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  1. Mike stood up from the barstool which he borne his weight for the past hour. Things were winding down, and the thrill of battle had dulled, as he found it hard to find a challenge worthy of him. Throwing down a few credits to pay for his drinks, he walked casually to his ship, the Shadow Strike, boarding the sleek beauty and firing up the repulsorlifts. With a flick of a switch, he cut in the sublight engines as well, and punched the throttle, the ship blasting away from the little hole in the wall of a bar, and causing a devestating sonic boom, which would make glass shatter and ears pop. Within moments, he had breached the atmosphere, and was heading for space. He was rich, he was famous, he was feared. But, above all, he was bored. The hum of the lightsaber, the screech of the vibroblade, the sound of blasterfire, none of this thrilled him the way it used to. He didn't need the money, he had more credits than he could spend in a hundred lifetimes, his main reason for staying in the hunt was the enjoyment he got from battle, but, that had gone, and there was little reason for him to continue in this proffession. With thoughts of a long, peaceful retirement in mind, Mike pulled the hyperspace lever, and as the swirling miasma of hyperspace took him, he went forth to parts unknown.
  2. Throughout the spectacularly incendiary fight between Joshua and the unnamed opponent, Mike had his attention turned towards his datapad, as he typed out a message, encrypting it on a datacard in a mid-level encryption code. Shortly after completing the encryption, a large, rat-like being obsequiously drops a device at Mike's feet. Raising his hand, he pulled the device towards his outstretched palm, grabbing it out of mid air, and sliding it into his belt. Once The clawdite had dispatched the obviously mentally unbalanced attacker, Mike faced the newest recruit, throwing the datacard to him. "I want you to take this to Smash Daisaku, at the Black Sun Citadel on Coruscant. After presenting him with this, you will await further instructions from him. If you fail to do this, you will be ejected from the Elite Mercs. If you attempt to read the contents of the datacard, you will die." "Get going."
  3. Mike sat at the tapcaf, draining his glass of scotch. Things had gotten so boring lately, and it was amazing that in such a violent galaxy, full of misdeeds and wrongdoings, that no one had a bounty to post. His musings were cut short, however, when the new recruit arrived, and asked about a prospective 'drinking contents'. Mike's response was a roll of his eyes. He then reached under the table, and into a bucket of ice, and within a half second, a bottle of ale was flying towards Joshua's head. While hurling the bottle, however, Mike felt a familiar presence, which was accompanied by an unfamiliar ship. Hm, I wonder when Tekkan got rid of the Harmatia. He grabbed a second bottle, and hurled it at Tekkan, who had just came down the landing ramp of the ship, using the Force to propel the bottle further and faster.
  4. Mike muttered something under his breath about the goddamned Prima Donna former-Sith, and considered following the ship and shooting it down. However, bellow his ship, Mike could see the Clawdite taking on two Nexu. He wasn't sure whether it was brave of foolish, but it took guts, either way. Guts, which it looked like were about to be ripped asunder if the fight kept going the way it was. Joshua had managed to kill one of the Nexu, but the second was still alive and dangerous. Not only that, but the reek was on it's way. Quickly lowering the Shadow Strike to 30 feet above the ground, Mike engaged the control lock and ran for the egress ramp, opening it with a wave of his hand and diving out ino mid air. Falling towards the still-living Nexu, Mike maneuvered himself so that he would land feet first, and aimed himself to land right behind the Nexu's head. He was on target, and the Nexu died instantly as Mike crushed its throat between his falling mass. Going into a roll, he unsheathed his lightsaber, the snap-hiss giving way to a silver beam of energy. He took off at a dead run towards the oncoming Reek. When the two charging predators were about to collide, Mike dove low, and rolled taking off the animal's front left leg. As the animal began to fall forwards, Mike leapt up, onto the back of the beast and plunged his lightsaber throw the base of the Reek's skull, cooking it's brain with the blade. The animal let loose an inhuman howling, which was mercifully silenced when Mike flicked his blade around, the beam of energy destroying the last of the Reek's brain, finally killing it. Gathering the Force beneath him, Mike leapt upward with all his strength, using the Force to further propel him, and landed on the entry ramp of his ship. Making his way back to the controls, he engaged the comm system, and sent a message to Sticks, telling him to get himself cleaned up, and meet him in the local cantina. Flying the ship towards the rendezvous, Mike landed the Strike and waited.
