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  1. Nok turned to the droid, and studied for several long moments. Then, he pulled out a datapad, and began tapping at it. When he finally spoke, his voice was smooth and amiable. "120,000 was the amount we originally agreed on if you got me to the source of the voice and got me out again without serious injury. Seeing as I also offered to pay you for any injuries or repairs, I'm going to round that up to 140,000 credits. Unless you're planning on coating yourself in liquid chromium, that will be the extent I'll pay for repairs. If you disagree, feel free to provide me with a maintenance quote indicating you incurred over 20,000 credits worth of damage." The amount stung, but Nok would make it up once he gutted Meer Medical and sold the equipment and freighters to the cartels. "I'll also pay the 2800 for the schematics and info now as well," he said, tapping a few more times on the datapad. He lowered the datapad and pulled out the lightsaber, staring down at it as the aches and bruises of the last few hours emanated soft ripples in the Force and outlined the hilt. "I will not pay for this. Not because I can't afford to, but as a matter of principle." He lifted his sightless gaze to meet Xar's. "You killed her, true, but this is mine. I'm not going to throw out any technical smokescreens or legalistic jargon to defend myself. If I were in your position, I'd probably do what you're doing. I'm not going to make this into a lesson or a power play or some display of superiority. I'm simply making a claim. This. Is. Mine. If that's a problem, then simply type in the ID code of the account of your choice here," he said, holding out the datapad where a credit transfer of 178,000 was ready to be confirmed, "and do what you need to do. I have a job offer for you that could easily triple what you're about to make." He held the datapad out further. "I won't surrender on this Xar. The choice is yours." Nok waited. In the cold, clean corridors of his logical mind, he knew he was being foolish. He should just pay the droid for the weapon and move on. But he wouldn't. There was a line he wouldn't cross, a time when surrendering wasn't just part of a plot or the smart move but when it was true surrender. This was that line, that time. I ate the howlrunner to prove something. I won't surrender.
  2. "Commander on the bridge!" The officers of the Black Bracer came to attention as Captain Jaden Jorus limped to the command console. His eyes scanned the officers, impeccably attired and fit specimens of imperial military excellence. Their eyes danced with the fire of zealots, and every officer to a man bore the patch of Varaka, their vaunted god-king. The dregs of a cult and and a ship built to get shot. He smiled. I guess I'm home. Jorus was anything but the naval ideal of a commanding officer. Threadbare combat gear bleaching from green to gray, old cybernetics whirring with each movement, a sun-seared face, and wrinkles turning to crevices painted the picture of a man with more years lived than he'd been alive. "Get back to work. At ease and all that." The officers turned back to their posts, but the steel cables under their skin didn't seem to slacken. I guess having the Dark King's eye on you will do that. First Officer Malk, an impressively built Cerean, eyed Jorus's limping leg as the irreverent commander rubbed feeling into it. "Were you injured in the battle Commander?" "Nope. Leg cramp. Report." "We've arrived in the Corellian system sir, and are moving to rendezvous with his Majesty's force now. ETA 8 minutes. We just received the all's well from the Moon Beetle, The Broken Bullet, and Our Velvet Ire." Jorus nodded absently. "And our new toys?" Malk didn't miss a beat at Jorus's informal inquiry. Good soldier. "All upgrades installed on Kuat are functioning properly. Calibrations and tests run during the transit indicate everything is operating within optimal tolerances." "Those kuati grasscutters really know their ships. I guess pulling their collective bank accounts out of the firing line made them all grateful." "Actually sir, the upgrades were ordered by direct command from-" Jorus waved his hand in dismissal, and Malk obediently stopped talking and went back to his work, an equally muted and fierce anticipation lurking under his starched and dried expression. Jorus knew that they'd gotten the upgrades for "exemplary service", but he'd bet his last arm that they'd come with at least two Holonet conferences, a shouting match, and a dozen bribes. It was just how things got done. Speaking of which... "Let's pick up the pace. Increase forward thrust by 12% and have our cruisers follow us in pattern 22-Beta. And get Zyro to turn that fancy new cloak on."
