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  1. Ruin roared with life. “Raaaaaagh!” His voicebox exploded with noise. The feeling of so much unrestricted energy flowing into the droid from such a powerful source was invigorating to say the least. “Fitting” Fera commented with some whistles and beeps, not that the other Jedi could understand her. “A relic from one war supports another relic of the same war. And both from opposite sides” Ruin’s knees no longer bended down to the ground. Now, with two of the monsters off and fully charged up like a bomb, Ruin broke into another charge, clutching the unconscious Jedi tightly. And Ruin was laughing the entire way. Before heading up the ramp, Ruin turned and slammed his back onto the ship’s hull. Once, twice, the ship rang out as monsters fell off, unable to hold onto the wild droid. Finally, Ruin made his way up, and if the pilot was either behind or onboard, Fera activated the ship’s ramp and closed the ship up. Ruin laid the body on the floor for the other Jedi to take care of, while he himself unplugged himself from the ship and began to pace, filled with energy that demanded to be burned off. “I and Ruin thank you” Fera beeped and buzzed, crawling next to the pilot. “Without you, I fear Ruin would’ve met an untimely end. Your creativity is to be praised”
  2. Ruin looked at the entrance ramp as the others made it back onboard. Or rather, one made it back onboard. “Jedi…where the Jedi? ” Ruin growled out, his power core obviously near empty capacity. “He’s on his way ” Fera tried to calm the Terror droid, grabbing a few wires that connected from the ship’s own running power core and attempting to run them up Ruin’s side to an open panel. “But we need to get you back up and running. It would be unwise for you…” “Gah! Jedi hurt!” Ruin exclaimed, shoving Fera away violently like a child refusing to eat a green vegetable. “Got to save! Got to help! Kill Sith good! Save Jedi better! Rip, tear, maim! Save and scare! Save and scare!" Ruin was back on his feet and in a mad dash towards the ramp. Shoving aside the Mon Cal Jedi and the pilot if they got in the way, Ruin drew his own blade again and activated it. The vibrations of it whirred to life. Each thump of Ruin’s feet sounded like thunder beating on a drum. “Ruin, the jedi can…” Fera blared loudly, trying and failing to keep up with the droid. “Kill the Sith! Boots-down and Hell-bound! Guts and guns!” Ruin shouted again, leaping into the fray once more. The open area near the ship provided Ruin with the room he needed to get a powerful force of momentum behind him. Within seconds he disappeared into a horde of plant monsters, swinging and charging with each step. Even when a monster got in the way, Ruin's own momentum made stopping impossible for the droid. “Got to find! Got to kill! Gah, kill kill kill! Save save save! Pain! Give them pain!” Even as the power in Ruin drained at a rapid rate, each motor went into overdrive. The wet mud that had almost dried off between Ruin’s joints literally began to boil away in a hiss of steam. The plant’s guts that splattered over his chest slid off in a roiling heat. While the Neimodian programmers who helped designed the B4-Terror droid tried to keep the programming simple yet effective, one thing the Techno Union insisted on was the Berzerker Protocal. Most means of self preservation on battle droids enabled them to last multiple battles. Even the bare minimum made sure that many battle droids would attempt to make sure their remains could be re-utilized for future battles, and only the orders of a superior could bypass these. The Berzerker protocol get rid of all methods of self-preservation, and with Terror droids, was meant to make them reckless at best, and downright kamikaze at worst. Ruin’s Berzerker Protocol had just been activated. Fera gave a sigh, and stood by ready with the wires for if, not when, Ruin would return. “Out of way, out of way, got to save, gotta save, save save save, kill kill kill, kill all of you kill all of you kill kill kill” Ruin ranted endlessly as he slashed and bashed over and over until the Jedi’s body was in sight. “Raaaah! Pain train, save train, choo choo I’m the train!” Ruin declared. Ruin dissected the monsters nearby trying to his targert, and then, after sheathing his weapon, scooped the Jedi up as best as he could. Several of the monsters jumped on the droid, trying to stop their prize from being stolen. With hands full, Ruin could only try to shake them off and move forward and spin, using the things on his back as a weapon. “Raaaah! Out of the way, out of the way, out out out outoutoutout!” Ruin’s speech became more sloppy and difficult to understand. Each step faltered more and more. The motors were nearing the verge of giving out. Five more meters ahead. Seven more monsters. “NokillIkillnostoptheyoutsavejediraaaaaaghgh!” Ruin stumbled forward. Three of the things were on his back, pushing him down. His programming refused to stop, but his battery was dying. Several more steps. Another monster on the back. He was almost kneeling now, moving at a crawl with the weight of six things on top. “Killthemallkillthemalldon’tstoptillallSithdeadlikeCorescantkillthemkillthemkillthemall!!!” Ruin shouted, still moving one foot at a time towards the ramp, where Fera could only watch from, unable to help in any way
