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  1. Kadi folded her hands as he spoke. This was more familiar to her. The introspection that was required to be a Padawan was often the cause of washing out. It had almost claimed her, too. "There's no shame in weakness, Jackson. It's present in everyone, in some form. Even our greatest masters have flaws- our former Grandmaster, Adenna, was a skilled warrior, one of the best the Order has ever seen. But she grew complacent and insular as the Sith claimed the Galaxy. Grandmaster Armenia is another talented fighter, and one of the most insightful Jedi I've ever known, but she's constantly battling her own self-doubt. My own Master was excellent at the technical skills of being a Jedi- the lightsaber forms, practical applications of the Force. But he still can't seem to find that spiritual clarity that graces a Jedi Master. I have my own, as well, though I hope you'll forgive me to not divulging them here." She waited a moment for her words to sink in before continuing. "I'm glad you've decided to return. As for the status of your training, that's at my discretion. There's little record remaining of what training you received, and obviously no record of what you're capable of now. For all I know the only thing in the way of your knighthood is a suiting trial, but it could very well also be that you require training to start from scratch, so we'll start there. I can see that you can still control the Force- that's a start. What would you say the extent of your abilities are?" she asked.
  2. Kadi followed him deeper into the craft, taking her time as to not knock over anything volatile. She followed his lead, taking a seat across from him as he spoke. He was jaded- maybe he had the right to be. She didn't know what his life had been since he left the Order. She didn't even know who he was before his temporary tenure as a padawan. She listened for a moment, letting him finish before contemplating how to continue. "The council didn't find you. I did. On their behalf, sure, but under Grandmaster Adenna things were... Stagnant. I grieve her loss, as does every Jedi, but the new Grandmaster and her council have made massive strides towards rebuilding the Order to what is once was. We finally have the Jedi to tie up loose ends like this. Despite that, you must understand that there is no 'little ol' you'. The previous leadership thought it best to save lives where they could, as is the Jedi way, but that meant respecting your decision to lead. I was tasked to find you so that we could learn what happened, and if you were willing, to take you back into the Order, but our stance is still that you have no obligation to return. I truly just wish to learn. So, I ask that you tell me- Why did you depart the Order? I've heard a myriad of reasons, so nothing will shock me. I met one former Padawan who simply didn't wish to be involved in the conflict, and another who had grown disillusioned with the Jedi. There were a few who fell to the Dark Side... I think it best to avoid that topic for now though. So tell me- What drove you away?"
  3. She chuckled as his response was relayed through her communicator. "Don't worry, Jackson, he won't hurt you. Not unless I ask him to." The ship lurched as it began to follow Jackson's into the blackness of space. The captain was experienced enough to keep up, even through the debris field. She'd picked well, the information she'd gathered at the spaceport paying off. While she waited, she meditated. The cold durasteel and vacuum of space brought her little comfort, but she could take solace in her companion. She'd never named him. He wasn't hers to name- even if he wasn't sapient, he had his own identity. His own will, and his own drives. Still, he was a part of nature, and she could take solace in his presence whenever she traveled. The ship shuddered as the captain maneuvered it to connect to the other ship. There was a sharp hiss as air poured into the connection before the airlock opened. She stepped forward, briefly considering bringing her lightsaber. No. She shouldn't need it- She wasn't here to take him back by force. She was hear to gather information, and if he was willing, to return him to the Order as a padawan once more. She stepped through the airlock, traversing the umbilical tube with little difficulty. She stepped through the airlock on his ship, her hands clasped behind her back. She flashed him a smile before speaking. "A pleasure to meet you properly, Jackson. Now, I hope you intend to speak with me?"
  4. Kadi gazed out into the void from the cockpit of the small transport, behind the pilot's chair. She was a fresh knight, only having just finished her trials, and this was the first time she'd been sent on a mission alone. Or, as alone as one could be with a giant six legged monster for a companion. She'd offered to pay this pilot extra to accommodate the Acklay, and even then it had taken no small amount of soothing and reassuring the pilot that it wasn't feral, that it wouldn't go wild on his ship and kill them both. She could still remember her trials, where she'd tamed the beast. It had come searching for an easy mean in the Felucian wilderness, but had been persuaded otherwise by her gifts, both in the Force and actual gifts in the form of another food source. She glanced back- She could feel its presence deeper inside the transport, the sole passenger other than herself. Its anxiety and fear washed over her, and she frowned, reassuring it through their link in the Force. Space was as unnatural to him as it was to herself. "We're coming up on the coordinates you gave me- it looks like an old battlefield. What does a Jedi want from a place like this?" She was pulled from her thoughts by the pilot's question. It was the first time he'd spoken since she'd come aboard with her beast, his mind too preoccupied with fear and his job to strike up a conversation. "Not a what. A who. Scan for signals, if you find someone try to open up communications." He glanced at her for a moment before leaning forward and flipping a few switched, the floodlights outside the ship illuminating the shipwrecks in an eerie glow. She raised an eyebrow, pointing out the window at a man drifting through space, towing a hefty amount of salvage from one of the cruisers. "I'd bet that he's who I'm looking for." she said. "Seems like it- I'm reading power signatures from that ship he'd heading to, it's probably his. What do you want with a salvage jockey like him?" "Just open up communications with his ship, you'll hear in a moment." She waited for him to give her the all clear before leaning into the intercom and speaking. "Jackson Bloome, I assume? This is Kadi Silan, of the Jedi Order. I would like it if you came aboard, we have much to discuss." she said. Now it was only a matter of time. Whether he could patch his ships communications to the suit he wore or if he had to re-enter his ship to even realize there was a message for him, all she could do was wait, and trust that he wouldn't run. He was a former Padawan, thought lost in an operation on Kuat, who had resurfaced a few months ago on a backwater planet selling old ship bits and pieces. The Jedi Order had sent her, a skilled tracker, in the hopes that she could find him. again and learn what happened to him. In all honesty, that he's been away so long made her suspect that he had no intentions of returning to the Jedi, and she wasn't in any position to demand that he did. Nor would she want to try.
  5. KADI'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Kadi A.K.A: Homeworld: Dantooine Species: Zabrak Physical Description Age: 24 Height: 5’10 Weight: 168 lbs Hair: Red Eyes: Green Sex: Female Equipment Clothing or Armor: Simple durasteel armor under Jedi robes Weapon: A lightspear, survivalist knife Common Inventory: Survivalist Kit (Water purification, rations, tools to start a fire, etc.) First Aid kit Comm device Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User Alignment: Neutral Good Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Current Faction Rank: Knight History Force Side: Light Trained by: N/A Trained who: N/A Known Skills: Skilled with the lightspear, including while mounted. Animal Force Bond Capable of minor force healing feats, though not during combat. (Think shallow cuts, pulled muscles. She’s not healing a blaster wound or a lightsaber wound anytime soon) Can’t fly or pilot speeders to save her life. You’re honestly better off walking than asking her to. Expert survivalist/tracker Background: Kadi was born and raised on Dantooine, in an area that was considered backwater even for the farming world. With one foot in the wilderness for most of her life, it was only natural for her to fit right into the wilderness of Felucia when she joined the Jedi Order as a Padawan. Early in her career she showed an impressive knack for skillfully handling the notoriously volatile and treacherous Felucian wilderness. It was here that she met her true calling as a Jedi, bonding with an Acklay mount for her Knight trials after a week alone in the wilderness.
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