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  1. Johan realized in an instant that dodging the lightning fully was impossible, and he lacked the skill to redirect or block it. So he did the only thing he could think of and dove forward, rolling under some of the blast and using the momentum to close distance even as he lost control of his body for an instant, he dropped the blaster as he came sloppily out of the role, obviously it had little to no effect on the Hutt, who may not have been truly alive at this point. "I won't let you leave this planet!" Johan Yelled as he came up. the pain was immense, nothing like the electrical shocks he had suffered on occasion back on the farm, but similar to the burns from the sewer detonation on Mon Cal. Between glancing blows from the undead and taking a fair portion of the force lightning he had little left, but he took his saber in both hands and delivered one of the few techniques he had properly 'mastered' of Shii'Cho (Form 1), known to some as the "Sarlacc Sweep". it was a simple strike designed to attack multiple enemies at once, and likely would have been useless against a foe like the Hutt in under normal circumstances, but he was coming from a different angle then his master, and if the attack DID hit the wipe sweep would have catastrophic implications for the Sith. the Hutt would be hard pressed to stop both attacks. ((3)) [This was fun, thanks for letting me join] (Took damage from the force lighting as I rolled under it, dropped the blaster and came for the Sheog with a wide Shii'Cho strike, hoping he would have to pick either me OR Kirlocca to stop)
  2. Johan felt a moment of pure horror at the echoing warnings, his masters and his own senses and his shaky readings of his masters reaction (a hard thing to read at the best of times, that it was fairly clear was worrying on its own) feeding into each other. The distraction cost him somewhat, a pair of the undead struck out at him and sapped some of his energy away, even if most of the physical damage skid off his light armor plates. He lept back reaching out to the force to take him away from the water, radiation and closest undead while firing a pair of shots towards the Hutt, using his off hand to strike out in a sloppy mid-air attempt at form 1, cutting apart one of the dead. <<How is he doing this?>> Johan called out into the force, only half expecting an answer. ((2)) (Johan lept back after taking a pair of light hits by the undead, hit by both the energy they emit and some (mostly blunt) damage from the strikes. while leaping he fires a pair of (poorly aimed snap shots) towards the nuclear Hutt and struck a undead as he landed with his saber)
  3. Even with out the almost painful movements and whispers of the force in the ruined city it was easy to see what the Hutt and his men had done, easier to realize that a similar fate would find his family and friends back home should the Hutt and his ilk be allowed to continue unchallenged. He waited for a moment before his Master attacked the Hutt, taking advantage of the opening. Johan burst from the trees, blaster firing thrice at the Hutt, before he holstered it and reached for his sabre, not breaking pace for an instant as he cried "Whatever your here to do Monster, we'll an end to it" Johan growled. ((1)) 3 shots from his blaster and then beginning to reach for his Sabre as he rushes towards Sheog, taking advantage of the opening
  4. He would have missed it if his senses had not been cast forth, as it is he only caught a bit more then half of the foul presences words, but he heard enough. "Pilot, do a second flyby as close to my Master's position as you can, I intend to join him" Johan managed, suppressing his fear before it could stop him "Yes sir, there's a small clearing nearby, I should be able to nearly land as long as we are quick about it" the pilot responded "Do it." Johan stared out switching between the Sith's and his Masters positions. waiting ((Sure why not, farm boi could use some scars))
  5. Johan blinked for a moment before doing as his master had said. "I suppose I will await your signal or a call for assistance then master" Johan sent mildly exasperated at the elder Jedi's exit, though also mildly amused at the thought of the Sith forces reaction to a magic Wookie dropping on them from above. He checked his gear and flicked on his radio "Anyone friendly forces in the area need assistance or evac?" he sent out over the comms network and leaned against the wall to wait, casting out his senses. ((This is and open invitation, I don't want to get wrecked by a master+ level, but if anyone of Padawan to knight (or equivalent) wants a duel or anyone wants another player acting in and reacting to their area of the battle feel free to contact me in some way))
  6. He had spent the last while thinking, Johan did not think that Consular was the path he wanted (not that he knew enough of the different paths to say for sure) but he would would look into it in more detail... after Sullust that is. "I will accompany you master, while I could use more training I believe I can still contribute something to the war effort. could we work more on the lightsaber forms you started us on while enroute? and maybe a basic force technique?" Johan asked determined. After this he would need to take time off to train but he wanted to help secure a true victory after the horror show that the last mission proved to be.