  3. “Bwahaha! Burns and blasts now!” Ruin roared with laughter as a wave of enemies flew at and above him. One of the Jedi had let loose their abilities with the Force. “Old times! Good times! Blasts and burns and blasters! Oooh, I missed this! Miss so much. Boom!” Ruin shouted as he swung widely again with his makeshift flaming club. The entity that Ruin held by the legs had died long ago, but still sputtered a little bit of burning Worm-Spit with each blow. But where early it was a stream, now the worm spit was that: spit. Worse, Ruin was slowing down. “Gah, gotta bash and crash! No fire, no good! Man, need ammo! And gun! Grah, no gun!” Ruin fumed outloud. Eventually, the droid threw the body into a bunch of other plant-beings, clearing enough space for him to run and land on. “Can’t lose this! Nu-uh! Too good, burns and brains.” Ruin commented, pulling out the grenade from the corpse. Despite being in an oven for so long, the grenade looked perfectly fine, minus some soot and ash. “Ruin, it appears that we need to get to the ship” Came a whirring of beepings and laughters. Ruin glanced down, and saw Fera beginning to climb his leg. "Are...are you ok?" “Rah, drainings and dumpings.” Ruin growled as Fera positioned herself. The two gave a glance over the monsters surrounding them. They were giving the droids a wide berth, recognising that the two needed to be taken a bit more seriously. “I see. Low battery. Understood.” Fera commented and scanned the area. “Calculating fastest route to the ship’s on ramp. Uploading route to your HUD. That should help you stay focused. “ A beep came from Ruin’s head, who proceeded to give himself a slight whack. “Gah, brains and bashings. Readings and writings.” One of the plants leapt forward at Ruin’s back. Fera gave a whistle in warning. The larger droid perked up and spun around, dealing the thing a blow to whatever head like thing it had, stopping it and forcing it to the ground. Ruin pulled back his own hand and shook it. "Grr, got to upgrade.” Ruin looked down at his own hand then the other creatures who still circled, seeking an opening. “Eh, slash and dash it is you sons of stumps!” Ruin called out, and pulled the blade from his back. The first few creatures that struck were sliced through barely. Ruin’s batteries were running lower and lower with each swing. Thankfully after the third slice, Fera commented about the vibro blade being on instead of off. “Haha! Gas and guts! Slash and dash!” Ruin exclaimed. “Blade came from an Abyssian! And this is Byss! Haha! Now ship we go! Go go go!” The next thing anyone knew, Ruin was charging through monster after monster, slashing through and through, finally crashing upward the ramp into the ship, and then frantically crawling up. “Batteries and batterings. Charges and…and gah...need sleep. But kill Sith too. Sleep and Sith. Grrr...” Ruin commented, positioning himself into a sit against the nearest wall. Hopefully someone else could close the ship up without him.
  4. Fera frantically shot again and again. Still, each shot was nothing more then an insect sting to these monsters, a fitting comparison based on what Buzz droids were modeled after. Thankfully, the monsters seemed completely indifferent to Fera. “That is…odd…” Fera noted out loud, once the Jedi showed up and began their own attacks. “It looks familiar. The creatures are not focused on the ship anymore. They are targeting specifics. Organics from the looks of it. But why? Where have I seen something like thi…” Fera never finished her observation, as that was when Leena’s force blast sent the small buzz droid flying into the air. _______ Ruin had begun to laugh with each blast that he fired. “Click, click boom you stupid stump sons!” Ruin shouted between laughs, ducking beneath one creature that had leapt at him. Sometime during his running, he turned around and began to face the things head on. But even with this, he didn’t stay still. Each blast he took a step. Each pump of the launcher he took two. Each elbow smack at the things that got too close only let him get more room to duck and weave. “Move or die! Move or die! I move! You die!” Ruin chanted, smacking another tree thing away before obliterating it. All around Ruin, more and more creatures continued to swarm closer, hoping to get an opening on the terror droid, but unable to get a good grip long enough to slow him down. “Gah! More and more! How long I kill? Too long! Hours and days? Don’t know! Stupid stumps! Guns stronger then stumps! Ain’t Jedi like, but I ain't Jedi! I fight! Kill Sith! Protect humanity… Oh the humanity!” Ruin stopped. A pull at the trigger made a dull clicking noise instead of the usual blast. “Out of ammo! No time reload! Ammo at…get off!” Ruin shouted as one of the monsters landed on Ruin’s back. The droid dropped the empty gun onto the ground and reached around, grabbed the thing by its shoulders, and threw it into a gathering crowd of plant things. Another one charged head on at the droid. “Gah! You bad! I’m bad! Now I gotta punch! Smash and bash good, but guts and guns better! Either way, you dead!” At this last statement, Ruin threw a punch into the charging monster. While the thing splintered apart, momentum completely stopped, it did not fall away and tried its best to attack Ruin all the more. "Oooh, you not dead? Not good! Kriff!" Ruin stated as he kicked the thing away for some space. One of the plant monsters lunged forward, taking a swing. Ruin barely caught the blow in time and shoved it back away from himself. "Need better! Aha! Fire! You plant, you burn! Burns and bombs!" Ducking, blocking, and dodging a few more blows, Ruin grabbed one of the plants that was knocked off balance by its own weight. With a quick cut upwards from the blade on his wrist , Ruin opened the thing up, revealing weed-like tissue and a bark encased cavity. "Burn and bombs!" Ruin chanted, shoving the now activated and ticking X-Pyre grenade inside the thing. “Screw guts and guns! Give me burns and bombs and bashings!” _____________ During her unplanned flight, Fera pulled her entire body close together. As cobbled as the small thing was, her design was still very similar to what her model was created as. Still flying upwards, the small Pistoeka sealed herself in ball form. Tiny maneuvering jets came to life, and while they were designed for the vacuum of space, it did help smooth the flight and allow Fera a glance over the battlefield. “This is bad. Number of combatants is still rising. However, their actions are strange” Fera chirped to herself. “I wonder where Ruin is…” Fera didn’t