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  1. The squad found itself desperately maneuvering as fast as it could during the Sith's charge, though Gwal was clearly struggling to get around the Sith- his heavy muscles weren't designed for speed, thus impairing his ability to get past the lightsaber. Leep was a different story. He used his cybernetic legs to boost himself around the Sith warrior, who by now was focused on deflecting shots from Sasha, who hadn't moved yet. Leep landed behind the Sith, and fired as much bolts as he could towards the Sith. HC-42 himself was behind cover, because had to consider his options before making a move. He was simply using his squad mates to buy time. Option one was to attempt de-escalation tactics. Sith could rarely be reasoned with, however, and trying to talk them down would waste even more time. Definitely not worth the risk. Option two would be to join his squadmates in attempting to out-flank and fire from all directions. A sound strategy, but not without its risks either- force-sensitive warriors were practically one-person armies, and the strategy even working heavily depended on the squad's ability to get where they needed to go in the first place- again, something Gwal was struggling to do. Option three was to analyze the Sith's fighting pattern and adapt accordingly- again, something the squad had little time for. Option four was to use the Sith's aggression against them somehow. But that would be difficult without explosives or traps. Option two it was. Since Leep had already gotten behind and was firing, the Sith's hands were likely full deflecting the shots from each direction. HC-42 had enough cover from the lightsaber to get where he needed, but had to be careful still, as he wasn't covered against the blaster bolts that were flying everywhere thanks to the Sith warrior's truly amazing finesse in deflecting each shot. HC-42 remembered the advice of Emma Three Nine- "Distract and flank." So that's what he did. The droid motioned a hand signal to Gwal, who looked terrified, but charged at the Sith blasters blazing anyway, while covering his face with his hulking metallic arms to prevent any deflecting shots from doing permanent damage, at least to his head. It wasn't the best distraction, but perhaps the Sith would be arrogant enough to try and take out the the most brutal of the bunch just to make a point. Hopefully, the distraction wouldn't cost the bait- HC-42 had just been getting to like Gwal. HC-42 used the still-functioning battlenet to calculate the safest path past the Sith's right flank, as Leep had already been firing from behind the left flank. HC-42 then propelled himself, moving as fast as his metallic alloy could allow, in that direction. As soon as he reached the other side- assuming he did- he would take aim at the Sith's head, and fire repeatedly just to be sure.
  2. HC-42 congratulated his squad as the simulation closed, and listened intently to Emma Three Nine's advice. The droid had in fact used cover fire from his team to his advantage throughout, except for that one instance with the flechette-launching troopers. Emma Three Nine's advice was valuable- surprise threats were always a factor, something HC-42 ignored in that instance due to his focus on the troops. When Emma brought up Sith Lords, HC-42 briefly recalled via his memory drive what they had done to his creators. Of course, he was already in orbit when the Sith Lords' forces were plundering the lab thanks to a well-paid smuggler, but he saw much carnage in the time the smuggler was calculating the hyperspace coordinates. The Sith Empire had heavily bombed Charros IV's factories- practically the equivalent to bombing a Church in the eyes of a Xi Charrian- entirely from orbit. HC-42 had been programmed to defend the Xi Char. And thus, he was obligated to drive the Sith off Charros IV eventually. It was the reason he sought out the Rebellion. And now, here he was- facing a Sith warrior of some sort. HC-42 had never faced a Force-sensitive. Ever. And here he was, staring at one with its lightsaber ignited. If it wanted a duel, than now would be a good time to use his electrostaff- which was currently locked in with his personal items. Figures. HC-42 calculated that if he and his squad didn't react soon, the Sith would make the first move. After all, they were known for their aggression. HC-42 didn't waste time wondering what Emma knew about this, if it was a test, or if the Sith was the real deal and attacked the base- those details will come later. So HC-42 thought up a quick strategy- a desperate one. He took a second- literally one second due to his computer speed- to analyze the structure of the dark room, hoping to find weaknesses, and fire at them to bring down the structure on top of the Sith and distract it long enough for a counterattack. If there was any weaknesses, and he was successful, the Sith would probably minimize damage using its telekinetic abilities granted by the Force, but would require a lot of focus to do this, allowing for a barrage of fire from he and his squadmates to hopefully take out the Force-sensitive foe while it was still occupied with the falling debris. Of course, this all depended on the second it would take to determine whether the room ahead's ceiling had a structure that could be damaged by blasters in the first place.