  7. Johan slumped a bit in his chair as he listened and nodded "I... yeah it may have been a good idea to coordinate with one of the teams nearby, or wait until after the initial drop in to try it to see the initial Sith response" Johan winced "We DID cause the intended distraction though, just not quite as intended, and with far more damage then we wanted" Johan shifted to try and get more comfortable and looked at Alliera "I relation to that I'm going to look into both learning more about force healing and a more localized form of weather/temperature control, I want don't want to be left unable to help a friend again, nor do I want something like weather, controlled by a Sith or not, to ruin a plan again"
  8. "well, I think we blew our OP" Johan chuckled weakly and glanced around at the medical equipment and sighed. "I'm sorry it went like this, and that I wasn't able to do much to help after the fact". Johan slumped into a chair and winced as the movement aggravated the minor burns and cuts that littered his body under his fresh cloths and bandages.
  9. Johan helped pull several of the wounded onto the ships that had been sent for them, the rebels taking potshots at the slowly encroaching dead, and hoped on the one being sent to his master. He watched somewhat warily as the sith was brought aboard only taking his focus of of him when his master 'spoke' << For a first time in the real galaxy, you did well. You have much to improve upon, but you still did well. >> << Take us up and out. The storm is dying and the Rebel forces need to get to the surface. >> << We are going to be headed back to Nar Shaddaa to visit and check on Alliera. From there I suspect that our training is going to intensify greatly. >> "Thank you master, do you have any word yet on her condition? I did what I could but I didn't want to risk removing her armor in that weather and conditions and I don't have much experience with burns that bad or wide spread" Johan replied as he sat "And as hard as it may be, I'm glad for the training, if THIS is going to be my new norm, I need to be better". Johan frowned in thought "is it possible to control temperature like that without the darkside, and would it be possible to learn how to heal with the force?".
  10. Johan almost choked as he felt the WAVE of death flow through the city, the storm and the fact that most of the original wave had hit before his senses were fully sent out had shielded him earlier but this... this was bad, he slammed down his senses with a wince. He struggled with his anger at the Filth that had brought this upon the people, the rebel were far from perfect. neither, in truth, were the Jedi, but they would never do something like this (both the purposeful attacking of civilians and the slightly more notable pack of zombies currently attacking them), after a moment he returned his mind to battle, anger thrown aside in favor of protecting the people. He shoved his saber through the head of one with his left hand and dragged down, bisecting the puppeteered body and firing a few shots to finish a droid up the street with his right, blaster filled hand. the droid was half functioning and wildly firing every few seconds, damaged by the storm and battle no doubt Johan though as he regarded the pieces of shrapnel and frost on the droids body. "Sergeant, are there any other groups coming?" he yelled back into the store that most of the rebels were fighting from, with the exception of some arrayed around the the entrance and a few with melee weapons of some sort, a unit he didn't recognize (not that that was saying much) joining him in intercepting any that blaster fire didn't Scythe down. "No sir! we have everyone who can and will come" the man paused "or hasn't been killed" he said solemnly. "then we need to..." Johan twitched and had to jerk aside as his master sent him a message as a pair of undead attacked him as one. He needed to work on not being surprised every time me got a physic message, considering how often his master used them. After dispatching the 2 with a few wide, quick strikes to render them, 'alive' or not, harmless he fell back to the store and while sending attempting to sent a message back and make his own presence more visible. "Get on the line and try to contact Master Kirlocca, we need a pick up NOW, make sure you make it clear with have several dozen soldiers and civilians here, we may be the biggest group not yet evacuated" Johan said as he sent a few bolts into the leg of one of the melee wielding rebels opponents, the man using the opening the turn the corpse into a shredded useless mess with a flourish. "Aye Sir!" the Sergeant responded and went back to it. Johan looked up and down the street at the steady stream of damaged droids and shuffling undead and grimaced, they weren't a big threat in the short term but they had been boxed in, they would be overwhelmed without a pickup, or a few dozen men to reinforce them. The blizzard had lessened but visibility was still kriff after about 120 meters or so, making the few long range blasters they had not more effective then the average blaster rifle in anything but power. He threw himself back at the hoards with a shout to rally the near by men and women of the alliance, all but begging the force internally for help to insure that these people under his sudden command lived to see the next dawn. A flair of warmth, not consciously recognized blew through him, and he went into the battle with renewed vigor.