have to wait. A small explosion came from further in the pack of enemies. Upon closer look, Fera couldn’t help but chuckle. Amongst the monsters, Ruin was creating havoc by swinging a singular monster by one of its limbs. Each swing, more wild then the last, sent others flying. But Ruin’s swinging wasn’t what made Fera laugh. “Ruin, I’ll remember to refill your grenade after this” Fera promised to herself. Ruin’s makeshift club was literally leaking lit Worm-Spit, setting other monsters a flame, which in turn spread to the others that they crashed into. In very little time, the space around Ruin was turning into a hellscape. “Burns and brains! Bash and crash and burns and brains, ahahaha!!” Ruin’s shouts and laughter echoed across the landscape. He was now in a full charge towards the ship, knocking aside everything he could. “Hmmm…” Fera noted. Finally she crashed into the ground. With the monsters ignoring her, Fera was quickly up on her feet and dashing towards the ship as well, literally leaping from one beast’s back to another, dodging flying monsters from Force blasts, and . “Jedi, got to alert the Jedi about my… Ah! Jedi Lok!” Fera spotted the silver blade of the imperial knight first. While the fires of Ruin were starting to get closer and shedding light on the area, Lok’s blade still outshined everything else in the night. “Jedi! I have news!” Fera bleeped and whirled as she darted between the Jedi’s legs. “These things are not a pack, but a swarm! I recognise their tactics from when before I was an independent droid and merely a member of a discord missile. They are following commands, and not targeting the ship itself, but you and the other organics. Which means, according to logic, that there must be some sort of master controller nearby hunting for organics.”
  5. "Thanks," the humanoid stated, finally finished with the work the two had been busing themselves with. Fera finished her own touch, welding a plate back into place, making sure it wouldn’t come loose during a flight. “It is no trouble. During times like this, Ruin must do what he can, and I must keep myself busy.” Fera chirped in reply. The Buzz droid took one final scan over the ship’s surface. The Crate, as old and used as it was, seemed to be in a very good state. The night was cool, though Fera couldn’t feel it. The temperature readings could say what it was, but knowing the temperature and feeling it were two completely different things. Fera took note of the heat signature coming from the pilot. The smoke she exhaled was a clear warm contrast to the cool air. Then the stampede started. While the Banthas bashed into the ship, Fera gripped to the roof of the vessel tightly, groaning over the fact that there was now a bunch of new dents that she could not undo. Thankfully, Fera noted the other creatures approaching before the pilot had. Fera’s skittering became more frantic as she bobbed and weaved away from the other creatures. “How…odd. Plant based? Simian structure. Unknown species. Threat level increasing.” Fera crawled further back on the ship, the monsters starting to climb aboard. Some of the beasts were now tearing apart some of the metal plates, hoping to get inside. “Threat level is rapidly increasing.” Fera commented, her antenna straightening and sending out radio waves. Inside, the ship’s short range comm system came to life. “Attention Jedi: we are under attack. Unknown simian creatures, plant based. Poisonous? Apparent target is our pilot. It is theorized they want you as well, as they are ignoring myself so far…” Fera’s tools extended fully and came to life. With buzz saw whirring and blow torch igniting, Fera’s small arachnoid body leapt at the closest beast chasing Zeris up the ship. With a landing on what was assumed was either a face or chest, Fera tore into the plant-thing, burning and slicing apart whatever her claws could find. Half a moment later, Fera jumped off again and targeted the next creature and repeated her attack, only to be rebuffed harmlessly. Fera crawled back, and stayed behind Zeris. “Attention Jedi: Unsure if my tools are sufficient for defense. I recommend…” “Blasts and bombs!” a shout came from behind the pack of things, followed by the boom of a rifle shot. Ruin crashed into the first beast he could, elbowing it aside as he pumped his flechette launcher and fired again. The monster in front of him exploded in a burst of wood and metal shrapnel, pieces lodging painlessly into nearby creatures. “Gah! Pain and possibilities? Haha! Guns and guts! Bad guts! Black guts! Bad black guts!” Ruin laughed as he pumped his rifle again and fired, obliterating another beast at point-blank. Some of them were beginning to stop, and face the droid. “Come get me! You nothing, you sons of stumps! I rip you up!” Ruin mocked. The first one that leapt at him got the same treatment as the others Ruin had targeted before. A quick explosion of shrapnel at point-blank. The others dove in after, only for the droid to side step them and move at a mad dash, pumping for another shot. Now a small pack of the things separated from the others, giving chase. One somehow managed to land on Ruin’s shoulder, but found that Ruin’s arm was more than enough to throw the thing off. “Guns and guts! Sons of stumps! Kill you good, haha!” Ruin laughed, firing again and again into the night. Fera sighed and continued speaking to the others inside the ship. “Ruin seems to be handling himself well. But I am unable to help our pilot. I suggest you force blast your way out here and begin dissection. She is making her way atop the ship. I will assist as best I can.” With this, Fera’s twin blasters began to open fire at the creatures from behind and between Zeris’ robotic legs. Small and petite and designed for softer targets, Fera’s blasts dealt blows like a bee sting to the monsters, still, she continued to open fire, as Ruin continued to drive attention away from the ship as much as possible and taking out what he could.
