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  1. The droid-controlled, cargo vessel existed hyperspace, and re-oriented for entry into Coruscant’s atmosphere. After obtaining landing coordinates from Coruscant Traffic Control, the droid pilot did as instructed. The craft landed with barely a jolt. “Wow, droids really are decent pilots.” Temana commented. “I barely felt anything at all.” As the airlock hissed open to allow the dock inspectors in to verify the manifest, Temana and BD-D edged around the hull of the cargo bay towards the doors. In a hurry to get out, Temana almost walked directly into one guard at the exit hatch. “That was kriffing close!” he thought to himself. “DeeDee, how are we going to get past this guy?” The droid warbled a quiet, noncommittal reply. “Yeah, he would see you no matter which direction you went.” Temana thought that if he could just get the guard to go with the inspectors for even just a few minutes, he could get out, and down the connecting walkway without being seen. But how? “Go away. They’re calling you. Can’t you hear them?” he thought. Nothing. In frustration, he pounded his fist onto the hull before even thinking about it. The guard turned in his direction, causing Temana to crouch down silently cursing his stupidity. “It was nothing. You didn’t hear anything. They’re calling you, damnit! THEY’RE CALLING YOU!” Suddenly, the guard turned back towards the inner cargo area. “Jas, did you call me? What do you need? Jas? Jas…?” When the guard got no answer, he turned and walked farther into the cargo hold. Knowing this was his only chance, Temana ran out the doorway, scooping up BD-D on his way out. He was 4 blocks away before he slowed and ran into the nearest alleyway. “We did it, DeeDee! We made it!” he said joyously to the droid. He looked upwards to the dizzying heights of the skyline before bringing his gaze down the alleyway. About twenty meters away, a group of beings appeared to be in mid-robbery of a building. One of them was pointing in his direction. “You gotta be kidding me!” he said as he turned back into the main thoroughfare being chased by six thugs.
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    A small, silver and blue BD-D unit climbs up the back of a shaggy-headded young human male, peers around his head and chitters. “Yes, DeeDee,” the youth answers, “I’m sure I want to do it on my own. I do have some skill, y’know. Just keep a lookout like I asked you to. I got this.” The young man known as Temana Huna continued to use his splicing kit to hack into the local ship dock’s database in search of a ride out of port. He smiled to himself as his droid continued to keep watch while quietly chittering about how she would have been done minutes ago. “Found one!” he exclaimed. “Looks like there’s a cargo hauler delivering munitions to Coruscant leaving in about 4 hours. We just have to sneak past ImpSec, sneak into the cargo hold, and enjoy a free trip out of here.” BD-D chittered derisively. “Yes, it’s ‘just that easy’!” Temana replied, glaring at the droid. “Would you rather stay here? Yeah—didn’t think so. Let’s go get our stuff, and get ready.” — — — — — Four hours later, Temana looked around a corner to the entrance of the hanger where a two-man ImpSec patrol stood guard. “I know I can get it,” he said to his companion, “I just need some time. Can you help me out?” The droid gave a little salute with her leg, said something that sounded awfully close to “Roger, Roger”, and ran off. A couple of minutes later, a storage crate on the opposite side of the hangar door fell to the deck with a loud clang. “I’ll go check it out,” the closer guard told the other. He walked off and around the stacks of crates to where the sound originated. Moments later, a toolbox fell another row back. “What tha--?” the second guard said as he went to help investigate. “Now’s my chance!” Temana said as he ran over, quickly spliced into the door. As the door opened half a meter, a little droid ran up his leg and into his pack. As the door quietly shut behind them, Temana peered over his shoulder and said, “Great work, DeeDee. Let’s get outta here.” — — — — — Making it past the guards was the hard part. Sneaking on a droid-crewed cargo vessel was the easy part. Temana chewed on a ration bar and sipped some water from his canteen before he settled down for a short nap before arriving at the jewel of the Core Worlds: Coruscant!
  3. So... do I just start, or do I need to wait for my databank entry to be approved?
  4. Identity Real Name: Temana Huna A.K.A: N/A Homeworld: Serenno (but he doesn't know this) Species: Human Physical Description Age: 20 standard years Height: 6’-0” Weight: 180 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Standard spacer garb. Weapon: BlasTech A-180 blaster Common Inventory: A small BD unit [Designation BD-D] Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User (but unknown to him) Alignment: Neutral Current Faction Affiliation: None Current Faction Rank: N/A History Force Side: N/A Trained by: N/A Trained who: N/A Known Skills: Piloting, slicing, and memory retention. Background: Orphaned on a shipyard in the Kuat sector, Temana had only a hand-written note on flimsiplast that connected him to his parents. It merely stated, “His name is Temana Huna, and we can’t properly take care of him. Please help us by helping him.” That was it. Luckily, some old widow found him and helped to raise him. When he was 10, the old widow died, leaving Temana to roam the shipyard to survive on his own. After a decade of self-reliance, he now wants to venture out from the only home he’s known to explore what he has heard all the spacers talking about. Ship Registration Name: N/A Class: N/A Model: N/A Manufacturer: N/A Length: N/A Armaments: N/A Armor: N/A Anti-Personnel Defenses: N/A Modifications: N/A Appearance: He’s a twenty-year-old, scruffly-looking, moof-milker.
  5. "Hello there..." I'm here. Now I just have to figure it all out.
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