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  1. “If you can contain killer dezires, zen ve may have use for you both, if you vill follow me.” At the admiral’s words and pointing, Ruin nodded slowly, getting a few more pieces of dried blood to come off his neck. Fera buzzed a few words of agreement, and then beeped a statement to the soldiers nearby that Ruin was grabbing his gun before leaving. “Please do not take this as a sign of aggression. Ruin is simply grabbing his necessary tools.” As the two passed by the human, Ruin couldn’t help but stop and give the being a look over. “You a Jedi? Jedi good. You are good. Good weapons“ After a bit of moving around, Fera the Buzzdroid crawled onto Ruin’s left shoulder to face the Jedi. As it talked its binary bleepings and buzzings, it seemed to attempt some kind of bow and then pointed towards the Jedi’s belt. “Greetings Human. Designation B5-87, Codename RUIN, indicates that you are one of the Jedi, judging by your weapon of choice. He extends his appreciation for you in this place.” With that, Ruin nodded to the Jedi and moved on, following the Admiral. The soldiers who were nearby still kept their guns trained on the two droids, a fact that did not escape Fera. “If we wish to secure the trust of the Imperials and their allies, I recommend we follow several of their orders to the best of our ability. It would be a shame to lose you when you are so close to achieving true independence and sentience.” “Guns and Guts. Guns and Guts. Got a mission. Fulfill mission. Kill Sith.” Ruin commented, readjusting the flechette launcher onto its back. Fera crawled to the larger droid’s backside and activated the magnetic holders, securing the gun into place. “Indeed, but as the Jedi who helped program you during the Clone Wars would point out, Innocents cannot be harmed by any means.” “Good guys live. Sith die. Sith Supporters detain?” Fera nodded and buzzed in pleasure, indicating a sense of accomplishment for Ruin. When the admiral explained the plan, with the emphasizes on not making it a bloodbath, Ruin almost began to act giddy. His nodding at the words turned into the ever so slightly jumping of the droid’s heels. Even without any facial cues, Ruin was communicating his excitement. “Lots of Guns. Make good time.” Fera spoke afterwards. “We understand our assignment sir. We are ready whenever you are.”
  2. “Imperial law extends to even hyperlane Ef-five-eighteen-vone and ze slaying of non-military target is violation. Zere are many who need put down like dog, but not indiscriminately.” At the Admiral’s words, the small buzz droid looked at the being intently, then beeped a few words. “One moment.” After a brief pause, the Buzz droid nodded its entire body. “Information logged into my systems. If you wish, you can give us a copy of the latest imperial law concerning space ways and wartime actions. We were under the impression that Imperial law had failed due to the fact that it appears the Sith control major sections of the galaxy, including the inner and outer Rims. Much of the data we have acquired may be out of date or faulty due to the information loss after the fall of Hesperium.” “So much guts there. Did what was needed. No hesitation. Just moved. Move or die. Move or die. Hunt them down. Hunt them all down.” Ruin commented. What he meant by these words, Fera did not seem inclined to translate. “Outer Haven, vhy go zhere. Is it not den of criminalz? Not Sith military base or operation.” This time, it was Ruin who spoke first, stoic and still as ever. “Helpers be there. They help Sith. They be bad if they help Sith. Active helpers of the Sith die. Guns and Guts, Guts and Guns. Find Sith. Kill Sith. Innocents live. Sith die.” Fera took a moment scanning Ruin over, crawled behind the combat droid’s head to get to the other shoulder, then nodded and turned it’s eyes towards the admiral. “What Ruin is saying is that while no official base may be there, there is evidence of active Sith sympathizers. Per Ruin’s programming, active Sith sympathizers must be eliminated. No one else gets hurt unless they actively seek Ruin’s dismantlement. What he does is very precise, if messy by your standards. This is a standard self-preservation protocol for the B5-Terror Droid model during the Clone Wars.” Ruin slowly raised his right arm and then, with a sudden flick, pointed at the admiral. A few pieces of dried blood flew off the finger, scattering about. “Bad guys and innocents be there. You help me. You point. I kill. You save. I fulfill program. I get guts and guns. You get people and people.” “It appears that Ruin is desiring your assistance.” The buzz droid chirped, bringing its own claws together as if it was trying to stroke an imaginary chin. “If you send some form of assistance, you can help track down where the armament came from, and help weed out Sith sympathizers from any innocent civilians. Considering there could be a variety of criminal elements there who will no doubt shoot and ask questions later, I believe this is a beneficial course of action.”