  6. After some time, and some more jogging and exploring, Ruin finally returned to the ship. Covered with mud from the knees down, caked with a thin layer of dirt, and dripping slightly with water, Ruin commented nothing as he passed by everyone. Fera followed closely behind and simply gave a few beeps and whistles. “Mud hole. Nothing bad.” And with that, Fera followed her ward closer then ever until the droid got into the ship. At that point, Fera turned and stared at what the pilot was doing, and got closer, not hesitating to use her claws to make her way up the ship’s hull to the wing. “Perhaps I can be of assistance? While my original programming was for sabotage, my processes have evolved to enable me to do some repairs and identification as well as deconstruction. I am also able to fit in more places on your ship that would take you much longer to access.” At this, Fera’s recobbled mandible arms, plasma cutter and welder, and it’s circular buzz saw. To emphasize her point, Fera even activated some of her tools. Still, Fera did keep out of arm’s reach of the pilot. It was clear the droid did not trust her quite yet. Meanwhile, Ruin had gotten onto the ship, not speaking a word to anyone. Instead he found himself in the cargo area, grabbing what looked like some dirty rags and towels and began wiping himself off. Only having one of his legs cleaned, Ruin looked at the now filthy rag. With a grunt, Ruin tossed the rag into a corner, giving up on his cleanliness endeavor and went to find the others. “Place safe…” Ruin commented, approaching Leena. “Ugly, boring, but safe. Big grass eaters. Small bugs. Large mud holes. No Sith. Boring. Got to kill Sith. Waiting for now. Grrr, Sith…Sith are everywhere. Must kill them. Must kill them all… Coruscant demands it. Kill them all…” Seemingly finished with his report, Ruin walked off without warning. The large droid circled the ship over and over. Muttering over and over about what he needed to do, clutching his flechette launcher tightly with both hands, Ruin gave the impression that he would keep watch until everyone was ready to go inside the ship for the night.
  7. The conversation between Ruin and Lok seemed to satisfy Ruin, who nodded at the words and continued with his own work. Finally as the ship landed, Ruin got himself ready for anything. “I explore. Find Sith.” Ruin stated as the pilot exited on the gangplank, Ruin starting to follow. Fera buzzed with outright denial. “We should stay with the ship. Not go looking for trouble yet until we know the dangers out there.” Ruin grumbled slightly and glanced around, then grunted with a static burst. One of the storage panels was partially open, with an assortment of junk inside. The large droid reached in and pulled out a round, almost watch-like device, almost tiny in his large palm. “Holo Transmitter and recorder” Ruin stated, clicking it on and off. The device beeped once, indicating a full charge and a strong connectivity to its paired object. “Civilian grade. Planetary range. Connect to the ship?” “Probably.” Fera concluded, agreeing with Ruin’s assessment. “Search nearby. Soldier programming. Good programming. They make camp. I make safe. Analyze threats. Kill any dangers. Report to Jedi. Then kill Sith.” Fera nodded at this, and took the device from Ruin's hands. “It’s not like I can stop you, so very well.” She stated as she secured the communicator Ruin nodded to the Buzz droid and strode the gangplank to the ground, flechette rifle in hand, nodding at anyone he saw along the way. "I'm going to check the ship!" the pilot called. Ruin shouted back as he began to make some distance from the ship at a brisk jog, not waiting to ask permission. “I secure the area! Make camp safe! Booya, make camp safe!” The footsteps of the terror droid trampling on wild and unkept grass were anything but stealthy. Each step was a thud of metal on natural ground. It was soft, as if a rain storm had recently fallen nearby, but not muddy. The taller weeds were well watered and thriving, while the grass was thick with green. The sun-setting made the entire area a shade of twilight, giving an eerie atmosphere to the surroundings. “Ugly planet” Ruin commented, still jogging, unimpeded by neither the terrain nor the mood of the planet. “Not really,” Fera replied, crawling from one shoulder to the other, scanning the area. “In my experience, most humans would find this place pleasant. Habitable even.” “Eh, ugly, especially the water.” Fera didn’t argue at this, and continued to scan. After a few moments, Ruin climbed up a hill that overlooked a pasture-like acre of land near the lake. At the top was a rotting tree, long dead, its leaves scattered to the wind years ago. Ruin knelt besides the tree, taking cover. “Animals. Big ones…” Ruin commented. Fera buzzed an agreement. In the pasture, along the lake’s shoreline, several herding animals. With the sun setting, the land was covered with shadows, but Ruin’s and Fera’s advanced sensors could still make out their shapes. “Looks like herding beasts.” Fera commented. “Shouldn’t be a threat. I don't recommend getting closer” “Geh, I want Sith. Gotta kill bad Sith. Justice and Ruin to the Sith. Be bad Ruin to the bad Sith.” Fera said nothing, and for the next few moments, the duo simply observed the beasts. A moment of silence on a foreign planet, unsure what the future would bring.
