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  1. Eam suddenly started laughing eerily the second Priess reached "one". He then spoke in a voice less monotone, but it sounded no less menacing. "You're quite the stubborn one, aren't you? Well, it doesn't matter. Good luck damaging a duraplated alloy with that E-22 blaster..." With blurring speed, the droid slapped the blaster straight out of Priess's hand and swung his electrostaff at him. He then jumped out of the way of a turret blast, and zapped a couple troopers in his path unconscious as he announced, "Take cover, fast! If you all stay away from those turrets, we have a statistically of higher chance of surviving!" He then activated his targeting system and targeted everyone in sight, including the turrets for when he used any concussion grenades on them. He fired his shoulder-mounted pulse cannon rapidly while swinging his staff at troops with stunning accuracy, overwhelming the squad with a combination of deadly melee dueling and rapid blaster shots. He narrowly avoided another turret blast and called Feldstar via a built-in comlink. "Do you think its convenient that a Sith attack put the guy on high alert right before the start of our mission? This is very unfortunate, and we need a plan." The cyborg couldn't help but suspect the Sith had planned this turn of events... he was wanted for killing an apprentice, and they probably were not fond of him joining the GA, or CoreSec, for that matter. Did they know he was going to land here on a mission? Did they even know about his recruitment, or his whereabouts? Whatever the case, Sith plot or not, this was not good. At all. A couple troop's blasts hit his armor as he was distracted by this line of thought, and the cyborg started focusing again, searching for more cover points. When Eam didn't find any, he used his flamethrower to make a perimeter, blocking the trooper's sight of the gang. He fired his first concussion grenade straight at one of the turrets, decimating it, although there was still another threatening them. For an opening skirmish, this is brutal. he thought.
  2. Eam was not pleased with this situation. He ran through his decision making process. If he complied with this apparently cunning trooper, they would risk an outstanding prison sentence for espionage, and he himself would be melted down, being a droid in their eyes. If they ran to their shuttle and tried escaping, the fleet would catch them, if they are lucky enough to escape the turrets. If they fought now, the turrets would surely blow them up before they could make much of a dent, even if they could take on this many top-class troops at once. If they scattered and tried escaping the launch pad, the search parties would find them eventually. He didn't have very many good options. As this guy would say, 'Kriff.' he turned off his targeting sensors, but saved the data in case he was forced to fight if other options failed. "I'll cooperate, Brigade leader. We're rogue refugees from Raxus Prime, escaping the Sith. We are lucky you fought off their recent attack, in that case. Look, I know you guys are not too fond of fake IDs or my aggressive, ah, precaution, but with what we've seen we've come to trust no one, and these IDs were largely for smuggling out of Sith territory. No offense, but your territory wasn't exactly our first choice, however, we don't have much of a choice, and that's why we can't get hold of proper admittance either. Don't get us wrong, we don't want or expect your sympathy. We just want a place to stay, and if you don't want us here, you can point us to another planet to take refuge."
  3. Eam got up immediately when addressed by Feldstar. He agreed with his suggestion of a memory wipe... it was convincing, as no one could visually tell he was in any way organic. "Good idea." The cyborg looked out the window as the ship turned off... and saw several signs of a recent attack. As his optical sensors assessed the damage, he knew it must have been quite a battle, and under these circumstances the city, if not the whole planet, would be on lockdown, according to what he knew about Imperial Remnant policy. "Blast it...!" he said. As the rest of the gang members prepared to disembark, the cyborg quickly connected his brain implant to the ship's computer and forged digital representations of everything they needed to pass, as authentically as he could make it (which was pretty good). "This better work, or we're screwed..." After a few seconds, he had everything he needed, and the cyborg then disconnected and followed the gang outside. As Brigade Leader Priess demanded their authentication, Eam used his holoprojector to display the data needed to pass. "Here are the IDs and forms, Brigade leader. Are we cleared?" The cyborg then stood completely still, completely inconspicuous, although he was still prepared to grab his electrostaff if the gang's luck was bad enough for this to end up violent so quickly. He even used his targeting systems to lock on to each present trooper ahead of time. And yet, he was still letting everything rest on those false IDs, because despite him usually capable of taking on dozens of stormtroopers, he doubted that himself or the rest of his new friends could last very long against a whole Imperial-occupied planet.
  4. I found you on top rp sites, actually. I don't have a facebook account.
  5. I just posted in the "Space" forum in the RP arena, it is set when Eam Mikne (my character's name) is headed to Coruscant to join up with CoreSec. Maybe you could meet up with my character to clear my registration into CoreSec or something, once he lands on Coruscant.
  6. The Prodigy continued its course back to Coruscant. Eam sat in the pilot's seat, driving the ship as needed to get to CoreSec headquarters. This sounded like a fine opportunity. He had had enough of those oppressive Sith, and CoreSec was part of the Alliance, which fought against them. If I just stay on top of my game, they'll send me to battle those stuck-up murderers. I wonder if the Jedi will be that fond of me though. After all, they certainly aren't too fond of what I'm made of... MagnaGuards and A-series assassin droids were droids that had killed Jedi before. But I digress, they aren't exactly the type to hold grudges anyway. At least I hope not. Eam then thought of the Clone Wars, now that the idea of MagnaGuards and A-series droids was fresh in his mind. He hadn't been born, but the conflict was spoken about commonly by its survivors, especially on his home planet Raxus Prime. Raxus Prime was the Confederate capital, and many people had still bitterly resented the results of the war. "If the Jedi just listened to the Confederacy's ideals, they wouldn't have let themselves be wiped out by the Empire." "We committed atrocities ourselves, but every war has good and bad on both sides. I feel bad for those Jedi... they were normally diplomats until the war started, and when they became sheer warriors, they shut out every effort of diplomacy. They paid for that with their lives." "Curse that Palpatine! He turned good people against us, and now we live in ruins! I hope the Galactic Alliance drives these heathens out of our world and hammer the Sith into extinction, so that they know how it feels to be oppressed and manipulated!" Such things were always being said around him, but it was safe to speak out in the part of the world he lived in- the Sith barely cared whether people were cursing them in that slum, because they knew that such people would starve to death soon in those conditions. It was quite sick, leaving the evil rich and the good poor. But that was always the case in Sith territories. The cyborg hoped that when he joined CoreSec that he would get a mission soon. Whether it ends up a small skirmish or a planet-wide battle, he'll be looking forward to aid the effort against the evil in the galaxy.