  3. Nok breathed. In. Out. In. Out. He stood on the edge of the burning city, Sith soldiers running around him as his Sith savior strode away surrounded by troops. You survived. I survived. The cold, the dark, the shadow of death had hung over him but failed to hold him down. His focus shifted to the lightsaber hilt in his hand. He had survived where another died. I was right. I was always right. But it's not enough... I've hidden for so long, been so afraid of revealing myself, of coming into the light. Hiding isn't an option anymore. I am Sith. Enemies will be drawn to this power, enemies I may not understand or see coming. Monsters that will see through the shadows. I need more. I need power. As if in answer, a wave roared against the city barriers, temporarily overcoming the screams and howling flames. Nok's mind, coming down off the adrenaline, began to assemble something like an idea. Disparate pieces wove together into a picture, something vivid and daring. He saw the future of this world. He saw how it could be his. Nok breathed. In. Out. In. Out. And he smiled. "Xar! I believe I owe you some payment? And if you're interested...I have a job for you."
  4. Nok turned his sightless gaze on the droid, hands remaining still as he touched the Force. Fear ran through him, crystallizing and echoing through his will. Nok was a part of the Force, a spreading stain like blood in the water. This creature was a simple machine, a tool. He inhaled, exhaled, and pushed. The droid slipped and slammed into the water as Nok shot its feet out from under it. It was up in a second, and barreling towards Nok. "Fine. I'd hoped to discourage you, but..." Nok waited as the droid closed in, durasteel fingers extended. He waited...waited...waited. The droid reached for his neck. "No." Nok ignited the lightsaber he'd taken from the zeltron. He might not have been trained to use it, but pointing it away from him while concealing it in his sleeve was well within his skills. The droid jerked to a stop as the blade penetrated its neck. Its red lights flickered briefly, then went dead. "Never fear, you're getting paid. Now we just need to figure out how we're going to escape alive."
  5. Three freighters lost... Calculating cost... Battle remains cost-effective. Freighters designated disposable. Continue combat. Master had commanded the freighter's disposal. Master desired the freighter's disposal. They would absorb incoming fire, and be disposed of simultaneously. The freighters were disposable. The Starbride's sides blossomed in pinpricks of light as its "missiles" revealed their nature. When the previous owners had been attempting to refurbish the battle cruiser as a luxury cruiser, they'd been required to add sufficient escape pods to handle the maximum number of guests that the ship would carry. Master had simply loaded the pods with explosives and a rudimentary guidance system. The explosions of the flight of pods striking the escorting corvettes painted Lady's face gold through the viewport. She twitched. Commence new attack pattern...show no mercy.
  6. The Force swirled in a torrent of fear and passion that matched the physical water flowing past the legs of the creature's victims. Nok had only as moment to appreciate it as he gestured at the nearest risen corpse, sending the limping cadaver tumbling backwards with an act of will into the monster's gullet. Perhaps it won't like the taste of rotted meat, he thought sourly. The power the creature displayed was incredible. It flowed out from it, embracing its puppets in a subtle saturation Nok couldn't parse. It was strange, alien, and vast. And arrogant. The creature's mystique had dimmed slightly after it threatened them in Basic. There was a mind there, a mind as limited and emotional as any humanoid. A powerful, hungry mind, but not a god. Putting aside his impulse to bask in his newfound perspective of the Dark Side, Nok's analytical mind turned and ground away at this new evidence. It doesn't just want us dead. If it did, it'd stop the droids from holding back the sea. It wouldn't be talking to us. It has an ego. A grudge. It wanted us here. As an audience? No... It needs us to get out. His thoughts were interrupted as he spotted a small orb hurtling towards the monster's maw. A thermal detonator. A grin spread across Nok's face. Holding out both hands, he gestured at the tendrils nearest to the explosive, knocking them aside and away from the incoming weapon.