  8. For the entire flight, Ruin was uncharastically quiet. Whether it was because the ship brought back some old programmed memories or because Ruin actually understood that the pilot was under a lot of stress trying to navigate towards the core of the galaxy was unclear. But Ruin remained quiet. The only one who broke the silence was Fera, who informed Ruin of several facts. One was that the location of Byss once was owned by the Sith. Two was the fact about Lok not technically being part of the Jedi order. At this second fact, Ruin did give Fera and then Lok a glance, but still said nothing. Finally, only when the ship made an orbit around the planet, did Ruin rise from his own seat and began to pace around. His voice box started up, beginning its usual mutterings, as if somewhere in the droid’s system a switch was turned on. “Got to burn. Burn and blast. Sith got to die. Sith burn. Let's burn the sith. Burns and blasts and bombs. Sith are stupid, right Jedi?. Lets make them stupid and dead, eh Jedi?” While these statements seemed more directed at Lok, Ruin did give a brief glance at Leena as well after his mutterings. "Where do you want me to land?" “Crash and smash!” Ruin answered whole-heartedly, practically shouting from somewhere deeper in the ship. “Crash and smash anywhere. Just bring me Sith. Crash and bash the Sith good and dead.” Thankfully for everyone else, it seemed the sight of the Sith citadel wasn’t caught on by Ruin or Fera, as the two were busy in the back. Ruin was rechecking and re-polishing his own flechette launcher while Fera crawled around the ship taking inventory of all the supplies on board. “Got to rip some guts. Bash and crash, slash and dash, like you Jedi. Jedi but not Jedi. “ Ruin muttered while rubbing a small cloth over the barrel of his weapon, his words this time very directed at Lok. Even as the ship began to land, the droid seemed more focused on the Imperial Knight then his own weapons. “Jedi but not Jedi. Weird but good. You fight. I fight. Jedi fight. No red blade, just good blade. The why don’t matter, does it? No it doesn’t. As long as you are Jedi, then all is good. I like Jedi, and you are Jedi, but also not Jedi. I don’t mind. Killer healer a Jedi too, so we are all good. Plus pilot good too. Sith gonna die to us, heheh.” At this last statement, Ruin gave a light fist tap at Lok’s shoulder, then a nod as he patted his own holster, his strapped grenade, and the ebony vibro-blade. Ruin looked away and began to pace the ship, bobbing his head up and down, as if some silent song was playing over and over and only he heard it. It only was when the ship actually landed did Fera jump and crawl onto the larger droid’s shoulder, and address anyone who would listen. “Supplies look like they will last us a few days. The generator on board will provide myself and Ruin the power we need, and we have enough ammunition to survive on local wild-life should circumstances turn dire.” “Lets go kill! Lets rip and tear and bash and crash!” Ruin shouted at this. “I recommend we make camp, unless of course we have something more solid as to our goal on this planet?”
  9. While the others spoke and walked, Fera’s little legs struggled to keep up, at first skittering across the forested floor, and when that proved to be occasionally a little slow, resorted to jumping from overturned log to pieces of ruined debris. “While I am not one to believe in matters of faith…” Fera beeped and chatterred while crawling over a piece of metal. “I do know that Ruin has great faith in the Jedi and their insights. No matter their blade color. At this, Fera stopped and gave a glancing look towards Lok’s blade. Whether this was an indication that the buzz droid had noticed Lok was not like most Jedi or something else, she didn’t say. However, she continued her beepings and buzzings as she attempted to keep up with the other two. “If you insinuate there are ‘sith writings’ at play here, I believe that this will satisfy my ward. And if Byss was once held by Sith, then it is appropriate to believe that they are still at work there. Back when I was manufactured, there was only one Sith of note, and now there are considerably more. Sith do not die. They only go to sleep. Ruin understands this to a degree and will go to Byss with enthusiasm” ____ “Don't break anything. Yes I fly very fast” Ruin seemed to nod at this and gave a thumbs up towards the pilot. While Zeris talked with the natives, Ruin seemed to ignore them and continued his inspection of the ship, muttering the entire time. Words about battle, flying, and death flowed from the droid like sludge from a pipe: Intermittently and in bursts. Eventually, Ruin stepped out of the ship, and upon seeing the spear in the pilot’s hands, nodded. “Stabs and skewers. Acids and burns. Good good. But flames and fires better.” At this, Ruin pulled out his X-Pyre grenade and tossed it up and down, almost as if to taunt the natives slightly.
