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  1. Whirling about, the Duros and his staff were one, just as they were one with the force; but just as Svata and Tobias entered the training yard, he began to slow. Whirling the stick above his head, he flipped over it once more launching himself into the air. With a soft landing that barely disturbed the dust he landed a few feet from the new arrivals. “Jedi Vos, Apprentice Svata. Greetings. I trust everything went well for each of you on your perspective journeys?” “Brother Svata, it appears that we will be lending our skills to the Jedi right away. I believe that your experiences and particular charm will be of great use to us. Do you happen to have a disguise for a space pirate in those pockets of yours?” Looking to Vos, the Duros continued. “Have you come to assist us Master Jedi? Or perhaps we can assist you in your quest?” Keeping his focus on the two, The Sarlacc began to carefully reapply his armor, piece by piece.
  2. The armored Duros set his fork on his plate and templed his fingers at chin level as he listened to Adenna. Nodding slowly, he spoke, “Then let the bonds that were severed in blood be bound once again by blood. The blood of our enemies. I will look forward to rendezvousing with you in the future to more formally cement our renewed bonds.” Standing, The Sarlacc briefly nodded to Adenna before turning as he and The Mantis exited the room. The Sarlacc paused briefly as he passed Tobias. “Master Vos, I look forward to seeing your exploits firsthand.” Back at their ship, The Duros turned to his companion, “Go see if you can find the Jedi healer you have bound yourself to. I can feel that she may need you.” Seeing that their cruiser was safely secured and the crew about their regular tasks, the Duros made his way to a sentry to enquire as to a training yard. He did not want to interrupt his apprentice and had every confidence the elder Jensaarai would come through. Even before the Ryn had joined their order, he was a proven survivor. A brief escort later, and the armored Jensaarai found himself in a well worn dirt packed open air yard, a practice facility of sorts, no doubt. While his escort positioned itself outside the doors in hopes the visiting Jensaarai would not wander off, The Sarlacc slowly walked to the far side of the worn field. There he ritualistically removed each piece of his custom built armor and carefully stacked it as he had done more times than he could count, his array of weapons safely nestled beneath the pile save for one, his collapsable aros - staff, cortosis infused to withstand the blow of a saber, the weapon was by far one of the Defender’s preferred means of individual combat. The weight of the weapon helped him focus as well. Picking up the rod, no more than 2 handholds in length, the barefoot Duros strode to the center of the field, his black body glove skin tight against his wiry frame. Stopping in the middle, the man closed his eyes, allowing the force to flow around him its protective sphere shielding him from any watchful eyes. Inhaling deeply, The Duros stepped forward, twirling the rod in his hands so each end ratcheted out, locking in place at it’s designed 6 foot length. With his eyes still closed, he stepped forward the weapon whirling about him in a blur of spinning hands and metal. Step. Step. Turn. Swing. Duck. Step. Twirl. Twist. Step. Swing. Smash. Step. Swing. Step. Step. Leap. Smash. Roll. Twist. Leap. Step. Turn. Step. Turn. Step. Swing. Roll. Turn. Step. A continuous flow of moves that increased in speed and ferocity; each flowed into the next like water down the falls free-falling to the rocks below and smashing in a spray of blurring vapor to coat and conceal all in its path. His body became a whirling blurred vortex as he gave himself over to the force. His mind was lost in the force as he followed the meditative steps of the combat drill. Each step, turn, twist, and swing was ingrained in the fibers of his very being. The Sarlacc was the master of his body and his body was a vessel of the force’s will. He channeled it and from his body it flowed. The force twisted and arced with energy as it warped and blurred about his body, whipping up the still blades of grass and bits of dirt in its vortex. Where did the Duros end? Where did the force begin? This was The Sarlacc.
  3. “Oh of course.” The Jensaarai quickly agreed. “The Sith and those who supply them are the only ones who need relieved. Anything else caught in our snare that does not constitute a threat will be quickly released.” The Duros turned to offer a nod of greeting to the newly arrived Jedi before turning back to Adenna. “Am I right to assume that a time and place for such an endeavor has already been designated? No sense just parking and waiting I suppose.” The Jensaarai tried to choose his words carefully, unsure what all the new arrival had heard or was privy to.