  7. Nok Morliss


    "Commander Jorus...enemy fleet is jumping to hyperspace! Full retreat!" Jorus smiled as the bridge cheered. The Empire had won. The rebels- "Commander! The Lightsbane! It's...it's been destroyed!" "What!?" "A ship evaded our sensor sweeps and assaulted it. We're receiving orders to pursue." "Pass the orders onto the Broken Bullet and Moon Beetle." Outside the viewport, the shattered remains of the imperial ship spun through space, framing the stealth cruiser in debris. "Destroy it."
  8. That is power. Nok watched the currents of the Dark Side respond to the passions of the Sith as he scythed and weaved through tentacles' grip. He did not grip the Force and wield like a crude weapon. He flowed through it, and it wove to his desire, a beast anticipating its master, a body obeying its mind. I see. I see where I was wrong. Nok had only ever seen Darth Akheron truly wield the Dark Side, the man a font of focused power that crackled and scorched the universe with pure intensity, like the moment of a bomb's detonation preserved in a life-form. Nok had been aping him, trying to gather that intensity with each expression of the Force, only to be frustrated time and again as it came slowly and slipped his grasp. But this new lord...he was a creature of power, but not the same as Akheron, any more than a cloaking field was the same as a blaster bolt. His power was subtle and fluid, and he ran with it instead of wielding it. But...that's not my way either, is it? I need to go back to the beginning. Nok let his Force attack fall and let the gathered strength drain. This was important, he knew it was important without knowing why. I don't wield. I don't flow. Nok couldn't close his eyes. He simply stopped looking outward. The world, the battle, the task, it all faded away. I unravel. Nok's mind let go, and he unspooled into the Force. His mind threatened to pull apart as it rode the currents of life, power, and passion. He let it. That fear that had threatened to overwhelm him, the invasive presence he'd recoiled from, returned at his call as if it had never left. Maybe it hadn't. Stronger than ever, it coalesced around him, whispering his own thoughts. Are you a conqueror? A coward? Or nothing at all? I don't know what I am. ... Good answer. Nok did not rise out of the depths of the Force. He came out the other side. The battle raged around him much as it had before. The fear, rage, and death resonated through the chamber, giving Nok the vision he needed. But now he saw more. He saw intricacies to the currents that the passions of the dying stirred. He the faintest hint of patterns and structure in the rolling energy that moved unseen by organic and artificial eyes. But more than that, he understood it. His comprehension wasn't academic or conscious. It was a part of him. He just had to let go to take hold. "I am one with the Force... ...and the Force serves me." Nok didn't gather the Force or try to move with it. He touched it gently. The Force responded as he knew instinctively that it would. His hand held out in mimicry of his will, he gestured at one of the tendrils that had gotten close. He grasped it and flung it aside into the stone wall, the wet slap of cartilage and meat hitting stone reverberating in Nok's ears like a victory bell. No delay, no clumsiness, no difficulty. It had been as easy as tossing a stick from his hand. I don't wield the Force. I don't flow with the Force. I unravel into the Force, and so I understand it.
  9. The screams of the troopers accented the bursts of terror that washed across the room. Nok watched in stunned fascination as the...creature swallowed Xar before spitting him back out. The droid, true to its ego, got right back up, shouted orders, and fired at the thing. And yet, Nok couldn't actually see the monster. The Dark Side warped around it in a haze, only giving Nok glimpses of teeth as the troopers were drawn struggling toward the unseen maw. Backpedaling, he raised his hands, gathering the Force to him before throwing the most powerful push he could at the nearest tentacles, hoping to give the troopers enough space to start firing back. He immediately began gathering for another push, gritting his teeth as his mind raced to find a way out of this. The Sith who'd been washed in with them, that was the their best hope. Even now, the Dark Side coalesced around him in subtle patterns and complex currents Nok would never have been able to picture. The power moving through this man was greater than any he'd seen before.
  10. Nok Morliss


    "Sir...the fighter carrier is gone! Our Velvet Ire has completely destroyed it!" "Keep up the barrage! We're not out of this yet!" Still...how much longer will they keep this up? Jorus didn't care for the firepower arrayed against them. The Black Bracer's timely positioning had denied the enemy a straightforward assault several times, but the armored hulk wasn't invincible. And that star destroyer...that thing was heavily armed and shielded beyond any standard imperial vessel. The flaming wreckage of an enemy fighter that had strayed too close to the Black Bracer exploded into shrapnel as it passed by the bridge, briefly illuminating the room in orange light. Jorus grimaced, but didn't react. "New coordinates and targeting priorities, prepare to broadcast."
