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    The turbolasers, mounted into the side of a cliff-face, posed a natural issue to any kind of enemy. A half-full garrison would have been enough to protect the lasers from a ground assault of a well armed squad of clones. Whether Ruin understood that or not was irregardless of the situation however. If it was armed to the teeth, the Terror droid would’ve continued his charge. However, when the trio of droids began to open fire on Ruin, he had to adjust. “Lasers and lancers” Ruin declared as he stopped in his tracks and dove for cover. “Stupid sith! Gotta kill them all! The terror Droid rolled behind a rather large boulder. Laser fire repeatedly blasted themselves into the ancient stone and sand around Ruin, hoping to bring death to the droid. “Blasters and bashers!” Ruin cursed. After a moment of adjusting his own programming to suit the situation, Ruin drove his metal digits into the boulder’s edges and heaved it up. Blaster fire continued to beat the boulder, leaving scorch marks, but Ruin was undeterred. Instead of seeking more cover, Ruin kept the boulder between himself and the enemy. “Hahaha!” Ruin started to laugh, picking up speed and momentum. “Dead gods! I kill your gods! Fear and panic!” >Approaching ideal distance< Fera commented. Seeing what was coming, she had crawled to Ruin’s right forearm. In one swift motion, the Terror Droid pulled the boulder back slightly, and shotput the thing at the droids firing. The droid’s themselves adapted, having been updated for this new age of combat. Each one moved to dodge the deadly flying rock projectile. What they had not expected was the small Buzz droid that was thrown immediately afterwards. Fera landed on the closest Sith War droid’s sensors, buzz saw roaring to life. With a quick slash and a quick cut, she had blinded the thing permanently and moved around its neck. The Sith war droid attempted to fight back, trying to find any kind of target to fire upon, spinning around wildly, but Fera only clung and climbed all over the body. Finally the droid stopped suffering when its compatriots fired on it, attempting to shoot the small buzz droid. Fera jumped off as the droid fell over. One target down, she scurried across the ground in a randomized pattern, maximizing the chances of the droids miscalculating where she would be in the next moment as she made her way towards the next target. However, at this close range, even her advanced and evolved AI could not avoid forever, as one of the droid’s lasers exploded next to her, sending her flying backwards into the chassis of the dead war droid. The two living war droids would’ve finished off the small Pistoeka with merciless execution, had they had one second more before Ruin, who had climbed up the cliffside, grabbed one of the droid’s legs and pulled it over the edge. As the one tumbled to its own demise, Ruin pulled himself up and tackled the remaining droid, who was attempting to face Ruin. Grabbing both of the Sith Droid’s blaster arms, Ruin aimed them upwards as they opened fire. The two wrestled for a bit, laser fire striking the walls of the turbolaser battery everywhere, until Ruin managed to place one foot on the droid’s legs to leverage himself. With a swift tug, Ruin ripped the arm off, sparks flying everywhere. “Smash and bash!” Ruin declared as he smacked the droid over and over with his new makeshift club until it too tumbled over the edge. Ruin tossed the arm after the droid and faced the now locked door the droids had exited from. >One moment< Fera beeped. She quickly made her way to the nearest exposed control panel, and moments later, exposed the wirings underneath. Another moment later fusing some of the wires together, she successfully hotwired the doorway to open. “Rip and tear! Burn and blast!” Ruin shouted for all to hear inside. Now rearmed with his flechette launcher, and Fera clinging tightly to his backside, he charged in. >I calculate that your best opportunity to take down the turbolaser is to attack the control center. Calculating most likely route. Warning: 98% chance that you will face heavy opposition the entire way< Ruin laughed. “Let them fight! Let them die!”
