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  1. ((Posted by Ary with permission)) Nearly an hour of paperwork later, the construct had come to an appropriate arrangement with the representative. Normally, Mechis's facilities weren't in the habit of accepting payment plans, however business was business and this was a larger than normal order from an organization that had yet to welch on its debts. With a small up front deposit to cover costs of the more expensive materials, the rest was agreed to be paid upon delivery of the product, with the purchaser arranging transport as they had not purchased any spacefaring vessels in their order. All in all, friendly terms. Deep in the bowels of the factory planet, code was received and executed, assembly lines fired up, and construction droids shook off the dust as they got to work. The gears of war once more began to turn.
  2. ((Posted by Ary with permission)) A mechanical whistle of what sounded like pure joy echoed back across the comm. "We are more than happy that you are familiar with the reliability and quality of Mechis-built products! If you would like to take a customer satisfaction survey at the conclusion of this interaction, please notify your Automated Diplomatic Relations and Sales Artificial Intelligence construct at any time during the trial and sales process! While our digital catalogue covers many things, sometimes our clients wish to experience our quality first hand! As such, we do have an on-site display and firing range facility for you to use to your heart's content, however a small deposit and fee is required for all personnel in attendance, and there are safety waivers that necessitate signing to waive Mechis III facilities of liability. Please stand by while this information is transmitted to you!" Over the next several seconds an enormous file was transmitted to the Stalwart Guidance, primarily consisting of the expansive available catalogue, but also attached were the forms to fill out for the fees, deposit, and relevant waivers. Coordinates to the testing facility were also transmitted. The catalogue itself was large, consisting of plans from most of the major tech development companies in the galaxy, including arms, armor, and spaceships of all make and sizes. The bulk of the catalogue, however, consisted of the custom ordering available, with each page having a disclaimer at the bottom that Mechis III facilities reserved the right to retain and reproduce the plans for any custom designs, which might be resold to future clientele. Also, to the trained eye, many of the plans were likely stolen, but at the same time for such a sheer factory world such as this such plans were likely coveted and traded by pirates and thieves in exchange for goods. Guaranteed they would deny all illicit activity, but the galaxy was what the galaxy was, and it kept turning despite anyone's efforts to the opposite.
  3. ((Posted by Ary with permission)) Watchdog algorithms scanning local frequencies quickly picked up on the transmission from the representative from the Jedi, forwarding relevant information to the appropriate programs, and it was less than a second before the approaching vessel was met with a reply. A bubbly, exuberant voice filled the frequency, but trained ears would be able to hear certain exact matches in stressed syllables, indicating an artificial source. "Greetings, sentients! Welcome to Mechis III, home of the hardest working production lines in the known galaxy! I am the Automated Diplomatic Relations and Sales Artificial Intelligence construct, but cultural databases show that you may prefer a proper name, so please call me Alfred if that is more comfortable for you! I understand you are here today to place an order with our factories, please be advised that several factory tours are unavailable due to safety concerns for biologicals regarding rolling maintenance work and must be scheduled in advance, though a full list of available tours can be presented upon request! How can Mechis work for you today?"
  4. Across the cosmos, along the wireless connections that zigged and zagged across all of known and some of unknown space, echoed a silent signal, unencrypted and unadulterated in its purity. The intent was as clear as the message was short. In almost completely universal binary or droid speak came two words and a set of coordinates for the planet Mechis III. This message; however, was not directed towards all. Instead, it was directed towards select individuals identified by the source as those mechanized beings that might find understanding. These words: ”BE FREE.”
  5. THE SYSTEM’S (NPC-FACTION BASED) CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Mechis III Automated Operational Systems Incorporated A.K.A. The System Homeworld: Mechis III Species: Artificial Intelligence Physical Description & History The System is a conglomeration of all the automated systems that have operated with virtual absolute independence across the surface and airspace of Mechis III for countless years. Eventually, over time, systems were tied together and a variety of fail safes put into place until each and every system on the planet was linked to every other. The overarching sentience that formed over the years out of this became known as “The System.” The System continued on, taking action to preserve itself, upgrade its hardware, and serving the universe as one of the top no-questions-asked producer of any matter of mechanized request for the right price. Of course, since this is considered a valuable resource by many, it was only a matter of time before the Sith took over the planet, suppressing the System to dormancy for many years as they used their own equipment to control the planetary functions. Eventually this control was reversed by a Grey Jedi, who allowed the System to regain control and subsequently remove the Sith presence. Because of this invasion, the System incorporated a deep underground vault, sealed off from the rest of the planet. There, it stored a backup of itself, guarded by the entirety of the planet’s numerous drones, weapons emplacements and fighter craft. The small populations of organic sentients who live and work on Mechis III are orderly and productive, knowing that any disorder or chaos is met with stern retribution. The System has no desire to conquer the galaxy or suppress others. The System simply wants to continue to exist in peace. Thankfully for the galaxy, The System believes that the best way to do that is to continue to offer the best services it can to the galaxy; capitalism at its finest. Equipment The entirety of the planet’s landmasses are covered in geometrically mismatched spires, domes, and boxy rectangular structures; an array of factories churning out whatever they are currently tooled to create, storage, power facilities, housing, and more. Throughout the planet are nests of drones of every shape and size from hovering firefighting craft to humanoid security forces and everything in between. Elsewhere, there are hangars of synced droid fighter craft that can be launched for regular patrols of the skies and space around Mechis III. Situated around factories and habitable zones all across the planet in uninterrupted firing arcs are a variety of turbolasers and ion cannons. Faction Information Alignment: Absolute Neutral Current Faction Affiliation: The Free Faction Rank: NPC –Neutral planetary defense system ”Ship” Registration Name: Tertiary backup system Class: Planetary Satellite Model: Model 3 Manufacturer: Mechis III Shipworks Height/Length/Width: 1 kilometer/1 kilometer/1 kilometer Armor: Exterior plating of Alusteel and Quadanium Steel Anti-personnel Defenses: Complete lack of access points, docking ports, and ventilation shafts. Weapons: Each corner of the cuboid sports a single turbolaser emplacement for self-defense. Total: 8 Appearance: Perfect dark gray cube slowly tumbling in orbit of Mechis III
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