  11. Johan blinked at the sudden departure of his master before he turned to the equally stunned soldiers. Johan took a minute to think. He may not have been much help controlling the blizzard except perhaps in a small area around him or fighting in these conditions, but... he cast his senses out into the city, pushing with a bit of difficulty through both haze of the darkside blizzard and the weak shuffling and... hungry? presences rising from the ground and water and and a idea came to him. "Err... hows comms?" "Short range with a headset or helmet is a bit spotty but long-range is fine" the sergeant said. Johan looked around and realized the building they were in has a small store, and they were only about a squads worth in there, he could make this work, with the rebels help. "Get on the comms and try to contact and groups near by, ours or even any civilians, any that need to move I'm going to try to lead to us, tell them to move through buildings and take it slow, and avoid the Things in the street, I haven't seen one in person yet but there is something very, very wrong about them. we're going to use the same method to try and warn anyone with hostiles approaching" "Sir!" the sergeant said and Johan blinked. it was easy to forget that he wasn't just regarded as a farm boy anymore, they saw him as a Jedi, and respected him like a relatively low ranking officer. He got to work, slowly leading a few small groups of civilians and Rebels into the shop, directed them to barricade the windows and create cover inside in preparation for an attack, a small groups of what he learned over radio to be KRIFFING RISEN DEAD was not terrible far out and may make there way here, he managed to warn several other groups to avoid or prepare for there own assaults' as he waited for the blizzard to let up or his master to contact him.
  12. Barely awake after the blast, the fight with the droids and being (do to circumstances he could no longer recount) reburied Johan nearly swore as he flew through the air with his Master. "Where are we going first? to help some of the others or to stop what/whoever is making the blizzard?" Johan asked with a slight slur to his voice "also, remind me not to give Alliera explosives with a yield bigger then a frag again, like EVER". He would have almost laughed at the absurdity of the invasion and partial failure of their plan (the distraction part DEFINITLY worked) if not for the lives he could feel weakening or flickering out entirely, even with his half trained senses. He took stock for a moment and realized as they began to return to the ground he realzed he had everything but a few blaster mags and 1 of his Thermal Dets still on him.
  13. he stepped left to avoid a thrust and stepped forward with a high Shii-Cho strike, which was narrowly blocked by the droid. It was good, not trained Jedi good or anything but better then it really should have been. Johan traded a few more blows with it, ending with a shield parry to the side and striking out at its elbo- DODGE he flung himself back as it brought up a fairly slow but powerful snap kick. 2 could play at that game. on a whim he darted forward and to his right around another swing of its baton and forced the heh FORCE into his right foot and slammed into the baton arm just below the baton, biting back a cry at the stray bolts hit his leg. the buckler met the droids receptors with a crunch as he continued the spin and the saber came down on the arm where his foot just was. he danced around the follow up kick and a final thrust ended the battle
  14. Johan shot a grin at her "This will make a pretty good story to" he slipped the DC-17 back into his holster and shot the last soldier once with the Westar, droping it. he tried a few shots at the exemplar but between the lack of accuracy due to its return fire and the Duranium armor the shots did almost nothing. "the Westar's Kriffing fantastic but this clanker is more of a tank then the old Supers from the clone wars" he said as he dropped into cover and handed the pistol back. "think the saber is the only thing that will take it down, the therms will eventually but we only have so many and we may drop the rest of the street if we use any more then that last" he slid over the cover and strafed from side to side, occasionally blocking with his buckler and once slamming aside one with the now active saber (and it nearly hit his leg as he defected it improperly) the last 2 shots struck him but hit the thigh and breast plate of his armor, stopping them if barely "Argh!" he cried and rolled into the hits, cutting half through the blaster arm and stumbling back as a small explosion occurred. He they threw up the buckler in response to a cry from the force and took the swing of the droids baton on his shield, shoving it back and making some room, saber raised.
  15. As he dragged her out of the sewers he spotted and lit a flare on her belt and pushed her behind a near by speeder- the front half of one that is -and tossed the flare on top, switching the blaster to his right hand and flicking on his buckler. he heard clanking and watched as a few droids (battered but still active) and began turning the corner and he roled behind some rubble sending a trio of bolt towards the droids, 1 missing, another glancing off the armor of one and the last hitting a damaged portion of the same ones left arm, its arm falling limp in a stray of sparks. "Karabast" he bit out, he had picked it up from a Lasat on Dantooine. not important right now. he counted 7 droids, all DG-series including the one now one armed soldier. 6 soldiers total and a Exemplar in the back. "not good, even my thermal dets wont get through that things armor easily" he flew into a flurry of shots rolling between cover and blocking shots with the buckler. 2 shots hit the lead soldier in the head and it fell, slowly. he saw the damaged one look over towards Alliera, her foot was sticking out "Kriff" he shot out of cover, half trained force pre-cog flaring as he tried to dodge the shots of the last soldier and the short burst from the exemplar and slammed to back and tossed a shot at its chest before it flung him back towards the rubble near the speeder. he got up, tossing a glace at Alliera.
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