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    All at once, the pod shook and swerved violently to the side, as one of the turbolaser shots grazed the pod’s sides, damaging the thrusters. The pod careened violently around, spinning as it went off target despite Fera’s best attempts to reorientate the pod’s direction. >Brace for impact< Fera commented as she clung tightly to Ruin’s backside. Ruin laughed all the more. “Crashings then bashings!” The crash was violent to say the least. Hitting the sands and hard rock of Korriban, the pod skidded for several miles before it eventually came to a stop. Its crash, several miles away from the intended target, drew attention from the locals: Numerous large, drooling Tuk’ata, long separated from the tombs that they guarded, approached the pod. While they sensed no life yet, instinct told them that when things came from the air, they usually held delicacies inside. The first Tuk’ata who had begun sniffing the pod curiously was thrown back as Ruin kicked the Pod’s door off. The other hounds growled and snarled as the droid exited, gun in hand. “Guts and guns!” Ruin declared and then opened fire on the closest dogs. The first three hounds exploded as the flechettes shredded skin and muscle apart. The other hounds, momentarily surprised, managed to charge forward, eager to kill this new foe. It may not have been alive, but it was a challenger to their dominance, and needed to be destroyed. “Click click…” Ruin pumped his weapon before aiming towards the nearest enemy. “Boom!” Another two hounds were instantly shredded apart. However, these hounds were spread apart and another was able to leap forward at the droid. Seeing the leaping menace, Ruin released one hand off the gun and reached up under the beast, grabbing it by the neck. With a swift motion, spun and slammed the beast’s head into the pod’s wall, splattering bones and brains across the metal. “Rip and tear! Guts and guns!” Ruin shouted as he moved from the pod to dodge another incoming beast, while simultaneously pumping his weapon again for another shot. This time the hounds were more clustered together and a single shot would do much more work. Those hounds that would be hit but survive would know better than to face this thing head-on. Still, even as several more dogs fell shredded apart, the leader of the pack remained unafraid. A beast of immense proportions, the alpha’s face dripped with blood as several glancing flechettes already tore parts of it away. Enraged, it let out a howl that shook the soul of any being around. “No pain! No fear!” Ruin roared back in challenge, holstering his weapon. The beast charged and leapt forward. Ruin charged as well and brought a fist upwards into the beast’s throat. The force of the smash sent the beast backwards a bit. However, to Ruin’s shock, the beast reflexed like a feline and landed on its feet before charging again. Surprised, the Terror droid could only bring his arm up to catch the beast’s jaws as it tackled. It snapped and bit at left Ruin’s arm while raking it’s claws across the droid’s chest. The screech of claw on metal filled the air as the dog attempted to find a chink in the droid’s outer shell. Suddenly there was a blur of metal over the hounds face. Fera, ignored in the battle due to her small size and inaction, had leapt and crawled over the beast’s face. Buzzing and chirping her own war cry, Fera activated her saw and plasma torch, going for the tender and exposed eyes. Surprised and blinded, the alpha let up its attack to paw and swipe at the new foe. Seeing the attack, Fera leapt off and crawled around in the sand, looking for another opportunity to strike. Seizing the opportunity, Ruin shoved the Tuk’ata off to the side, rolling it over and over. Blinded and dazed, the alpha struggled to get up and face its enemy. Ruin wasted no time and kicked the thing over before placing a metal foot on its side, pinning it down. With both hands, Ruin grabbed the hound’s head and pulled. Blood splattered out as head and spinal cord came ripping out. “Guts and guns!” Ruin declared as he held the trophy up for the other hounds to see. Seeing their alpha taken out, combined with the fact that this prey was not organic, the rest of the pack fled. >Excellent work< Fera commented as she crawled back onto Ruin’s shoulder. >I have uploaded directions to your HUD.< Ruin kicked the Tuk’ata’s head towards the fleeing dogs and turned in the direction Fera indicated. In the distance one could see the turbolaser defenses that had shot the pod out of the sky. “Huntings and hurtings!” Ruin shouted as he broke into a sprint, rearming and reloading his Flechette launcher in the process. “Kill them! Gotta kill them all!”
