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  1. Kadi staggered to her feet, leaning on her spear. At first, she ignored the other Jedi's words- there was a sadness in her as she saw the battered form of the Rancor. The beast had been caught in the Sith's storm, and was hurting. She limped towards it, reaching out with the Force to soothe its rage. What was done to it was unforgivable- its mind was dominated, it was forced to fight, and then it was abandoned as though it were merely a tool. It visibly began to calm. Her injuries ached, but she used the force to soothe the pain of the beast, reaching out softly. The Rancor responded- it was still a wild animal, but for now, it was docile. "Go, friend. Your pain is over. You can return to your life." She watched as it snorted, turning and lumbering back into the forest. She wouldn't maintain the link- it wasn't her place to interfere with the Rancor any further. She sighed, turning to face Leena. "You shouldn't have let her go, Master Leena. She was their leader- she ordered them to wipe out an entire village. And for what? Wanton cruelty? That is not the type of behavior that self-corrects like you hope. She will kill more people. She will continue to warp the world around her, to twist its beauty into violence and hatred. When you asked earlier why we fight... To stop her. To stop people like her who without our direct intervention, will go on to kill thousands. I hope you are right. I hope that you prove me wrong and that she stops her life of violence. But I know that she will not." And it wasn't just the Rancor she had damaged- the very weather around them still buzzed with the Dark Side, waiting on a hair trigger to be whipped up once more into the cruel mockery of what natural processes would normally occur. Unfortunately, she would have to trust the healer to fix that- her own abilities were always more physical that spiritual, with the exception of her ability to bond with creatures.
  2. Kadi was only briefly thankful that Leena had launched the shockwave before she landed. That thankfulness evaporated when the Sith unleashed the dark energies that she's been collecting, launching electrified explosions in every direction. She barely had a moment before one of the arcs landed mere feet away from her, sending her sprawling across the ground as the impact severely burnt her leg. She was in a bad place- she didn't have a choice anymore. Her leg was too injured to fight on foot. Calling on Juro through their link, she gave the command that he had been waiting so patiently for as he drew the Rancor away from the fight. Juro leapt to the side as the Rancor swung his club with a roar, taking advantage of the slow action to charge. Not at the Rancor- his master had no intention of killing the dominated beast. It wasn't fighting of its own accord, the anger and violence that it displayed now largely due to the Sith's interference. Indeed, Kadi had always intended to release the Rancor from its pain, not burden the beast with more. The Acklay took the opportunity to run right past the Rancor, taking advantage of its speed and the surprise to barrel towards Kadi. She reached up as he whipped past, grabbing one of his spikes and using it to pull herself upon him as he charged the Sith. She reignited her saber- Now was where she showcased what could happen when one worked with nature, rather than dominating it. Understood its wildness and violence, rather than trying to control it. They attacked in tandem- Juro struck with his front legs, the sharp blades spelling a gruesome death if the Sith was caught bey them, followed by the gnashing of his serrated teeth towards their opponent's head. As Juro leaned down for the bite, Kadi struck out with her spear once more, towards the Sith's chest, taking advantage of its length to strike from the safety of her Acklay's back. They had fought together many times. Whether it was the wilderness of Felucia, or the pirates of Tatooine, Kadi and Juro had fought together for years, and this monsterous woman, who held no remorse in her heart for the people she had slain, who had shown nothing but disdain for the nature that Kadi cared for so wholeheartedly, would not be what ended either of them. ((3, very good duel y'all.))