  4. Taking his weapon back to his beltline, The Sarlacc responded cheerfully, “One of the differences between our two peoples is that the Jensaarai, in an effort to move about unseen and undetected, utilize a variety of weapons beyond the traditional lightsaber.” Scraping the last of the food that was on his plate together onto his fork and eating it, the Jensaarai listened, nodding. “Perhaps,” he chuckled, “We may be of assistance yet. It would be sad to tarnish the Jedi name with claims of piracy. We have ships as well. Allow Apprentice Svata and I to harry enemy shipping. No sense drawing more ire if rogue and rapscallions can be blamed. Defender Mantis, however, if you will allow it, was insistent on his quest, even to the Saarai-Kaar. He feels that he owes a life bond to the healer of the Jedi that saved his life.”
  5. The two Jensaarai traded silent glances with one another. The Mantis tucked into his food and The Sarlacc carefully chewed, allowing the silence between them to settle for a minute before pressing onwards. “One cannot change the past. It is why we can derive so much knowledge from the past, so long as it is kept true. What is important is that we move forward from where we stand in the moment. Though there may be some of our order who view your Jedi with suspicion yet, just as I am aware some of your followers will be less than thrilled with our existence; our order, like yours, is committed to the cause of the light: peace. I apologize that we cannot bring any trinket to formally memorialize this event. The Jensaarai are a simple people. Perhaps, in time, we can exchange teachings of our respected ways and unique abilities granted us by the force; but for now,” he paused, drumming his fingers on the table as he pondered for a moment, “I suppose we can hope that this will do.” Reaching to his hip, The Sarlacc drew his lightsaber hilt and extended it across the table towards Adenna, the emitter facing the length of the table. “I hope that this can symbolize our level of commitment to the cause.” The Sarlacc had constructed his purple-bladed weapons many years before and he knew the importance of such a weapon to the Jedi. He hoped that the weightiness of the object would impart the seriousness of their endeavor.
  6. The scrape of a chair broke the moment of silence that proceeded the Grandmaster’s shift and query. With a quick wave of his free hand, The Sarlacc stopped the now standing Mantis where he stood; having stood to take offense to such an accusation. Setting his fork down on his plate, the Duro warrior’s unblinking gaze met that of the Grandmaster and a soft chuckle rolled from lipless mouth, “A fitting question in times of war I suppose. Especially of one whose peoples have crossed blades before. If you will recall the histories however,” he continued leaning back in his seat and hooking a gangly arm around the corner of the back in clear signs of non-aggression. “it was yours who sought out our people with the intent of destroying them. Not the other way around. Jensaarai do not fear the darkness; nor do we embrace it and cultivate it’s destructive fruit in some fool’s rush for power. To do so is to only give into weakness. Isn’t that what the dark side preys upon, weakness? We seek the truth Grandmaster. Though formed in the darkness, we have risen with the light of daybreak. We have come at the direction of our master and intend no harm to any who seek the path to true peace.” Slowly, Defender Mantis lowered himself back into his seat, turning his attention back to the food before him and ignoring any would be wayward glances from those who were less than comfortable with his ancient Sith-inspired garb. Picking up his fork again, The Sarlacc continued, “Tell me, Grandmaster, what is it that the Jedi seek?”
  7. The Duros’ eyebrows could not help but raise in curiosity, his green-skinned forehead wrinkling. The woman’s words seemed to hint at something. He knew enough of the schism to realize that old feelings still festered and calmly shook his head, allowing the warrior to leave without response. Turning his attention back to Adenna, The Sarlacc inclined his head as he listened, scooping up a serving of an interesting seemingly bean-based dish onto his plate. “The Jensaarai and the Jedi. Once we stood at odds, but that was long ago. The force and time are the greatest of healers.” he offered in response to the odd exchange, or lack thereof. “But on to business at hand,” he continued, stirring the food on his plate. “We are a much smaller order than even the Jedi or the Knights of the Remnant. In truth, we would like nothing more than to be left to our own to live peacefully amongst our homes. But, like you said, the situation is dire and honor demands that we stand and lend aid. Defender Mantis here was saved by one of your healers after the fracas on Coruscant. It is with the Saarai-Kaar’s blessing that he has come to ensure that the work of your healers is uninterrupted on the front lines of war where their powers are needed most. I could sing of his praises as a warrior and his abilities to move about unnoticed if that would put your healers at ease; but trust me when I say he is a wraith to only be seen when the situation demands.” ”I and Apprentice Svata, on the other hand, have come to serve as a liaison at the bidding of our master. The Sith are a force that can only be stopped by combining all of our skills and abilities. We have some ships and men, but we do not bring with us a standing army; instead we bring with us the skills that have kept us alive since your predecessors and ours. Skills in standing against wayward force wielders and moving about unseen amongst enemy and friend.” Pausing, the Duros raised a forkful of food to his mouth, pausing to allow Adenna time to respond.
