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  1. "Yes, those should work quite well. And that 'tall tale' just might hold more truth you think. the crystals we use in lightsabers are special because of their attunement to the force. And since we are also attuned to it, we can draw out or even influence certain characteristics of crystals. Who knows, maybe once you finish constructing your lightsaber, those crystals could turn Blue, purple, green, or even some obscure color like orange or black. and that's not even going into color shades." Eventually, the two of them reached a room lined with shelves and a work bench. each shelf contained a variety of parts and casings in different styles one might use for constructing a lightsaber. "It's not as much what you'd find at one of our temples, but I'm sure between this and the armory, you should be able to construct a worthwhile lightsaber. So, are you ready to get started?"
  2. "I see." And so the two of them walked through thee halls until they reached a firing range which was adjacent to the armory. Kel then reached for his saber pistol and ignited the bright green blade. "There is a certain truth in that statement. There's a philosophy to the way we craft our lightsabers. Every lightsaber is unique. whether it's simply aesthetic." He then pressed a button turning the blade off, aimed the pistol at a target, and fired off a green bolt of laser fire hitting the target dead center. "Or in functionality." He then twirled the saber pistol in his hand like an actor in an old holovid before placing the weapon back in its holster. "We Jedi have a certain saying, "A lightsaber is a Jedi's life". To us the lightsaber is more than a simple tool. It is the culmination of the lessons we've learned and the struggles we've endured. It is our faithful companion in preserving our lives and the lives of the innocent. And it is the guiding light with which we shape the next generation. It is our past, present, and future." Once he had finished his demonstration, Kel gestured for Svata to follow him yet again. "Now, i believe you wish to construct your own lightsaber yes? do you have a Kyber Crystal?"
  3. Kel watched on in silence as the grand master and the Jensaarai discussed the histories of each of their groups. For a moment it seemed like hostilities would ensue when defender mantis aggressively rose from his seat in response to one of Adenna's remarks, but defender sarlacc prevented any escalation. Soon after, Kel was beginning to feel out of place when he heard a ping from his comm. The Jensaarai apprentice had requested a tour. seeing this as a perfect opportunity, Kel excused himself from the gathering to acquaint himself with the new comer. When Kel arrived at the hangar he recieved a salute from the platform guards that Svata had spoken to. "As you were good sirs. I can handle things from here." and so the guards had returned to their posts leaving Kel and Svata to their own devices. "So, shall we be going then?"
  4. Kel watched in curiosity as the leader of the group approached him and Kyrie. He removed his helemet revealing the green skin and red eyes of a duros. He introduced himself as Defender Sarlacc followed by his companions defender Mantis who had yet to remove his helmet; and the apprentice Svata who Kel had initially greeted. Defender Sarlacc then went on to express their pledge for peace and justice and their hope for solidarity against the growing darkness. They say first impressions are everything and while on the surface the Jensaarai looked menacing, their words were of great reassurance. The one called mantis then asked if there was a more formal area to discuss terms. "We have prepared the reception area for your arrival. However if some of you wish to inspect our facilities, then i would be happy to give you a tour. Now, if you would please follow me." Kel turned around and lead the small group towards the reception area. once they had arrived they were not only greeted by the wafting, mouth watering scents of food, but also the Grand Master herself. "I present to you the Grand Master of the Jedi order Grand Master Adenna."