  3. In the time before the admiral arrived, silence hung in the ship as the guards kept their guns trained on Ruin. The droid, still covered in blood and guts, simply looked between the two guards and stayed still. The guards did the same, albeit their bodies remained tenser then a stretch rope. Only the Buzz droid moved, its gripping arms rubbing against each other in an idle action. Then the admiral arrived. Where Ruin was dirty and bloodied, the admiral was clean and pressed. Where the droid was informal and alone, the admiral was ornate and surrounded by soldiers. An odd pair to say the least. Ruin didn’t say anything at the admiral's words. Instead, it was the Buzz droid who spoke in binary. In case the Admiral didn’t speak binary, one of the guards who had been keeping an eye on the droid did and translated when needed. “Designation Admiral Kolchak. This semi-independent droid is designation B5-87, codename: RUIN. Manufacture date, 20 BBY, MECHIS III. Reactivation date: 19 days after the fall of Hesperium. My designation is F5-18-1. Codename: FERA. Manufacture date 19 BBY, GEONOSIS. I am a fully independent droid aiding RUIN in his primary and secondary directives. Primary Directive: Eliminate all active Sith Forces. Secondary Directive: Eliminate Active Sith Sympathizer Forces.” “Kill them all” Ruin suddenly voiced, his vocabulator coming to life for the first time on this planet. His speech was low and slow. “Gotta rip their guts. Make them atone. Guns and guts…” Fera seemed to give Ruin a quick scan over and shook its body in a nodding motion. “Indeed. Designation Ruin’s programming does not include capture nor incarceration. He was following his programming. As the combat was done in hyperspace, neither Mon Cal’s planetary law nor Corescant’s have jurisdiction on these actions. However, efforts will be made in the future to accomplish your desire for live witnesses when possible.” The Buzz droid jumped to the ground and crawled over to the admiral’s feet. The guns trained on Ruin instantly moved to target the Buzz droid, who paused momentarily. In one of its gripping arms held a small metal stick. “This data stick will have all the information downloaded from the Captain’s logs and the ship’s. You will find in it that the being with the designation of Captain Jonas Leer had just retrieved packages numbered 45833-45860 , which contain amounts of explosives of toxins. The ship had arrived on Coruscant. We boarded the ship there and executed the Sith Forces on the journey to here, expecting to find more Sith forces before understanding the ship’s destination.” Ruin spoke up again, demanding the attention from the guards. “Guns and Guts. Need Guns and Guts. Submit then kill. Kill them all. Gotta kill them all.” Fera dropped the data stick then crawled back onto Ruin’s shoulder. “Indeed. Admiral, this ship’s origin point is designated as Outer Haven. Our battle is not with you. Any information you could provide would be appreciated. After we submit to your scans and answer any further questions, we request permission to utilize this ship to return to Outer Haven to root out any Sith Forces.”
  4. 2 days ago, in Hyperspace. “Seal up the section now! Don’t let that thing out of there!” the Captain shouted into the communicator as he slammed his own door shut with a resounding clang. Locks whirred into place, and the force field came on. The cockpit was completely sealed, and with exception of the automatic droid flying the ship, the captain was alone. “Sir! It got out of the storage bay! Its making its way up the decks!” a voice came in on the other end. Not that the captain needed the information. He could hear the laser blasts from his own men, as well as the violent bursts coming from the thing’s weapon. He could hear the metal tearing through metal as the loud thumps of the thing’s footsteps ran and barreled through the hallways. “By the Spider, where did this thing come from?!?” The captain cursed. This was not an ordinary situation. Occasionally he would have to deal with a stowaway, or maybe even a spy droid trying to trace his activity, but this...this was different. An explosion rocked the ship and some screams pierced his communicator. His men had tried to use grenades on the target, only for it to backfire in some way. More noises of the thing’s gun pierced the air. Then there was silence. Followed by footsteps. The captain sweated profusely as he listened. He backed towards the ship’s controls and reached behind the wheel to pull out a hidden pistol. With a quick click, the disruptor was armed. “There’s no way that thing can get in here.” The captain reassured himself. Still, he pointed the pistol at the singular door. The footsteps got louder, getting closer and closer to the doorway. Then it stopped. Silence for a few moments overtook the room. It was almost deafening to the captain. “You are an impressive piece of work!” The captain shouted. “Maybe we could...talk something out?” Silence greeted the captain. He raised a cybernetic hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead. It seemed the thing was stuck at the doorway. “It’s not like you have much of a choice after all…” the captain continued, hoping to talk some sense into the thing. “You got onto my ship illegally...and shot my men. This ship is headed for Mon Cal, and I doubt the authorities will look kindly to a murderer like yourself.. So how about we talk this out… get some kind of deal underway. Silence still greeted the Captain. He