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  1. Johan smiled at Kirlocca and buried his nerves to respond properly. "Yes Master Kirlocca, I feel that the Jedi order will allow me to help protect and improve peoples lives as I have always wanted. And from what little Master Tar'ak was able to teach me in our time together I think I can learn to follow the teachings of the order. My family might not have much in the way of fame, but they have worked to protect and help others in times of war and pursue honest work in times of peace, something I would like to continue" He felt a flicker of worry for how his family would be fairing, but shook to off, they would be fine with his sibling and neighbors to help them, and they had given him there blessing to leave.
  2. He handed over the saber without hesitation, and while he seemed momentarily startled by the presence in his mind he quickly responded. "Johan Fae, Master. Master Tar'ak recruited, for lack of a better term, on Dantooine. After a few week to prep work alongside helping him finish his work there, mediating some issues between parts of the local government, we went to the capital to get a shuttle to Ossus. We we're ambushed by sith sympathizers, Master Tar'ak died in the fighting, though me and the security forces we're able to drive off what little remained after there efforts. He gave me his lightsaber and told me to trust in the force, I presumed I should start by coming here as originally intended." He shuffled from foot to foot but didn't break eye contact. "As for before I met Master Tar'ak? not much to tell in truth, I have a fairly good education by Dantoonine standards, but I've been helping on my family farm or helping in the local clinic most of my life. The most 'exciting' things I've done are help drive off Kath hounds or thieves, and helped patch people up after the fact. I know several of my ancestors have been sensitive to the force, and we had one join the temple that was once on Dantooine, but that was a VERY long time ago, other than that we have been mostly farmers, nurses and occasionally military." he added, with just a touch of pride when he mentioned both the minor military history his family had and the medical history, both his and his family's.
  3. "Thanks" Johan replied, walking towards the temple. Upon a second scan of the surrounding using the force (directed mostly towards the temple) he was able to identify several force 'signatures' of comparable strength to Tar'ak's, presumably one of which was this Kirlocca, though he was not able to tell anything other than the 'size' of the signature. He greeted several Jedi and temple staff/guards, and managed to find a couple to give him directions towards Kirlocca in short order. As he approached the massive Wookie 'hard to miss indeed' he called out in greeting. "Excuse me, Master Kirlocca? I was told to seek you out at the by a dock officer, I was taken on by Master Tar'ak Sur, I believe he called the temple" Johan fought to keep eye contact with the giant Wookie, and thumbed the lightsaber still in his hand, worried that the Jedi may take Tar'ak's absence, and his possession of his saber, the wrong way.
  4. Johan walked down the ramp of the shuttle looking back and forth nervously, and tossing his 'Master's' disabled sabre in his hand. He had never felt a concentration of force energy any where near this powerful before (not that, with only a few weeks of prep from Tar'ak Sur, he had a chance to feel many besides his own and Tar'ak's). Tar'ak had told the Jedi on planet that he was coming with a new initiate, but had been taken out by Sith aligned terrorists back on Dantooine right before the shuttle had arrived, despite Johan's attempts to save him. He only bestowed his disabled sabre and the advice to 'trust in the force', whatever that meant. after checking in with what passed for the 'port authorities he started asking after the closest Jedi holdings, hoping that they would believe him in regards to his story and find a new master to train him.
  5. JOHAN FAE'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Johan Fae A.K.A: ‘Fae’, ‘Faerie’ Homeworld: Dantooine Species: Human Physical Description Age: 19 Height: 6’0 Weight: 180lbs Hair: Black/ very dark brown depending on the light Eyes: Blue-violet Sex: male Equipment Clothing or Armor: minimal robe, more like a sweater and pants combo but slightly looser (can link pic, inspiration from KOTOR outfit) in a dark grey with lighter grey plastoid armour over top (in a sort of light plate method, chestplate, pauldrons, greaves and bracers that extend over back of hands) with white triming Weapon: non-functional lightsaber (given by master who recruited him to order before death of natural causes, purposely rendered non-functional by said master) simple construction with leather wrapped handle and yellow crystal and single Dc-17 blaster pistol Common Inventory: comm, medical kit, small datapad Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive (force capable) Alignment: Chaotic good Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi order Current Faction Rank: Hopeful History Force Side: Light Trained by: x Trained who: x Known Skills: x Background: grew up on Dantooine until he was picked up by a Master of the jedi order, who brought him into the temple to be trained after witnessing him unconsciously predict a ball thrown by another child via the force (it should be mentioned that he failed to dodge it, but at least tried) his family we’re a farmer and a software engineer at a tiny local company that did jobs for the local government. His family lines can be traced back to the time of the temple on dantooine, but has had no notable member outside of a handful of force sensitives (1 during the old republic and 3 spread out between the ruusan reformation and the fall of the republic to the empire, only one of which was recruited to the order) and a handful of soldiers. Has showed particular interest in computers, healing and light saber combat but has yet to show any extreme talent in them or most other subjects within the order, a point of some annoyance for Fae. Ship Registration Name: Fae Stalker Class: Fighter (light interceptor) Model: Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Engineering Length: 8 meters Armaments: 4 Taim & Bak laser cannons Armor: plastoid armour plating Anti-Personnel Defenses: x Modifications: x Appearance: grey instead of wgite and light grey instead of red with white ‘trim’ around mostly unimportant areas to confuse direct fire and dumbfire weapons Untitled document.docx
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