking over the rifles functionality, "It was this blaster I used to take a sharp shot at the detonator. One shot. And boom! Thumper was a bit sad he never got to blow the place, but we left with no casualties that day. And we really proved ourselves too, Captain." Tilt nearly straightened to the usage of his old rank but relaxed instead and replied, "Yeah... I remember that one well. Wayforward was pissed because he rigged the wrong fuel line. Worked all the same though, Commander was always a bit of an ass when it came to specifics... Look, Riggs, I don't know what's going on with you... Or I do! I just don't know personally, and both I and Thumper are worried about whatever it is is going on." Riggs remains silent for a hard moment, his expression becoming neutral before it finally fell, "I don't know, Tilt, that's the thing. We all seem to have our vices from you putting bones back together and renovating the blasted hull or Thumper trying to recreate explosives. I've been working with electronics and trying to create tools for us, bows and repairing weapons, but... I just think I miss the fight. Ya know, against the droids, fighting for a purpose- Having a purpose! Is... Is that wrong?" "No it's not," Tilt chuckled, "As a matter of fact I've been itching for a fight too. But you can't just expect things like that anymore, our purpose now is to simply live life. I can't sate your eagerness to get off this rock but no one has come for us in how long now?" Tilt sat next to Riggs who don't stared at his rifle. The clone was gripping the stock of the blaster rifle, and it left the Captain to question just what was hard about it. He knew what was difficult, to get out there and fight alongside their brothers once more, to serve alongside the Jedi in the fight against the CIS and the Sith. Liberating worlds and helping people. Clones weren't meant to have long lives... But the reality was that the trio would live them out. Tilt rests a hand on his brothers shoulder and said, "I'm not asking you to set aside your emotions. I want to be in the fight more than anything, but for the time being focus on our situation. If we can't help ourselves, what good are we to anyone?"
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