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  1. The duel between Inmortos and HC-42 got brutal quickly. Having indeed scored some blows on the Sith Lord, the droid had indeed succeeded in giving Inmortos a run for his money, so to speak. However, he also knew how angry this Sith must be by now. And if HC-42 knew anything about the dark side of the Force, it was that the more angry they got, the more dangerous they became. Sure enough, Inmortos' counterattack surprised HC-42, and even his computer-sped reflexes couldn't prevent him from sustaining critical damage to his shoulder. It could have been worse considering the Sith's main target- his "heart-" which HC-42 barely managed to parry. As HC-42 saw Emma's troops approach Inmortos as well, he decided, now that he was close enough to the Sith Lord, to use his flamethrower one last time. Putting it on full blast, he exhausted its fuel by blowing scorching flames toward Inmortos just as his electrostaff was locked with Inmortos' two weapons, hoping to set the cursed being on fire. Leep, suffering from Frostbite and seeing his comrade damaged, could not be blamed for his sudden fit of rage. He was barely compelled to follow Emma's order and set for stun. The agile fighter jumped into the air toward Inmortos, propelled by his cybernetic legs, and fired his stun shots toward Inmortos' face, screaming as he did so. As the volley of stun shots from Leep raced towards the Sith Lord, HC-42 knew that the success of putting Inmortos down depended on whether any of these attacks succeeded or not. Time stood still. Actions Taken: HC-42 barely parries the attacks on his head and heart, and shoots an intense stream of flames toward Inmortos as he does so, exhausting its fuel. Leep obeys Emma's orders to set for stun and jumps toward Inmortos, firing several stun shots aimed at Inmortos' head. Damage/Effects Taken: CRITICAL DAMAGE TO HC-42'S LEFT SHOULDER. Left arm functions compromised.
  2. HC-42 realized just how challenging this would be as the icy storm began to slow his joints- this Sith Lord was truly a force to be reckoned with. Barely able to keep up a light jog as the droid advanced to the left as ordered, Leep was thankfully not affected as severely- his cybernetic legs had state of the art mobility. However, Leep, in the end, was also organic, and you could see frost building up on his skin. HC-42 could only imagine how uncomfortable that would be for the Caridian soldier, and could see that it affected his focus during the flanking maneuver. HC-42 hoped the explosive grenades did their job in distracting Inmortos. As he and Leep struggled to outflank him to the left, HC-42 hand signaled for Leep to open fire at the Sith. Hopefully, this would give the droid enough cover to do what he was going to do next. HC-42, backed up by Leep's fire, managed to get as close as he could to Inmortos, repeatedly swinging his electrostaff in the latter's direction. While he certainly wasn't a MagnaGuard when it came to striking speed, especially while slowed by Inmortos' Cryomancy, he was still quite formidable thanks to the programming he received on Charros IV. Leep's shots became less frequent due to his hesitancy to shoot HC-42 by accident, but Leep's fire was intended more for limiting safe places for Inmortos to dodge to then actually hitting the Sith anyway. Overall, duelling with the Sith up close would hopefully put enough pressure on him for Emma's troops to make their shots count. Actions Taken: HC-42 and Leep follow Emma's order to advance to the left. Leep fires around Inmortos while HC-42 attempts to duel him up close with his Electrostaff. Damage/Effects Taken: Leep is infected with Frostbite. HC-42 is substantially slowed by Inmortos' Cryomancy.
  3. HC-42 remembered the dread and desperation he felt when training against the Imperial Knight Berea on Nar Shaddaa, as he thought she was a Sith. The fact that he was now facing a real Sith- a Sith Lord, at that- doubled that feeling. The droid had no time to freeze, however. He and his comrades were going to get rid of this Sith Lord, or die trying. As Emma and her six neural-linked soldiers fired on the Sith, HC-42, on the other hand, made a bold move- he dropped his heavy repeating blaster, prepared his flamethrower, and activated his electrostaff. He calculated these would be the most effective weapons against the Sith. There was risk too- HC-42 wasn't the best at duelling in close quarters. But he was nonetheless programmed in the basics, and he was going to utilize this programming for the first time. He gripped his sparkling electrostaff, and charged between Emma's troops, headed straight for Inmortos. Leep followed suit, firing on Inmortos as he ran in an effort to give HC-42 cover. HC-42's mechanical legs were moving as fast as their motors could allow, as HC-42 tried getting as close as possible to the Sith. He then started his offensive by spraying fire from his flamethrower in Inmortos' direction. HC-42 doubted the attack would actually work, but hoped it would give an opening for Leep or Emma's attacks to work instead. Once again, Emma's advice to "Distract and flank!" came into HC-42's practice. Actions Taken: Flamethrower sprayed toward Inmortos; blaster fire from Leep.