  3. Kadi was caught off guard by the force-propelled gas grenade, but it didn't deter her for long. Coughing and sputtering, she used the butt of her saber like a club, batting the gas-spewing grenade into the jungle. She took a brief moment to catch her breath, taking that time to relocate her enemy and formulate a new approach. She narrowed her eyes, still stinging from the gas, took another breath, and darted forward after the Sith fighter. The Force guided her every step, pushing her along at unnatural speeds as she closed the distance, he spear held ready for an engagement. She wouldn't let the Sith catch her breath- She moved to flank her opponent, putting herself on the opposite side from where she had been before. She leapt up and over Leena as she neared, somersaulting through the air with the aid of the Force. For a brief moment, as she flew through the air, she was free- free of the pain from the tear gas, and free from the grief she felt for the villagers. She let the force guide her, her spear lashing at the Sith's shoulder from above as she sailed overhead. She landed with a skidding impact, her legs bracing for the rest of her body as her free hand settled her balance. She used the position she was in to launch herself forward, darting towards the Sith with more quick attacks while staying mindful of the gasses that now littered the . The first was a thrust towards her abdomen, the second an underswung blow with the staff towards the Sith's armpit in an attempt to disarm her, with a third blow reversing the momentum with frightening speed leading her blade in an arc towards her opponent's neck. She would try to draw the woman's attention away from her ally, but in the end, she trusted the other Jedi to hold her own, and wouldn't overextend herself in vain attempts to completely shield the Master. Across the clearing, Juro continued to play the game of chicken as he danced along the edges of the Rancor's reach. He let out another ear-piercing shriek as he circled, waiting for his moment to strike, his crab-like eyes watching the Rancor with intense caution. Kadi's bond with the acklay was strong, as well, keeping him alert as to the status of his master's battle. Her pain agitated him, and he chittered angrily as he stared down the Rancor that threatened him. ((2))
  4. Kadi's heart sank when she saw the Rancor. She knew they lived on Felucia, but had always avoided them. They lived peacefully here, not turning into the savage beasts that arenas and pit bosses seemed to prize them for. They were wild animals, same as the rest. To see how the figure in front of her abused that connection in the Force... It was a twisted mockery of the symbiotic bond between she and Juro, its roots built in dominating the beast's mind rather than soothing it. She grimaced in sympathy. The poor animal was likely terrified underneath the rage that the sorceress was sparking. She looked back at Quela, bracing herself at the woman launched a series of probing blows. Kadi conserved her energy, simply dancing back as the woman pushed the offensive. Kadi shed her robe, throwing it at the weapon in an attempt to tangle it as the bladed tip shrieked off her armor. Had she not twisted her body, the weapon would have cut right through her armor and impaled her. She would need to be cautious- It wasn't a lightsaber, like her own, but it was just as deadly. She gave an experimental flourish of her weapon, warming herself up and her steps led her into a fighting sway. She darted forward, the Force assisting her movements. She could feel it around her, like the current of a river, leading her along the proper path, the flow guiding her attacks. She reached out, extending her body in a one-handed thrust to extend her range beyond the other fighter's towards the woman's shoulder, hoping to create an opening to close the distance as the dark-sider was hopefully forced to block or parry Kadi's blade. She followed with a ducking clockwise spin, using the momentum of her retracting reach to send the base of her weapon at her opponent's chest. The blow was far from lethal, but if it connected it would likely knock the wind out of the Sith. She completed her spin with a quick, forceful slash meant to slice into the Sith's thighs. Juro had leapt into action as well, their time spent training together and living with one another meaning he needed very little direction to fight in tandem with her. He leapt to the right, letting out a shrill war-cry at the sight of the Bull Rancor as it circled, giving it a wide berth. It was a predator- larger and heavier than Juro, but much slower for it. It also lacked what Juro had- the natural chitin and bladed arms of an Acklay, and the training and fighting ability garnered from a life beside a Jedi Knight. It let out a wet hiss as it stalked the battlefield, moving further and further away from their battling masters, it's insect-like head tilting as it analyzed the threat. Whatever engagement they had would be short and violent- Between the brute strength of a Rancor and the savage agility of a trained Acklay, theirs would not be a battle that lasted long. ((1))
