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  1. Aurora was left hanging on the discussion when one of the PIT droids walked up and handed Tobias a datapad, her own curiosity peaked by what it said when he handed it back and and spoke. "Then let's get to it." Aurora spoke cheerfully, unphased by his sense of demeanor, for in her mind, she had yet to grasp fully the art of empathy. Just as she was about to speak again, she felt the flush of momentum as the ship hit hyperspace and her gaze shifted toward their newest destination.
  2. Aurora was intrigued by his explaination as she sat there in silence, listening with attentiveness as he described each. These Sith reminded her so much of the Rakata and their Infinite Empire, so it surprised her when he mentioned that he had once been a part of them until Adenna. But the Mother's Breath had always amazed her even before awakening within this new era. It had a way of moving life about in it's current no matter how many times others tried to move against it. Only the Masters held that kind of control. She smiled. "So these different colors and its followings are all part of the same two extremes?" She questioned after he had finished speaking, her tone inquisitive, yet humbled by a realization. "And even Jedi, followers of the light, fit into different spectrums? Interesting." Inside her mind, Aurora silently processed his views and the understanding that she was gaining from it, the Force or what she knew as the Mother's Breath covering every individual in their own spectrum or following no matter which of the extremes they chose to follow, much like the many walks of life people chose whether it was for the greater good or for the twisted nature of evil. It made perfect sense to her. But she wondered... what spectrum would represent her in the grand scheme of it all?
  3. "Thank you Tobias." Aurora spoke with a sense of glee at his praise, her own smile encompassing her face. "I dont know if it deserves praise. I only used the Force to grasp and contain the water in such a form to make it easier to transport it." Aurora chuckled at the thought, but continued listen as he finished his explanation. But when he did, she was left with a puzzled look upon her face, one she was rarely left with. "You speak of light and dark and rainbow aspects of the Force? The Force has sides to it?" Though Aurora knew of the Rakata and lived in the era of the Masters, her knowledge of the Mother's Breath was little to none outside what Tobias had been teaching her. She only knew of it as the gift of life, nothing more or less. So naturally, Tobias speaking of different aspects was puzzling to her as her thought process could not comprehend the Force being anything but the Force and not have any aspects outside the solemn truth that light and dark existed only in the hearts of men and sentients alike.
  4. "I can help you with that..." Aurora spoke as the two neared the common room, her knowledge of the particular model not so great, but she did have some moderate skills when it came to droids. It was one of the skills she retained from her previous life under the Masters. "Programming, at its core is basic binary commands, a series of zeros and ones linguistically placed as a means of distinguishing protocol and personality. It wouldn't be hard to adapt it to what you need." As the two entered the commons room, Aurora took her place across from Tobias and listened, seeing that he felt his training inadequate and mentioning the woman from before, Sandy, whom aided in her rescue. Aurora smirked as she reached her hand across the table and placed it upon his own, her eyes gazing at his as if telling him that herself, Kota, and Kel would be fine under his tutelage, and that he only needed to be more sure of himself. After all, he had spoken similar words to her own not too long ago. Removing her hand she sat back, her smile still adorned. As she watched him retrieve his beverage, his skill in the Force well beyond her own, as it did as asked with little effort from his psyche. When his gaze fell to her to follow in suit, a hint a nervousness crept up inside her, but she brushed it aside as she remember his words and her own that she had only spoken to him through her contact just moments before. Calming herself, she chose a slightly different path as she instead reached out to the faucet and turned it on, letting the cool liquid pour into the basin and down the drain. Concentrating harder, she cupped a small amount within the Force as the molecules within binded together in an almost nearly circular sphere of liquid as she pulled it toward her before she let it drain into her mouth and down her throat, his next words catching her off guard and causing her to strangle slightly. "Not much. I've only heard of them during my time under the Masters, and were considered gifted with the Mother's Bre.... The Force." She spoke as she coughed and cleared her throat. "My life was in servitude to the Masters and those they chose to call allies, including my own people. Besides my Masters and the Kwa, I only dealt with the few races I was assigned to oversee as an Architect. Why do you ask?"
