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  1. “Alright, I guess it is a little simpler” he turned to see the imperial officer walking away and sighed. He turned back towards Mythos to see that he was leaving, he quickly shuffled up behind him “so exactly will we be doing other than the evacuation?” He glanced up at the brute and then he peered around at the people, his eyes constantly scanning people. He’s had a sharp eye since he was young, so it’s easy to say he notices what others cannot.
  2. Briggs’ arms relaxed when he saw the officer take his helmet off. “Seems like everyone’s being friendly now ” he slipped his blasters into their holsters and grinned “so, what’s this about a mission?” He tapped his foot while looking up at the big guy
  3. Briggs smirked as he set his DC-17’s to stun and moved towards them. Once he got within 7ft of the He stopped and crossed his arms, blasters in hand. ”So you guys like picking on people who can’t fight back.” The biggest guy turned to him his muscles protruding from a shirt that seemed to be a size too small. His canines showed in an ogre like fashion. “Why don’t you just get out of here before I make you” His voice was deep and rough. He had scars all down his face from some kind of canine creature. “Phew! I can smell you from here” Briggs holding his nose and gagging chuckled a bit. The big guy charged Briggs angrily, Briggs sidestepped and with the hilt of his blaster rendered the brute unconscious. Briggs kicked him making sure he was knocked out. The other two went to draw there blasters, one was tall and slender and the other was short, stocky, kinda dwarf like. Briggs drew both his blasters and aimed at them both. The way he held his blasters were reminiscent of the old arc troopers. The two drew their blasters and the three were locked in a standoff. ”Well then, you two can either drop your guns or we can have a little fun. Choose wisely”
  4. @ISB Officer(s) Briggs thought about it for a second, tapping his foot and fiddling with the hilt of his blaster “Sure I’ll do it.” He pushed himself from the wall detecting a few nasty looking people robbing someone down an alley. “Yeah I’m up for the training but what should we do about them?” He asked pointing towards them.
  5. @ISB Officer(s) Briggs looked at the guard and said “Sure as long as I get supplies like food” Briggs then crossed his arms and sighed. He thought about what kind of jobs he would be given and how much supplies he’d be given. He grabbed one of his blasters and said “and these aren’t for show.” He flipped it around his finger before slipping it into his holster. “So what will I be doing exactly?” He asked as he leaned against a nearby wall.
  6. Briggs was flying through the galaxy when he noticed he was low on supplies. He sighed and veered to his left approaching a planet. He flew into the planets atmosphere and slowly made his way towards the surface near a city. When he eventually landed he put his holsters on and put his DC-17 blasters in them as he stood up and made his way to the exit. He pressed a button and a mechanical whine came along with a beautiful sunshine. He looked out at the planet for a second taking it in before heading out towards the city. As he got there he was met with many people rustling around trying to find their way to wherever they could be going. He made his way to some kind of market area, “Why does there have to be so many people” he whispered to himself as he made his way through the maze that was the city’s market.
  7. Identity Real Name: Briggs Fett A.K.A: Briggs Homeworld: Unknown Species: Human Clone Physical Description Age: 20 Height: 6’ Weight: 174 lbs Hair: Jangos style and color Eyes: Brown Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Briggs wears a black vest with a very dark green shirt. He also wears black tactical pants. Weapon: He uses two DC-17’s. Common Inventory: Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-Force User Alignment: Good Current Faction Affiliation: Galactic Alliance Current Faction Rank: Recruit History Force Side: Trained by: Trained who: Known Skills: Can collect bounties Background: Created on an unknown planet by another Clone who trained him to be much like an Arc trooper. The other Clone treated Briggs like a son so naturally Briggs assumed he was his father. Eventually Briggs’ “father” died due to his accelerated growth. Briggs was not given accelerated growth due to it not being needed. He eventually took his fathers ship and took off to roam the galaxy. Ship Registration Name: B.C. Luisa Class: Fighter Model: Series 2 Manufacturer: Kamino Length: 16.9 meters Armaments: laser cannons and proton torpedoes Armor: Light armor Anti-Personnel Defenses: A code is needed to activate the ship and if it is entered wrong the ship will go into a sort of lock down mode and it alerts Briggs. Modifications:
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