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  1. Lendron was glad things managed to get accomplished so smoothly. In truth, he was pleased that he hadn't had to haggle with organic life, but that the system here had been very quick and definitive, not needing to consult with higher authorities or prone to pointless haggling. He arranged to pick up the droids in batches of a hundred thousand, with payment at each pickup point. Since droids didn't need living quarters, it would be quite possible to load them in their existing forces, including his own sizable MC95. The assault vehicles would be most useful, especially since it would allow their organic soldiers to be a bit safer than if they were normal infantry. With the last of the business concluded, he took his fleet back into hyperspace to the next mission.
  2. After going over the plans, Lendron and his crew narrowed down on the Sentinel models of droids. The Grandmaster and the Jedi Military Council wanted droids that could function independently, but also be controlled by an override signal just in case. They didn't want to put massive amounts of money into a small number of super capable droids. There was a fine line between needing numbers versus going with pure quality. The Jedi Order wasn't particularly wealthy, especially with needing to put most of their funding into the Navy and its extremely expensive ships and crews. That is why the Grandmaster wanted him to purchase an army: it might be less expensive than training and maintaining a living army and casualties would not be mourned. He submitted a request for a million of these to be produced and then asked for pricing and financing plans. The Jedi didn't have enough money to pay for everything up front, but they could put a down payment on the army. The rest of the funds would be coming, reliant on the Grandmaster's plans elsewhere.
  3. It didn't take long before they were able to receive a reply. "Personal tours are not necessary," he said, and though it may or may not matter to an AI, he added, "the efficiency and quality of Mechis III's products speak for themselves." It couldn't hurt to flatter the suppliers, especially when the statement was true. "What we are needing today is a tour of the selection you offer for battle droids as well as ground and atmospheric combat vehicles you offer. If it is within your allowances, you can send the brochure to my ship, otherwise, if you give landing coordinates, I can meet whatever representative you choose down on the surface."
  4. The MC95 heavy destroyer Stalwart Guidance and its escorting frigates and corvettes dropped out of hyperspace a respectful distance from the planet in front of them. On its bridge, Admiral Neldis sat in his command chair and considered the situation in front of him. He hated the idea of going to this planet and approaching an outside entity for help, but times were desperate. The Jedi Order had always relied on volunteers and donations for its support, never purchasing third party mercenaries or begging others for help. In these times, though, it was a necessity and he understood it. Many planets in the Galaxy opposed the Sith authoritarianism and evil, but they couldn't always take a stand publicly. Donations, both private and quietly from governments, had been flowing into the Jedi and their Rebel partners, but money alone couldn't win this war. Until intergalactic currency was made entirely of explosive materials that could be lobbed at an enemy, money was best spent buying other weapons, and that is what he was here to do. For what he intended on doing, the Jedi didn't have all of the money, but other plans were in motion to rectify that and he could at least make a good down payment. His crew scanned for what seemed to be the most likely official channels for the automated corporation that controlled this planet and linked him in to it. "I am Admiral Lendron Neldis of the Jedi Order Armed Forces and I am here on behalf of the Order to conduct some business that should interest you."
  5. Battle klaxons sped the adrenaline of all on board as the Jedi fleet dropped out of hyperspace over Chandrila ready for a fight. Only a few of the men and women who were here in the Relief Force under Knight Sarna were among those in the fleet here today, but all were eager to liberate the planet and get justice against the Mandalorian marauders. The mighty bulk of the Stalwart Guidance and its smaller escorts formed up and prepared to clear the space around Chandrila from the hostiles and send their hulks burning down to hell just as they had the innocents over Coruscant. It had taken longer than he had wanted, but the time was neigh to get vengeance. Fighters and bombers launched and began picking targets while their Ranger Gunships prepared to offer anti-fighter and bomber cover to the capital ships. They would clear out a path among the enemy ships to allow the landing force of thousands of soldiers to start the liberation of the surviving population centers. The escorting force would coordinate with the Misericordia cover it from any enemy fighters while the it and the Guidance cut through larger enemy ships with their more impressive firepower.
  6. A small fleet of ships bearing Jedi Order Combined Armed Forces idents formed up above Nar Shaddaa, waiting to join forces from the Rebellion to liberate Chandrilla from the Mandalorian crusaders. The centerpiece of the fleet was the newly designed MC95B heavy destroyer Stalwart Guidance, but it was escorted by three MC30c frigates and a half dozen Ranger gunships. Admiral Neldis was on board the Guidance waiting for his allies to be ready to depart.
  7. Admiral Neldis received word that the Empress had returned from an ill advised meeting with the Sith and was now in the medical wards. Neldis shook his head at that since he figured that would have been a suicidal venture. The Sith couldn't be trusted, ever, and it seemed that Zinthos had learned that the hard way. On Almania, he had dealt with a heavily authoritarian group and knew they didn't like any dissent nor did they really negotiate in any sense of good faith. As much as he would like to come up with a bit of an "I told you so" directed at the younger woman, he refrained from it. As much as he hated politics, he realized that he would need the support of Zinthos and the other Imperials if he was going to successfully raise a fleet sufficient to liberate Chandrila from the barbarian Mandalorians. He was keenly interested in trying the capacities of the newly built and delivered Stalwart Guidance and there was nothing quite as good as getting some revenge against the mindless brutes for what happened on Coruscant and Chandrila. He waited at the medical wards until the Empress was able to receive him, then came forward. "Empress Zinthos, it is good to see you back. As much as I would like to strike back at the Sith for their blasphemy and treachery, I feel that a better move would be to liberate Chandrila from the Mandalorians before it is completely spoiled. I know it wasn't an Imperial planet, but I am hoping that you would be willing to contribute resources and ships to its cause. It serves as a vital position in the Core, but it also serves as a link between Borleias and Carida. Keeping it in our control would help us keep a link between the planets and a possible striking point for raids against Sith forces on Coruscant."
  8. LENDRON NELDIS' CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Lendron Neldis A.K.A: Homeworld: Almania Species: Human Physical Description Age: 52 Height: 5'11" Weight: 175lbs Hair: black Eyes: brown Sex: male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Jedi Armed Forces uniform Weapon: blaster sidearm Common Inventory: commlink Faction Information Non-Force Sensitive Alignment: Lawful Good Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Order (Armed Forces) Current Faction Rank: Admiral Task Forces Destroyer Group: Feet Command One Capital Ship Experience: Green, 1XP Composition: Mon Calamari MC95B Stalwart Guidance Captain Saeog Moorth Tours of Duty: Fleet Command: organize a task force over Nar Shaddaa to liberate Chandrilla Description: The task force consists of a single, newly designed and deployed MC95B heavy destroyer. The Stalwart Guidance is primarily designed to be a fleet command and control ship as the head of the Jedi Order's affiliated Armed Forces. Admiral Neldis operates primarily from this ship when not on Nar Shaddaa. Defensive Escort: Defensive Fire 3 Frigates, 6 Corvettes Experience: Green 1XP Composition: 3 MC30c frigates 6 Ranger gunships Tours of Duty: Liberation of Chandrilla Description: This task force is predominantly focused on defensive actions, covering a larger capital ship from enemy corvettes and fighters so that the capital ship can focus on enemy frigates and capitals. The six Ranger gunships focus on intercepting and reducing enemy fighters and bombers while the MC30c's engage corvettes and the occasional frigate. This group is not intended on fighting alone, but in conjunction with a larger force. ((This character is played by Travis as a way to split duties between the Jedi Order (Adenna) and the military forces aligned to it (Neldis). All PMs should go to Travis.))
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