  4. HC-42 complied with Emma's order to get the wounded by the doorway, making use of whatever strength the few remaining shipyard rioters had left to do so. The droid could guess that this particularly hard battle was eating away at Leep's own stamina, something he had to keep in mind for any future engagements. But then there was indeed a flash of two lights, and as soon as they did, HC-42 could barely believe his sensors. If miracles did in fact exist, HC-42 thought this new aid was the closest he'd ever seen to one. He knew how skilled Berea was, having trained against her. He almost didn't hear Emma's request that he participate in the last assault to seize the shipyard, but thankfully his sensors didn't tune her words out. "I will fight to the best of my ability." HC-42 said in response, and he then took a look at Leep. He was still shocked and looked tired, as he should be, so HC-42 asked Leep something similar. "Will you assist me once again, Leep?" Leep, to the droid's surprise, smirked. "Are you kidding? It would be my honor!" That settled it. Within half an hour, HC-42 and Leep had gathered with the Stormtroopers and the Knights, leaving Sasha and Gwal to tend to their wounds with the medics. As he prepared for this final stretch (for securing the shipyard, anyway), HC-42, for the first time since joining the Rebellion, had realized that the rebels were more than just a means to his end. They were good people, and they were doing whatever they could to free the people of the galaxy. For the first time since leaving Charros IV, the droid felt like he actually belonged where he was- he belonged on the battlefield, taking back what the Sith had taken from him and his comrades.
  5. HC-42 would feel immense relief if he had the ability to do so as Emma Three Nine replied to his call and arrived on the scene. The fearful odds faced in this brutal battle had HC-42 calculating the likelihood of her survival as low. He followed her direction to update her on the losses. "Gwal is unconscious, and needs immediate evac. Sasha's arm is broken, she won't be any good until she gets treatment. Leep and I are fine, but of 50 workers that assisted us in the fight, only 18 remain alive and well." The droid said. Leep, while physically fine, looked quite shaken from the brutality he'd faced. He didn't speak. Sasha shot HC-42 a glare as he described her situation. She spoke up after his report. "I can still fight! I won't be a very good sharpshooter with my arm broken, but my cybernetic arm is working fine! All I need is a blaster pistol and I'll be able to help!" HC-42 considered her words, but it was too risky to let Sasha fight much longer in her condition. "That is not logical, Sasha. You are in no condition to continue fighting, the risk of death is too great." Sasha continued to protest. "You know me! I'm willing to die for the rebellion!" "I cannot afford to lose any more squadmates, Sasha. We can't be sure Gwal will be able to recover from his head trauma. If he does, it will take time. I need the rest of my squad safe until Mon Calamari is secured, and that may be a long time." HC-42 shot back. He then turned to Emma, to request backup. "I will need more soldiers to hold the perimeter. The remaining Deepguard droids are barricaded somewhere in the shipyard, and I calculate they won't surrender under any circumstances."