  11. Nok Morliss


    The barrage of turbolaser fire transformed into rippling blasts along the Black Bracer's shields. On the bridge, the dull thuds rhythmically boomed through the room, punctuating the reports being called out from stations. "Shields dropping...40% and falling." "Sir, reporting direct hits from the Moon Beetle and Broken Bullet. Debris is disrupting our scanners, but no corvettes appear to have survived the barrage." "The Divine Justice. Status?" "Unclear, but it suffered heavy damage sir." Jorus's mouth twisted. The rebel's reinforcements brought them some much needed firepower, but the superior command and quality of the imperial fleet was leaving rebels dead in droves. The wreckage of ships and the corpses of crewmen hung scattered in the void between fleets, slowly turning as they careened into the infinite. Would the rebels fight to the bloody end or run? "Push us forward to sector 1148. Let's give them a reason to run. Prepare for updated targeting priorities."
  12. Nok's hand closed around the lightsaber hilt hidden under the chilled water. Surreptitiously he clipped it to his belt and didn't mention it. Xar had killed the woman, but he didn't seem interested in the valuable weapon, and Nok didn't want to draw his attention to it if he could help it. Still in pain from his fall, Nok could see the shape of the peculiar droids. They were no model he recognized, and they seemed decidedly fish-like in their design with their heads eerily similar to a Mon Calamari. He struggled to comprehend how they were still standing, but couldn't tell if they were even running anymore. They didn't appear to be armed, and weren't moving to stop Nok and Xar, so he hoped they were nonfunctional or at least didn't see the pair as threats. One of Nok's knives dropped back into his left hand as his right drew his blaster. The voice moved through the Force, spoke through the Force, but had no apparent source. Nok's attention fell on the altar and the skeletal remains laid atop it. His grim, tight lips creeped up into a macabre smile. He'd read about the labs of Force-sensitives amassing knowledge of concepts like souls and spirits centuries beyond modern science, and an altar in a lab filled with a dark presence matched the ideal perfectly. He crouched as he tamped down his dreams of the possible treasure trove they'd found, and forced his thoughts onto a more cautious track. The source of that voice...the corpse? A guardian? *Rumble* Is that...panic? Springing back at the sudden deluge, Nok half leapt, half sprinted to the wall and pressed his back against it. Water surged past his feet, and to Nok's Force senses, he saw the panicked struggle of sea creatures slipping into the flooding lab like dropped glowballs. Then, larger things dropped through. People. Alright, so they're functional after all. Nok sidestepped along the edge of the wall towards the back of the room, away from the droids and the altar. Fate or chance or the Force had granted him a surplus of new people, and if any of them were his companions who'd gladly thrown themselves at the Sith, he had no doubt they'd trigger whatever danger was here first if he just held back. Still...the feel he got from the newcomers was different... He sheathed his knife and holstered his pistol, but kept his hands ready to draw again.
  13. Nok Morliss


    The starfield erupted in explosions as the ships dealt death to each other. Corvette after corvette shattered into slag and debris as the bombardment. Jorus grimaced as reports came in of a Sith Cruiser blasting apart under a concentrated barrage. "Sir! The Divine Justice's shields are down!" "And Zyro?" "He reports that he doesn't appear to have been spotted. He's still lining up his attack vector." "Good, keep me apprised." "Sir, communications are online, we're receiving tactical telemetry from our allies." Jorus stared down at the data flooding in, then nodded. "Move along this heading, and order Moon Beetle and Broken Bullet to fire along these vectors." "Yes sir!"