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    Ruin and Fera listened to the agent’s words about restraint and target locations. Ruin nodded and seemed to understand. When the agent left, Ruin followed, albeit slowly. It was then when the ship began to shudder as the bombardment began from below the surface. “Bombings and stompings” Ruin commented. >Indeed, it seems the attack has begun< Fera agreed. >Locating nearest pod< Ruin followed the agent and looked at the Jedi and the Agent and made a fist with one hand and pretended to crack his knuckles like some kind of human soldier. “Rip and tear. Kill Sith. Not Tsis. Fly or fry.” With that, Ruin left the group, letting them find their own way. If they followed him, he would not stop them. If they tried to stop him, he would ignore them. His mission was now. The nearest ‘pod’ that Fera led Ruin to was an escape pod. With people manning their battle stations, no one was keeping watch over it. It was a perfect ‘vessel’ that Ruin seemed to enjoy employing. Indeed, his record from his attack on Outer Heaven showed as much. The escape pod was secure and locked, but Fera, ever diligent, quickly cut into one of the panels and hotwired the door. Once inside, Ruin placed himself near the pod’s rear, grabbing the ceiling and locking all of his joints. Fera, knowing what was needed, crawled to the controls. With some computer slicing that made an astromech look obsolete, the pod closed its doors and launched itself towards the red planet below. Ruin was starting to laugh as the pod picked up speed. “Guts and guns! Guts and guns and guts and guns!” >coordinates plotted for the pod< Fera notified as the pod slowly altered its trajectory. >Target destination is a bombardment cannon located nearby the ‘tombs’ as the Agent described them. ETA 1 minute.< The pod began to shake violently as it passed through the clouds, picking up even more speed. No longer altering its trajectory, the pod was utilizing its engines solely for speed. “Rip and tear. Guts and guns. Hell’s heart, stabbings for thee!” Ruin shouted, laughing now, even as missiles passed almost inches from the escape pod hurtling towards the planet. >45 seconds to impact> Fera updated. >Once again, my long range communications is linked with the ships above. 30 seconds to impact. Ground forces will hopefully think we are an incoming missile that will miss its target. 20 seconds to impact…< All the way, Ruin laughed. Here he was, at the cultural heart of the Sith empire, fulfilling his programming.
  4. At being dismissed, Ruin turned to the Jedi, gave a brief thumbs up, then moved away. Clinging on tightly, Fera made no noises but simply observed her surroundings. The two made their way to the armory, following the agent in charge. The toydarian gave a look of shock at the droid, not used to seeing such a large figure waiting patiently in a line. “Eh, what is it. Big guy?” Ruin unceremoniously slammed him flechette launcher on the table between the two, a heavy weapon if there ever was one. “Ammo.” Ruin stated, followed by placing numerous casings of ammo clips. Just when the Toydarian thought he had seen enough, the droid reached down to its legs and pulled out several more clips, until there was a small pile on the table. “Reload and Refurbish” Ruin said. The toydarian, more than a little confused, had to go into the back to find enough for the droid. It wasn’t like flechette launchers were in high demand at the moment. “Listen, big guy, how you hoping to buy this? I don’t see no credits on you…” Ruin looked down at the toydarian flying about, and placed the partially working disruptor pistol. “Holy kriffing…” The toydarian swore as he quickly swept the weapon out of public view. “You realize how illegal it is to have these things?” Ruin didn’t say anything, and began to collect his ammo. However, before he left, he pointed at one other object in view. A small mounted tube connected to a canister with the words X-Pyre written on the side. “That? You sure you want that? I hear the stuff is pretty difficult to work with…” Ruin nodded and held a hand out for it. Later, Ruin left the armory, examining the mounted tube on his wrist. It certainly was a little odd-looking, and one could follow the tube to Ruin’s backside where the canister was mounted. But if the Toydarian was correct, the ‘sticky’ flames that would come out of the canister would be about 5000 degrees. More than enough to set sith on fire. Again, the two found themselves following the imperial Agent who had spoken earlier. Approaching him, Ruin nodded. “Huntings and seekings, seekings and huntings” Ruin greeted the agent. >Greetings Agent Orin. this is B-5 87, designated as RUIN. I am Fera. Ruin is expressing eagerness for this mission< Ruin nodded as Fera translated for him. “Hunt Sith. Kill Sith. Rip and tear and burn and bash. Heart of Hell.” Fera continued. >Since his programming states to kill Sith and their active sympathizers, he is eager to, as you would say, attack the heart of Sith culture.<
  5. Ruin seemed to nod at this. “Controlled bashing. Kill Sith. Only Sith.” Fera elaborated. >Not to worry, Ruin’s primary programming is to kill only Sith and active Sith sympathizers. I can speak from observation that he will not kill innocents in the process< Æquitas’ words made Ruin take another look at the Jedi and seemed to nod at him. There was a pause of silence between the two, and then Ruin held a thumb’s up to the Jedi. “Huntings and hurtings. Then restings and…” Ruin seemed to wave his hand a bit, trying to find the right word, but after a few moments of failure, the large Terror droid shrugged and gave the thumbs up again towards the Jedi. Whatever the droid meant, this time Fera did not elaborate almost to indicate that even she wasn't fully sure what Ruin meant. When the admiral came in, Ruin’s attention was fully on whoever was speaking. Fera seemed to be paying little detail to the speakers and instead was scanning around the room at the others, but in reality she was recording what was being said for future reference to Ruin. “Surprise and demise” Ruin commented a little louder then probably what would’ve been preferred. “Hell’s heart, stabbings for thee” >I’d be quite for now Ruin< Fera beeped quietly. At this Ruin became more stoic.