  5. "Dont be too hard on yourself." Aurora spoke to Tobias in a jokingly tone as he mentioned the droids. "Outside of being shot at for a few crumbs and a wrapper, I kinda like the little guys." Aurora went quiet for a moment as she pondered upon his question. To be honest, she hadn't really thought too much about herself recently, just placed most of her attention and worry upon her fellow Padawan, Kota. "Nothing outside the usual for a thirty thousand year old woman." She jested in her usual deflective manner. "Kota's predicament worries me. I only hope he truly knows that he's not alone in this."
  6. As the moments passed, Aurora grew even more worried about Kota. But she trusted in the young carnivore, and in her Master as well. And so she had spent the time in silence. But Kota had been quiet for too long, and this made her worry even more. She thought about lending him her aid, but felt that this was something he needed to do on his own. Possibly without Tobias' own intervention. Stepping next to Tobias, Aurora reached up and whispered into his ear. "Perhaps if we leave him to himself for a few moments, he may be able to channel and focus more?" While her words were more suggestive than anything, she still poised it as a question, leaving it to Tobias' own judgement.
  7. As they exited hyperspace above a planet that Aurora felt some semblance to, her gaze shifting out of the viewport in curiosity, she wondered upon the name of the planet they had came to and what it held for them. Those around her knew this Galaxy better than she did, and while she trusted their judgment, she couldn't help but still feel slightly out of place and lost in this new era she found herself in. And it was a constant thought she often battled with. Yet, for now, she returned her attention toward the young Kota, his situation presently being more dire and pressing than her feeling of being lost. She was genuinely fearful for her fellow Padawan. As Tobias led them toward the ship's center, she kept up a smile, hoping to somewhat ease his worries and set some sample of ease for the Togruta's mind. But this was all she knew she could do, her gaze shifting toward Tobias in seeking more wisdom from the person leading them. His experience would be the guiding factor in their lives. And like clock-work, he spoke, a sigh of relief fluttering in her chest as he instructed Kota.
  8. Aurora simply sat in silence as she gazed upon Kota's face before turning her gaze toward Tobias. Aurora had became numb to her own loses, knowing them to be long gone and likely dust upon a dead planet by now. But Kota still held a chance of seeing his sister again, even if it was in loss of which she hoped would not be. A sense of purpose washed over her at this thought. "If there's a chance, we definitely should take it. If I had the chance to see my own family again..." Aurora spoke to @Tobias Vos with a hint of sorrow, not for herself, but for those she was forced to leave behind long ago. Leaving her words to him at that, she shot her gaze to @Kota Ni. "Calm yourself. Think hard and try to remember any details no matter how minuscule. It could help more than you think if Taris turns out to be a bust..." Aurora didn't know of these planets that Tobias had mentioned, but she wanted to help. Her face perked right up in an attempt to give the young Togruta some semblance of hope, but if he could remember anything that would help, the more likely their goal could become reality. Either way, her blade, friendship, and presence was there whether it was needed.
  9. Aurora was unsure of what Tobias was doing and what was beginning to happen to the man, only that she began to feel a sensation of worry for him as he came to, his body badly dehydrated. She went to get up and fetch a bottle of water, but as she rose, both heard Kota clearly as if he had been standing beside them. As quickly as he bolted toward Kota's quarters, so did Aurora, fear swelling up in her as she grew closer, the panic of his yell still echoing in her head. No sooner than they arrived, Aurora's gaze shifted toward the Togruta, mimicking the words that Tobias had spoken, finding his near the durasteel wall opposite them. His own gaze seemed to echo the panic in his voice, yet, in ten fold. This did not bold well and the aura of the room grew thick with as much anticipation as it did with worry. Without proper thought or consideration, Aurora went blindly into the fray as she held a tendency to do as she bluntly spoke to @Kota Ni. "Well out with it Kota... speak!" She wasn't trying to be mean or seem uncaring. She was genuinely fearful for him and escalated by his own look.
