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  1. Kota felt a slight shiver run down his spine unexpectedly at hearing his name spoken. He couldn't really figure out why, but decided that it must have been nothing. So he instead looked back down between his legs at the durasteel he was sitting on with his legs crossed. He reached back out into the Force to see where exactly he felt like these emotions and thoughts echoed from. He then found them. "I could be mistaken, but I believe that they are coming from the dock security office..." It was right then that Kota remembered why the feelings and thoughts felt so familiar to him. He had felt them before he used the Force to kill three dock officers to help him and sister escape.
  2. Kota tried to shake the feeling that he really had nothing, but he at least needed to report on what he did have to Tobias. "It may be nothing... But I can sense very familiar thoughts... feelings almost. Like I know the feelings personally. But sadly, that's about all I can do." Kota made no attempt to hide the fact that he was disappointed with himself at his own results. But there wasn't much that he really could do at the moment. His training really hadn't taught him how to locate people.
  3. Kota felt like he was feeling pushed down and over weighted by so many decisions. Although, none of them were actual decisions, but rather just the feeling of something that he had to accomplish. He felt the pressure to find his sister. He felt pressure to perform well before his master. He felt pressure to filter things out. And all of that pressure felt like a great weight that was clogging up his own mind and locked him in a position of where he could no longer feel a direct feeling from one source or another. Trying his best to calm himself down, he reached back out into the Force in an attempt to feel, but all that came into his mind was chaos of emotions. It felt like an endless wave-an impossible task given to him. Almost as if he was asked to find a spark of light flashing within a sun. The sheer thought of him trying to find anything that could help them felt like he would fail outright. Trying to breathe in and out slowly allowed for him to find some form of focus. Letting each breathe reset his own emotions to reduce them into nothing. He felt like he had been sitting on the floor of the ship for a good few months almost before he opened his eyes. Instinctively, he reached out to Tobias through the Force. I... I think I found something...
  4. Kota did his best to maintain his own emotions as he reached out and tried to feel out his sister. But, all he could feel within the Force was tossing and turning. It felt like he fell in the midst of a hurricane of emotions. Waves after wave struck him, all having it's own thought and pattern of how it wanted to move, and none of it seemed to make sense to him. While trying to stay within the current of the Force, he spoke to Tobias, hoping that he would provide some wisdom on what he should do to help filter out what was not needed. "Tobias, please... I can't filter out the noise. It feels like a hurricane of emotions down there..." It was about all that he could do to explain what he was feeling. The emotions were stirring and felt like he was asked to pick out a needle in a hay stack. Too many people with too many issues on the planet below.
  5. Kota couldn't keep his own thoughts straight. His mind was racing and whirling around so much that he could only half process what Tobias was asking him. Frantically, he spoke with a lot of his own frustration pouring into his words. "... Yes, but... no." Kota tried to recall details of the visions, but the only thing that stood out to him was Haatta's face. She was worried, frightened, and in pain. In his first vision, she was held by a hulking figure cloaked in shadows where there was much cheering and jeering towards her. The cloaked figure in that vision had Haatta in chains. This vision... it almost seemed as if she wasn't bound by a chain anymore, but rather that she was being beaten by what looked almost like a Hutt - yet Kota knew that it wasn't a Hutt. "...I,I... I can't really tell. She's a prisoner wherever she may be..." Kota looked up at Tobias and Aurora with panic and dismay clearly upon his face. He was hoping that either of them would be able to provide the answers that he was seeking.
  6. Kota took a moment to rub his eyes, even with Tobias and Aurora standing within the door frame. It dawned upon him quickly that he had screamed out his master's name in the panic of it all. Deciding to do a decent thing and at the very least, stand up. He couldn't really remove the element of shock from his face, but he turned to them both and spoke with a very shaky voice. "Haatta... My sister... I saw her again within a vision..."