  5. As Kel descended the turbo lift he couldn't help but notice that the state of his attire had deteriorated. his Jedi garb had become tattered and frayed. and his armor had accumulated a small layer of dirt and grime. And judging by the reactions of passer by, he was likely starting to smell. So before he did anything else, he procured a fresh set of garments and went to use the refresher. The hot water washed away the sweat and dirt from his body and eliminated his body odor. With that out of the way he changed into his dark brown garb and tied his red sash around his waist. Then he began polishing his armor. Once he had polished the white duraplast to a glossy sheen he put on the armored boots, gauntlets, and chest piece. And finally he polished the alloy metal casing of his saber pistol to a shine. Now that he was in what he considered a presentable state, Kel went to the hangar to greet the Jensaarai. Kel had arrived at the designated landing spot just as the Jensaarai cruiser descended onto the landing platform. The Jensaarai representatives descended the boarding ramp. Their dark red armor and horned helmets reminded Kel of his recent encounter with the Sith in the maw. Kel fought to suppress the urge to reach for the saber pistol holstered at his waist. He knew that the group standing before him were not enemies, but that battle was still fresh in his mind and he had the bruises to prove it. He didn't want to start off on the wrong foot by appearing standoffish, so he decided a casual, but still respectful approach was in order. Kel gave the group a short bow before speaking. "Good tidings members of the Jensaarai. My name is Kel Koon and i bid you welcome to our rebel headquarters."
  6. Kel stood observing the holo maps and other various digital displays with his hand cupped under what could be considered the chin of his antiox breathing mask. the bulk of intel, battle strategies, and resources was going to be a struggle to take in; but he would have to in order to live up to his new responsibilities as a knight. However, his train of thought was broken when a beep came from a nearby communications terminal. Kel answered the call and what came through was a message from a group called the Jensaarai. After listening to the transmission, their ship id codes came in. Kel's brow began to furrow. He wasn't familiar with the Jensaarai, But if their message indicated that they shared a common goal with the Jedi. And against the terrible might of the Sith, we would need all the help we can get. And so Kel sent them a reply. "This is Kel Koon, Knight of the Jedi order. You are clear to approach, and I will greet you in the docking bay." Once that was done, Kel went off to meet their new arrivals.
  7. While Kel Dorin facial expressions were notoriously difficult to read, one look at Kel's could tell anyone of his surprise. Knight hood? He was really being promoted? His initial shock soon gave way to joy and excitement. The only thing that could have made this moment better was if his sibling apprentice Frond had been here to witness it. But alas, this conflict has affected everyone involved. Some more than others. He could only hope that his friend would get well soon if he hasn't already. Upon receiving approval from Grand master Adenna, She also asked how Kel planned to contribute to the order as a knight. "You know, that's a good question. When i first joined the Order, I wanted to be a seeker of sorts. I want to explore the galaxy and learn everything of the force that I can. But this war is causing so much destruction and strife that i can't just ignore it. So right now, the only thing i can do is devote myself to seeing that this war is ended. So until that day comes, I will fight to ensure the protection of the innocent and the survival of my brothers and sisters in the order as well as our comrades."
  8. karyu128


    Yava continued to stir and groan throughout the process of Kel's treatment. Kel noticed that her fever seemed to be dissipating. Although her breathing was still shallow. it was slow, but the medicine seemed to be having a positive effect on her. Eventually, Yava's eyes fluttered and slowly began to open. "She's coming around." Kel quickly opened the door and called out to the other crew members. "Hey, She's waking up! Get her some water!" Soon enough one of the crew members, a Twi'lek male came and delivered a flask filled with precious clear liquid. Kel thanked the man, took the flask, and returned to Yava's bedside. Kel heard her curse under her breath before asking where they were. "Still in space. But we're closely approaching Nar Shaddaa. I've also called a medical transport. You'll be taken to a hospital for further treatment once we arrive. In the mean time, it's important for you to stay hydrated." Kel held out the flask towards Yava's lips. "It's water. don't worry, there's nothing in it."
  9. R5 quickly rolled up Kel and sounded off a set of disgruntled beeps and trills. "Oh Come on R5, you act like you've never flown around black holes before." the droid then let loose another high pitched whine. as if to say 'that's not all and you know it!' "I know, I know. One of these days I'll take you to visit the droid spa. Will that make you happy?" R5 gave a satisfied beep before getting in line behind Kel. "You're a real drama queen ya know." Kel received a comm message from Master Sandy bidding him to join her in the grand master's office. Once Kel entered the room, he gave a bow in greeting to the grand master Adenna and Master Sandy respectively. "You wanted to see me Master?"
