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  1. Jax grinned under his head and decided to take the basilisk, this had proven to be well worth his time and he'd gained a reputation with the Sith which would hopefully help him out in getting future jobs and a steady stream of income. As he looked around he saw the ruins of a crumbling Coruscant and was questioning would want the place after the amount of damage they had caused to get it. Still, that was non of his business he'd been paid, now was the time to leave. Or so he thought. As he went to leave he noticed a group of soldiers approaching the building, 'Why are the Sith bringing in more troops? the fights over and it seems these fella's missed it.' he thought as he walked towards them on the way to his ship.
  2. Jax turned to look at the Sith Lord listening in on the Sith and bots conversation, though to Jax seemed to be nothing more than a quick briefing of the situation. Unsure wether the building was clear Jax checked the live feed of his camera's he'd set up earlier looking for any sign of the Mandalorian raiders. To Jax, these men had broken the Code of Honor, having proven disloyal and dishonorable by their actions risking the lives of the rest of their clan and their senseless slaughter of men who were of no match for even a single madalorian. However, he pushed these thoughts aside instead thinking about the task ahead and once again turning his attention to the live feed.
  3. (Oh s***, Sorry gray forgot about you saying that you responded) Jax nodded in understanding to Scar before preparing himself for combat. Priming his blaster rifle and falling into the best position to engage from with the Sith war bots.
  4. Jax nodded to Scar and began following the death troopers trying to avoid any unnecessary contact with the enemy. "What exactly are we trying to secure Scar?" Jax asked still unsure as to what the Dread company was looking for.
  5. Primary Account: Jax Discord Username: Shadow91062 Real first name: Ryan Active Characters: Jax
  6. Jax realized his mistake and shut his comms down, not needing the music to give away his position. He attempted to determine where dread company was headed based off the search pattern they were using, while maintaining cover.
  7. Jax curses under his breath at the sudden arrival of dread company. He sighs before yelling out, "Stand down dread company, friendly bounty hunter in the AO, no hostiles!" Jax quickly types away at the holopad that he had and sends the contract info over to the Dread company commander to confirm he was supposed to be here.
  8. Jax silently curses under his breath seeing the exiled mandalorians show up, he quickly pulls up his comm and sends a message to the Sith who contracted him reading, "Dread company here. Searching for something. Will attempt to steal item before they do. Prepare a Evac force in vicinity. Make sure all troops are aware NOT to approach museum. Message End." Jax sighs and examines the search pattern Dread company is currently using before making any further moves.
  9. Jax quickly got out of the pirates in the foyers sights before turning his attention the pirate captain leading the charge into the museum, He quickly fired a blaster bolt into the Pirate captains head to complete the bounty, now all he needed to do was kill as many of the Pirates as possible and return for credits. As he thought this he fired off 3 more shots nailing the other pirates that had come into the museum with the captain in various locations. Confident he'd at least disabled the pirates for the moment he charged up to higher ground to take out the pirates in the Foyer before the ion grenade wore off.
  10. Jax curses under his breath, he see's the two pirates attempting to flank him and immediately shoots the one on the left in the flank with his blaster pistol and the other with the blaster rifle in the chest. With the two most immediate threats dealt with Jax throws an Ion grenade up at the pirates in the Foyer to disable their weapons and give him some breathing room. After the ion grenade goes off Jax bolts to better cover to deal with the pirate he'd missed earlier and the rest of the pirates that were beginning to flood into the building. (Alright, I'll begin doing that... or attempting at least. I'm used to a pvp Rp and I don't like stating I hit or miss since I don't know exactly what the other player intends to do + it seems like a jackass move to say "And I blasted you in the head I win" If you get what I mean, so need to adjust to PvE)
  11. (K thx for the advice) Jax get's to cover before using his Blaster rifle to blast the pirate that had called him out in the head before turning his attention to the pirates trying to get into better positions up on the roof. He quickly moved to new cover that insured that he was behind cover no matter which of them shot at him. Once in position he double checked on the video feed he had of the front door, ready to turn and blast any pirate that entered in the chest, but he was also paying close attention to how far the pirates had progressed on getting through the panes and was ready to open fire on them depending on who got in first. (Experimenting with my formatting let me know which you prefer, my normal block, this, something in the middle, Etc.)
  12. Jax quickly jumped back from the pirate, dodging his attack before once again using his blaster pistol to shoot the pirate in the chest twice. He turned his attention to the explosion, holstering his blaster pistol and unslinging his rife and shooting at any pirates entering the museum.
  13. Jax saw the 2 pirates get told to flank around to an open window and Jax knew that they would be coming through right where he was, so he prepared his blaster pistol and staff. When he sees them come around he shoot's the first one in the chest sending him flying back while Jax brings his staff down on the 2nd pirates head before shooting him. Jax quickly checks the camera feeds to see where the pirates were.
  14. Jax watched through a small video feed in his helmet that showed him the camera outside. Seeing that one of the bikes had stopped on top of his thermal detonator he set it off, blowing the speeder up and killing multiple of the pirates. He watched for a couple more seconds so as to give him clear feed to count the kill count and insure that the pirates didn't just run off, since if they did he would have to reposition up onto the roof and attempt to snipe the leader or driver.
  15. Jax clicks on the assassination job, informing the Sith of which job he had decided to take and storing it on his data pad to inform any local law enforcement of what he was doing, after he'd decided on the job he landed as near to the Museum of Coruscant as he could get. Once he landed he quickly grabbed his weapons and gear and started heading towards the museum. As he arrives a few guards stop him, "Halt! what is your purpose here?" Jax quickly brings up his data pad and shows them the contract at which point they let him in. He takes a quick look around the building looking for a good spot to lay an ambush, he decides to go back out side and set up camera's so he can A prove he killed them and B keep an eye on what is going on outside. Once he finishes that he set's up a thermal detonator just far enough away not to hurt any of the guards too badly, but still likely to kill multiple of the pirates on their most likely route. As he finishes setting up outside he heads back inside and set's up an ion grenade tripwire in the door way so that when they come in it would momentarily disable all blasters and electronics within 10ft in any direction of the entry way. Jax set's up with his blaster rifle about 35ft away up high with his blaster rifle, it wasn't completely sturdy and it was no perfect spot, but for the first couple of shots it should work before jumping down to fight cover to cover.
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