  3. The two flechette launcher-wielding soldiers popped out like daisies on HC-42's sensors. As they fired, HC-42 immediately told the rest of the squad to get behind cover, but it was too late- the slowest of the group, Gwal, got hit. Sasha, Leep, and himself were all that remained in the squad, so HC-42 told Sasha to move into a better position while he distracted the two troops. He began firing toward them in yet another charge, while Sasha went around and managed to fire at both of them as soon as she was well protected and in good sight of them. Leep was too busy worrying about Gwal to do anything on the offensive, but he managed to get behind cover. The two troopers, though somewhat outclassed by HC-42's durable chassis, technically were equal in numbers without Leep helping out. Sasha hoped HC-42 had the intense durability his design boasted, because he'd need them for the strategy to work. Thankfully, flechettes did little more than scratch the droid's metallic paint, and soon both troopers had been defeated.
  4. HC-42's sensors were already quite keen, but this new battlenet increased his awareness a hundredfold. Having accepted its connection, it didn't take long for the droid to have a good general idea of what he was facing. He walked into the dark area, already issuing orders as quietly as his vocabulator allowed. "Leep, Gwal, flanking maneuver towards target locations. And be careful, we may never know what we'll face." Leep and Gwal obeyed reluctantly and silently began jogging around, toward the nearest objective on the map. The opposing squad soon came into view. "Open fire, Sasha!" HC-42 suddenly said, and Sasha did just that. HC-42 followed, mowing down as many nearby targets as possible thanks to he and Sasha's impressive targeting and reflexive systems. The E-WEB suddenly came into view, but the crew was attacked by a flurry of blaster fire from the side- Gwal and Leep's flanking had paid off, clearly, as the battlenet confirmed it was his squad attacking. Using this temporary distraction to his advantage, HC-42 pumped his running legs like pistons, telling Sasha to cover him as he charged with a flurry of E-22 blaster fire towards the cannon that by now was firing in the direction of Gwal and Leep, who barely managed to take cover. The droid's main target was the operator of the cannon, with any nearby crew members as secondary targets. A risky yet calculated move, the cover fire from his three squad mates proved vital in protecting the droid as his assault on the cannon hopefully did enough damage to take it out early. "That's pretty dang courageous for a droid!" Leep managed to shout to Gwal, who was too busy firing his rifle behind cover to say anything. "I'm gonna help him! Keep laying down cover fire!" Leep said. He then used his incredible agility to his advantage, running and jumping over obstacles while firing a spree of blaster fire. Sasha and Gwal were now the only ones behind cover, but Leep's surprise charge, supported by his fast cybernetic legs, hopefully helped deteriorate the opponent's defenses even more.