  6. HC-42 admired the Quarren's own leadership skills as the latter had organized the rebellious workers as efficiently as possible. But when the Quarren asked for orders for the rest of the dozens of workers helping, HC-42 realized he was no longer merely commanding a four-individual squad. He was, whether he was ready or not, the leader of this entire shipyard uprising, comprised of approximately fifty workers. Hard workers, at that, but since most were armed exclusively with shipyard tools, they wouldn't stand a chance against the remaining Deepguards. No matter- the Deepguards that remained had barricaded themselves, awaiting reinforcements. HC-42 doubted those reinforcements would arrive, given the pressure the Sith forces were under. "The rest of you get into hidden positions among the shipyard, do your best not to be spotted by the lizards. When in position, wait for my signal to attack them. They outnumber us, but they're primitive. I'll take out as many as I can with my squad, hopefully distracting them long enough to get into your hiding spots undetected. Listen for a deep, loud electronic roar. That will be from my vocabulator, and will signal you to attack the lizards." Sasha, Gwal and Leep nodded at the droid's orders confidently. "Good luck." Sasha said to them. HC-42, Gwal, Leep, and Sasha then moved out, and soon found the horde of lizards. HC-42 counted about eighty of them left- a significant number advantage, just as HC-42 calculated. But while the Lizards outnumbered the workers and the four rebels, the rebels blissfully outgunned them, and the workers' tools, while much less effective than blasters, still gave the workers an equal shot against individual Lizards. If HC-42 and his three squadmates could take out as many as thirty Lizards, the workers would have the advantage. It was a steep amount of Lizards to kill, but HC-42 had faced equally challenging odds when fighting the Deepguards at the entrance. The shipyard battle against the dozens of lizards started with Sasha's sharpshooting. As soon as other Lizards quickly noticed one of their comrades abruptly being gunned down, they looked in the direction of the fire and, as expected, charged in the direction of the attack. HC-42 almost missed fighting the Deepguards. At least they were smart enough to fortify and not be distracted so easily. HC-42's heavy repeating blaster had already claimed about eight lizards in the twenty seconds that passed since the Lizards all charged. Gwal, Leep and Sasha's combined firepower ate up about twelve more. HC-42 made a binary sound that sounded like a low scoff. These reptilian zombies were as stupid as they looked- charging into the blaster fire as if their courage was enough to save them. The remaining lizards eventually took the hint, but their reluctance cost them another twelve lizards. The 56 remaining lizards soon began a flanking maneuver that had HC-42, Gwal, Leep, and Sasha surrounded. HC-42 and Sasha continued to blast lizards around them, but it quickly got close quarters. Leep and Gwal had no problem with this- Gwal's brutality claimed the lives of three lizards, with his own bare cybernetic hands. Leep took out another three using his blaster kata that he demonstrated against the Deepguards. The time had come for the workers to enter the fray. HC-42 let out a blood-curdling synthesized roar, the binary message simply translating to "attack!" For a few seconds, everything was still- even HC-42's squadmates were intimidated by the sudden noise. But then everything was in motion again, as 50 determined workers sprang out and began beating down the lizards with every conceivable tool that could do harm to these lizards. A few of the workers had in fact managed to salvage some Deepguard blasters. The four man squad continued blasting away Lizards, trying to mow down as many as possible to make the jobs of the blasterless workers much, much easier. While this was initially a calculated move, the resulting chaos quickly devolved the scene into a massive gladiator fight, only with occasional blaster shots instead of occasional arrows. It became a bloodbath- none of the lizards survived, as being surrounded by carnage eliminated any safe chance of retreat. The same applied to the workers- thirty-two of them were dead by the time the lizards were wiped out. And the four man squad itself had casualties. HC-42 was undamaged, as was Leep, but Gwal had been ganged up by nearly ten lizards, and was knocked unconscious after three devastating blows to the head. Sasha had a broken arm at the end of it too. The costs of war became clear to HC-42 quickly, but he needed to focus. So he got on his comlink, contacting Emma. "Shipyard secured. We need reinforcements and medics, fast..."
  7. HC-42 noticed a group of workers leave their post within the shipyard, and though he and the squad ignored the growing group at first, it became apparant that they were willing to join the fight as soon as the Quarren gave his inquiry. "Negative. The Sith are the enemy." was HC-42's reply. His squad members spoke up too. "Join us, and the Sith will never mistreat you or your planet again!" Sasha said. Gwal spoke up as well. "The Sith took away our homes. You see our cybernetics? They replace what the Sith took from our very bodies. Even the droid has a score to settle with them. And I think you all have scores to settle with them as well!" Leep was the last to speak. "These lizards are tough, but primitive. With your help, we could get rid of them even faster! And with that, you'll be that much closer to freedom!" HC-42 admired the squad's enthusiasm in attempting to rally the workers to join. He calculated the working conditions and pay under the Sith Empire was substandard, so these workers, if brave enough, would be willing to help. The droid didn't wait for their answer, however. He was too busy gunning down every lizard in sight with his heavy repeating blaster. The fire barrier from his flamethrower was dying, so he needed to focus on keeping the hordes back. He just hoped he'd get the support that he needed, whether from workers, Emma, or, the most preferable outcome, both.