  5. Kadi sensed the other Jedi nearby, swiftly making her way over as she observed the dirt- The lighter footprints of the villagers, and the much deeper, heavier footprints of armed troops. At least a squad- more likely a larger group. She glanced up at the Jedi- the newest Master among the council, Leena Kil. "Master Leena. I wish we'd met at a better time. I'm tracking the shuttle of the people who did this- the Temple has a lock on the most likely culprit. They stopped in the wilderness- I fear what they may do there with the destruction present here. I can track them quickly- Follow my transponder, and be ready for a fight." She was quiet for a moment, looking at the ruined village behind her, sorrow welling in her eyes. "We have to stop whoever did this. Be prepared, Master Kil. There might not be a person to redeem at the end of this." She called Juro over, giving the other Jedi a reassuring glance. "This is Juro- proper introductions will have to wait though. I'll catch the one who did this." With that, Juro bolted into the jungle as Kadi climbed onto the Acklay. The flora whipped past at dizzying speeds, her hair catching the wind. Outside of the current circumstances, her mood would be ecstatic right now- she lived for these moments, But instead of a smile, a heartbroken grimace was plastered on her face. Her weapon stayed at a readied stance- it wasn't active, but her thumb rested on the button that would bring the azure blade to life. As she drew closer to where the dropship had been tracked landing, she could feel the darkness growing. Felucia was inherently dark- that was why the Jedi had felt it necessary to establish a temple here. She was well accustomed to the sensation- It was the wilderness of Felucia that had led her to Juro, during her trials. She had found him as a hatchling, corrupted by the environment, his instinctual savagery deepened by the planet's energy. She had cleansed him, established a bond, raised and trained him. She knew this planet as well as he did. But what she was tracking... It was a seeping tear in the force, the kind that only arises from a recent atrocity. She masked her presence as they drew nearer- She didn't know if there was another force sensitive among the troops, but she was going to play it safe until Master Leena caught up. Juro slowed, and she could sense their presence. She was right- a large number of people, and as she drew closer, she found signs of their passing. It was impossible to hide the movements of so many with such heavy equipment. She would use that, though she avoided the direct path. Such a thorough massacre, and so fast, they were probably professionals. Regardless of the ease of tracking them, they may have trapped the path- though such actions were sure to slow them down. They were entering a territory familiar to her, although it wasn't clear just yet what was nagging at her memory. She could sense them now, in a clearing ahead, roughly a hundred meters. She tsk'd, and Juro slowed to a crawl as she dismounted. She wouldn't risk commanding him with the Force while she was so close. She was cautious to quiet her footsteps, avoiding twigs and dead leaves, her weapon at the ready. She stalked forward, the giant beast behind her alarmingly quiet- He knew instinctually that the hunt was on. He was a hunter- stealth was paramount in catching his prey unawares. She checked her transponder- still active. Good. Leena was close behind then. She broke the clearing, her eyes quickly assessing the situation. She knew the emblems on the armor- the Sith. she ignited her saber. Now was time for her to do her duty, and as Juro exited the treeline behind her, she spoke. "Sith, you have trespassed on a Jedi planet and massacred our people. Leave at once, or you will face my blade. This is your only warning." At her words, Juro let out an ear-piercing shriek to punctuate her message as her muscles tensed for a fight. She deepened her breathing, letting the Force flow through her.
  6. Kadi gave another bow to the Grandmaster, accepting the comm link. "I'll let you know what I find." She quickly made her way though the temple. Juro waited for her at the entrance, and she wasted no tome swinging herself up onto his back. She closed her eyes, hoping for some direction from the Force as to where she should look. It didn't take long, the Force reacting much more violently this time. Something was seriously wrong. She nudged Juro, and he took off into the jungle, traversing it faster than most would ever be capable of. It didn't take long for her to smell it. Smoke, and the acrid stench of burnt flesh. When she broke through the treeline, she had to stifle a gasp. What she saw was an atrocity. Bodies filled the roads of the small hamlet, some still smoldering with fire. The entire village was scorched, and the Force wept for its loss. She didn't want to get any closer, but she had a duty. Look for survivors, and if she couldn't find any, look for the culprit. As she dismounted, Juro pressed his head against her in an attempt to comfort her, she smiled grimly, placing a hand on him. "Stay here. Watch for danger." She keyed her commlink, leaving it transmitting to the Temple. "Master Draygo, there's a problem. I-" she hesitated- how dis someone even describe something like this? "The entire village... It's gone. Someone killed them all. I can't find any survivors, or any bodies of whoever did it." She knelt, placing a hand on the ground, using the Force to sharpen her senses. Whatever happened, it was recent. Very recent. The Force still ached with the loss of so many lives, so suddenly and violently. She'd never felt anything like it- it was awful, twisted. The Dark Side, She scanned the village, her eyes catching something. "The ground has been disturbed, like some kind of repulsor lift vehicle or a shuttle. The Dark Side has a strong presence here too- this wasn't a natural disaster, or a beast. Someone killed everybody here. I'll send you the coordinates- Maybe you can track ships in the area? In the mean time... I'll keep looking. Maybe I'll find a trail."