  6. Fera did not sound disappointed at all when she was forced to repeat herself. On the contrary, she seemed almost pleased that an organic and that Jedi were actually speaking binary, after the experience of non-understanding from the Healer Leena. >We are two separate entities. RUIN is my ward. He is developing sentience, and I have assigned myself to his protection and learning until he has developed full sentience and natural autonomy from his own programming.< “Learning and burning.” Ruin seemed to add, holding up an open hand and shaking it side to side. “Burning and learning.” >Indeed. His primary programming states two directives: Primary Directive: Eliminate all active Sith forces. Secondary Directive: Eliminate active sith sympathizer forces. As I know Jedi appreciate the protection of life over the destruction of it, please note that Ruin has worked with his programming to protect Jedi Healer Leena and Knight Skyshatter from Sith forces on Byss, as well as 0 bystander casualties on the Imperial attack on Outer Heaven station.< When the other Jedi spoke up, both Ruin and Fera looked them over. Ruin shook his head at the question directed to Fera. “Make fear. Fear universal. Talking and bashing? Talking is bashing.” >What Ruin means is that his original designation is a terror droid. His original programmers believed his method of talking was more intimidating than what you normally hear from droids. < Ruin nodded with Fera’s beepings and buzzings. However, Fera continued on. >Please do not mistake his communication as incompetence or as poor programming. I have observed his intellect and observation skills. Think of it as a type of specialized dialect<
  7. “No kriffing way I’m turning it back on” The young human declared, refusing to take another step towards the sleeping giant of a droid. Sergeant Klaff growled at the young man, almost snarling. Despite being a human, he sometimes came across like a Trandosian. “Thats an order soldier, now hop to it.” The young man looked at his commanding officer, then back at the droid, then back at the other three soldiers who had guns trained on the lumbering hulk. The thing was captured trying to steal a ship from the compound, and only had been brought down by a lucky ionization bolt. Since then it had been turned off and kept shut off via a restraining bolt. No one had dared to turn it on again, let alone try to reprogram it. Klaff wiped a bead of sweat off his brow as the young man went to the droid’s back side, attempting to turn it on. There was a reason he ordered the young man to do so and not do it himself. This droid was chosen specifically for the Korriban Mission, and any being, droid or not, deserve a lot of respect and, more so, distance. Ruin came to life with a sound of power generating inside his body. Glancing around, Ruin took a step forward, to the soldiers bringing their guns up more sharply. “Not sith…” Ruin commented. “Gotta kill sith. Hunting and seeking. Blasting and bashing” >Indeed, i agree< A sound of buzzing and chirping emitted. To the shock of everyone, a small buzz droid had somehow snuck along the ground and behind the behemoth of a droid, crawling up and onto its shoulder. “Where did that…” Klaff blubbered out before ordering his men to not fire. “Let's see where this goes.” >The individuals here are planning an attack on Korriban< Fera continued, her eyes focused on the commander, despite talking to Ruin, as if warning the commander. >I recommend we find one of these people i have uploaded to your H.U.D.< A beep came from the Terror Droid’s head, who swiftly suddenly turned and began to leave the group, despite the men not lowering their weapons. Klaff ordered a disengage. It seemed the droid knew what to do. “Korriban?” Ruin grunted, unholstering his flechette launcher from his back, checking its ammo and its general shape and function. >Yes. From what I've gathered, it is the cultural homeworld of the Sith as a whole. Possibly the origin of all the Sith teachings. A metaphorical heart of hell if there ever was one< Ruin seemed to nod at this. “Hunting and killing. Bashing and burning. Smash, smash, smash.” At this, he tapped the hammer-like weapon on his back. >Indeed< It didn’t take long for the two to find the individuals Fera had mentioned. A group of individuals consisting of Jedi and an Imperial Agent. With the Agent leaving the group, Ruin continued his normal course and followed the Jedi. Between the Imperials that stunned him and the Jedi that the droid revered, it was obvious who to follow. "Huntings and seekings, seekings and huntings. Korriban." Ruin said as he came close to the Jedi @ObliviousKnight and @MSA. >Excuse us, this is B-5 87, designated as RUIN. I am Fera. Ruin is expressing eagerness in with helping you hunt Sith forces on the mission on Korriban.< Fera chirpped in binary, her form like a spider crawling over Ruin's shoulder to get a better look "Bashings and burnings. Hunt Sith. Help Jedi. Bombings and bondings. Good times" As ruin said this, he pointed at the Jedi's lightsabers. >He is also expressing the fact that he looks forward to working with Jedi again. His recent experiences with the Jedi have been quite positive in his programming of hunting down Sith Forces. I am also looking forward, as this may prove to be helpful to my ward> Fera buzzed and babbled in binary. Hopefully the Jedi understood her, otherwise, Ruin's talking could be quite confusing to say the least.