  8. After HC-42's miraculous maneuver, the door was blown open. Gwal, Leep, and Sasha charged, their efforts to get inside motivated by the frigid blizzard that HC-42 wasn't concerned about. Then again, the other three had cybernetics, but were otherwise human, and susceptible to the freezing temperature's negative effects. As Deepguard droids and undead lizards continued to drop thanks to Emma's support, the four of them entered the building. By now, the freezing blizzard had extinguished enough of the doorway's flames (that had only minutes ago been blazing thanks to the multiple thermal detonations) for the squad to slip through. All in all, Leep's brilliant agility, marksmanship, and martial arts skills managed to pave the way for this, so as soon as they were through the door, Leep got a big pat on the back from Gwal and a hug from Sasha. There wasn't much more time to celebrate the progress. Although most of the Deepguards in the area were either disorganized or destroyed thanks to the explosion taking out the nearest Overseer, there was still a heavy presence of undead lizards guarding the interior of the shipyard. And many were naturally drawn to the explosion that had rocked the whole structure and left a breach in their security. HC-42 decided to contact Emma. "Emma Three Nine, HC-42 speaking. We're inside, but need reinforcements fast. The entrance should be safer to cross by now." Sasha and Leep were still shivering. Gwal wasn't, but seemed bothered nonetheless. The frigid air from the outside blizzard was flowing into the shipyard's interior. It became obvious that they needed to buy time, and provide warmth. HC-42 could do both. The droid made a barrier of fire using his flamethrower. The three comrades of his squad were shocked at first. "I am creating a source of warmth. This will also protect us from Lizards, their primitive weapons are for close quarters for the most part..." HC-42 said reassuringly. The squad relaxed, and began holding out, now somewhat more efficiently thanks to the extra warmth. The lizards struggled to get any weapons past the flaming barrier, and the blaster fire from the squad was quick to punish them for their failures. Hopefully this gave enough time for Emma to get here to help.
  9. As the blizzard came upon the squad, HC-42 noticed that Gwal, Leep, and Sasha began to panic. Hordes of undead reptilians began charging toward the area. HC-42 had no idea these kinds of forces were at play, but was determined to complete his objective nonetheless. Sasha didn't sound as enthusiastic, however. "First those damn droids, and now this! We can't possibly hold out!" She said as she fired on the lizards, her sharpshooting abilities allowing her to incapacitate several. "Squad, this is a mere setback. These reptilians may be undead, but they're primitive. I calculate they will melt away soon as long as we keep the pressure on them." "I don't think 'melt' is the right word in this weather. Also, what about the droids? They're shutting the entrance, we need to act soon if we're to compete our objective." Leep said. HC-42 pondered this, but soon calculated a way to get the squad to their objective. It wasn't textbook at all, and was risky, but had a chance of eliminating a lot of resistance if successful. The droid took all of his available thermal detonators, and tied them together. "Sasha, you and I will concentrate fire on all droids and reptilians guarding the entrance to cover Gwal and Leep! Gwal, I need you to charge to the closest droids and reptilians and engage in hand to hand combat! The intent is to distract them. Leep, charge toward the door firing all the blasters, use your cybernetic legs to gain speed and to jump over obstacles, then when close enough, arm the thermal detonators and toss them through the entrance! Then run back here, taking out as many enemies as you can on the way! If we succeed, the thermal detonators should neutralize all the enemies inside!" The squad didn't have time to argue the strategy, so they instead took a moment to do a group hug that made HC-42 uncomfortable. He played along, however- it may be the last time he sees his squadmates, should his strategy fail. When the tenderness was over, the squad started doing their respective duties. HC-42 began firing his heavy repeating blaster at all enemies guarding the entrance, with Sasha sharpshooting any that were missed. Gwal then charged to the nearest enemy and pummeled it to the ground with his thick cybernetic arms, before shooting it while it was down. He then engaged another, picking it up and tossing it in the path of enemy fire, killing it. He then grabbed two, using them as shields against enemy fire. Leep was already making good progress. He used his signature "blaster kata," as he called it, to mow down any enemies that were quick enough to notice him charging amongst the chaos. When he was close enough to the entrance, which was almost closed, he armed the detonators, and rolled them underneath the door. He bolted back the other direction, ambushing confused enemies with blaster kata along the way. Gwal was starting to get overwhelmed when Leep came back and took out a few enemies for him. The rest got mowed down by the heavy repeating blaster that HC-42 was firing. And then the detonators... well, detonated.