raised an eyebrow. Was the thing still out there? Was it capable of being silent, and had it walked away? A whirring grinding noise came from the doorway. The captain’s eyes widened as he realized the locks were disarming. “What?!? No!” A noise behind him caught his attention. On the control panel, in front of the now crushed droid from the air vent above, was a mess of gears and metal rods shaped into the form of something arachnoid. The captain opened fire. The Buzz droid bleeped and jumped out of the way in time and began crawling rapidly between the seats and control panels, becoming a blur of a nuisance. Even still, the captain continued firing, disintegrating parts of the ship with each shot. Then the door crashed open. Today, Mon Cal The guards who were inspecting the ship nearly puked a bit at the mess. Laser blasts and dead bodies were normal. But torn up bodies by both metal shredding and more blunt force were something different. The count was eight so far. “Sir, we have movement going on in the cockpit. Door appears unlocked.” One Mon Calamari motioned to his superior, a gruff human. A nod was given and the door was open. Standing in the room, turning towards the guards, was a humanoid figure. Easily six feet tall, it was apparent it was either a droid or heavily cybernetic, given its entire body was made of metal. The gun it carried was resting against the wall, out of reach. The blood stains over its body identified it as the cause of death for the members of the ship. “Freeze! Hands up now!” The guards ordered, raising their guns at the figure. Ruin did so, holding up the body of the ship’s captain, neck completely snapped in a 180 degree turn. A glint of metal on the corpse’s chest caught the guards attention. “Sir is that…?” one of the guards asked, recognising the insignia of the Sith Empire Pendant. The other guard didn’t get a chance to respond. Words over his communicator revealed that the other guards had found explosives and toxic chemicals hidden in the cargo containers. It was obvious what this was. A Sith saboteur, seeking a way to poison Mon Cal again and wrest control of the watery planet from the rebellion. The head security officer bit his lip, gun still trained on the droid. “Identify yourself, droid. What happened here?” Ruin tilted his head towards the commander, and dropped the body with a splatter. A repeating of bleeping and alarms came from near the droid. It was only after the Buzz droid climbed over and rested on Ruin’s left shoulder did the guard understand the source of beepings. He sighed and spoke into his communicator. “Get me in contact with...er… the Admiral Nokolai… He is going to want to deal with this himself. We will keep the droids secure until he decides what happens to them.” A voice on the other end obeyed. The captain ordered his men to keep their weapons trained on the larger droid and to wait until further instructions. It’s buzz droid had said that it and its companion had accomplished its mission and now awaited further information. Whatever that information was, he had no idea. Maybe the Admiral would know something. “And someone get me a cleaning crew ready on hand. Lot of blood to clean up and explosives to secure…”
  5. Identity Real Name: B-5 87 A.K.A: Ruin Homeworld: Mechis III Species: Droid (B5-Terror Droid Chassis) Physical Description Age:90 Height: 6’0 Weight: 900 lbs Hair:None Eyes:Black Sex: Masculine Equipment Clothing or Armor: Duraplast Alloy Weapon: Flachette Launcher, Blaster Pistol, Vibro-Blade (Attached to wrist) Common Inventory: Customized Buzz Droid Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Alignment: Chaotic Good Current Faction Affiliation:N/A Current Faction Rank: None History Force Side: N/a Trained by: N/a Trained who: N/a Known Skills: Interrogation Techniques Hand to Hand Combat Close Range/Mid Range Combat Tracking Vehicle Operation Background: Originally built on Mechis III during the clone wars, Ruin was like every other Terror droid: designed, built and programmed for combat. However during a clone attack, Ruin was rendered inoperable by a Jedi. This Jedi saw the potential of these Terror Droids and took Ruin back with her to the Jedi temple to study, rebuild and reprogram the droid. What she made was Ruin, who now instead of fighting the Republic, was now programmed to fight the Confederacy and, specifically, the Sith. However, Ruin was never reactivated. The rest of the Jedi disapproved of Ruin and before his new creator could turn him on, Order 66 was initiated. During the years that followed, Ruin was stored in storage underneath the Temple waiting to be activated again. When Coruscant was attacked during the fall of its moon and the Jedi Temple was destroyed, scavengers came to loot the place. One scavenger unknowingly carried a Buzz droid that had achieved independence and at one point became a citizen of Proem. Now a free droid, this Buzz droid, named Fera was looking for other free droids who needed help. Fera was the one who rediscovered Ruin and because of his desire to set free all droids, reactivated Ruin. Now awake, Ruin found the temple destroyed and the Sith more powerful than ever. He killed the scavenger who brought Fera, but left Fera alive. Fera explained his own mission and seeing that Ruin could potentially free himself, decided to stay by his side. Now the two are on a mission to clear out the temple and find a way to eliminate any Sith they can find.
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