  10. Before arriving on Nar Shadaa, Kel Sent a transmission asking that a medical transport be readied upon their arrival. Thankfully Yava had managed to survive her overdose for the duration of the voyage. Once they had arrived Yava had been loaded on to said transport and taken to a hospital. The remaining scavengers looked towards Kel with very mixed expressions ranging from curiosity to concern. One of them stepped forward and asked "So, You have our captain in your custody. What is to become of the rest of us?" a legitimate concern to be certain. Their time under the sith had left them shaken. and with Yava in her current Condition, the only other person they could turn to was Kel. "You have all been through a horrible ordeal. I can only imagine the despicable treatment you've received at the hands of the sith. It would be completely understandable for you to be wary of force sensitives like myself and the Jedi. I could preach to you all day long about the righteous cause of the jedi, but i know that to people like yourselves, actions speak louder than words. Once Yava is released from medical care, you will be free to do as you wish. But know this, traversing the maw is no easy feat. To do so while under the oppressive thumb of a Sith and survive means that you are all highly skilled. And i don't mean to brag, but i know people in the order. If you would like, I could speak to Master Sandy or even Grand Master Adenna. If you work with us we can offer security and safe harbors for you and your captain. You would no longer need to rely on shady jobs from questionable groups like the sith for employment. with the Jedi, you will have a safe and reliable source of revenue. But most important of all, you will have Freedom. The choice is yours." And with that, Kel Departed from the scavenger ship and went to head quarters to regroup with Sandy, Aiden, and his trusty astromech R5.
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    the scavenger ship was following closely behind master Tobias' ship. Kel stood by Yava's bedside watching over her as she slept. Her breathing was shallow and and she was running a high fever. In his hand was the last vial of medicine that Trushaun had given him. He hesitated in giving this to her on the vigilance. Now her condition was in critical state. they were too far from an inhabited world to seek treatment. So now Kel was presented with a dilemma. If he waited for them to arrive at Nar Shadaa, she would surely die. But if he gave her the medicine there was a chance he could save her, or that her body would reject it and die in the struggle. meaning that she would die by his hand. Before he did anything else he began meditating in order to prevent his mind from being plagued by fear and doubt. Once that was done he reminded himself of why he was here to begin with. The duty of a Jedi is to the preservation of life and the balance of the force. He came to the aid of these people to follow through on those beliefs. And so Kel placed the medipen on her arm, injected the medicine into her body and began the process of healing Yava by empowering her immune system to purge the harmful chemical substances in her body.
  12. The healing process of one Kel Koon was going smoothly. That is until the shipping container he was trapped in started spinning and he was tossed around like a load of clothes in the dryer. Needless to say, Kel was not amused. Once the container (and kel's insides) had settled, he stood up with a groan and grumbled about setting a certain sith on fire as he made his way to the door. Kel ignited his light saber and began carving his way out. Eventually a slab of the door fell off and Kel shimmied through the hole. The first thing he noticed was that their mysterious enemy lay dead and unmasked on the floor. Immediately feeling relief that his master had once again triumphed over the practitioners of the dark side. However, it wasn't a complete victory. The ship's hull had been ruptured and master sandy was using the force create a barrier around the hangar doors. He also noticed that Yava was still passed out and dangerously close to the breach. Kel reached out through the force and drew her unconscious body into his arms. When Yava's communicator began beeping, Kel grabbed it and answered the call. "Yava? Yava?! Are you there? Are the Jedi gone yet? And what of lord Kern?" "Your scavenger friend here has overdosed on death sticks. And your sith master is dead. Now, if you want to get out of here alive, you will do what I say." "I'm listening." He said nervously. "Have your ship ready to depart by the time I arrive. This place is coming apart and we have to leave NOW." Kel ended the transmission and looked to Aidan. "Take R5 with you. You'll need all the help you can get." Then he looked towards his master. "Get going master. Don't worry about me. I'll be right behind you." And with that, Kel ran off to the scavenger's ship.