  10. HC-42, Gwal, Sasha and Leep poured out of the U-wing, landing on the ground of the floating shipyard's top entrance with an audible thud. In HC-42 and Gwal's case, it was a louder thud than usual due to their immense weight. Both left a small crater where they landed, as a matter of fact. They immediately looked around the area for any Sith forces, the battlenet aiding them. Sure enough, a squad of unfamiliar battle droids were guarding the entrance, already alerted to their presence. The four of them dove for cover as they were fired at, Sasha's incredible sharpshooting already allowed her to get an accurate shot off while running. Leep's incredible agility, owed to his cybernetic legs, allowed him to jump towards cover while firing repeatedly at the droids mid-air, though these shots were obviously more haphazard and mainly intended to buy time anyway. Gwal was the slowest of the group, so he fired the most amount of cover fire with his E-22 before finally making it. HC-42 hadn't gotten off a single shot yet- he was more patient than the others. He was behind cover by now, and fired his Heavy Repeating Blaster to send a barrage of laser fire into the midst of the "Deepguard droids," as the battlenet had by now identified. He stopped shortly- the droids were too fortified for that to do any good. "What's the plan here, 42? More of these droids will come." Sasha said, indicating the reality of the situation. "You three keep laying down fire. I need to find an opening in their defense." "What the hell are you going to do!? There's gotta be a dozen droids firing from that entrance! I don't think there IS an opening!" Sasha said. HC-42 thought otherwise. These droids were tough at their current numbers, but squads were always weaker when they had to fight two targets in different locations. "We have to split them up. Gwal, Leep, head for the cover point to the west. We'll cover you. Sasha, stay with me, when Gwal and Leep are behind cover, we're going to try and out-flank them." HC-42 then started firing his heavy repeating blaster again, the intent being to put enough pressure on the droid squad's fortifications at the entrance. If the droids were smart, they'd duck behind their fortifications and not risk firing. If they were stupid, they'd risk damage by continuing to fire, and Sasha could easily hit a target once it popped up, even if HC-42's blasts didn't necessarily destroy the droid. In any case, it would buy enough time for Gwal and Leep to make it to their new position. "Gwal, Leep, now's your chance!" Sasha shouted as she too kept firing. This wasn't exactly like the simulations, but HC-42 had still applied some of what he learned to this. He especially remembered Emma's advice when they fought the Imperial Squire Berea in a surprise test: "Distract and flank!" So that was what he was going to do.
  11. HC-42 nodded as Emma Three Nine gave the instructions. Seemed like a simple enough plan, but he calculated the defenses of Mon Calamari would be tight given how recently it was seized. He hoped he and his squad would have enough support for the capturing to succeed. After all, the Sith weren't going to give up their precious new shipyards without a fight. But now wasn't the time to worry, as his squadmates needed to keep their confidence. The group of droids and cyborgs had been trained to fight in the simulation, and now they were going to use that training in the field, whether they liked it or not. HC-42 also couldn't help but be excited to pay the Sith back for what they had done to his own world. He could see the same determination in the eyes of Gwal, Sasha, and Leep, as they too had their world subjugated by the Sith. HC-42 turned to Emma Three Nine and said, "Understood. Any further instructions, ma'am?" He then waited for a reply. The Battle Droid was about to do what he was programmed to do- fight. This Rebellion was the means to liberate Charros IV, no matter how many gruesome battles it took. And once he was with his creators, he could bring them what they desired from their technology- salvation.