  5. This was it. With his valuables and explosives locked and coded away, and with three other soldiers, HC-42 was about to run his first simulation involving partnerships with others. He was surprised to see that his commander was a droid like him- he wasn't told this. "As you command." he said to Zavalishin, before he approached the third squad. The three other members of his squad were cyborgs, each pretty distinctive. HC-42 decided to run a quick analysis- taking mere microseconds, really- on each one. One was a human who had minimal cybernetics- just an arm and an eye- and was female. She introduced herself, as Sasha, but she didn't bother telling HC-42 her last name for some reason. Unbeknownst to HC-42, this was largely because she didn't remember it, as she had been an orphan longer than she could remember. By the time Carida fell, she had been caught up in the war already, and lost her arm and eye to a large piece of shrapnel that impaled her shoulder and cut her nearest eye. She woke up with cybernetics, having already been evacuated. But despite the capabilities she now gained from the loss of her arm and eye- the trauma from their loss was clearly there. She could remember the pain she felt. And now she wanted to prove that those pains will not go unanswered. Her cybernetic eye gave her great sharpshooting abilities, and her experience in the field gave her a tactical edge. "Never seen a droid of your type before..." is all she said, in a somewhat nervous tone at that. The second was Gwal Ertha, a human almost as tall as HC-42 himself. The cranial cybernetics made the large, war-painted head of Gwal even more intimidating than usual, and both his arms were replaced with bulky cybernetic ones as thick as tree trunks. Besides the cybernetics, it was obvious his immense size and bulk was from steroids. Unbeknownst to HC-42, he had been a street fighter on Carida- that being the reason for his steroid use- as he was very poor and needed quick money for his family. When Carida fell, he saw his wife blasted away by merciless troops. He himself had his arms cut off by a vibroblade wielded by a trooper he attacked out of rage. As soon as he was evacuated, he signed up for the fight and was given his cybernetics. "Who cares? He obviously has the firepower and muscle to improve this squad's capabilities." he said with a grumble to Sasha. The third was Leep Bernill, a shorter, more slender human male whose cybernetic legs augmented his speed and agility. While Gwal was obviously good at overpowering an enemy with size and strength alone- which was great at getting an enemy to back off- Leep was the other type of fighter. He'd overpower by striking at the right points, dodging punishing attacks, and turning the opponent's strength against him using his dexterity. That being said, cybernetic legs were perfect for the job. Leep, like Gwal, wasn't recruited until after Carida fell, which he signed up for because he believed his home deserved freedom. He spoke suddenly, in an aggressive tone. "I don't like it, Gwal. Our leader may be a droid like him, but he makes the rest of us look like wimps." Sasha scoffed. "You do a good job of looking like that already, Leep." Leep leered at Sasha, but said nothing. All in all, their team spirit could be improved, but HC-42 was impressed with the group. All were armed with the issued E-22 rifles like he was, and had skillsets that worked well together when used correctly. The battle droid decided to break his silence, hopefully in a way that deescalated the conversation. "I am HC-42. I hope I can prove efficient to you all in this simulation. I calculate our teamwork will be critical to our success." Leep still looked skeptical, but Sasha looked more relaxed. "He's right. We should probably move out now. Follow Zavalishin's instructions, and we should be fine regardless of what we face in the simulation. It's what we learn that's important." HC-42 calculated she was right about that. For all of his pre-programmed skills, the one thing HC-42 lacked was experience on the battlefield. He also calculated that regardless of the simulation's outcome, he'd be getting some of that soon, however.
  6. Clear instructions were issued by the Lieutenant- sign for the training equipment, which includes an E-22 rifle, modify any in-built weaponry to take E32 cartirdges. Despite appearances, the only in-built weapons HC-42 had were thermal detonators and poison gas grenades- both of which he obviously wouldn't be using in a training exercise. The droid emptied his thermal detonators and gas grenades, and turned them into the officer. HC-42 had not brought his two heavier weapons, a heavy repeating blaster and an electrostaff, which were locked in the droid's barracks. "These are not permitted, I assume?" While unsure of whether he'd see those useful weapons again- after all, the Alliance could end up distributing them to other soldiers- HC-42 was quite sure he wouldn't be needing them for now, and then again, he had his orders to use the issued weapons. HC-42 then signed the datapad, and headed to the locker, where the aforementioned rifle sure enough was found stashed. The droid grabbed the rifle than headed through the next two doors, being sure to duck if the clearance was less than 2.5 meters. Zavalishin and the 33rd Light Infantry were sure enough there. He was admittedly skeptical about Lieutenant Chernigov's assurance he'd fit in- a prototype battle droid with Caridian refugees- but greeted them anyway. "Greetings. Lieutenant Chernigov just assigned me here with issued weaponry."