  7. Kadi turned to face the new arrival, smiling as she saw who it was. She offered a respectful bow. Watching the short sparring lesson from Sandy had been interesting. It was unfortunate that one couldn't truly be prepared for a Sith's fighting style without having faced them before. From what she gathered, they had both had such an experience. She was thankful that she lacked it. "Master Draygo. It's an honor." As she did, she tilted her head. There was something here. Something new on Felucia. The world was aching for something, like an addict reaching for a drug. It was faint, but it tugged at her senses. had it not been for her countless months spent with the nature of this planet, the time she had spent learning of its scarred history through the trees and the air, she would have missed it. She couldn't place exactly what was wrong. Was it another plague? A new beast? Was the Dark Side returning to the planet, despite their best attempts to cleanse it? Whatever it was, even though it only faintly touched her senses, it was appalling. She straightened herself, looking at her compatriots. "Somethings wrong, masters. I can't place it though." Instinctively, she called out to her bond, warning Juro to stay close. It was reassuring to feel him there, but he was clearly disturbed as well. Whether that was due to her own concern, or if he could feel it too she didn't know. Her grip on her weapon tightened, and she took a deep breath. "I'd like to head out. See if I can learn anything else, with your permission."
  8. "A pleasure to meet you, Leena. I hope you can teach me more about healing some day." She let out a quiet chuckle at their concern over Juro's presence, shaking her head. "There's no need for worry. The Force binds us, and I can feel his presence wherever I am. He is free to come and go as he pleases, but Felucia is his home. Right now he's..." she closed her eyes, reaching out in the Force. She could feel the tether that tied them, a warmth in the current of the Force. "He's nearby. Probably just finished hunting. But even when he's in the temple, he wouldn't hurt anyone unless I asked him to." She glanced at Master Sarna at the offer. "I'll come along, thank you- I'm not sure if the temple is large enough for Juro to participate safely though." She followed Sandy and Leena, hanging back a comfortable distance, her weapon resting on her shoulder. It was rare for her to be near other Jedi for long- her path often led her to solitude, long weeks spent in the wilderness. It was a peaceful life- she remembered growing up on Dantooine, how often she's just start walking for days on end. Thinking back on it she was foolish- under supplied and with no ream form of navigation, she was amazed she never ended up lost. Older now, she knew the Force had guided her path in those moments, and it had led her to the Jedi. They were good. There were a few bad apples- what organization didn't have their share of unsavory members? But overall they were a force for good, healing people and worlds that the rest of the galaxy wrote off. She loved this life- she wouldn't trade it for anything. To be a part of efforts like Scarif and Felucia- that's what she wanted. The Sith wanted to destroy, to corrupt, to burn entire populaces for their free will. She couldn't stand by and watch that happen.
  9. Kadi listened solemnly as Sandy spoke, nodding to affirm her identity. she rested her weapon against the wall, taking a seat at a comfortable distance from the two, leaning against the table as she listened. It was in the other Jedi's words that her wisdom was revealed, and it was apparent, even only just meeting her, why she was granted the rank of Jedi Master. "You speak with wisdom, Master. I do not have the personal experience that Master Sarna does, but I have made my own peace with this conflict. I think of it like a tree, but it may do you better to think of the Force like a living body. When you are treating a gangrenous limb, you may do your best to heal it, to save that limb and relieve it of it's pain. But no matter what you do, sometimes the best course of action is the removal of that limb. It will never be pleasant, nor should it ever be, but we do it so that it does not spread further. That doesn't mean you whip out a butcher's knife though- an improper amputation may only worsen the problem. If we fight or kill the Sith with aggression or anger in our hearts, then we take their darkness unto ourselves, and the rot festers at the heart of our order. While there should always be an attempt at healing, at redemption, it may not always be possible." She closed her eyes, tilting her head back as she breathed in the air of the Jedi Temple. "Breathe in. Look around at the people you've helped. Walk the ground that you've healed. Let it strengthen your resolve so that you know in your heart whether to do violence upon your opponent is the right thing to do. But once that decision is made, don't waver. Don't hesitate until the battle is won, or avoided." She exhaled, opening her eyes and sitting up. "I don't think we've met yet. Master Sarna has already introduced me, I'm Kadi. If you ever see me with an Acklay, that's Juro. He looks mean, but he's a sweetheart."