  8. The delegation of Jensaarai turned to begin following the Jedi Knight. The Sarlacc paused momentarily to turn and speak to Svata. “Please see that our ship is secure. Then begin looking around. I have no doubt that Knight Kel would be able to help you find your materials. Maybe you can gain some level of understanding of how the rebels seem to operate. I suspect your attire will be more naturally accepted than my armor right now and it would not hurt to keep practicing burying your presence.” Squeezing the elder apprentice’s shoulder, The Sarlacc turned and fell in step with the others a calm silence emanating from the armored monks. __________________ Upon reaching the reception/feasting hall, the Duros brown wrinkled with pleasure as he nodded taking in the sights and smells. “Surely this is not all for us.” he mused aloud. “Please invite your soldiers, warriors and fellow followers of the light to join us as they are able. Today is a grand day to be shared and celebrated in future years.” Nodding in respect as Kel Koon introduced the Grandmaster of the order, the Duros and armored Corellian turned. In truth, they had known who she was long before their arrival, but pleasantries needed to be adhered to in such a time as this. Once their friendship was solidified would be a more proper time for the Jensaarai to showcase their abilities in finding knowledge by unorthodox means. “Grandmaster,” he coo’d happily, “It is an honor to meet you. Your exploits are spoken of far and wide across the galaxy. I,” he reached up to touch his chest with two fingers, “am Jensaarai Defender Sarlacc and this is my brother, Defender Mantis.” The armored and cloaked being known as The Mantis finally reached up to push his white cloak away from his armored head and removed his helmet, revealing a bald middle-aged Corellian, stress-lines deeply accentuated across his clean-shaven face. “It is an honor to see you again Grandmaster,” he growled emotionlessly. “We have much to discuss. Knights, Jedi, and Jensaarai, for too long have we served the force separately. Let us dine as equals and speak of the futures hidden within the force.” The tall and lanky Duros set his helmet at an open place along one of the tables before sitting beside it; the shorter Corellian taking another a short distance away, but enough to allow others to settle between them comfortably if they so desired. “The leader of our order, the Saarai-Kaar, sends greetings and wishes for us to assist the Jedi and Rebellion in returning peace and justice to the galaxy.”
  9. Beneath his razor edged helmet, The Duros’ forehead wrinkled in amusement. This new apprentice was wise beyond his years and trying so hard. He would become ab excellent member of their society if given the proper guidance. Staring down at the Jedi awaiting them, the Jensaarai Defender was pleased; even if that sentiment did not go beyond the swirling vagueness in the force that he projected. With well placed footsteps the duo of armored moved in unison down the ramp, only stopping when they drew even with Svata. The Sarlacc placed an armored hand on the man’s hunched shoulders and gently pulled back until the man’s head rose. ‘The Jensaarai are servants, but bend the knee to none.’ He did not say the words aloud, but hoped that the firm gentle guiding of his hand conveyed it. It was then that he felt the rush of fiery power that emanated from the second arrival coming to meet them. Turning to regard the Jedi and Imperial Knight before them, the Jensaarai warrior reached up to remove his helmet with a faint hiss. Pulling it oFf his head and cradling it beneath his arm, the green skinned Duros looked at the two representatives of the force. “Greetings people of light. We come bearing peace. We are the Jensaarai, seekers of the truth. I am Defender Sarlacc and my comrade,” he turned to gesture to the second armored being who had not removed his helmet, shrouded in white robes draped over his armor, “Defender Mantis. This” he placed his hand on Svata’s shoulder, “is a trusted apprentice of our order, Svata. We are pledged as brothers to one another and to the cause of peace and justice. Only together might we hope to stand against the growing darkness. We are here to help.” The Duros raised his fist to his chest, rapping it lightly against his armor in return to Kyrie’s gesture. Both The Sarlacc and The Mantis presented a whirling vagueness in the force, a skill that had been practiced for years to mask them to outsiders seeking to expose them. It was something that came as a second nature to them at this point. It was not an assault though, more simply it was a state of being. “Perhaps there is a more formal place to discuss and solidify our offer of solidarity, a place where we might meet more of your Knights and Jedi that we may kindle the bonds of friendship?” The Mantis spoke his voice barely louder than a whisper. He was a man of action and words were used only when combat could not speak for him.