  8. Ruin looked at the Jedi who spoke and said “Hunt Sith.” but followed slowly. However, after dropping off the bodies, rather unceremoniously, Ruin clenched his fists again and began to look around. “Scanning and finding. Flying and finding.” >Understood< Fera replied, looking around as well. >Suitable shuttles found. Uploading information to your HUD.< “Good” Ruin stated. Without a word to anyone around him, Ruin began moving towards a cluster of ships, a mixture of military and civilian. One soldier who stood in the way was shoved aside without care. “Onderon. Sith there. Hunting Sith on Onderon. Kill and kill.” Fera was silent for a few moments, calculating numerous situations. >Error: Not enough information is known to calculate a successful plan of attack. However, given the lack of information of other possible locations, I must agree with your choice of action. < “Hunt and kill. Onderon. Jedi Skyshatter’s homeworld.” Ruin kept ranting, not slowing for another soldier’s request of halt. Attention was starting to be drawn to the large droid. "Meet jedi there? Hunting and killing. Finding and completing"
  9. Ruin gave something the equivalent of a sigh and grabbed the Chandra fan, lifting it into the air by its scruff. Despite its slight screech and clawing, the droid simply looked the thing over. "Not sith" Ruin commented and flicked it's head behind the ear. Instantly the rodent like thing went limp. A cluster of nerve cells that rendered the uncooperative alien unconscious. Unceremoniously, Ruin tossed the thing back away from the wreckage to let someone else handle the rodent. With that, the two droids began to move through the wreckage. At one point, much of a hallway had completely collapsed in on itself, with two mechanics busy at work trying to cut through. Not the waiting type, Ruin simply began to grab scrap and tossed it aside. Ahead, like the jedi said, two blast doors blocked the passageway. >allow me to help with this < Fera commented at Leena's next command. With it, she jumped from ruins shoulder to the wall, crawled up it to a control panel, and began to slice into the wiring inside. Within moments, the blast door slowly, but surely began to open up. Inside people began to rise in excitement. The doors moved too slowly it seemed, as Ruin stepped up, and grabbed both doors and pushed them apart. The doors groaned at first at the terror droids effort, and then suddenly slid apart, as if taken off of their hinges. The voices turned to momentary fright, followed by thanks as several crew mates began to drag out wounded. "No sith" Ruin commented again. Slowly, he clenched one of his hands into a fist and banged a wall once. Then he turned and exited the wreckage and, not 20 feet from the wreckage, sat down and watched.
  10. Ruin nodded at the Jedi’s words and left, like a giant trying to navigate a herd of sheep. Stoic, but clumsy. It was clear the droid did not suit this place whatsoever. “Hunting and finding…” Ruin muttered as he glanced around. “Seeking and searching. Wondering and pondering…” Ruin reached up and acted as if he was scratching some imaginary chin like so many of the organics did around him. One organic was taking notice and began to stare. Ruin, ever observant, noticed and pointed the bothan out. “Doggie!” Ruin shouted almost uncharacteristically and ran towards the bothan. “Seeking jedi. Seeking and finding healer. Fish healer.” The flabbergasted and very unnerved bothan struggled for words for a bit then pointed in several directions. Thankfully one of them did help the droid identify where Leena had gone towards. Without a word of thanks, Ruin continued on his way. “Delivered and informed. Now hunting and seeking. Kill sith. Flying and finding” Ruin stated simply at finding the Jedi Leena. Fera seemed to give an exhausted sigh of relief as she crawled back onto her perch on Ruin’s shoulder. A few beepings and buzzings from her, and Ruin looked down at his holster. “Breaking and hiding” Ruin stated, grabbing the small, barely hidden disruptor pistol at his side. Quickly he snapped it into two and separated the parts. Hopefully no one had noticed the illicit weaponry. “We go?”