  10. "Leena's this way. Also, I’m your pilot” Ruin followed the female closely behind, glancing at Lok and giving him a scanning over, as if analyzing the man’s walk and facial expressions. “Tensions and Teeth? Or Exhaustions and Exceptions?” Fera didn’t seem to desire to translate the question that Ruin had placed forth, so it was up to the Jedi to draw his own conclusion at what Ruin meant. Finally, the group met the Jedi Healer. Ruin tilted his head when she introduced herself, as if a thousand questions were forming in the silicon brain of the terror droid. Fera even seemed intrigued as it moved from one of Ruin’s large shoulders to the other as if to get a better scan over the being in front of them. “You are quit the cute little buzz droid. Tell me friend, what is your primary designation?” Fera paused for a moment, then started into what seemed to be a memorized and recited introduction. “This semi-independent droid is designation B5-87, codename: RUIN. My designation is F5-18-1. Codename: FERA. You must be Healer Kill?” “Killer Healer.” Ruin stated plainly, head still slightly tilted. “But no weapon? Odd Healer. Jedi Healer? Odd for a Jedi. Still, looks like a Jedi. Two Jedi is good. Better than one. I like. Good for dealing with Sith.” After Leena talked, and the female named Mons mentioned her ship, Ruin’s attention turned towards Mons with pure intention. When she left, Ruin followed, not stating a word for the entire trip. Fera seemed to show a genuine confused expression, as much as a buzz droid could show. Between the glancings back to where the Leena and Lok were left behind and forward towards their captain, Fera’s buzzings turned to a low growl, and jumped off to crawl back to the group to ask his own questions. “Healer Kil, I must ask…” The Buzz droid started, its beepings and chirpings hopefully understood by someone in the area. “Where is it that we are traveling to? Why is this task so unofficial? Are we dealing with something more illicit like our previous mission? Because I believe there is a 45% chance Ruin will go renegade if this mission has nothing to do with the Sith.” Meanwhile, Ruin continued to follow Mons silently, not stealthing his footsteps at all but not stating a single word neither. His silence stopped however the ship became visible. Just as the Mons had said, the ship was a box-like looking vehicle with wings. A true Nu-class shuttle. “Fly and Fry” Ruin said as he stepped closer to the vehicle and placed a metal hand on a wing, creating a slight scratching noise as the palm slid over the metal slowly. “Fly and Fry. Crash and bash. Guns and gas and guts. Smoke and smash. Bad time, good ships.” Ruin looked at Captain Mons, and tilted his head. “Not white? Eh, still good. Fly good. Fly fast. You fly fast? I fly fast. Crash fast too. Flash and crash, heheh. You ever flash and crash?”
  11. The landing of the transport in the Felucian jungle was uneventful. The two droids exited the ship quietly, taking on a brunt of last minute stares before the ship closed itself up and left for other parts of the galaxy. Ruin glanced at the leaving ship once then turned his attention to the jungles around him. “Lots of guts. No guns.” Ruin commented. Fera seemed to nod at this. The people here were still repairing and rebuilding from the Sith attack. People were dismantling wrecked buildings. Soldiers were carrying wounded. Despite the time that had passed, healing for the planet was still needed. But contrary to the pain and destruction that could be seen, the planet was still very alive. “I suggest we find the healer named Kil and carry on with the…” Ruin didn’t listen. A sound had gotten his attention. The pounding of metal fists into wood and debris. Ruin stepped towards where the sound was coming from. Despite all of his weapons holstered, the people who could see the droid couldn’t help but imagine he was ready to attack something. Fera gave what sounded like a sigh and followed, crawling up to his usual shoulder mount. As part of allowing Ruin to become autonomous, he had to be allowed to choose his own path towards his own goals. All Fera could do was advise and guide, and hopefully protect. Ruin came to a stop. A short distance away, the source of the noise was visible. A young humanoid female, with cybernetic arms, was making short work of the debris before her with said arms. After a brief look, Ruin approached. A nearby soldier saw Ruin and went off to notify the people in charge, including the Jedi healer who was busy with the wounded. Ruin came to a stop before the female. Fera gave a few chirps and buzzings, in a cheap imitation of a cough. “Attention undisclosed female. This semi-independent droid is designation B5-87, codename: RUIN. My designation is F5-18-1. Codename: FERA. We are searching for…” “Killer healer. We are looking for a killer healer. And Sith. Got to kill Sith. You got good arms. Good to kill Sith.” At this, Ruin gave a nod towards the female’s arms." “Yes…” Fera continued. “We are looking for Healer Kill. Would you be able to assist us?”