  10. "I see..." Aurora spoke, squatting down in front of the inactive PIT droid and clanking her bare knuckles against its metallic dome as the fear washed away and a smile returned to her face. "Thankfully it was a stun bolt, had it actually connected with me. It wouldn't be the first time the realm of unconsciousness has been forced upon me." Aurora chuckled at her own joke as she stood back up, her gaze averting as the ship began to chime, stepping backwards against a chair as Tobias slid past her, a lingering hint of alcohol permeating still from his breath as he did. In silence, she wondered his reasoning, but felt no need to question. Instead she turned her attention toward his actions and the viewpoint before them. Had they arrived already? Breaking the silence as she did, Aurora offered up a skill should he choose it. "I've rarely had any interaction with droid programming as very few existed within the Master's Collective. But if you wish, I should be able to lessen their reactions."
  11. Aurora, lost in her own thoughts, was completely oblivious to the shouting of the angered PIT droid as she went about her stroll even before her arrival at the cockpit. Some would call it potiential deafness, others could call it selective hearing. Either way, his words and voice seemingly went unnoticed and unheard. This was a defining moment for the ancient alien after all, and if she was to have heard him, he would have ruined it for her. Thankfully, this was not to be. The semi-sentient crystal that hung around her neck, however, had. And just as it was about to yank her neck forward, Aurora felt the hair upon the back of her neck stand straight up and she felt the unnerving desire to react. React how was never completely established, only that she turned the chair around and went to stand just about the time that blue flash whizzed by her form and connected with the artificial gravity computer beside her as Tobias' foot connected with the droids singular eye. She gazed at both, a bit frightened, but more confused than anything, as her shaking hands accidentally dropped the wrapper holding the last bite of her nutrition bar. Stuttering, she voiced her question. "Di..did...did I do something wrong?
  12. Aurora sat in the ship's hold, focusing upon the grenade as she pondered upon its concept. With the fork, it was a mishap, a moment of the luck of the draw, a hungry woman's intuition combined with the power held within the small gem she wore around her neck. But could she truly do it again, her and now, with this singular grenade. Aurora was a warrior of the past, and weapons were her foreia. This was the reason behind her following Tobias, along with the fact that she owed him and the others for her release. But weild the Mother's Breath, what they called The Force, the gift of Life? She still wasn't sure she could. During her time as an Architect for the Masters, it was forbidden, seen as an affront to the Master's graciousness and the gifts they provided. Only those of Celestial birth were worthy of such a power. But now, with the Celestial Masters disappearence and the rise of these Jedi that had rescued her, she had begun to question everything, including whether the Rakata had been right in their retaliation despite their crimes of war. Yet, neither existed anymore, or at least, were no longer walked amidst the known Galaxy as she had been told. It was a new era that she had woken in, thirty millennia having passed since her imprisonment. Aurora searched herself for the feeling she had felt before when she pulled upon the fork, feeling her grasp upon it without touching it, noticing its texture and dimensions without observing it with sight. She closed her eyes to mimic the previous scenario, attempting to do the same with the grenade before her. And to her surprise, it came naturally to her. She could feel it's cold steel form, noticing its orb like form and even the timed detonator switch. She could feel her mind wrapping its self around it, her thoughts like webs grasping anything that caught its attention, and as she opened her gaze, saw it floating before her with amazement and glee sparkling within her eyes as she shifted them, the grenade following in tow. But why did it come so naturally? Especially when Kota struggled so hard? Reaching out with her hand, she settled the orb within her palm and stood up. She wondered if Tobias had anything to eat aboard the ship. Her first place was to revisit the common area where the group had first gathered after her rescue from Ilum. She remembered him tossing her a nutrition bar from there and went digging about in search of a few. After location a couple, she started walking about and exploring the ship, intrigued by not only its design, but its functionality and technology, an ancient hymn being hummed about as she walked and ate. "Do you, do you hear the call... the Master's call to arms? Not in the name of war, but of aid. For the primative have evolved and ache to reach the stars. Do you, do you hear the call... the Master's call to arms? Not to weild a blade, but to offer your mind. For the primative have evolved and now wish for the knowledge of thought." Aurora reached the cockpit and gazed into the swirling abyss of hyperspace, remembering back to a time where she helped others find their way in life, a sorrowful smile encompassing her face as she stared toward the vortex before her. She had helped so many find their dreams and places, aiding in their reach for the heavens. But now, sadly now, she was the one needing the aid of others. Finding the irony of it, she chuckled and took another bite. Whatever laid ahead of her, she held faith that Tobias and the others would guide her to her own place among them.