  10. The Sarlacc felt the force as it shifted and morphed in the room. The air shimmered with the manipulations and for a moment, Svata’s presence in the galaxy vanished. Then he dropped back into existence. Reaching out to rest his hand on Svata’s shoulder, The Sarlacc spoke, “Well done my friend. The force is much larger than any one of us. Harnessing its power requires a mastery that we are still seeking to learn.” _________________________ Back on the bridge, the comms pinged indicating that the rebels had seen them. Keying the comm, Knight Kel Koon’s message played across the bridge. As fitting for a stealth ship, dedicated to preserving all manner of being undetectable, the Defender known as The Mantis pressed a button. Across the ship, a blue light flashed a steady pulsing signal. To those in the know it meant one of two things, prepare to board or be boarded. “Begin landing,” the relatively silent Defender instructed in a soft but firm tone that carried with authority across the bridge. Slowly, as if trying to avoid detection, the ship began to accelerate towards the planet and the landing bays of the rebellion HQ. __________________________ “Ah. It would seem that either the rebels are less than thrilled to see us or it is time to prepare to meet our new allies.” Removing his hand from the shorter Jensaarai’s shoulder, The Sarlacc gestured towards the door. “Let us go and prepare ourselves for this important meeting. Just be mindful of the force and what it whispers.” __________________________ Eventually the compact cruiser began to descend towards their designated landing zone. As the dust settled, the smooth, unadultered spherical hull opened up. A short ramp descended and there, in the entryway stood the representatives of the Jensaarai, adorned in their freshly polished armor and regalia.
  11. “Fear is a natural emotion my friend. The Sith embrace it. The Jedi deny it. Ours is to recognize it and control it. Emotions are not evil, they just need to be controlled. Feel it and put it in it’s place.” The Sarlacc said turning from surveilling the stores to look at the Ryn. “Jensaarai fight with all manner of weapons. If you think that weapon will serve you best, then see that it is done. Before you begin your lightsaber though, perhaps it is time you learn the way in which we bury our presence from those who wish is harm.” Closing his eyes, the Duros’ fists loosely balled as he raised them from his sides at his elbows, exhaling. “Reach out. Feel the force around you. It touches everything, you, the floor, the walls, me, everything.” Opening his eyes, The Sarlacc smiled, gesturing for Svata to try. He hoped that some of the Jensaarai’s initial training had covered the simplest aspects of the force. “Do you feel it? Feel how it extends beyond what we can see. You can feel the world beyond. In turn, it can feel you too. We are one with the force. Feel how it touches every part of you and connects you to the world. Grasp that. Deny it. Do not allow it to flow unchecked. You are connected to the force; but do not allow it to show you to the world outside. Draw it back to yourself in a continuous loop. You are the master. Focus first on your own body, once you have mastered that, we can begin expanding to deny the world around you.” Smiling at Svata, The Sarlacc began to project an aura about him, cutting his visible force presence off from the force. He looked no different. Outside of his body though, it was if he was gone; the waves of the force seeming to flow as if there was nothing there for them to touch or be obstructed by.
