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  1. “Good, I am glad you know the lesson of power. At least intellectually.” She let the metallic strap and durasteel emitters on her left arm phase into a shimmering crimson shield. And the gold of her saber matched the Trandoshans. “So tell me, what fighting styles do you know from your times among the tribes?” She held up the shield. “Attempt to attack me, so that I may judge your ability.”
  2. Alcmène gave a mock bow with the distinctive flourish of the courtly society from which she had come. Though the Prince’s courts of Outremer were now very distant memories, they still held some power over her. She still carried the Tapani accent, and had done little to change her way of dressing, instead preferring the short tunics of the squires instead of the long flowing robes of the Jedi order. “So you have touched the force. Tell me do you feel the temptations of power yet? But perhaps not, for you have not used it.” She gestured to the trandoshan and a long silver cylinder flickered off her belt to glide to a rest before him. “That is a lightsaber. Take it, and press that button near the hilts. Don’t worry its on a safe setting, so give it a few practise cuts to gauge the weight and weightlessness of the blade. Then we will work more on the force.” ((This is your training blade. I left it intentionally descriptionless. So describe it how you like and the blade colour is yours to choose))
  3. Alcmène let the force gather around her, letting it spiral and eddy as lights began to click on throughout the lower levels, the glow panels igniting as they sensed the lone soldier walking through the previously dark corridors. It was a difficult trick of course, and one that mainly worked on the minds watching, but she let the light fractal around her, only showing the soldier what she wanted him to see, before she pulled at that veil. Letting it warp then dematerialize into ashen flakes that dispersed as quickly as they fell. She stepped out of her illusion and grinned a tooth filled smile at the Trandoshan Soldier. “I could feel you, you know.” She let her presence expand towards him as well, until her mind touched his. “Try it.” She gestured to the empty corridor, and took off at a run, beckoning him to join her. “Focus on your breathing, then slowly eliminate every distraction until you find me. Then reach out with your mind and find mine.” And she continued to run.
  4. “We are those that carry the blade to the enemy, we are those that fight in the frontiers. The partisans, the shadows, those that will carry the valour of Jedi blades to the very halls of the Sith Lords.” It was a boast to be sure, but the off-shoot trandoshan before her seemed to be willing and believing enough to warrant her best recruitment speech. So she leaned close with a conspiratorial look in her eye. “If you are game friend, then join me when you are done with your food. I'll be going on another run. Find me in the lower levels.” She smiled and then polished off her meal with another quick bite before running to the entrance, scooping up her shield, and heading to the lower levels.
  5. A sword in the darkness. Bright like a candle. Burning, ever burning. We will stand beside thee, until the galaxy falls and all is ruin. But the force is with us, Through it all, unto the ages of ages... The crimson tunic hugged her skin closely, from the sweat of her run, its hem heavily embroidered with the livery of the royal house of Moriès-Outremer. A roaring lion of gold upon a cross of white lilies. Repeating in miniature, ad nauseum. Its larger print in gold stitching above her left breast. Alcmène continued her run through the vast hallways of the Jedi and Imperial Knight complex, sweat dripping from her chin to soak the embroidered hem of her tunic. The young woman was now quite regretting her decision not to eat breakfast, silently relying on the force to keep her breathing steady enough to not collapse. So she turned the run towards the dining commons. Unslinging the heavy durasteel allied shield rig from her back and propping it against the wall as she entered. Letting her jogging footsteps fall into a slow pace. She pulled a tray beside the trandoshan, and gave him a nod. She interjected into his conversation with little care. “Well if you are looking for training, then you can find nothing better than one of us Sentinels, would you be willing to learn?” It was the next progression on her path anyway. Why not choose a capable alien to train?
  6. Alcmène's Character Sheet Identity Real Name: Alcmène Lelan de Moriès-Outremer A.K.A: Alcmène Homeworld: Principality of Outremer Species: Tapani-Human Physical Description Age: 25 Height: 5'4" Weight: 115 Hair: Black Eyes: Grey Sex: Female Equipment Clothing or Armor: Jedi Tunic Weapon: Lightsaber, Vibroknife, OGDL Personal Energy Kite-Shield Common Inventory: Rations, Comm Link. Faction Information Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force User Alignment: Light Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Order (Sentinel) Current Faction Rank: Jedi Knight History Force Side: Sentinel Class of the Jedi Order Trained by: Haman Jesi Borris Trained who: None Known Skills: Nothing to note Background: Born in the Expanse Region, on the frontiers of the Tapani Sector, on the small world of Outremer. Only notable for its small princedoms and outspoken Senator, now military attache to the Rebel Alliance. Alcmène’s family is extensive and since she was born a female, she has no claim to the principality itself though she could be considered a member of the royal family. As she was found to be force sensitive, she was given to the Jedi Order at the age of 9. Which she has served with distinction. She carries both a lightsaber and shield.
  7. AZZAMEEN SIMULATIONS LIMITED'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name:Caitlyn Azzameen A.K.A:CEO of ASL Homeworld:Hesperidium Species:Human Physical Description Age:43 Height:5'8" Weight:100 lb Hair:Grey brown Eyes:Brown Sex:Female Equipment Clothing or Armor:Tunic Weapon:Holdout Blaster Common Inventory:Comm link, credits, comm Faction Information Non-Force User Alignment: Good Current Faction Affiliation: Outside Consultant to Galactic Alliance Current Faction Rank: Consultant History: Background: ASL is a small startup company specializing in large scale military simulations their sole customer is the Galactic Alliance.
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