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  1. Subdue. That was the key to this assignment. It would have been easy to just kill the rancor but he needed to bring it to heel. It was a task he was infinitely familiar with but not from this side of the submission. He would need to be fast and strong willed. He needed to have the Rancor focus on him as he was about to be the only thing in the Rancors world. Of course it would be easier to let the Telperiën be the focus and he attack the beast from its blind spot but where was the fun in that. He understood the theory of subduing a mind with the force but he wasn’t sure of the latest effects and using such underhanded methods might not have the lasting effects he wanted. It might imprint on Telperiën after all. Camik grabbed an arrow out of quiver and bounded forward towards the screaming Rancor. He could feel the anger radiating from the beast. Hunger no longer mattered to the beast only the rage. The rage was heavy and oppressive but was nothing that he had not felt before. He did not suppress his own emotions but let them fuel him. He thought about what he was about to do and how it was done to him. This did not give him compassion but instead enraged him even more. This was the state of the universe. The strong survive the strong have power. Power makes you the victor and never again will the chains ever be around his neck. The Rancor took a swipe at him as he got in close, it was not anything with any kind of power to it though simple size and mass would make Camik fly if it connected. He quickly dodged under it feeling the attack as it came towards him, letting him get even closer until he was able to stab the Rancor with the arrow. Simply using the arrow as a dagger would not do anything to a beast of such size but it would make it focus on Camik. This was the weapon that killed its young. With such realization dawning in its eyes Camik poked it again before jumping back out of reach of the beast. He ensured that there were a few trees between them before his real work began. This was just the opening salvo of the attack, something to make Camik its focus and now that it was focused on Camik, he reached out with his feelings. His Will was stronger than a mindless beast, he let his own anger and hatred fuel that Will. He pushed out the feelings of being subjugated and forced to serve onto the beast making them heavier than the rage it was feeling. Its will did not matter, Its rage did not matter, its grief and hunger were all secondary to the Will of Camik All of those feelings were compressed and placed into a single word as he enforced them onto the Rancor. His voice was quite, merely a speaking voice but it carried with it the voice of command. A sound Masters use when speaking to their slaves. A voice that expects to be obeyed or there will be consequences ”Stop”
  2. Camik listened to what she said and was a little confused at first. She said find the hunger but was that a physical entity or something that was deep inside himself. Was this a weakness or a strength? Camik cleared his mind and reached out with his feelings. This was not the time to let his feelings run wild, that would come later first he needed to isolate what he was looking for. He could feel things all around them, lessons that his previous Master had taught him. Despite pushing his feelings to the side he could feel the frustration of his instructions being so vague. The frustration burned through his calm and fed his anger. His anger was a slow burn nothing that was even sensed from a casual observer but it was there giving him strength. With his anger lending power to his senses, he could feel the life around them. From the smallest creature to the larg… well that must have been what she was talking about. He could feel a large creature coming towards them. It was a creature of unending hunger. Nothing could sate its hunger though it seemed to have sensed something that it thought might feed it. The creature was coming towards them. Camik looked at Telperiën raising one eyebrow then looking in the direction of the creature. ”What is that?” he asked her, his tone interested but unafraid.
  3. Camik listened to her give him far more information than he had been expecting. Despite listening to her explanation it did raise more questions about his future, but those were questions for a latter date. He looked around at his “bleak” surroundings. ”I have seen more bleak places, but then I have seen less. Either way we are not here to sight see. I think any further questions I might have will be either answered later or have a better time to ask. For now let us get down to training.” Now that he was no longer stranded on that desolate planet and back under the tutelage of someone that presumably knew more than him he was eager to see what he could learn.
  4. “ journey into Lordship” Hearing those words put a bit of a gleam into his eye, a hungry one at that. She never did say what that planet was, but it didn't’ matter this wasn’t going to be a beach getaway. She kept talking, specifically on the top of their Lords and Masters. ”I can't’ answer what their deeds and accomplishments are and frankly it doesn't matter. It is our job to surpass them and drive the order forward into new heights. That can be standing on the shoulders or the backs of those that came before us.” His mindset had been shaped by his previous master, but bringing up those thoughts right now would not help him in the least. This was someone new and he had to adapt to meet her expectations. ”You never said your name, what shall I call you?” it was a question that had multiple levels on it but he needed to know. The more he could get out of her the better he would be and if was on the wrong footing with her because of a slight then that would make things that much harder. Now they were off to the jungle, something his fur did not relish but this was never intended to be a vacation.
  5. Camik Rhonik