  10. Kadi was glad to be back on solid ground. She's spent the last few months cooped up in a starship, with nothing but recycled air and durasteel floors for an environment. It was refreshing to be planetside, even on Felucia. She could feel the Dark Side here. It pervaded the very nature of the planet, the trees and wildlife slowly falling to its corruption, even as the Jedi tried to cleanse it. She was familiar with the planet- she had found her Acklay, Juro, as a hatchling here. Even as young as he had been, he'd been dangerous. She smiled fondly. He was roaming the wilderness of his home right now, but she could feel him through their bond. He would come if she called. She had spent weeks herself outside the temple, meditating and doing what she could to cleanse the land, but she was no consular, not like those that were training. She recognized one of them immediately- Master Sandy Sarna, a well known and respected Master. The other, she didn't recognize immediately. She leaned against the entrance to the cafeteria, smiling as she watched. It was good to be among other Jedi, even if she spent most of her time as far from civilization as she could safely manage. “I wish we didn’t need to do all this. Why can’t we just live in peace? We are Jedi after all! I’d rather help the sick and dying. Barring that I guess I’d prefer keeping our guys in the fight.” Kadi blinked at the Mon Calimari's words. It wasn't a rare sentiment to be heard, even amongst the most skilled fighters of the order. No one enjoyed taking lives, being pushed into battlefields. She stepped out of the doorway then, interjecting. "If I may, Master Sarna?"
  11. Kadi wasn't prepared for the sight that awaited her upon exiting hyperspace. She knew that evacuations had been dangerous, but what she saw was a graveyard. her Acklay grew agitated- it could sense that something was wrong, and as she soothed it's mind through the force, she worked to hide her own concerns. The dying sun cast the whole system in an eerie red glow, and she could feel the chance to save those left on-world slipping away. This whole system, lost. She looked at the captain- She'd kept he and his crew on her hire, for now. He had concerns in his mind, and they were etched clear upon his face. She reached past him, to the communications panel. "Jackson, stay close to our ship. This graveyard may be more dangerous than it seems. I'm going to see if we can get closer safely, make contact with the people still stranded below." The ship lurched as it turned towards the planet, creeping forward as the scanned for any signals. Hopefully they would find someone, anyone that could still use their help. She hoped that they weren't too late- With the number of ships dead above the planet it was possible they'd all died attempting a mass exodus. "This is Jedi Knight Kadi Silan, responding to the archeologist distress signal on Mithras. If anyone is still alive down there, speak up."
  12. Kadi folded her hands as he spoke. This was more familiar to her. The introspection that was required to be a Padawan was often the cause of washing out. It had almost claimed her, too. "There's no shame in weakness, Jackson. It's present in everyone, in some form. Even our greatest masters have flaws- our former Grandmaster, Adenna, was a skilled warrior, one of the best the Order has ever seen. But she grew complacent and insular as the Sith claimed the Galaxy. Grandmaster Armenia is another talented fighter, and one of the most insightful Jedi I've ever known, but she's constantly battling her own self-doubt. My own Master was excellent at the technical skills of being a Jedi- the lightsaber forms, practical applications of the Force. But he still can't seem to find that spiritual clarity that graces a Jedi Master. I have my own, as well, though I hope you'll forgive me to not divulging them here." She waited a moment for her words to sink in before continuing. "I'm glad you've decided to return. As for the status of your training, that's at my discretion. There's little record remaining of what training you received, and obviously no record of what you're capable of now. For all I know the only thing in the way of your knighthood is a suiting trial, but it could very well also be that you require training to start from scratch, so we'll start there. I can see that you can still control the Force- that's a start. What would you say the extent of your abilities are?" she asked.