  12. The tall and lanky armored Duros did not smile to show his amusement at the elder Dragoste’s question. In fact, some wondered if the people of Duro even possessed the ability to smile. Instead, the green skinned alien cocked a hairless eyebrow as he tolted his earhole towards the Ryn. The question was a fair one, if not expected from someone who was not yet fully immersed in the ways of the Jensaarai. Shooting a glance at the comm, The Sarlacc nodded towards the other armored being on the bridge, The Mantis. It was not something that needed words to be communicated. All Jensaarai Defenders were expected on some level to help train new initiates; some, however, followed a more Jedi-like approach in their methods and took a newfound seeker under their wing. Such was the case with the elder Dragoste and The Sarlacc. With his helm tucked under one arm, nestled against the collapsed staff and lightsaber dangling there, the Duros gestures for the shorter being to follow him. Once away from the listening ears of the bridge, The Sarlacc spoke, his tone that of a friend. “I see you have been keeping up with your studies my friend,” he smiled noting the Ryn’s subtle notation of the Jedi-Jensaarai histories. “There are truths that can be learned here amongst these peoples; truths that would remain hidden. One truth stands out however; we cannot stand idly by while the powers of darkness run unchecked across the galaxy. If we did, what sort of Jensaarai would we be?” Rounding a corner, the duo stopped in front of a viewscreen built into the wall. With a fee quick finger-strokes the digital view of the outside world disappeared, replaced by a scene of a stream winding through a mossy forest floor, splattering against rocks and winding from one side of the screen to the other. “If the Jedi fall, then too will the Knights and their Empire,“ he continued, digitally sliding stones from the shores into the river and narrowing the stream to a single rushing surge “then countless other rebellions, until finally the galaxy is left to stagnate in injustice and fear. In that moment, we will not be able to hold back the tide of darkness.” Digitally picking up a final stone, the Duros placed it in the stream, blocking the flow of the water as it began to pool. Walking onwards in silence for a few moments, he continued, “Ours is not to police the morals of our possible allies in the fight against the darkness. Remember the basics of the Jensaarai ways. Seek the truth, even when others are content in the lies they have chosen. Maintain peace even when all around you peace cannot be found. Enable justice in whatever form can be found to be most pure. The Saarai-Kaar sent us here for a reason. Who knows, maybe if we keep our eyes open, we just might find it.” His voice rose playfully at the end, clearly trying to keep light a subject that could easily have turned into a lecture. Something he did not want. In truth, he too had questions about their task; but in the end, there was always a reason and he trusted that it would be revealed in time if needed. As they continued to walk, The Sarlacc wanted to leave time for any questions that might arise, but he felt compelled to add, “I know you do not have a lightsaber yet. The Jedi put much emphasis on their weapon. It might be worthwhile, depending on how things go, to see if you can find any materials to begin construction on your own. Do not, however, borrow anything of value to the Jedi without permission. We are outsiders here. It would do us both well to not return to the Saarai-Kaar facing accusations from those we were sent to help.” ”Oh and you needn’t call me master. That is a Jedi and Sith thing. We are both Jensaarai, and right now we are walking the same path seeking the truth, just a few steps apart on the trail. If you must call me something, I am Defender Sarlacc, or The Sarlacc. That is what the force saw fit to call me.” Finding what probably was a weapons locker, The Sarlacc gestures inside. “We are joining a war. It would be prudent to ensure you are regaled for it appropriately.“
  13. The thrill of hyperspace faded quickly with stars resettling themselves and the glowing jeweled marble of Nar Shaddaa came into view in the distance. Even from here, the hustle and bustle of the planet was discernible. Standing aboard the bridge of the oddly shaped EE-104 fisheye, Asha’ajak, two Jensaarai warriors stood in silence, taking it all in. The first, a tall skinny being adorned in armor covered with seemingly decorative rings spoke, his voice soft and observing. “There it is brother. Take it in. From here on we are tasking ourselves to something bigger than our own. Through it, we will protect the people of Raka Nwul. With them, we will stop the forces of evil. Are you sure you are up for it?” A soft chuckle emanated from the second shorter being, his grayed metallic armor covered with a white robe, “Yes. I owe it to the Jedi and to the force.” “Very well. Captain, please disable the replicating armor. I am sure they will be scanning us soon enough. We might as well avoid starting off on the wrong foot.” With a few taps of the control screen And a thumbs up the environmental replicating armor plating faded to a dull durasteel gray. “Greetings brothers and sisters in the fight for freedom. This is the Jensaarai stealth cruiser Asha’ajak. We are requesting permission to land and discuss the ongoing hostilities presented by the growing Empire of the Sith. We also desire to speak with a member of the Jedi, to offer our aid in their pursuit of peace. Transmitting ship identification codes will commence immediately” The Jensaarai known as The Sarlacc spoke into the comms before turning to surveil the crew of their ship with a smile. “All there is now is to wait and hope they decide to not blow us out of the sky. Let’s prepare for landing anyway.”