  12. “A Jedi comrade has requezted aid. Protective detail to farthest reaches; far beyond reach of Imperial law. Go to Felucia. Healer Kill you vill report to.” “Want to kill Sith, not that.” Ruin commented, disgruntled at this prospect. However, he was quickly silenced when Fera, perched on his shoulder, gave Ruin’s head a tap like a parent giving their child a smack. “Very well, we shall do that for now Admiral” Fera replied, it's beepings and chirps translated by a nearby soldier. Ruin gave a brief shrug and then turned around to find the nearest ship. He didn't have the same kind of respect for authority that trained soldiers had. He was a droid, and not one programmed by people in this era. Ruin only briefly stopped to give a nod to the Jedi that had worked alongside at the station. "You kill good. More kills then me today. I like. Pity no Sith. We free Onderon someday. Bash and Crash again, yes?" And with that, Ruin moved along. “No Sith. No good. Need to kill Sith. Got to hurt Sith good.” Ruin voiced as the two moved towards a transport. It was clear it would soon be leaving. The fact that it was going to Felucia was a lucky coincidence for the two droids. “Think long term Ruin." Fera jumped off Ruin's shoulder and stood in front of his ward to get his attention. When Ruin didn't stop, Fera instead followed alongside, scrambling to keep up with the Terror Droid's long paces. "They know we are threatening to the Sith. They know you are destructive and wouldn’t send you to a peaceful or delicate situation. So why would they send us, of all things, to protect a healer?” “A killer healer.” Ruin added. The soldiers on the transport gave Ruin and Fera a wide berth. The stained blood on the droid’s chassis was beginning to smell slightly. Still, everyone kept an eye on the two. Word was traveling at the mess the two had caused on Mon Cal, as well as incinerated bodies found on the station. The fact that an Abyssian was found missing an arm didn't help. “Er…yes. Healer Kill, though that man's accent is impossible to translate. I calculate there is a high probability we will see combat that would be indirectly tied to the war with the Sith. However, we must take all of the admiral's words with caution. Given our predicament, until we can legally secure a ship of our own, we must help the Imperials. Then we can explore the galaxy and find where the Sith reside.” “Blood and guts. Guts and guns. Kill the Sith.” Ruin uttered as he finally sat down and took a glance around. “Felucia. We go to Felucia. Healer need protection. Protection from Sith? We kill Sith. Guts and Guns. Swords and Spleens.” Even as the small ship began to take off from the space station, Ruin retrieved his own vibrosword and, utilizing a piece of metal, began to clean and resharpen the black blade.
  13. “Click click…Boom!” Ruin muttered as he pumped the barrel of the flachette launcher, turned a corner and fired. The point-blank spread of metal shrapnel tore the human’s face and neck and upper chest to shreds, leaving behind a flayed skull leaking blood and brains against a metal wall. “Click click…” Ruin muttered again as he pumped the barrel once more. Fera gave what sounded like a sigh. “While it pleases me that you have developed some kind of enjoyment from this activity…” Fera began, its binary clicking and clacks barely audible in an attempt to maintain some form of stealth. “Boom boom!” Ruin roared as he clicked the gun trigger. The criminal screamed in pain, as the shot was a bit more aimed towards the groin area rather than the face. The man dropped his weapons and himself to the ground, most likely knowing these were his last moments. “But perhaps there are more effective ways of dealing with these criminals? You are capable of higher cognition, and I believe you should utilize it as well as trying to stay within the parameters set by… Fera didn’t finish. Turning around the corner, Ruin was met with a flurry of blaster fire. At the far end of the hallway, three more criminals had set up what looked like a smuggled repeating blaster turret, complete with its own generator. The criminals were scared. It was clear from their wide eyed faces that was the case, and they were getting desperate. Thankfully, scared meant inaccurate, and Ruin barely got behind the corner where the one dying criminal was losing blood. The hall lit up like Life day as the criminals at the far end yelled and screamed profanities at their attacker. “Analyzing targets” Fera commented, having jumped off his carrier to peer around the corner. “Three targets. All human. Last ones in this building by my calculations” “Good, good! Brains and Burns! Burn their brains!!” Ruin chuckled and roared. Down went the flechette launcher. In his right, Ruin grabbed the X-Pyre grenade. And in his left… “Get up! You gonna be the brains! Friends be the burn! Haha!” Ruin commented as the already bled-out corpse was hefted up by its shirt. Literally now holding a meat shield, Ruin dashed into the open, inviting the gunfire. The heat and the force of the shots hitting the corpse-shield made Ruin pause a moment, but barely. The sizzling of flesh was barely overheard over the laser fire and Ruin’s laughter. The droid pushed forward to get behind another wall corner, if only for a moment of respite. “Burn it up! Burn and Brains!” Ruin stepped back into the open and pushed the small button on top of the grenade. The small device locked into place and began a mechanical clicking of a timer, indicating how long it would be until detonation. Ruin threw the device and jumped back. Moments later, the grenade erupted. The released aerosol worm-spit caught fire with a roar. The fireball consumed all, caring not for what life was in the way, nor what metal it destroyed. Several minutes later, Ruin finally stepped around the corner. Like candles, the now charred-black bodies were still burning, giving off a horrible odor. Bits of Worm-Spit scattered over the area continued to burn as well, melting through solid metal like a plasma torch. The gun and generator were completely melted into disuse by this point, but Ruin gave no indication of care. “Heh, burns and brains. Lots of burns. No more brains.” Ruin commented. “Indeed” Fera commented. “I will radio the others, let them know that this building has been completely cleared out. Hopefully they won’t mind that we had to take such drastic actions, but given the weaponry these criminals were carrying…” Ruin only gave a shrug and moved towards to the nearest door to the outside streets.