  14. She died defiantly rather than lose control. Nok's lip curled contemptuously. Fool. Blind, dead fool. Control was an illusion. You only lost it when you stopped believing you had it. Nok was trapped underground in a flooding cave with a psychotic droid that could turn on him if he so much as insulted it. Not an ideal situation, but he had his mind and so he had as much control as he'd ever had. Only the weak thought they could ever lack control over their own choices, and only the arrogant thought they controlled anything else. The seawater rushed past Nok's legs, soaking and tugging at his heavy robes. Grimacing, he activated the vibroknife still in his left hand and sliced his ruined robes away, letting them drop into the current and flow into the pit. Underneath, he wore black noghri leathers, tailored to fit his taller frame. His other three vibroknives, curved blades with horn grips and a different sigil engraved on each, sat nestled in their wrist sheaths, and his hold-out blaster hung snug at his hip. He shut off his knife and drew the inactive blade across the tip of his finger, pain blossoming and illuminating the cave like a candle while blood dripped into the water below. Perception is power, but no one to pretend for now. "Good work," he said to Xar as he approached. "She's dead, I-" He stopped as the unmistakable sound of creaking metal echoed up from the chamber below, barely audible over the rushing water. Nok got the faintest impression of shapes moving through the water. Droids... He smiled. "I guess this place isn't as empty as we thought. Good thing. We needed someone to ask for directions." Looks like a good twenty feet down. Fall probably killed her. As for me... Master Miwak, one of Nok's instructors, had taught him how to roll into a fall, but twenty feet was tricky at best and he hadn't practiced in some time. Dead in the cold and dark. Fear raced through him in waves in time with his breathing. Nok sunk into the emotion, channeling it into something useful. In that clarity, he had an idea, something he'd read about but never attempted. Nok wasn't about to stay up here. Sheathing his knife, he exhaled. Then he jumped. As he fell, he pushed with the Force as he had before, but now on himself instead of a fleeing woman. Even as he did, he could feel how he'd done it wrong, the move clumsy and and uncertain. It slowed him down, but through him off his balance. Instinctively, he tucked his legs like he'd been taught. Pain blossomed as he crashed into the water and rolled in the current. A pathetic landing that would have had his trainers beating him, but with the clumsy Force push it was enough to keep him from breaking any bones. That being said, Nok's formerly unbruised arm now ached, adding to the illumination of his Dark Side vision. With it, he could see through the water to the droids approaching...and to a metal hilt rocking back and forth in the current next to the corpse of the woman.
  15. Nok's gray-green face was stony as the fiery woman refused his offer. His expression didn't so much as twitch as she shouted at him, her anger cascading outwards in a torrent of emotion to match the rising seawater. Nok's shoulders dropped a bare fraction when she started insulting the droid. Her fate was decided now. The neimoidian mogul's outward composure finally broke when, surprisingly, the woman didn't suffer an immediate craniotomy. Instead, in a burst of speed that could only have come from the Force she actually managed to outmaneuver the droid and ran through the rising water. His body tensed as he sidestepped, a knife dropping into his left hand, but the woman barely seemed to see him as she raced towards the hole. A second later Nok was shoved to the side as his mercenary bodyguard barreled past him with a speed and focus only a mechanical death machine could muster. Gotta admire her spirit. She's no coward. He raised his empty right hand. But that saber is mine... His mind unraveled into the Force, the physical sensations fading to unimportant pinpricks of cold light like distant city lights. All around him the power of the Dark Side writhed and pulsed, a fire that clutched, consumed, and wove through everything it touched. Beyond it, in an infinite web of snares and connections, was the universe itself. At that moment, Nok felt like he was grasping everything. ...and I'm done pretending. Dead in the cold and dark Fear raced through Nok, fear of death, fear of weakness, and fear of failure. He tamed it, channeling it into the thick, acrid power of the Dark Side and compelled it, twisting it around the beacon of passion and pain running through the water. The Force pull wasn't elegant, or even very strong. Even with his attempts at practice, Nok's telekinetic abilities hadn't seen much improvement without formal training. To a tough-as-leather spacer like that woman, it would be the equivalent of getting hit with a thick, wet pillow in the chest. It would only slow her down. But her ribs were broken, and with the droid right behind her... <<Kill Shot Assist on Sara Corion>>
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