  7. Kota sat in a small space, much like he did while he had his sister, Haata as they tried to escape the slave trades on their home planet. His own mind was spinning from the amount of movement and energy he had already spent trying to learn more about himself, having his sister taken away, finding Tobias and the many adventures he's already been on since then. He had some disappointment recently with using the Force, but his own master seemed to not be bothered with the lack of progress, but rather seemed to be eager to find out where Kota even had strengths. So as he sat onboard the ship, with his mind wandering and not focused, he attempted to hide his own presence - rather unsuccessfully to be blunt. He reached into his pocket with his left hand and held tight to the crystal he had recovered from Ilum. He felt comfort in it, even though the first time he gripped it, it gave him a flash of a vision of some sort that frightened him. What frightened him the most was the image of Haata being controlled by someone else. But even with such an image burned into his mind, he still felt like it was worth it, due to the fact that it was the first time he had seen her since she was taken. For him, he had now been without any family for over two months, and that fact disturbed him. Tobias had become someone whom he could trust, as he was a constant for him recently. Aurora was slowly becoming someone whom he felt like might be able to help the pain he felt deep within his heart from the lack of seeing family, but he also knew that they could never replace them. He closed his eyes and allowed for a single tear to roll off his right eye as he began to fight back the flood of memories and home sickness that was overwhelming him. As his eye opened, he watched the tear fall into his lap, which seemed to go into slow motion. Almost as soon as it hit his leg, it looked as if it turned into a large ocean that rose up and began to surround him. Panic took over every inch of his body and his own instincts were to shout out for Tobias to come to his rescue, but water would crash into his mouth at every attempt. Something wrapped itself around his legs and pulled him fully under the water. With the sudden force pulling him down, the ocean fell and gave way to a darkness. Out of the darkness rose a slug looking creature who began to laugh in away that shook the very ground upon which Kota had landed upon. His arm rose and began to swing a whip looking weapon that reached past Kota and struck someone behind. As he turned to see who it had struck, he found his sister, Haata leaned over with blood pouring down her back. She turned her face towards Kota and reach up for him, speaking softly... "Kota... Save me..."Kota quickly tried to run towards her but a darkness began to swallow her up. But the darkness returned to nothing as his own face slammed hard into the side of the ship's hard wall opposite of the bed he was sitting on. Sweat began to run down his neck as he held his face for a second. His mind that found no concentration before was laser focused now. Without any hesitation, he screamed out. "TOBIAS"
  8. Kota allowed for himself to touch almost every weapon that was available to him. Some seemed like he would enjoy using them, such as a flamethrower. He felt like he would be better suited to use a weapon more like a blaster of some sort, but when he reached the end on the table, he didn't really feel comfortable taking any of the option before him. So, he instead opted for his Quarterstaff that he still carried with him. He pulled it out at the same time that Tobias released two remotes into the air, which quickly turned on and began to stabilize themselves. Kota felt a twinge of panic for a second that he may have chosen the wrong weapon. He was then slightly relived when they instead turned on Tobias instead of him. Planting his staff into the ground, he leaned upon it as he listened to every word that came out of his master's mouth. He spoke so naturally, much like his own movements. It was something that Kota began to admire quickly, the skill set of his master. Even though at one point, he felt like there was some showing off when he flipped the visor part of the helmet down, Kota still kept his eyes upon the movements that Tobias made. When he finished, Kota began to take his own weight off the Quarterstaff and sainted moved himself into a better ready stance for his master. The move seemed to have conveyed something to Tobias, as he directed the deactivated lightsaber towards Kota, which sent panic down his spine for a second. But he felt it wash away quickly as he reached out to take it. Slowly, he walked into the center of the training room with breaths to match his slow walk. He quickly used his right hand to put his Quarterstaff back on his back and stared down the remote for a very long time. He couldn't feel it the way he could feel his master. Closing his eyes for just a second, he allowed a deep breath to be taken in before he opened them again, but this time igniting the blade at the same time he spoke the word "Activate." The remote moved slowly enough for him to keep his eyes upon it, yet its movements were so quick and unpredictable that he felt like this was about to be the start of a long day where he would end up having burns all over his body for weeks. It was then that it happened. The first shot went. For some reason, he felt like his spine tense up, but it didn't lock him up as he was still able to move, to which he did rather quickly. He made a stupid move and jumped his right into a summersault, to which he must not have moved quick enough because as he was rolling up to his feet, his spine tensed up again only to feel a burn within his left shoulder. "Fierfek!" The time to feel bad was lost, as he saw from he corner of his eye the movement of the remote, followed by that same tensing of his spine. Kota acted quicker and bent down, but this time, he allowed himself to be ready to continue to feel for the tension within his spine. When it came, he then stood up and put the blade instinctively in front of his face. Much to his own surprise, the blade caught the blast. It shocked him into a state of surprise that froze him for a second. It too much time to recover, that he wasn't able to react quick enough when his spine tensed up again, so he took another burn to his left thigh. "Oh,Fierfek!" When the burn began to settled down, he felt the same feeling within his spine again, so this time he quickly spun forward, allowing for his own instincts to take over as he moved the blade infant of his body during his spin forward, which ended up deflecting another blaster away from him. As he landed forward, the same sensation struck his spine again, and Kota quickly used his right hand to flick the blade in an upward motion, which ended up catching the blast. Allowing still for his own instincts to be in control, he used his left hand to pull his Quarterstaff off his back and he quickly thrusted it into the remote. Upon impact, the remote flung backwards and seemed to crash into the wall. He made a loud crack sound and then fell to the ground. Kota felt an immediate sense of failure as he turned to look at Tobias, expecting to see his master disappointed in him for breaking the remote.
