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  1. Hello, everyone! ^_^ You can call me Arventum. I hope to have a lot of fun playing here, but first I need to go over a few things, and hope that you come to understand what I’m going for and a little bit about who I am as an individual. I’ve been RPing for nearly 7 years now. My 18th birthday was in March, so I might be younger than some of you, but I don’t think that will be much of a problem. I’m very much an… odd individual, some would say eccentric. I’m on the Spectrum, and have Asperger’s, as well as a set of mental illnesses, an autoimmune disorder (long story short, I’m allergic to my own body), and a strange allergy-linked disease related to the esophagus. I, uh, really just want a place that will have the capacity to accept that I might be a little weird. I was forced out of the last RP I was in by people who picked on me, and bullied me because of my Autism, with humiliations in public often coming from a staff member. I haven’t had the greatest experiences on forums, whether it be because of my sexuality, or even because of my issues; sometimes people just see me as one of the “others”, and want me to go away so they can pretend people like me don’t exist. Anyway, that’s not the point of my joining. I don’t want that to be the only thing you think of when you see me around the forum. I’m looking to make something that might be a little different than this forum is used to. I want to write a variant of one of my favorite creations (Jossalyn) named Ivlyn Mecetti. She will be a member of House Mecetti from the Tapani Federation. If I’m able to, I will RP them as a small regional power that relies on wealth, or the autonomous or semi-autonomous member of one of the other factions. There, I hope for things to have gotten a bit different. The Tapani sector will be included in plots of mine that range from exploring mysteries of the past, to discovering why the Mecrosa Order has come out on top in the area, to finding the secrets of a Force nexus on Pelagon. That’s not the point, though. I want to make use of an unique and culturally rich region in the Expanded Universe that I believe will contribute to the forum, and can be really fleshed out in terms of just about anything you can think of where it might not have been. Ivlyn will be a force user, suffering from the effects of being born in a location on Pelagon imbued with the Force that is known to cause issues with pregnancies. The half-Arkanian child of Irey Mecetti and a member of the corporatocracy on Arkania will have been modified with cybernetics and bioengineered augmentations to allow her to function normally, with the potential threat of death from even drinking too much wine always being present. She’s a complex character, that I really thought out. I have a tendency to be hyper-detailed with things that I love, and her last iteration had been even more fleshed out with everything from her own mental illnesses (she’s the first character of mine to have a distinct, well-organized mental illness) and a tendency for delusions (one of the only current delusions she has is that of a concept of a group of people called ‘Starlight Children’, which she believe are destined to greatness, and to achieve every part of their greatest dream(s)). I can’t explain all of her here, though. She will also be a member of the Mecrosa Order. The Mecrosa Order will be a part of the Tapani Federation’s military forces, and will have seemingly renewed itself in the form of a Force organization that no longer has anything to do with assassinations. That is not quite true, in fact. The majority of their Dark Sideness stuffs will be hidden. Ivlyn herself actually doesn’t contribute to one ideology or another entirely, and is looking for something greater or even something to fill in the holes left by borrowing/picking and choosing or picking the concept behind, say, the Jedi rule of avoiding more personal relationships like romance and such, and then adapting the concept used, for example, to always insuring that she avoids letting such relationships put her or her duties at risk, but not foregoing them entirely. I just hope that this concept will be alright here, and that my character app doesn’t break the board’s character limit. I haven’t checked how many characters she has now, since I cut some stuff and then added some stuff to make her fit Star Wars as a variant of a character of mine made for Star Wars should. Plus, she doesn’t have her equipment described in that app of hers. I’m not entirely sure where I would describe that equipment, just yet. There’s some fun stuff that I want to make. A small note, I’m in show choir, and have been writing lyrics for 4 or 5 years now with several contests having been won, and a few that may or may not have been published. So, if you see any poetry in a character application or some kind of description on a piece of technology, don’t think anything of it. I just might have wanted to add more of me to something. The question I wanted to ask, is this stuff okay? So, yeah that’s it, I guess.
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