  14. Sarlacci Soldiers: A ragtag group of operatives that The Sarlacc created during his time serving the Jensaarai abroad. These men are not necessarily Jensaarai themselves, although they are sympathetic to the Jensaarai way of life: the pursuit of peace and justice in the galaxy. Most of these men are rough-around-the-edges spacers, slicers, and hunters who were down on their luck when they were given a second chance by The Sarlacc. Now this squad of men work alongside The Sarlacc on operations for the betterment of the galaxy where the rule of law can create grayness. They have charges into combat together. They have infiltrated enemy strongholds. They have liberated slaves and liquidated stolen assets. Nothing is off limits for these dark-tinged good doers. Equipment and Armor: Armed with a variety of high calibre weaponry, explosives, and sophisticated computer equipment, the Sarlacci Soldiers are well versed in gaining access to the inaccessible. Sometimes silently, other times they gain access quite audibly. The Sarlacci Soldiers do not wear a traditional uniform. They regale themselves in whatever armor and gear they individually prefer. Aside from a love for muted tones, noise dampening boots, and infrared goggles, each warrior is a unique being unto himself. Specialties: Hacking, liberating, theft, and anti-establishmentarianism to sow discord amongst the enemy, free the enslaved, and lift up the downtrodden. Mod note: these NPCs belong to the Rebel Alliance
  15. Ship / Fleet FALLING SHADOWS FLEET Asha’ajak Covert Strike Force: Silent Hunters 1 stealth corvette Experience: Green 1XP Composition: EE-104 Fisheye Asha’ajak [9/9] -constructed: Mechis Tours of Duty: None as currently commanded. Description: The Asha’ajak is a ship commissioned by the Jensaarai through several shell corporations from the foundries of Mechis IV. The spherical ship has no outward projections, windows or ports. In fact the ship-based weaponry is contained behind retractable doors beneath the environmental mimicking armored plates. By the time the ship fell into Jensaarai possession any trace of their involvement had been scrubbed clean. ______________________________ Valkyrie Battleline Escort: Tradition of Excellence 1 capital ship Experience: Green 1XP Composition: Lictor-class Dungeon Ship: Valkyrie [20/20] constructed: Mandalore Tours of Duty: None under current command. Description: The Valkyrie, formerly christened The Mandalore’s Gullet, was purchased on the black market by the Jensaarai so that they could better assist in reestablishing peace in the galaxy. The ship can serve as a mobile basr of operations and command center for planetary operations and as a vault-like repository of relative security for high end prisoners and cargo. ______________________________ BloodSteele* *to be assigned upon the conclusion of the Battle of Kuat Medical / Engineering Fleet 6 frigates Experience: Veteran 2XP Composition: EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate: Merciful Touch |3/3| EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate: Raven’s Touch |3/3| -constructed: Nar Shaddaa Zebulon-B Frigate: Mecha Metal |3/3| -constructed: Nar Shaddaa Nargi-class Pursuit Frigate Watchman |3/3| -constructed: Hesperidium Corellian Rescue Frigate: Majesty |3/3| Corellian Rescue Frigate: Majestic |3/3| -constructed: Anaxes Frontiers Spaceworks Tours of Duty: The Raid on Kuat Description: Bloodesteele is a medical, engineering and support fleet composed of newly constructed hospital, repair, and rescue frigates. Each ship is painted in stunning white and bear the intergalactic symbol of peace a large red cross. ______________________________ Tiberius Interdiction Cadre: Interdiction Field Interdiction Cruiser with support Experience: Veteran (1xp) Composition: SFS Immobilizer 418-class Heavy Cruiser: Tiberius |9/9| Constructed: Kuat CC-7700 Frigate: Antonius |3/3| CC-7700 Frigate: Germanus |3/3| CC-7700 Frigate: Septimus |3/3| Constructed: Corellia Tours of Duty: N/A Description: The Tiberius is a long standing vessel that has served the Empire and now the Imperial Remnant and Rebel Alliance with distinction. More recently, it has been assigned to the Imperial War College at Anaxes, and is crewed by instructors and top-of-the-line students towards the end of their time there, but is called up for duty when it’s special skills are needed. the remaining CC-7700s have also served with distinction and provide and interdicting accompaniment to many Imperial task forces.
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