  12. The squad fell out. HC-42 had not yet been to station three, but knew that sooner or later a real mission would be assigned to them. And that when that was the case, the mission was probably in a different part of the galaxy, thus naturally meaning that space travel was necessary. HC-42 had only a few journeys through space, the first of which when he was smuggled off Charros IV, the last of which when he took a shuttle to Nar Shaddaa after the smuggler dropped him off at the Toydarian spaceport. Needless to say, HC-42 had no piloting experience- the Xi Charrians didn't expect him to be leaving Charros IV so soon. But the Sith obviously weren't going to allow them to keep their prized droid. Not when it could pose such a threat to their fanatical Empire. They boarded the first available transport to take them to the orbiting station. HC-42 couldn't help but notice that the troops outside his squad in the transport were all nervous. Some were even scowling. HC-42 was used to this. Droids weren't always seen as useful or efficient, no matter how hard they worked to prove otherwise. There were always organics, all over the galaxy, who were dissatisfied with them. HC-42 could hardly blame them- droids weren't paid for the services they provided, making them a cheap alternative for corporations to employing organics, at least for menial tasks. The jealousy and bitterness this put in the lower class citizens of the galaxy often showed in violent ways, but these were military troops who had their orders, and were not permitted to attack droids that were property of the Rebellion. HC-42 wondered whether he was considered property or sentient by his superiors. Having command of a squad perhaps suggested he was seen as sentient, but HC-42 was sure that whether he was seen as sentient or property depended on the individual, their prejudices, and their outlook on life. HC-42 decided to stop thinking about that. It didn't help his mission, and he had earned the respect of his squad, and that was enough. All in all, the journey to station three was rather uneventful for Squad Three, save for Gwal complaining to Sasha on one occasion about his singed nose. "I'm telling you, it makes me look ridiculous." he would say. Sasha quickly assured him that he of all people shouldn't be ashamed of scars. HC-42 silently agreed. After all, what were cybernetics to an organic species, if not scars of sorts? By the time the squad arrived on station three, they were directed enough to know where their ship was. They went to the docking bay, and what they saw was indeed a Star Destroyer. Whether it was actually Misericordia was to be determined as soon as they began to board. Sure enough, the boarding officer confirmed it was Misericordia, and the squad entered. For a while, they wandered around the ship looking for the officer in charge of their mission. A sympathetic deck officer directed them to the individual. HC-42 and his squadmates lined up, and said in unison, "Reporting for duty."
  13. HC-42's strategy had worked, though was unfortunately too late to save Gwal. He was shocked to see the lights come on at first. But as Emma Three Nine got up and HC-42 overheard the commentary of the so-called enemy, the truth became clear. This really had been a test of sorts, and the "Sith" was an Imperial Squire. As she apologized to Gwal, HC-42 heeded the advice of the Squire that had just been given. Had HC-42 had more creativity, he perhaps would have come up with a different distraction, but his logic-oriented mind, while intelligent, struggled with outside of the box strategies. He was still impressed by the Squire's performance in combat, and the droid reluctantly shook Berea's hand, quite tighter than he perhaps intended. "HC-42, at yours. And to the Rebellion, of course." The droid said. He then turned to his squadmates. They were exhausted. Gwal was still pinching his singed nose, while Sasha and Leep were sitting in the corner of the room, panting. Finally, Gwal spoke. "Nicely done, 42, but honestly- try not to sacrifice any of us. I'm sure you're aware that wouldn't be ideal in a real situation." Leep added to this, saying, "Yeah, unlike clones or droids, we can't be replaced as quickly as we die." HC-42 nodded. He was indeed aware of this, but perhaps didn't consider it in the heat of the moment. After all, it was a serious situation, or seemed like one at least. "I apologize..." was all the droid could say. He was glad this was a simulation. Like Sasha said, the most important thing is what they learned from it, and the whole squad had learned a great deal. The droid than turned to the higher ranking members in the room, as if awaiting orders from either Berea or Emma Three Nine. He stood there, eerily still like droids do, and his squadmates also stood up and lined up around him, attentive, when they had the strength to stand again. The three human-cyborg, one droid squad had now completed their second task in the simulation, and were ready to recieve further orders.