  14. Four bodies laid on the floor bleeding out as Ruin pulled the blood-stained blade out of the fifth one. The vibrosword's battery had somehow died during the last slash and now was wedged in some tree tough bones of a Sylphes. Ruin had to put one foot on the corpse so the blade could come loose, now covered with acidic looking green blood. “Slash and Dash. Kill and crash. Good kill. Good kills.” Fera gave out a warning shriek from his perch. Ruin looked up just in time to dodge the incoming fire of several disruptors. Two gangsters had emerged from the stairs leading onto the roof, and had ambushed the two droids. They were too far away for Ruin to charge them, so instead he had dived for cover. The men shouted something non-basic. Perhaps a call for a surrender. Perhaps a threat. Either way, it was lost on the two droids. “Gah, slash and dash! No, guns and guts! Give me guts! Give me guns!” One of the men screamed as Fera had landed on him. Instantly his eyes had caught on fire as Fera’s still functional plasma torch made its best efforts to perform eye surgery on the man. The man’s partner turned, shocked at seeing the buzz droid viciously attacking his comrade. The man with Fera on him stumbled and fell back down the stairs. His partner reached out to do something. Anything. Perhaps he could smack the buzz droid off, or pull his friend back from the stairs. Instead however, he did nothing, as his entire body vaporized in an instant. Ruin held the disruptor pistol in one hand and sword in the other. One of the dead corpses laid next to him with its holster opened and emptied. “Groovy” Ruin stated as he looked over the weapon. Fera scuttled over, his target now completely blind and falling down the stairs. “Ruin. Weapons known as disruptors are illegal in all known systems, with punishments up to and including dismantlement on sight. While these reasons are illogical at best, I recommend…" Before Fera could finish, Ruin dismantles the pistol into two seperate pieces. The handle and the barrel were now completely separated, and only some quick welding would put these useless parts back together. “Tiny gun. Erases big guts. We keep.” As ruin talked he slipped the handle onto his side, clipping it to his own waist line. With the barrel, he tapped his own chest, which opened slightly, revealing wires and gears galore. The Terror droid slammed the barrel inside unceremoniously and closed himself back up, hiding the illicit part of the weapon away. For now, the weapon was hidden away, and only a thorough scan would find the parts, identify them as pieces of a disruptor. “Very well sir. Let's keep moving then. I believe the Jedi is moving towards the warehouse. However this building still shows multiple life signs inside our building. I recommend we deal with any potential threats here first to help everyone else” Ruin nodded and put away the rest of his gear. Now he equipped only his flechette launcher. “Guts and guns. Guns and guts. Lets make some guts with guns. Haha!”
  15. “No bash and crash? Ha! Slash and dash!” Ruin chuckled at Lok’s warning. The ship was descending towards the station faster and faster now, with sector seven directly ahead. Two TIE fighters passed by on the right, followed with some comm chatter coming in on the ship’s radio. However, Fera simply silenced the comms with a couple of slicings from a buzz saw. “It's not like they would approve of what Ruin intends to do. Nothing violent mind you, but definitely not procedure.” Fera commented, climbing back onto Ruin’s shoulder. “Haha, they have boring talk! Violence is the way! I must slash and dash! They be bad! They be dead...” Ruin replied and began to level out the ship to the station. Fera seemed to give the binary equivalent of a sigh The distance to sector 7 was relatively a good distance away. The ships automatic systems kicked in to slow the ship as much as possible, despite Ruin's intentions. The ground below became a blur of movement. And the ship was still descending. Without warning, Ruin stood up, wrested the chair from the floor, and shoved it into the pilot controls. After a moment of wedging it tightly into place, Ruin gave Lok a look and uttered something. "Landing too slow. We jump, heheh" Without waiting for a response, Ruin moved past the Jedi and towards the ships rear. With a single slam, Ruin manually forced the ship's landing ramp to open up. The moment the ramp opened to the outside, all noise was impossible to hear due to the deafening air resistance Ruin tried to say something to the Jedi, but when that proved impossible, he shrugged and moved onto the ramp. Fera thankfully was able to communicate through the Jedi's comms. “We will be taking the quick route onto the building with the largest number of lives scanned from Imperial Ships. Looks like the warehouse nearby has Imperial Forces on it already, so we are support. This ship’s engine is set to overheat and explode, so you can’t stay here. Please lengthen your landing as much as possible to avoid broken bones.” “Haha! Crash and bash! Slash and dash and thrash! Make them afraid! Make them all afraid!” Ruin tried to scream in the screeching wind resistance, then turned and jumped off the landing ramp. The jump was a short one. Ruin’s flying had brought the ship dangerously low, viewable by anyone who could be looking in the general direction. The building in question had a number of criminals on the roof, opening fire at the ship that was passing by, the soldiers across the way, and now the descending object plummeting towards them. Just as Fera had suggested to Lok, Ruin extended his landing as much as possible. The momentum from the ship already had him going forward, which he turned into a roll and quickly returned to his feet. The next moment was followed by gunfire, and Ruin dashing towards the nearest criminal as Fera jumped off and crawled to a safer spot. “Slash and Dash!” Ruin screamed as he pulled out and activated the vibrosword he had taken earlier. The first criminal fell quickly, and already Ruin was moving towards another. “Keep moving! Dash and Slash! Dont stop! Keep dashing, keep slashing! Hahaha yes! Slash and slash some more!” Ruin cheered himself as he brought the blade down on another criminal, cleaving between the neck and shoulder. His laughter and slaughter was so loud that the people on the warehouse could hear Ruin’s maniacal energy. "Snipers are being taken care of over here" Fera communicated in binary to the soldiers at the warehouse while standing on the building's attanea. Hopefully their comms would pick up the Buzz Droid's chattering and beeping. ( @Johanna Bryce). "We will be over to assist as soon as possible if needed."
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