  13. As gas and acid filled the room, Master Sandy used the force to create a shield protecting us from their effects. Knowing that this would have a toll on her, Kel deactivated his saber and began meditating so that he could supplement her with his own force energy. Once the trap's dispersion had ceased, Kel looked back at Yava who had collapsed possibly due to drug overdose. His hand briefly drifted to his first aid kit which contained medicine he had received from Trushaun on Ossus. If he acted now there was a chance he could save her, but with the drugs already in her system, her body could have an adverse reaction. 'Druk. why do people smoke these kriffing death sticks? for maker's sakes it's in the kriffing name!' Before Kel could examine her further however, his blood ran cold as what sounded like a beastial cry was let loose through the hangar bay. turning his attention to the source, he saw wreckage and debris being held aloft through the force by a masked figure clad in armor. Kel sensed the darkness from figure was feeding a fiery rage inside him. There was no room for doubt; the being before them was a Sith. Before Kel could ignite his saber once more, the figure psychokinetically threw the debris at us. Kel tried to throw up a shield similar to what his master had done, but his energy was drained from supporting master Sandy through the poisonous trap. an armature connected with Kel's torso and he was flung into a shipping container. His body collided with the wall and he fell to the cold metal bottom with his consciousness fading as the container door sealed itself. As he slowly began to awaken, Kel felt excruciating pain throughout his body. He attempted to sit up from his prone position, but immediately laid back down as pain flared in his chest and midsection. Thankfully his dominant arm maintained motor function so he would be able treat himself after assessing his injuries. Kel calmed his mind and through the force began to examine his body. His left shoulder had been dislocated, his sternum was cracked, a few cracked ribs, and there was inflammation around his tail bone. Reaching into his medical kit, Kel retrieved the vials given to him by Trushaun. remembering her instructions, he injected himself with the purple vial to numb the pain. The effect was nearly immediate. With his pain minimized, Kel was able to raise himself into a sitting position against the wall. Once that was done he began the process of relocating his left shoulder. he raised his left arm to the point where his left hand could almost reach his right shoulder, shifted his arm back as far as it could go, and began rotating his arm while in that position until he heard the pop of his shoulder sliding back into the socket. Once that was done, Kel injected himself with one of the clear vials and began to meditate and focus on healing his body.
  14. Kel watched on silently as the exchange between the scavenger and his companions took place. From minute 1, he knew that this woman was hiding things from them. firstly because no scavenger would willingly come to the maw unless they knew something worth their trouble was here. Second, the only way someone would know about this particular ship would have been from another interested party. Which means that she's likely working for someone. Although from the sound of it, she was not doing so willingly. Which is why he chose not to say anything while Aidan and his master negotiated with said scavenger who had now identified herself as Yava. Eventually Master Sandy had seen fit to return the blaster Yava had pointed at us a moment ago. Upon his master's order, Kel drew his saber pistol from his belt and ignited the bright green blade. "R5, Follow Aidan. I'm certain you could be of assistance to him." The astromech trilled in response before rolling off to locate imperial knight. before mentally preparing himself for the coming battle, he turned to Yava. "We came here because we have a job to do. I'm sure you of all people can understand that much. As for you and your crew, we can help you get out of this mess. But only if you let us. This ship contains valuable knowledge that could tip the scales of the war. The Sith would abuse that knowledge to sow fear into people like you and the rest of the galaxy so that you will become their subservient pawns. If what you and your crew desire is freedom, TRUE freedom, then help yourselves by helping us."
  15. Kel simply nodded at his master's praise. As the three of them walked through the boarding tunnel, Kel felt a dark presence distinct from the chaos of the maw. Aidan's warning went without saying. We were not alone on this ship. When the 3 jedi and R5 entered the landing bay they took a moment to discuss their plan. Aidan started off by asking where we would go first. "I think the we should start with the helm. If we can restore power to the bridge, we should be able to get a better idea of where to find what we're looking for."
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