  14. The squad found itself desperately maneuvering as fast as it could during the Sith's charge, though Gwal was clearly struggling to get around the Sith- his heavy muscles weren't designed for speed, thus impairing his ability to get past the lightsaber. Leep was a different story. He used his cybernetic legs to boost himself around the Sith warrior, who by now was focused on deflecting shots from Sasha, who hadn't moved yet. Leep landed behind the Sith, and fired as much bolts as he could towards the Sith. HC-42 himself was behind cover, because had to consider his options before making a move. He was simply using his squad mates to buy time. Option one was to attempt de-escalation tactics. Sith could rarely be reasoned with, however, and trying to talk them down would waste even more time. Definitely not worth the risk. Option two would be to join his squadmates in attempting to out-flank and fire from all directions. A sound strategy, but not without its risks either- force-sensitive warriors were practically one-person armies, and the strategy even working heavily depended on the squad's ability to get where they needed to go in the first place- again, something Gwal was struggling to do. Option three was to analyze the Sith's fighting pattern and adapt accordingly- again, something the squad had little time for. Option four was to use the Sith's aggression against them somehow. But that would be difficult without explosives or traps. Option two it was. Since Leep had already gotten behind and was firing, the Sith's hands were likely full deflecting the shots from each direction. HC-42 had enough cover from the lightsaber to get where he needed, but had to be careful still, as he wasn't covered against the blaster bolts that were flying everywhere thanks to the Sith warrior's truly amazing finesse in deflecting each shot. HC-42 remembered the advice of Emma Three Nine- "Distract and flank." So that's what he did. The droid motioned a hand signal to Gwal, who looked terrified, but charged at the Sith blasters blazing anyway, while covering his face with his hulking metallic arms to prevent any deflecting shots from doing permanent damage, at least to his head. It wasn't the best distraction, but perhaps the Sith would be arrogant enough to try and take out the the most brutal of the bunch just to make a point. Hopefully, the distraction wouldn't cost the bait- HC-42 had just been getting to like Gwal. HC-42 used the still-functioning battlenet to calculate the safest path past the Sith's right flank, as Leep had already been firing from behind the left flank. HC-42 then propelled himself, moving as fast as his metallic alloy could allow, in that direction. As soon as he reached the other side- assuming he did- he would take aim at the Sith's head, and fire repeatedly just to be sure.
  15. HC-42 congratulated his squad as the simulation closed, and listened intently to Emma Three Nine's advice. The droid had in fact used cover fire from his team to his advantage throughout, except for that one instance with the flechette-launching troopers. Emma Three Nine's advice was valuable- surprise threats were always a factor, something HC-42 ignored in that instance due to his focus on the troops. When Emma brought up Sith Lords, HC-42 briefly recalled via his memory drive what they had done to his creators. Of course, he was already in orbit when the Sith Lords' forces were plundering the lab thanks to a well-paid smuggler, but he saw much carnage in the time the smuggler was calculating the hyperspace coordinates. The Sith Empire had heavily bombed Charros IV's factories- practically the equivalent to bombing a Church in the eyes of a Xi Charrian- entirely from orbit. HC-42 had been programmed to defend the Xi Char. And thus, he was obligated to drive the Sith off Charros IV eventually. It was the reason he sought out the Rebellion. And now, here he was- facing a Sith warrior of some sort. HC-42 had never faced a Force-sensitive. Ever. And here he was, staring at one with its lightsaber ignited. If it wanted a duel, than now would be a good time to use his electrostaff- which was currently locked in with his personal items. Figures. HC-42 calculated that if he and his squad didn't react soon, the Sith would make the first move. After all, they were known for their aggression. HC-42 didn't waste time wondering what Emma knew about this, if it was a test, or if the Sith was the real deal and attacked the base- those details will come later. So HC-42 thought up a quick strategy- a desperate one. He took a second- literally one second due to his computer speed- to analyze the structure of the dark room, hoping to find weaknesses, and fire at them to bring down the structure on top of the Sith and distract it long enough for a counterattack. If there was any weaknesses, and he was successful, the Sith would probably minimize damage using its telekinetic abilities granted by the Force, but would require a lot of focus to do this, allowing for a barrage of fire from he and his squadmates to hopefully take out the Force-sensitive foe while it was still occupied with the falling debris. Of course, this all depended on the second it would take to determine whether the room ahead's ceiling had a structure that could be damaged by blasters in the first place.
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