  5. Mike sighed as he saw the exchange between his two newest recruits. "First of all, I want both of you to stow your attitudes. You are here to work together, and any sort of rivalry between you will just be a hinderance. And, if this hinderance continues. I will kill both of you myself." He saw the felt the reaction from Jareth, it was part way between surprise, disgust and understanding. "Please do not take this as a threat, merely a warning. I will not let the prosperity of this unit be comprimised." "Now, as the unpleasantness is out of the way, we can get onto business. At the moment, we have no jobs waiting for us, so we will train until something comes up. First on the agenda is teamwork." Without warning, Mike lashed out, quickly sweeping the legs out from under Stykes, and flipping Jareth onto his back, right next to where Stykes lay. He cuffed them together, before either of them could get up. Now they would have to work together. "Those, are electrocuffs. Either of you act un a manner which I find unfitting of an Elite merc, and you get a shock" Mike demonstrated, removing a small remote from his belt and pressing the button, assaulting the with a mild shock. "Go over there," he said, gesturing to a nearby arena." and you will find your challenge. A Reek and two Nexu. I want you to work together to kill both of them in combat. No long range sniper shots, and no Force chokes." "I will be watching." Mike then simply walked to his ship and piloted it over to the indicated arena.
  6. Mike chuckled slightly at Jareth's comment about his nose. "And I see that you have regained your depth perception." Mike retorted, taking a verbal jab at the eye which Jareth had lost to Mike's attack the last time that they had met. He glanced at the other fighter. Joshua Stykes, aka Sticks. He had been watching this hunter for quite sometime. When he saw the wookiee step out onto the battlefield, he thought for a moment that he had miscalculated, until he remembered the rather unique talents which Clawdite's held. They were changelings. A trick which may come in handy. "No doubt both of you have heard of the Elite Mercenary Unit. Well, we are in the process of taking in new recruits, and, as I just mentioned, you two are our best prospects for the positions. I am here to offer you a part on our team."
  7. The Clawdite's blade struck a solid object. However, instead of the sound which would be associated with the cutting of flesh, a sharp clang was heard, as the blade hit that of Mike's, who had covered the distance between his vantage point and the two combatants in the space of a half second, aided by the Force. Joshua's blade was hurled aside easily by a flick from Mike's own sword, his inhuman strength the product of the Black Sun muscular enhancements. Standing between the two warriors, Mike smiled, more than prepared for a secondary attack, which may come from either of the fighters, angry at having their duel interrupted. "Settle down. It wouldn't be right to have my two best prospects kill eachother. If you are prepared to listen, I have an offer that both of you should find... Intriguing to say the least."
  8. As the message hit him, Mike finally realised what had been so familiar about the young man, who had cloaked himself in the Force. It was Jareth, a man he had known for ages. The potential for this fight had just gotten way more interesting. As a reply to Jareth's question, Mike merely smiled and shrugged. He was here as an impartial observer, not as some master of puppets. He would decide the combatants merits on the way they fought. And he knew Jareth could fight well. He had the scars to prove it.
  9. The Shadow Strike came out of Hyperspace above the hovering blood drop known as Rattatak. It's sole occupant, the infamous Mike Attard had come, looking for combatants. For Elite combatants, to help him reform the Elite Merc Unit. The Strike slid down through the atmosphere of the battle hardened planet, heading straight to the Cauldron, a place of violence, bloodshed and death. His kind of place. As the ship came to rest, the boarding ramp opened with a hiss of decompressed air, and Mike strode out, glancing at the two beings which currently stood on the field of battle. A wookiee, and a man. Both, however, were anomalies. Neither were what they seemed. This fight would be very interesting.
  10. The four projectiles hit the dojo with devastating results. The Diamond Boron missiles hitting first, striking the lower levels of the building, and causing it to collapse in on itself, the graceful building becoming a mass of tumbling debris. Moments later, the slower, but more powerful of the projectiles, the Proton torpedoes hit the building; ensure the deaths of countless jedi hopefuls with billowing flame and a vicious explosion. Flames jetted out of the site of the explosion into the area where the Blademaster and the wookiee were battling the Vornskyrs, roasting the downed blademaster, turning his flesh into ash. The heat also reached the large wookiee, but, he was quicker to react, and the heat only gave him minor burns, singeing patches of his hair. Back on the Shadow Rider, Mike didn't have a chance to enjoy the destruction he had caused, as he was busy dealing with the bucking winds, threatening to tear his ship apart. Opening up on the throttle, the ship blasted through the impromptu weather phenomenon, only to be confronted by an armada of Rebel ships. Knowing when to fight and when to run was an important thing for anybody, and Mike knew that this was a battle he couldn't win. Opening up the throttle to full speed, and diverting all discretionary power to his engines and shields. The sleek craft flew through the atmosphere, and away from the rapidly approaching Rebel ships. Shedding atmosphere and fighters, diving and weaving trying to avoid being destroyed by whatever weapons the rebels had on them. The Strike headed for open space, and began calculating a hyperspace jump. The ship hit hyperspace just in time, with two of the leading fighters coming within range to begin blasting. They would almost certainly be able to track him. But, this fight would be fought on his terms, not on theirs. As the swirling miasma, and subsequent safety, of hyperspace overtook him, he had time to wonder how all those ships had managed to show up in the time between his announcement of his intentions, and when his missiles hit the Dojo. It couldn't have been more than a minute, but there was, apparently, enough time for the rebels to hear about the attack, and arrive from wherever they were. Amazing.