  11. Out of all the beings on the planet, Ruin did appear to be the one most out of place. It wasn’t every day a clone wars era droid was seen walking around, much less, a model of a droid that was in limited production that looked more like a hulking Abyssian bodybuilder more than a geonosian skeleton. It wasn’t every day a being was seen carrying a power hammer, much less one crafted with Sith technology. Still, Ruin led the way through the crowd, being an easy marker for the female to follow. The Jedi Leena had given a direct order, and Ruin, a droid to the end in many ways, was following that order: Deliver Keeneva to Jedi Sandy Sarna. “Followings and findings” Ruin ordered to the female, indicating to her to stay close. “Searchings and seekings.” It took some time, but eventually the Jedi Sandy did stand out. A blonde female jedi interacting with a blue Nautolan ( @Sandy Sarna and @Meku Simka ). Subtlety was never one of Ruin’s strengths. Instead of waiting patiently, Ruin moved forward, indicating to Keeneva to step forward as well. “Hunting with Jedi Leena…” Ruin declared as he got close, tapping the hammer’s head on his own chest. Then a point of a large metal digit towards Keeneva. “Regretting and repenting. Re-teachings and re-learnings. Ex-enemy.” Ruin looked down at the Nautolan, and titled his head slightly, as if trying to study the young life form briefly, then pointed at himself again. “Ruin. Hunt and kill Sith” At this last part, Ruin nodded back towards to Keeneva, allowing the Jedi around to draw their own conclusions at what was just communicated. The Terror droid then looked back at Sarna, waiting for a response. _________ Meanwhile, Fera, who had abandoned Ruin’s shoulder, had gotten to work, following closely to Leena. She made numerous bleepings and buzzings along the way, but without anyone to translate her binary talk, it was impossible to understand what she was saying. Still, she was sticking abnormally close to the Jedi, as many wandering eyes began to notice the small sabetauge weapon from the clone wars.
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    Ruin and Fera paid close attention to the conversation, though the only obvious listener was the small buzz droid who turned and faced each speaker. Ruin on the other hand sat like the stoic automaton that he was, not giving any indication he was even active save the cooling motors running inside. At Leena’s request, Ruin did take a moment to glance at the Jedi, then down at the buzz droid. >I will do what i can, but I will need better equipment than what we have in this run down place. I am sure we can find such equipment in a proper settlement< Ruin only gave a shrug at Fera’s beepings and buzzings, leaving it unclear to the Jedi what the buzz droid’s response was. Ruin unsheathed the small vibroblade at his wrist and, utilizing a nearby rock, began to scrape at its edges, attempting to sharpen the blade. A fruitless effort given the vibro tech, but the terror droid needed to do something. Sitting and listening was never something it was programmed to do, nor many droids in the galaxy. They performed their programmed tasks, and that was it. Still, the conversation involved magic, and magic meant the force, and the force usually included the Sith.