  7. As impressive as the headquarters' architecture was, it was simply a building with an intact structure to HC-42, who was currently headed to the training areas once again. Although it could be argued a droid with his programming didn't need training, the reality was that for all of his advantages, HC-42 was really just a cadet, and thus subject to training anyway. As the droid strolled along to the nearest training ground, he couldn't help but recall how simple things used to be- Xi Charrians checking his systems, running diagnostics, and programming him with all the training he needed. Their odd blend of technology and religious doctrine allowed for the creation of a droid that any other species would be nervous about making. Those early days were long gone thanks to the Sith, who had invaded Charros IV upon learning of their potentially threatening technology. It was a day of bombed factories, ransacked laboratories- and lots and lots of martyrs. Looking back, HC-42 was lucky to get off of that planet. It still puzzled the logic-bound droid that he made it despite having calculated his survival as being 236 to 1. Whatever happened, he was programmed to defend Charros IV, and at that point the only way to do that would be to serve the cause of the Rebel Alliance. That being said, he was quite happy to be here- that is, if droids could feel true happiness. He arrived at the training grounds, and observed the others that were practicing fights. The droid's arsenal and programming were impressive, and rarely was he approached by a trainer or trainee, mainly because the droid was seen as intimidating to them, and many didn't like the idea of taking on an unknown droid prototype. HC-42 saw that logic as sound- things could easily get messy. But he still needed training, so HC-42 was always approaching them rather than vice versa. Of course, the Xi Charrians gave him only two methods of communication- Binary, which wasn't commonly understood by his fellow cadets, and of course Galactic Basic, which they did understand. He just happened to be speaking in a deep monotone that was designed to intimidate, just like the rest of him. The droid knew intimidation was a useful tactic against enemies, but at this point it was preventing him from connecting with his allies. Truly ironic. Nonetheless, he made his presence known to the nearest trainer. "Cadet HC-42 reporting for mandatory combat training."
  8. HC-42'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: HC-42 A.K.A: The Xi Char's Masterpiece Homeworld: Charros IV Species: Battle Droid Physical Description Age: 6 (physically) Height: 2 meters Weight: 200 kilograms Hair: None Eyes: Red Sensors Sex: Masculine Programming Equipment Clothing or Armor: Durasteel alloy armor Weapon: Heavy Repeating Blaster, Thermal Detonators, Poison Gas Grenades, electrostaff. Common Inventory: Built-in Comlink, computer port, self-repair tools. Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-Force User (NFU) Alignment: Chaotic Good Current Faction Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Current Faction Rank: Cadet History Force Side: None Trained by: Programmed on Charros IV by Xi Charrian engineers Trained who: None Known Skills: High intelligence, programmed in various armed and unarmed fighting skills/strategies, slicing skills. Background: A Xi Charrian battle droid prototype, HC-42 was developed by Haor Chall Engineering's best minds. Strong enough to lift a heavy repeating blaster cannon with only one arm, he was designed to duel wield the minigun with an electrostaff in his other hand for close encounters. The Xi Charrian religion, having devoted themselves to precision technology, were determined to develop a "masterpiece droid" to defend them from threats and achieve enlightenment. That being said, he was developed in secret and smuggled off Charros IV when the laboratories there were attacked by the Sith Empire, who saw the Xi Charrians' neutral status and advanced technology as a potential threat to them. Programmed simply to "defend the Xi Char," HC-42 calculated that the most efficient method of doing so would be to ally with the Rebel Alliance. While traversing the galaxy, he was eventually attacked by black market tech smugglers on Nar Shaddaa who were impressed by his design and wanted to sell him. While he was able to kill many of them, one used an ion grenade to weaken his electrical systems, and almost managed to deactivate him. However, HC-42 was rescued by a local Rebel Alliance patrol, and was recruited on the spot. He is currently in training with other cadets, but is experiencing discrimination from other cadets, who are intimidated by his unknown design and efficiency in combat. Ship Registration Name: Vulture Vengeance Class: Shuttle Model: Sheathipede Manufacturer: Haor Chall Engineering Length: 14.4 meters Armaments: 3 light laser cannons Armor: Medium Anti-Personnel Defenses: None Modifications: Improved armor, modified for use by one pilot. Appearance:
  9. Sorry for the wait, I am a new member who just barely finished reading the rules and such, and plan to make a Fourth-degree droid character. It may or may not be part of a faction, we'll see. I will join the discord later, and when I do, look for the discord username "SavvyWriter." Thank you.
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