  9. Kota felt disappointment for a moment after he was unable to actually out what he was feeling, but Tobias seemed to not be bothered by it in the slightest, which made him feel a bit better about. Slowly nodding his head, he stood up from the table and followed after Tobias as they walked towards the dojo. Within his own mind, he felt like he needed to have something happen positively in order to feel like following Tobias off Iridonia would be worth it. Did I make the right choice? It was a thought that he knew he wouldn't get an answer for anytime soon. Only time would tell.
  10. The very fact that Tobias was calm and still eager put a little hesitation within Kota for a second. He wasn't sure why his master wasn't disappointed in his lack of ability to use the Force. Is he testing me? The thought was quick and passing as he tried to think back on what he did feel. "Umm... I could feel you. Kel. Aurora... I could feel something that was larger then you guys, but I wasn't focusing upon it..." Kota then closed his own eyes again and began to reach out. The energy around him swirled as he could still feel Tobias next to him... Although, he was able this time to tell that not all of Tobias was fully present... Somehow he was still with Aurora and Kel who had walked away. Strange. And then surrounding him, his fellow students, the workers was something else that he couldn't quite figure out. "I can feel it now, but I don't know what it is exactly..."
  11. Kota let his own frustration show as he glanced over at Tobias as he spoke. He didn't want to hear that from him, yet he knew that deep down his master was correct. He needed to slow down and not focus on the end result. Although for only a moment, he held his own stern gaze at Tobias as he finished before letting out a heavy sigh and let his own stern face go. He turned his face back towards the napkin that covered the fork, but he looked up at the hall for a second only to get perspective on the size of monster his master had fought. Looking back down at the napkin again, he said rather quietly under his own breath. "Alright, I'll try it again." Kota closed his eyes and allowed for the energy that he had felt for the first time on Taris to fill him. Again, much like before, he could feel Tobias next to him, along with other students and workers moving around the room. He still couldn't feel the fork. With feeling the same results, he pulled his lips together and in as he tried to fight against the defeated feeling that was swirling up inside him. He had to push through it, trying to find the fork in the Force. He looked hard through his own mind's eye, yet he could not find it. Outwardly, his own eyes sealed tighter as he began to really search for the fork in the Force. Because he could not feel it, he decided to try to move the napkin away from the fork, at least to give him something to celebrate at the very least. As he tried to move it, he began to have his body slightly shake again, and his focus was so hard upon it that he began to have sweat drip from his forehead. After a long moment, he felt himself losing energy and the will to keep it up, so he opened his eyes again and began to pant slightly. "I can't... I can't find it in the Force..."
  12. Kota watched Aurora very closely out of the corner of his own eyes. He was slightly jealous that she was able to have a bit more success come more easily than his own attempts. Doing his best to stare at the spoon and move it with his mind seemed almost impossible, and his own frustration was beginning to rise. Luckily, or maybe just pure wisdom, Tobias whispered to him, encouraging him to clear his mind and that there was no rush. He had to let out a very heavy sigh as he attempted to push the success of Aurora out of his mind. He stared very intently at the napkin, where he knew that the fork he would need was under it. He pictured the fork in his mind-which seemed stupid to him. This seems like a waste of time... He quickly shook his own head, which may have seemed strange to anyone else, but he knew that Toabis was able to feel his thoughts. That was a poor way for him to view this. He needed to remain calm and focused. He now lifted his right hand to remain at his side, which was still a decent distance from the fork that he wanted. He closed his own eyes and began to breathe in and out slowly. He allowed for the picture of the fork to enter his mind again, and remain this time around. He reached out with his feelings, his perceptions, trying to see if he could feel the the fork. He couldn't. The fork held no life in it, unlike Aurora and Tobias and Kel, all of which were now around him and he could feel them. The fork... he couldn't. Feeling some more pressure that he was now putting on himself, he began to strain his mind to reach out to feel the fork and attempt to pull it to himself. He knew that he was straining visibly due to the fact that he could feel his lifted hand shaking. In fact; his entire right arm muscles were now shaking and tightened as he attempted to try to pull the fork to him. After he kept trying, slowly his breathing, there was still no movement. Putting his hand back down at his side, he was overwhelmed with a defeated mindset. He wasn't able to do what Aurora did, and now he felt like he had failed Tobias. Not wanting to talk much after the defeat, he reached out his his left hand now and just picked up something to eat off the plate that Aurora had offered to him, choosing to not use the fork but his hands instead to eat.