    Camik took another bite as he was asked the question. ”I am glad to hear the Sith lords are cutting the rebels off from their industry. I am sure they will try and put a strong fight which just makes it all the more sweet when we take it from them.” He paused for a moment taking in her obvious question. ”Of course I want glory, is there a Sith out there that doesn’t? Though I am not one that feels the need to flaunt my power racing head first into battle. I do not need my glory to be acknowledged by the galaxy.” Perhaps it was a character flaw from him but he viewed himself as a bit more subdued than that. Being well known in the galaxy had its advantages as well as its advantages. ”So I suppose my question is where are we headed to first?”
  6. Camik Rhonik


    Camik sat down at the table, taking a bite of the offered food. It was better than the junk he had been eating for far to long, but then anything with any kind of flavoring was. He took a moment to compose himself before he responded. ”I was sent here by my Master to search for one of his contacts. It seemed that that contact did not want to be found by me and the fight that ensued left my ship a worthless husk, leaving me stranded on that planet.” He did not go into many details past that. This woman look familiar, he knew that she was Sith but there were still things that he would not trust her with. He had given her an answer to get one back in return. ”A far more important question though is what is the state of the Galaxy at large, and specifically our organization.”
  7. Camik Rhonik


    Camik’s stride never wavered as she caught up to him. ”You misunderstand me. I did not require such a demonstration. I simply commented on the situation. I have known them long enough that they don’t take offense lightly, and flinging the band around is something they would take offense to.” As the ship came into sight, Camik reached into his robe and pulled out a data tablet and imputed something. Shortly thereafter a loader droid came up to the ship bearing a smallish crate. ”Is this my ship now or simply my transport off this Force forsaken dustball? Either way now that my things have arrived I am ready to go. ”
  8. Camik Rhonik


    ”I have been call, so I will go.” As more patrons jumped into the fight, others started to open fire on the newcomer, Camik simply turned and walked out of the cantina without a second glance. ”The only question is will I be taking your ship and leaving you with my broken one or will you be on it as well?” Truth be told Camik couldn’t care less and his voice indicated it. Only the newer patrons of the cantina would be trying to attack her with fists. The smarter older patrons would simply attack her with lots of blaster fire. It wasn’t that Camik had trained these people but he had been in the cantina enough times that smarter ones, that is to say the ones that survived, had learned messing with a Sith was not good for one's life expectancy. If that rabble managed to take her down she wouldn’t have been worth much as a Sith anyway.
  9. Camik Rhonik


    As the two band members flew into the wall there was a shuffle of noise as nearly every hand in the cantina now had a blaster of some kind in it and was pointed at the new commer, and at Camik in turn. The feeling in the bar was that of waiting, but was it to wait for some unknown signal or was it waiting for the newcomer to move again no one could be sure. The hooded figure did not seem perturbed by this turn of events though. As the newcomer stepped closer to him, giving her short speech, his stance did not change. ”I have been left on this sorry excuse of a planet for all this time and they have deemed me worth enough to return to their fold? Has their numbers thinned so much that they are forced to remember what they have forgotten” He paused for a moment without looking around then spoke again. ”You have come with your proclamation but what makes you think the music lovers in this cantina will let you leave?”
  10. Camik Rhonik


    As the soft voice carried through the cantina, causing a moment of silence from the patrons. The silence a clear indication that they did know this name though this was not the kind of place that tongues wagged, at least not without the proper incentive. As if by the will of the force a figure appeared in the door, He wore a worn cloak with the cowl deep enough that it covered his facial features. The cloak while worn was one well cared for, the holes and tears were sewn together and did a good job of covering his body hiding any distinguishing marks. . ”Who are you to be asking for him?” The voice was rough and raspy like the sands had blasted his vocal cords. Despite not being able to see his face and eyes, the intensity of his stare would be easily felt. There was an intensity to it that most would not be able to maintain.
  11. Camik Rhonik