  13. The disappointment that lingered in the air only thickened as Aurora listened to Tobias speak. Not that she was disappointed in Kota per se, but in that she would not get to fight along side nor bond with her fellow trainee, the comradery between the two being left as is... at least, for now. Just as the ramp began to close, Aurora took one last gaze upon Felucia in hopes that she was see Kota's arrival in the distance, but turned back toward the interior of the ship as it closed with a subtle hiss. Now it was time to train as Tobias had instructed. Returning to the room she had previously called home aboard Tobias' ship, Aurora put most of her things aside and began to undress. They were headed into battle after all, and when they landed, she wanted to be sure she was ready. First she placed upon her body was the armorweave shes had collected, the coldness of its steel spreading goosebumps across her pale skin. Next was that of her former clothing, robes of pure white that hung like a dress, revealing the armorweave aroun her neck and her biceps before cover the rest of her arms and form down to just below her knees. Next would be the pants and boots of the Jedi robes Tobias had acquired for her as well as the vestige. And finally, Aurora tied her long hair up in a bow to keep it from dragging the floor and hung the sash of her former robes atop her shoulders. This was the Aurora that would live on from this day forth, a new life in a new millennia, and she wanted to make it her own. As the ship hummed its entrance into hyperspace, Aurora sat in the middle of the room, crossing her legs and laying the grenade out in front of her. Tobias had assigned her a task, and for the remainder of the trip, she would focus solely upon it.
  14. Aurora could feel the rust beginning to shed from her form as she and Kota sparred, as elegant upon her feet as a leaf upon a slow trickling stream through the plains of Dantooine. And her weapon matched her completely, a wise choice upon her part as it shifted from blade to stave at her beckoning and capable of both close and distant combat. For the most part, Aurora used the staved Trident to keep her opponent at a distant. But when times presented themselves, she used its hilt to propel herself forward toward him and flicking the switch upon it to return the stave back to it's original bladed form after closing the gap. Sweat beaded down her face as she smiled at Kota, her enjoyment and loosened composure speaking loudly at how far she had came since Ilum. But every good thing must come to an end, and so did her spar with Kota as Tobias stepped from the sidelines and made an announcement. "Only an hour? She questioned to herself, her gaze shifting toward Kota to see if he held interest as much as she did. Not that it was the combat she sought after, but the exploration and knowledge that came along with it. She had been cooped up for far too long and deep inside her, she felt that it was time to go out into the Galaxy and stretch her ancient legs. As Tobias departed, so did she, rushing as she went. She had very few things to collect, but one of them was standard issued armorweave that covered her form beneath the Jedi Robes that Tobias had issued her. Another few items were of the female hygienic nature, because let's face it, nature never waits for anyone. And lastly, her former cloth robes, the last remnants of her ancient past and what memories they held for her. By the time Tobias had arrived at the Prism, Aurora was collecting the last of her things in case his ship would not be the one in which they took on the mission. Smiling as he stepped aboard, it turned into a slight disappointing look when there seemed to be no sign of Kota with him. Questioning, she asked. "Kota's not coming?
  15. "As you wish." Aurora spoke, watching the brow of Tobias furrow, his mind seemingly distracted. Or was he unsure of his decision? She could not tell. Whatever bothered him disappeared along with the apparition, leaving Aurora alone with her own thoughts. It seemed so much had changed during her slumber. Even upon this primitive planet, she had noticed the technological advances made by those whom lived today. And a part of her felt fear of the unknown that laid ahead. But as the small crystalline tear hovered before her, retained upon the chain she wore, her fears subsided with a mutual agreement. "Come. Let's make our way back to the Dojo." During her time, technology was limited to the select few, those who were chosen to possess it by the Celestial Masters. This was what had led to the war with Rakata. But this new era she had woken in, technology surrounded them, and part of her wondered if it stretched across the entire galaxy. If so, it's no wonder that these few she had met knew little of the war and of her past. She, like the many planets that were destroyed by the Rakata, were lost to legends and forgotten memories. As she darkened the entrance of the Dojo, she stopped, allowing Tobias' lesson with Kota before she stepped forward into the room. Without a word, she gazed and smiled as she caught their gaze.
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