  11. There was little conflict in Mike once he recieved the comm. After all, this was a better deal. Several priceless items from a powerful Sith Lord, and the added notches to his record, as opposed to playing babysitter to a bunch of Jedi. It was no contest. Pausing a moment to send a comm to Kheldar informing him, respectfully, of the end of their deal. He then sent a second comm, this time to the Surface of Borleias, to the Jedi Dojo. "I have just recieved a better offer. Prepare to die" Then, angling the Shadow Strike towards the dojo, he opened up the engines and engaged the shields, the ship screaming down towards the surface at an unbelievable speed. Once inside the atmosphere, he began to decellerate, and, once he found a suitable speed, he reached over to his left, hitting a few keys and priming his Diamond Boron Missiles and Proton Torpedoes. Reaching out with his thoughts, he focused on the beings within the training centre, who would be atomized in mere moments. If any of them attempted to launch a counter attack, he would know. With a gentle push on his control yoke, he pointed the nose of the craft towards the main target. The Jedi Dojo, and fired Four projectiles streaked forth from the Strike, all heading towards the building housing tomorrows Jedi. The subsequent, and inevitable, explosions would completely obliterate anything and anyone in or around the dojo. Death had came to Borleias,
  12. Above the skies of Borleias, a sleek ship came out of hyperspace with a flicker of psuedomotion, heading down towards the surface of the planet. It stopped approximately 20km short of the atmosphere, and sent out a comm to the Jedi Dojo below. "This is Mike Attard, bounty hunter. I have been hired to protect you from The Empire and the Sith, for the time being."
  13. Mike puts his stylus to the flimsiplast and scribbles down his signature. "Protection, right. And the Shadow Strike is working beautifully, thank you." He turned on his heel, the trenchcoat swishing around behind him as he left the large building, heading towards his ship. Upon reaching the ship, he noticed that there were two large crates sitting in his cargo hold. Satisfied with the delivery, he walked into the cockpit and fired up the engines, lifting the ship of the ground and blasting into space. His next stop would be Borleias, to 'protect' the Jedi.
  14. The Shadow Strike came out of hyperspace above the planet of Correllia, the sleek ship gliding through the darkness of space. The ship came down smoothly through the atmosphere and cruised through the air above Coronet City, floating down to come to a rest on a secure landing pad. The entry ramp slid down, and the doors opened to the ship, and out stepped one of the most feared bounty hunters in the known galaxy. Clad in black armour, a black trenchcoat and a black helmet, he looked like some sort of demon, come to claim the souls of the damned. He carried an inventory of weaponry that would make many armourers gasp. He strolled through the streets of Coronet towards the building which was one of the many buildings owned by his friend Kheldar Vos Correli. Upon entering the building, he approached the front desk walking straight up to the receptionist. He removed his helmet, gazing down at her with his altered eyes, lenses sliding into place to allow him to see her in the infra-red wavelength, seeing the reaction of fear come to her, as her skin temperature dropped several degrees. It was a natural reaction, one which he was used to. He said, in an even, emotionless voice. "I am here for some supplies in regards to a job."
  15. Just updating this thing. A lot has changed since it was first posted. BOUNTY HUNTER MIKE'S CHARACTER SHEET Real Name: Mike Attard Nickname: Mick Age: 26 Species: Sorrusian Height: 6ft 3" Weight: Unknown (Muscular build) Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Sex: Male Homeworld: Coruscant Alignment: Neutral Clothing: Blast dampening body glove, Black modified Dura Armour (reinforced by slivers of 'Eclipse' metal) , Modified Clone Trooper Helmet (Black), Dark Gray coat (Shadow Silk, Chromasheath and armourweave) Weapon: Custom Vibrokatana, 2 'S-5 blaster' pistols, 2 'Enforcer' projectile pistols, MM9 wrist rocket system, A silver Lightsaber, (given to him by Stephen the Hermit, upon the completion of his Force Training, when he attained the approximate equivalent skill level of a mid-level knight.) Force User Inventory: Custom Datapad, Field Medpac. Posessions:His Ship, the Shadow Strike, a modified E52 asassin droid, a pilot droid, a scroll passed down to him from the Hermit. Part Owner of the Coruscant Fight Club. For the old players that come back now, Force Side: Neutral Trained by: Stephen, the Hermit (twice) Trained who: Bala Antilles Current Affiliation: Elite Mercenaries Current Rank: Bounty Hunter Other info: Mike was 'upgraded' by Black Sun, he now has approximately four times his original strength. He can also see on several wavelengths and see in greater detail.
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