  13. Kota kept his own eyes on the overgrowth of the world around him. There was much of it that seemed strange to him, yet somehow very familiar. Even as he sat on a cot within his quarters that were given to him, he felt as if all he could do was stare at the crystal that sat within his hands. He still wasn’t exactly sure what he should do with it. He had been told it was used in the weapon called a lightsaber, but to him, it seemed odd to place such a rare thing into a weapon. Letting out a sigh, he placed the crystal back into the pouch that was upon his belt. He fell backwards onto the cot for a moment before realizing that he had not eaten for a very long time. He stood up and walked to find himself some food that would taste decent enough to help him think on something else that wasn’t the crystal or Haata. He would have much rather be thinking about Sandy, but she seemed to be far too important to even give him the thought of day. He was just another person who was in and out her life. In the end, he understood that such a thought of her wasn’t something that he should have on his mind. So instead, he thought upon the type of food that he might encounter on this humid planet. As he walked in, he quickly spotted Tobias and Aurora sitting down eating. He turned his gaze towards the line of food that he could choose from. He slowly walked through and picked up a single piece of fruit looking thing that looked appealing and what smelled and looked like a pastry of some kind. That was about it. He didn’t find anything else that really stood out as something that he could muster to eat. So, taking his two pieces of food, he went and sat down with Tobias and Aurora, offering up to both a half smile of a young teen who had way too much on his mind. Lifting his pastry and taking a bite, he found that the texture of it was far crunchier than what he assumed, and held a taste that reminded him of Malastarian fuel. He quickly let the majority of it fall out of his mouth and back onto the plate. Feeling very disappointed with his food options, he decided to ask for something that was well worth his time. “Master, when can I learn to do… Force stuff?...”
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    The crystal called him. He couldn't explain it, but it's what Kota knew. Somehow it was there. He watched it as it approached his hands, or maybe he moved his own hands towards it? He couldn't decide. Instead, he looked deep into it's glass-like features. He felt a slight tinge within his spine as his fingers slowly grasped it. It was then that there was a rush within his own head. Darkness oozed around him quickly, turning the cave dark. Fog began to rise from the ground accompanied by a shrill scream or cry. Kota turned around to come face to face with Haata. His heart jumped up to his throat as he felt the need to breathe, but couldn't muster the strength to do so. Haata stood with a chain around her neck with a hulking figure hidden within the shadows holding the other end. She was wearing almost nothing, and the screams were slowly replaced with cheers and jeers towards her. An anger began to rise within him and he lifted his hand to reach out to grab her and save her from what had befallen her. But almost as soon as his hand was in range to touch her, she was pulled back with a vicious tug from the hulking figure, and Haata was dragged into the shadows, no longer within his own sight. The Hulking figure seemed to draw a weapon and began to step forward. The shadow followed him, adorning him with a black hooded robe that hide who he was. With a sudden snap-hiss, a red blade emerged, forcing Kota to the ground to avoid being overtaken by the blade. As he hit the ground, a yellowish blade seemed to stand next to him. He turned his head slowly to see a man with brown hair standing at the ready along with another figure holding a blue blade. As he looked around, he realized that the two stood in the middle of eighteen hooded figures all holding burning red blades. He was suddenly overwhelmed with the sense that the two he looked at were going to die where they stood. With a loud piercing scream from one of the hooded figures, they all charged in at the two in the middle of their circle. Kota went to cover his head only to be pulled down what felt like a blackhole in a very loud vacuum sound. Instinctually he pulled his own arms forward to try to slow himself down. The speed of which he fell seemed to only affect his mind, as a single object began to slowly appear before him. It was spinning quickly and rapidly. Kota quickly could tell that the object was cylinder in shape and it too also called out to him somehow. As he reached for it, the shrill screams returned and grew louder within his ear as he made every effort to reach forward the grab a hold of it. Somehow, Kota knew that if he could grab ahold of it, everything would stop. He did his best to reach and extend himself, and with every effort he put into reaching, the shrill screams grew louder and more ear piercing. Being overwhelmed with a feeling of desperation, he made a last reach. Upon touching the cylinder, the vacuum sound returned with the darkness being pulled away from the cave, only to reveal he was no longer in the cave, but the ship. As the vacuum sound died off, a very faint yet strong and deep sounding voice spoke loudly within his mind. "Follow the Guardian... The voice disappeared as did everything else. Kota was now sitting on his backside on the floor of the ship staring at a single crystal. It held a Viridian looking color and seemed to echo out a feeling of calm to him...
  15. Kota Ni


    Kota made a sight upset expression with his face without even thinking about it. He knew he had done so out of instinct and not emotion, because he didn't;t feel upset about anything. It was more just a natural reaction to having being left by someone who was considered a caretaker. Although, he really didn't mind being left in the presence of Sandy. He also held a slight disappointment in not being given an answer as to what he felt, other then Frond making a slight attempt at it. But for now, he was left with a single instruction from his Master- an instruction that he fully didn't understand. Looking at Adenna and Sandy, he spoke rather bluntly. "Those ugly things is what he wants me to make friends with?" Kota eyed the panther looking creatures. It didn't look very intriguing, and he was far more interested in find a crystal in a way that touched him through the Force as described by his master, and along with the other Jedi apprentices. "Do you think that maybe we could uh... just go the finding more crystals as we wait?"
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