  7. So I noticed that a lot of character sheets don't have replies. Does that mean it is approved simply by showing up, or no?
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome! I appreciate the information regarding the whole alias thing and its a relief that the confusion is over. I am currently waiting for my character topic to be approved, so I'm just going to say the basics. My character (if its approved) will be a cyborg that is mostly droid but has a human brain and vital organs (so basically General Grievous physically, but it would be pretty much godmodding if I gave him all of Grievous' abilities.). His brain and vital organs are supported by IG-100 MagnaGuard legs, a head, torso, and right arm of a Pollux Poi A-series assassin droid, and an IG assassin droid's left arm. Sounds pretty cool, eh?
  9. ChaticGood123'S CHARACTER SHEET Identity Real Name: Eam Mikne A.K.A: "The Mechanical Martyr" Homeworld: Raxus Prime Species: Human (formerly), Cyborg Physical Description Age: 27 Height: 6'1" Weight: 240 lbs. Hair: None left Eyes: Silver and red eye replacements Sex: Male Equipment Clothing or Armor: Is almost entirely mechanical, with a duraplated exterior body. Weapon: An electrostaff, or a pulse cannon Common Inventory: Built in computer spike, Network connector, scanner, and other advanced gadgetry. Faction Information Force-sensitive or Non-force user He is force sensitive, but hasn't discovered such. Alignment: Chaotic Good Current Faction Affiliation: CoreSec Current Faction Rank: Agent History: Force Side: Balanced with dark and light... as I said, he is of Chaotic Good alignment. Trained by: No force users have trained him, but his parents trained him basic combat skills when he was young. After his so-called "death," he downloaded knowledge of more advanced training into his brain implant, teaching him many dueling techniques with an electrostaff. Trained who: Nobody yet Known Skills: Electrostaff dueling as adept as that of MagnaGuards, very cunning strategy, and all known hand-to-hand combat skills, to say nothing of being a mechanical genius even before his cybernetic transformation. Background: Eam Micne grew up on Raxus Prime, where he and his family was being persecuted by the Sith for renouncing the Sith Order. However, he was a gifted child. Eam built a high-performance computer when he was only eight years old, out of nothing but electronic components salvaged from the poverty-struck junkyard. It wasn't long before he was building simple but powerful junk droids to protect his family from persecutors, which led to a skirmish with the Sith's troops sent to drive his family off planet. Many troops were killed before a Sith Apprentice was forced to intervene, and naturally the droids and his family were killed. By the time this had happened, Eam himself had slipped away, taking a Sith trooper's pulse cannon with him, and was thus orphaned at age sixteen. The apprentice searched for Eam for weeks before he had a run in with more junk droids, which he believed had been constructed after the skirmish. The Sith proceeded to cut through the first droid, but was killed via shrapnel fragments when the rest of the droids self-destructed. Investigators later found out that Eam had escaped from Raxus Prime the day before on a former CIS shuttle, and had programmed these new droids to carry out the well-planned murder of the apprentice right before he left. Eam was pursued by the furious forces of the Sith until he suffered grave wounds at the hands of a Sith boarding party. Despite the boarding party being defeated by his improved custom droid designs, he was forced to undergo a procedure that turned him into a cyborg. The procedure was done by his medical droids, and he was reconstructed using components of several different models of assassination and combat droids- one arm from an IG-series droid, both his legs from a IG-100 MagnaGuard, and his torso, head and other arm from that of a Pollux Poi A-series assassin droid. He stalked the galaxy as a rogue warrior since then, and during such travels he downloaded different combat styles and skills from computer databases. Fate would determine that he found an electrostaff, which pleased Eam due to its limited but necessary capabilities against the Sith warriors. CoreSec, the faction he would join, both admired and feared his abilities. Out of this fear that he would become a great threat otherwise, and out of admiration that he renounces the Sith so strongly, CoreSec successfully recruited him as an agent, and it won't be long before his abilities begin serving CoreSec well. Ship Registration Name: The Prodigy Class: Transport Shuttle Model: Sheathipede class transport shuttle Manufacturer: Haor Chall Engineering Length: 20 meters Armaments: Light laser cannons Armor: None Anti-Personnel Defenses: None Appearance: Typical Sheathipede-class shuttle, except for a spray-painted "Prodigy" on the side Modifications: None
  10. Hello! I look forward to roleplaying here. I enjoy Star Wars, and I'm currently making a CoreSec character. Hope to be writing soon! Do you mind that my username is ChaoticGood123? I'm not entirely sure what you meant by the whole alias rule. But anyway, I hope for a good experience and hope my writing entertains people.
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