  13. Kadi followed him deeper into the craft, taking her time as to not knock over anything volatile. She followed his lead, taking a seat across from him as he spoke. He was jaded- maybe he had the right to be. She didn't know what his life had been since he left the Order. She didn't even know who he was before his temporary tenure as a padawan. She listened for a moment, letting him finish before contemplating how to continue. "The council didn't find you. I did. On their behalf, sure, but under Grandmaster Adenna things were... Stagnant. I grieve her loss, as does every Jedi, but the new Grandmaster and her council have made massive strides towards rebuilding the Order to what is once was. We finally have the Jedi to tie up loose ends like this. Despite that, you must understand that there is no 'little ol' you'. The previous leadership thought it best to save lives where they could, as is the Jedi way, but that meant respecting your decision to lead. I was tasked to find you so that we could learn what happened, and if you were willing, to take you back into the Order, but our stance is still that you have no obligation to return. I truly just wish to learn. So, I ask that you tell me- Why did you depart the Order? I've heard a myriad of reasons, so nothing will shock me. I met one former Padawan who simply didn't wish to be involved in the conflict, and another who had grown disillusioned with the Jedi. There were a few who fell to the Dark Side... I think it best to avoid that topic for now though. So tell me- What drove you away?"
  14. She chuckled as his response was relayed through her communicator. "Don't worry, Jackson, he won't hurt you. Not unless I ask him to." The ship lurched as it began to follow Jackson's into the blackness of space. The captain was experienced enough to keep up, even through the debris field. She'd picked well, the information she'd gathered at the spaceport paying off. While she waited, she meditated. The cold durasteel and vacuum of space brought her little comfort, but she could take solace in her companion. She'd never named him. He wasn't hers to name- even if he wasn't sapient, he had his own identity. His own will, and his own drives. Still, he was a part of nature, and she could take solace in his presence whenever she traveled. The ship shuddered as the captain maneuvered it to connect to the other ship. There was a sharp hiss as air poured into the connection before the airlock opened. She stepped forward, briefly considering bringing her lightsaber. No. She shouldn't need it- She wasn't here to take him back by force. She was hear to gather information, and if he was willing, to return him to the Order as a padawan once more. She stepped through the airlock, traversing the umbilical tube with little difficulty. She stepped through the airlock on his ship, her hands clasped behind her back. She flashed him a smile before speaking. "A pleasure to meet you properly, Jackson. Now, I hope you intend to speak with me?"
  15. Kadi gazed out into the void from the cockpit of the small transport, behind the pilot's chair. She was a fresh knight, only having just finished her trials, and this was the first time she'd been sent on a mission alone. Or, as alone as one could be with a giant six legged monster for a companion. She'd offered to pay this pilot extra to accommodate the Acklay, and even then it had taken no small amount of soothing and reassuring the pilot that it wasn't feral, that it wouldn't go wild on his ship and kill them both. She could still remember her trials, where she'd tamed the beast. It had come searching for an easy mean in the Felucian wilderness, but had been persuaded otherwise by her gifts, both in the Force and actual gifts in the form of another food source. She glanced back- She could feel its presence deeper inside the transport, the sole passenger other than herself. Its anxiety and fear washed over her, and she frowned, reassuring it through their link in the Force. Space was as unnatural to him as it was to herself. "We're coming up on the coordinates you gave me- it looks like an old battlefield. What does a Jedi want from a place like this?" She was pulled from her thoughts by the pilot's question. It was the first time he'd spoken since she'd come aboard with her beast, his mind too preoccupied with fear and his job to strike up a conversation. "Not a what. A who. Scan for signals, if you find someone try to open up communications." He glanced at her for a moment before leaning forward and flipping a few switched, the floodlights outside the ship illuminating the shipwrecks in an eerie glow. She raised an eyebrow, pointing out the window at a man drifting through space, towing a hefty amount of salvage from one of the cruisers. "I'd bet that he's who I'm looking for." she said. "Seems like it- I'm reading power signatures from that ship he'd heading to, it's probably his. What do you want with a salvage jockey like him?" "Just open up communications with his ship, you'll hear in a moment." She waited for him to give her the all clear before leaning into the intercom and speaking. "Jackson Bloome, I assume? This is Kadi Silan, of the Jedi Order. I would like it if you came aboard, we have much to discuss." she said. Now it was only a matter of time. Whether he could patch his ships communications to the suit he wore or if he had to re-enter his ship to even realize there was a message for him, all she could do was wait, and trust that he wouldn't run. He was a former Padawan, thought lost in an operation on Kuat, who had resurfaced a few months ago on a backwater planet selling old ship bits and pieces. The Jedi Order had sent her, a skilled tracker, in the hopes that she could find him. again and learn what happened to him. In all honesty, that he's been away so long made her suspect that he had no intentions of returning to the Jedi, and she wasn't in any position to demand that he did. Nor would she want to try.
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