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    During the Healers work, Ruin had gotten up and left the building quietly, off to double check the security precautions done to the speeder bikes. Glancing over them. It was obvious it wasn't much: a rusty pipe bent to hook the bike's fronts and then both ends slammed into the wall. A makeshift lock if there ever was one. Still, Ruin rechecked them and gave each bike a solid tug. They remained stuck to the building via the pipe. They weren't going anywhere. >Ruin, I must say I am proud of you< Fera beeped as Ruin did his work. The terror droid had to stop and look at the small bug like thing. A moment of confusion if there ever was one. Fera crawled off and rested herself on the bike. >Two years ago when I found you, your entire purpose and function was dedicated to the eradication of the Sith. To a point where I worried that the mere sight of a targeted individual would send you into a rage-like state< 'Kill Sith. Eradicate and decimate. Crush and crash. No quarter" Ruin interjected, still looking at the tiny buzz droid. >Indeed. Your primary function remains the same. But upon meeting that young female and ex assassin, you did not immediately give in to your programming and proceed to kill the female. You are beginning to grow beyond your programming.< Ruin glanced towards the open desert. The twin suns were setting. It was a rather gorgeous setting all things granted. The wind was blowing harder now, the signs of an incoming sandstorm. The sands were rolling in the distant red light. The larger droid, after a moment of silence, stomped the ground over and over, growling ferociously. Fera said nothing, understanding exactly what was running through the terror droids circuits. After a bit of the stomping, Ruin stopped, looked up suddenly, and charged in the distance. A short time later, the sound of several barks and yelps could heard, followed by the ignition of ruins flachette launcher. No more then a few moments later, Ruin was back, dragging two corpses of bleeding Anoobas, pieces of shrapnel in their sides. Ruin continued to growl slightly as he made his way toward the building. "Kill Sith. Kill all sith. Burn and bash and smash and crash and crush…" >I know, I know, I understand< Fera beeped and buzzed, returning to her post on ruins shoulder. In the room that held the jedi and the now awake female, Ruin dropped the bodies rather unceremoniously. Outside, the full force of the sandstorm beated on the building mercilessly "Eatings and feastings" Ruin commented. >For your consumption< Fera added. The two then returned to a sitting position next his charging cell. "Huntings and killings" Ruin started, looming from his position and staring at the new recovering female. "Findings and killings. Kill Sith. Kill associated sith. Slavers and sith. " Ruin glanced at Leena and gestured, trying to get the jedi to understand what he was saying. "Slavers and sith. Sith and slavers. Huntings of slavings. Hunting lead to savings. Ending of slavings. Kill sith." >what Ruin is trying to say…< Fera chimed in, facing directly towards the girl. It was a known fact the jed did not understand binary, but perhaps the girl did. >is that he is curious on where you escaped. The sith has always been two steps away from slavery, and perhaps he can find more sith via hunting these slavers<
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    Fera beeped and buzzed as she went about her task. As small as she was, she could still utilize speeder bikes and the concept of leverage thanks to her advanced intellect. For some advanced droids, such tasks would be beneath them, and for other, more menial droids, such tasks would be above them. But for Fera, who cared only for the advancement of her ward, such tasks were no more than another task. Ruin on the other hand, remained perfectly still. It was impossible to tell by sight alone what was running through the droid’s processing core. A sentinel and a terror, weilding an unbalanced hammer in the desert sands, keeping an eye on the potential still-Sith. >According to the sensors on the bikes< Fera beeped at her Ward. >There are several structures northward.< Ruin nodded and holstered his weapon and gestured in that direction. “Restings and plannings” Ruin simply stated with a pointing in that direction. “Followings and interrogations” ------- Little more than an hour later, the group came upon Sunfire Outpost. Little more than a rundown town, the buildings had been stripped long ago of most of its useful equipment by the Jawas who plagued the sands. Still, a passing by trader of the same species was willing to sell several containers of water at an only slightly extravagant price, and one of the built-in bathrooms was functional enough to hold the water. Ruin himself patrolled the entire outpost twice before he returned to the Jedi. Weapon armed, the speeder bikes secured from snatching hands, and a small power pack up and charging, the droid sat down on a makeshift bench watching the two. Fera also observed, albeit atop Ruin’s shoulder. Despite Ruin’s efforts to secure the location, even she knew the capability of the desert rats that inhabited the sands.
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    At the words ‘ former Sith Assassin’, Ruin instantly began to act. Hands still carrying the hammer, a retwist of the hilt activated the weapon again, humming to life and emitting sparks of energy at the head. “Kill Sith…” Ruin started as he took a step forward. However he stopped. The Jedi’s lightsaber, now cleansed, made Ruin halt, and her words did very much the same. However, the weapon stayed activated. >Ruin remember all of your protocols< Fera began to beep and buzz, her small form crawling from one shoulder to the other. >Primary Directive: Eliminate all active Sith Forces. Secondary Directive: Eliminate Active Sith Sympathizer Forces.< Fera looked towards the female and seemed to point out the fact that it was mentioned she was no longer an active Sith. Ruin kept his focus on the female entirely. His entire body language spoke aggression and readiness. Something like a wild nexu in a gladiatorial pit. But after a silent moment, Ruin twisted the hilt again, powering the weapon down. However, the Terror droid did not holster the hammer, and instead, stayed ready, entirely focused on Keenava. “Kill Sith. All Sith die. Repentings or dyings. Hunting or watching.”
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