    Listening to the bartender, both with his ears and his feelings, Camik heard how the very name he had uttered struck fear into those that heard it. At least those that were locals feared the name. Camik had learned not to let a simple thing like fear rule his life. He ruled fear. He heard the story of the body of the Greater Krayt Dragon. If Canderous Bralor had managed to kill one, it showed a level of skill that warranted caution. But Master would not have sent him to meet this Canderous Bralor if he did not have a skill that warranted his Camik’s attention. ”Something like death is no excuse and is not reason for me not to find Canderous Bralor, give me coordinates to the where this Krayt Dragon was found.” He could have tried tracking from the bar but it was always easier to have a closer starting point. The bartender gave it to him, a bit wary and a bit relieved when Camik walked out of the bar. Eventually Camik came across the remains of the Krayt Dragon. It was still in the process of decomposing, becoming food for the carrions of the land. He wasn’t sure if Canderous was the one that fought the beast but his feelings told him that it was. Reaching out with the Force he could feel presences of the beings around him. One stood out greater than the rest. This was the presence he seeked. Without a word he began moving towards his target. He was unsure how far away it was but he was given a task and something like distance would not stop him.
  12. Camik Rhonik


    Camik walked into the cantina. He kept the hood of his black cloak up and covering his armored body. He was unsure what he was walking into but this was Tatooine, and the one thing he could be sure of was he needed to be prepared for anything. This was not the civilized world of the core worlds but instead a havan for smugglers and criminals. The kind of place he used as a port of call before he traveled to Korriban. The cantina he walked into was one he had visited regularly when he visited Tatooine, it was must have been the will of the Force that his Master would send him here. He looked around at the patroons. He did not recognize any of them at first glance. Not too surprising, this was not a place to socialize but a place to drink and conduct business. He walked to the bar and ordered a drink. The bartender wordlessly poured his drink and passed it to him. As the glass reached his lips his cloak pulled back a bit revealing his face, enough that the bartender saw it and his eyes went wide. ”Camik? It’s been a while, long enough that I thought you were out of the game “ Camik took a full pull from the glass before answering. ”It’s me. I had to take a bit of time off from flying. But I am looking for someone named Canderous Bralor” This was not the place to have lots small chat. He was there to get down to business. Now the question was how long and how hard would he have to hunt for the Mandalorian.
  13. Camik watched as the Tie/D lifted off into the air. His head cocked slightly to the side. It almost sounded like his Master did not want him to be a warrior. Had death been that much of a changing influence on him? Wasn’t a Sith at its heart a warrior. Even the scientist fought battles though theirs did not have with a lightsaber. He shook his head and turned to walk towards his own ship. His destiny had not been laid out before him yet. The Force had not revealed that to him but one thing he was sure of he did not want to end up in that bacta tank again and he was going to work hard to ensure that did not happen again. Walking onto his own ship, Camik realized this was the first time he was alone since he had first landed on Korriban. As the ship powered up he pondered this fact. He doubted it would really affect him, after all he had spent quite a bit of time alone before Korriban. With the ship taking off he started to plot a course for Tatooine. This was not a vacation for him, being away from his Master but path for growth.
  14. Camik listened to his Master and looked at his surroundings. The fortress which they came, once standing for a long dead order. One that his Master would not talk about other than it was part of his past. He wanted to pry but that was a conversation for another time. Now he had a choice to make. As he stood at the foot of the gang plank he pondered his choice. ”From what I was taught at the academy, to better understand your weaknesses so that I might exploit them later.” It was the harsh truth but his path was not that one ”Master if our last battle has taught me anything, it is that I am woefully unprepared for harsh combat. From what I understand of the Mandalorians they could help change that. I doubt I will be learning much in the way of lightsaber combat, something I also need to work on, but there is more to combat than just the weapons we wield. The Force is directing you to Mechis III, I can feel the force pulling me towards another direction. I will go to Tatooine, learn from the Mandalorians and come back to you all the stronger for it.”
  15. With his Master returned he could renew his training, or at least that was what he thought. He was being sent away to some far flung planet. Was he being banished for doing something wrong? Was it because he lost to those troopers? Realizing his emotions were spiraling out of control he quickly locked them down. ”What is this place? It looked like it was filled with Oni-Bots.” He had been told that the ability had been lost but this was a treasure trove of bots, built with the very metal that peaked Camik’s curiosity the most. He would love to spend hours finding out about this place though he doubted there would be the time for it.
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